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The Top 10 Best Free Heat Map Tools

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Welcome onboard with us here, today we are giving you the full detail of the top rated best free Heat Map Tools currently. There are various motives for which people visit your website. Understanding how to enhance their experience on your site will help with content management and optimization, resulting in a more satisfying experience for them and greater money for you.

How can you precisely track what our website users are looking at and where they are spending the most time? What do they ignore entirely and quickly pass by? How may their experience be enhanced?

In particular with the various campaigns you are running, heat mapping tools have the capacity to monitor activity on your site and will give you a very good indication of the strengths and weaknesses of your content.

You can improve your website’s user experience by using a great heat mapping tool, which will provide you with all the information you need. Additionally, they will provide you with priceless information for streamlining and optimizing your funnel to increase sales and boost profits.


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Why are heat maps helpful and what are they?

Heat maps are pictures of data that display the distribution of data points on a map. They are used to analyze user behavior on websites and mobile apps, displaying the most popular locations for clicks, scrolls, and time spent.


Which free heat map tools are the best?

Today’s top free heat mapping tools include Attention Insight, Crazy Egg, and Hotjar. These technologies come with a variety of capabilities, such as real-time tracking, Google Analytics integration, and intuitive user interfaces.


What are some of the essential characteristics of a heat map tool?

It’s crucial to take into account features like real-time tracking, Google Analytics connection, configurable settings, and an intuitive user interface when selecting a heat map tool. Make sure the tool you choose can handle the different types of data you need to track, such as clicks, scrolls, mouse movements, etc.


Are heat map tools compatible with both mobile apps and websites?

Yes, many heat map tools can be used on both websites and mobile apps, including Attention Insight, Crazy Egg, and Hotjar.


Best Free Heat Map Tools


Are heat map tools only for seasoned users, or are they also usable by beginners?

Users of all skill levels can use heat map tools. Many heat map applications, such as Attention Insight and Crazy Egg, provide simple user interfaces and a wide range of customizable options, making them available to a large number of users.


What are the advantages for the user of combining a heat map tool with Google Analytics?

Users can obtain extra information about the visitors to their website or app, such as location, device kind, and more, by integrating a heat map tool with Google Analytics.


Considerations for Selecting Free Heat Map Tools

Heat maps are a crucial tool for webmasters and digital marketers because they offer insightful information about how visitors interact with a website. Data is visualized by using color gradients to represent different values, making it simple to distinguish between areas with high and low activity. There are a number of things to think about when selecting a free heat map tool to make sure you get the best tool for your needs.


Data Gathering

How the heat map tool gathers data is one of the most crucial elements. While some tools only record mouse clicks and movements, others keep tabs on user behaviors like scrolling and attention span. The heat map will become more thorough and useful as the tool gathers more data.



The heat map tool’s compatibility with your website must be taken into account. Some tools might need to work with specific website builders, or they might need extra plugins or integrations. Before using the heat map tool, make sure that your website platform is compatible with it.


Effortless Use

The usability of heat map tools can vary significantly. While some have easy setup procedures and intuitive user interfaces, others might be more intricate and challenging to use. Pick a tool that is simple for you to use.



A useful feature is the capacity to alter your heat map. Find a tool that enables you to customize your heat map’s appearance by letting you pick the color scheme, size, and other elements.


Data Security

Analytics and heat maps for websites raise serious privacy issues. Be sure the tool you use has strict privacy guidelines.


Sharing and Reporting

In order to communicate your findings with your team or clients, heat map software should offer reporting and sharing options. Some tools may need you to export the data to another platform, while some solutions may feature built-in sharing possibilities. When choosing a heat map tool, take into account your sharing and reporting requirements.


Customer Service

Last but not least, think about the heat map tool’s degree of customer assistance. If you run into any problems or have inquiries about the tool, having strong customer service might be helpful.

It is crucial to take into account the data collection techniques, compatibility, convenience of use, customization, data protection, reporting and sharing options, and customer support when selecting a free heat map tool. By taking these things into account, you may select a heat map tool that suits your demands and aids in your understanding of the user behavior on your website.


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The Benefits Of Heat Map Tools

visualization of data

Heat map technologies make it simple to visualize complex data sets, which facilitates comprehension and analysis. Users are able to spot patterns and trends in the data that are otherwise difficult to perceive.

User experience improvement

Heat maps can be used to improve user experience on websites by displaying where visitors click, scroll, and interact with the content. This data aids in making the site’s layout and design more user-friendly.

Better ability to make decisions

Heat maps can reveal important information about how users interact with data. Heat maps, for instance, can be used in marketing to identify the most popular products, the locations where customers leave their shopping carts, and the areas of a website where visitors spend the most time.

Simple to use

Tools for creating heat maps are frequently simple to use and don’t call for much technical knowledge. As a result, they are usable by a variety of users, even those who have no prior background in data analysis.


Downsides of Heat Map Tools

Limited representation

Only a two-dimensional type of data can be represented by heat maps. This suggests that there might be better options for presenting large volumes of complex data.

inadequate information

To comprehend the data representation, heat maps might need to convey more information. For instance, they could fail to explain why certain trends or patterns are there.


Although there are some heat map tools that are free, many more sophisticated options can be pricey. For large corporations with deep pockets, this disadvantage might not be a problem, but for smaller companies or individuals, it might be.

technical constraints

There may be restrictions on heat map tools. The technology utilized to make them may be to blame for this restriction. For instance, they might not be able to manage big data sets or show data in a way that makes sense to the user.

Although effective for visualizing data, heat map technologies have several drawbacks. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of a heat map tool before choosing to use it will help you decide if the data is the proper fit for it.


Best Free Heat Map Tools


The Top 10 Best Free Heat Map Tools

1. Hotjar

Hotjar tops our list of best free Heat Map tools, it is an effective application that enables website owners to examine and comprehend the behavior of their users. Hotjar is simple to use, which is one of its key advantages. The Hotjar can be set up quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Even individuals with less technical knowledge can immediately get started using the application because to its user-friendly UI.

It is crucial to optimize for this audience since more and more people access websites from mobile devices. With the help of Hotjar’s heat map, website administrators may see information about how visitors use a site on mobile devices and make adjustments to provide a positive user experience across all platforms.

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2. Google Analytics

Website owners and marketers can track and analyze key metrics about their websites and visitors with Google Analytics, which is one of the best free Heat Map tools currently. A fun and engaging approach to observe how visitors interact with your website is through Google Analytics heat maps.

Click heat maps, scroll heat maps, and move heat maps are the three different forms of heat maps available in Google Analytics. Every heat map offers a different viewpoint on how visitors utilize your website. Regardless of whether you run a website or work in marketing, Google Analytics is a vital tool to have.

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3. Mouseflow

With Mouseflow which is one of the best free Heat Map tools, you can monitor mouse movements, clicks, and scrolling to see what is and is not working on your website. With the information, you may decide how to enhance your website’s functionality and user experience.

Mouseflow offers a wealth of features and customization choices in addition to being simple to use. You may make heat maps using Mouseflow for particular pages or portions of your website. The maps can also be altered to display only the most pertinent information.

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4. Lucky Orange

One of the best free Heat Map tools called Lucky Orange may give you some amazing insights into what’s occurring on your website and is quite simple to use. You can watch where visitors scroll, click, and move their mouse on your website with Lucky Orange. This data is shown in a vibrant heat map that highlights the parts of your website that are receiving the most traffic.

The fact that Lucky Orange is so easy to use is one of its best features. It doesn’t require any specialized technical knowledge to use, and even non-data professionals may easily grasp the heat maps. It’s also free! That’s true; there are no costs associated with using it or gaining insights about your website.

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5. SmartLook

This is is the fifth top rated of all the best free Heat Map tools. It’s simple to use SmartLook. The heat map will immediately start tracking visitor behavior after you add a short piece of code to your website. When you log in to the SmartLook dashboard, you can check your heat maps and learn more about how people use your website.

One of the main advantages of adopting SmartLook is that it offers a clear visual picture of user activity. SmartLook is an important tool in your toolbox whether you’re trying to enhance user experience, boost conversion rates, or learn more about how visitors use your website.

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6. Sumome

At the sixth top rated of all the best free Heat Map tools we have SumoMe here, it is a great option to consider if you’re searching for a high-quality heat map tool that won’t break the bank. As it has been available for some time, this tool has solidified its position as one of the greatest free heat map tools available.

What makes SumoMe so outstanding, then? To begin with, it’s quite simple to set up. There is no need for complicated installations or configurations; all you need to do is add a single line of code to your website.

The fact that SumoMe is totally free to use is something I like. Of course, there are expensive upgrades available if you require more sophisticated capabilities, but for the majority of users, the free version will do.

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Best Free Heat Map Tools


7. Matomo

This is the seventh on our list of best free Heat Map tools, let’s have a look at Matomo if you need a heat map tool. What makes Matomo so fantastic, then? You can use the many capabilities that Matomo provides to better understand the behavior of the people that visit your website.

You can watch website traffic, keep an eye on conversion rates, and even conduct A/B tests to improve your site using Matomo in addition to heat maps. Matomo’s dedication to privacy is another factor in its popularity with website owners. Matomo allows you to store all of your data on your server, unlike some other heat map solutions that rely on external tracking services. This feature guarantees visitor privacy while giving you total control over your data.

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8. Click Tale

A robust and user-friendly heat map tool, probably one of the best free Heat Map tools available, Click Story offers insightful information on how visitors engage with your website. The fact that Click Tale is free to use is one of its best features. It is therefore a fantastic choice for new website owners on a tight budget. Also, you can later upgrade to one of Click Tale’s paying programs if you require more sophisticated capabilities.

Additionally, Click Story offers a wealth of options to help you make the most of your website. For instance, Click Tale’s visitor recording tracking feature enables you to watch a video-style playback of each visitor’s visit to your website.

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9. Plerdy

A robust easy-to-use and of the best free Heat Map tools currently available, Plerdy, aids website owners in understanding how users engage with their pages. In order to help website owners better understand their visitors’ behavior and enhance the user experience, Plerdy also provides visitor recordings and other capabilities. All tiers of website owners, from those just getting started to those wishing to advance their website, can use the service.

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10. Attention Insight

One of the best free Heat Map tools is Attention Insight because it provides a straightforward, user-friendly interface that makes creating and analyzing heat maps simple. Real-time tracking skills are one of Attention Insight’s most notable characteristics. You can use this feature to view real-time user interactions with your website or app.

Moreover, Attention Insight provides a variety of adjustable parameters so you can precisely tailor your heat maps to meet your requirements. The fact that Attention Insight and Google Analytics are integrated makes it one of the top free heat map tools. With the help of this Service, you can easily monitor user behavior on your website and obtain a plethora of other data about your visitors, like their location and device type.

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