12 Best Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships

12 Best Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships

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Here we talk about the list of best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships, and we will be listing the top twelves of them in full detail. Simply put, cheerleading is an activity. Yet, there aren’t any official recruiting regulations in place because it’s not permitted by the NCAA. Full-ride college cheerleading scholarships are frequently not available as a result of the fact that there is less funding available for coaches in these organizations.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to receive a college cheerleading scholarship. Many colleges reward cheerleaders for their participation on the squad with annual scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000. Also, since the sport has grown over the past several years, more cheerleading scholarships are being awarded at prestigious universities across the country. Usually, the most competitive and well-known programs are the ones that do well at NCA or UCA championships.

Yet not all universities receive the same amount of funding; each college offers a variety of scholarships depending on its program. Some give full-ride scholarships, as is the case with the University of Hawaii, which is well recognized for giving full scholarships to its athletes. Some colleges offer stipends, scholarships based on GPA, or a flat-rate amount, such as $2,000 each academic year.

In researching the colleges they are interested in, recruits should look into the program’s history to learn whether cheerleaders can receive athletic aid. Keep in mind that college cheerleaders often combine any athletic help they receive with additional scholarships. For instance, colleges can offer academic scholarships and need-based financial aid to collegiate athletes, creating alluring financial aid packages.


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12 Best Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships

From Here Down Is The List Of Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships

1. The University of Kentucky Cheerleading Scholarship.

One of the best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships in the USA is the University of Kentucky. Their cheerleaders have won 23 national championships, making them the best in UCA.

A small academic stipend is awarded to every Blue and White team cheerleader with a 3.0 GPA for the fall semester. Yet, residents of the Blue Squad receive full funding for in-state tuition, while non-residents only receive a portion of the out-of-state costs. There aren’t any accessible tuition scholarships for the White cheering squad right now. Despite the fact that they are qualified for a variety of university-sponsored scholarships.

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2. Concordia University Ann Arbor Cheerleading Scholarships.

This is the next on our list of best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships, cheerleaders at Concordia University Ann Arbor are awarded athletic cheer scholarships. The value of the scholarship varies depending on the cheerleader’s talent, seniority, skill level, and other variables.

It’s interesting that the cheerleading scholarships offered by Concordia University Ann Arbor are renewed every year. Of course, provided that the student-athlete continues to meet the standards for eligibility. Student-athletes can qualify for academic scholarships and other need-based grants in addition to the cheerleading scholarship.

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3. The University of Minnesota Cheerleading Scholarship.

Veteran squad members frequently receive the cheerleading scholarships from the University of Minnesota. The number of recipients is typically constrained. However, new recruits are eligible to apply for other scholarships offered to those who want to join the Spirit Squad as cheerleaders, dancers, or mascots.

  • These awards range from $1,000 to $60,000 and are given for one to four years. Several are;
  • Gold Scholar Award ($10,000 maximum over four years)
  • Scholarships from the President ($1,000 to $10,000 over four years)
  • Leadership Award in Maroon and Gold ($12,000 over four years)
  • Jewish students are given preference for the $24,000 over four years Bentson Family Scholarship.

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12 Best Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships


4. The University of Hawaii Cheerleading Scholarships.

At the fourth of the best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships we have the University of Hawaii here. Scholarship opportunities are available to cheerleaders at the University of Hawaii, which is a benefit of joining the squad. About 12–14 full-tuition scholarships are available to the cheer squad participants for both qualifying in-state cheerleaders and out-of-state cheerleaders.

Moreover, cheer squad members who complete the requirements can apply for financial aid and tuition waivers through the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). Only inhabitants of Oregon, Wyoming, California, Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, and other states are eligible to apply for WUE.

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5. University of Delaware Scholarships for Cheerleaders.

This is the fifth on our list of best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships. Cheerleading scholarship applications are accepted from University of Delaware cheerleaders. Moreover, Delaware residents are eligible to receive up to $7,500 in scholarships. Nonetheless, be aware that academic and athletic accomplishment is the basis for awarding all scholarships.

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6. Oklahoma Panhandle State University Scholarships.

The cheerleaders of Oklahoma Panhandle State University (OPSU) are strong and elegant. among the best in the entire globe. These elegant cheer squads offer generous cheering scholarships worth roughly $10,500 to both in-state and out-of-state students.

To be eligible for this scholarship, you must have a 2.5 GPA and uphold strong academic standards.

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7. Barton Community College – Kansas Cheerleading Scholarships.

One of the best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships is Barton Community College. These athletic scholarships are available to everyone, even cheerleaders.

Each semester, dancers and cheerleaders receive full tuition and book scholarships. But, for each semester they are on the squad, out-of-state cheerleaders and dancers get a book scholarship and $500. Cheerleaders at the university receive outfits and compensation for travel costs in addition to tuition and book grants.

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8. Belmont University – Tennessee Cheerleading Scholarship.

Here is the eighth on our list of best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships. It’s appropriate to state that Belmont University cheerleaders also receive special treatment. Partially funded scholarships are given to each Belmont cheerleader. The scholarship’s value, however, is based on seniority as well as academic and athletic accomplishments. It often falls between $1,000 and $2,500.

Also, cheer squads receive full support for their cheerleading activities and equipment in addition to their half athletic scholarships.

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9. Fort Hays State University – Kansas Cheerleading Scholarships.

The Fort Hays State University, is another best choice when it comes to best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships, their Cheer Squad and the Tiger Debs Dancing Team both support the university’s sporting departments. They support various teams while serving as representatives of the university.

Fort University’s cheerleading squad members are awarded scholarships for their tuition, accommodations, and other costs.

On the other side, the dance team members are given a $800 subsidy for on-campus living. Whereas veterans are guaranteed at least $600.

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12 Best Colleges Offering Cheerleading Scholarships


10. Cheerleader Scholarship at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

The George Washington University Spirit Program is made up of the coed cheer squad, the first ladies’ dance squad, George the university mascot, and the Colonial Brass, this university have always been at the top of the list of best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships.

The scholarships provided by the GW Spirit Program cover the tuition and other costs for these teams of cheer giants.

The scholarship often covers:

  • Postseason competitions are open to all.
  • There are front-row seats and athletic events at GWU.
  • All Adidas and Varsity uniforms, athletic equipment, footwear, and travel bags are free.
  • Family and friends are given free admission to GWU sporting events.

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11. Indiana Tech University Cheerleading Scholarships.

All Indiana Tech University Warriors cheerleaders are eligible to receive athletic scholarships. Depending on what the coach recommends, the beneficiaries may receive a different amount. They can apply for other scholarships and financial help in addition to sports scholarships. Yet you must be doing exceptionally well in your studies.

These scholarships comprise, among others:

  • Scholarship endowed by Jackie D. and Velma J. Wright.
  • The scholarship named in memory of Sarah A. Douglas.
  • Memorial Scholarship for Lenore and Bob Armbrust.
  • The website for the Robert J. Swindell “Balanced Man” Scholarship Institution

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12. Louisiana State University Cheerleading Scholarship.

The Louisiana State University is the last we have here amongst best colleges offering Cheerleading scholarships. The Gold Squad and the Purple Squad, the two cheerleading squads at Louisiana State University, both have designated games they support.

Both teams are given financial service awards, which are more appropriately referred to as scholarships. The scholarship’s value is based on many factors, including seniority, length of participation, and more. On the other hand, second-year cheerleaders get $1,000 annually, third-year members get $1,500 annually, and fourth-year members get $2,000 annually.

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