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Now lets talk about the top ten free resource management tools around, for small businesses and teams, free resource management software can be a good option, but it frequently lacks important features and functionality that paid resource management software provides. My recommendation is to start your search with fully featured software and then focus on the more affordable solutions from there.

Utilizing resources as effectively as possible is essential because it lays the groundwork for better project delivery and revenue generation. It’s time to switch from spreadsheets to software that can help you determine resource capacity and alert you when resources are over-allocated. I’ll go over a few of these tools in the overviews that follow. I’ll describe why they are effective for resource management and point out their best qualities.


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Free Resource Management Tools: How To Choose One

Define Your needs

Knowing what you require in a resource management solution is crucial before you begin your search. Do you require a tool to aid in project management, time tracking, resource allocation, or all of the above? You can focus your search and find a tool that matches your needs by being aware of what you need.

Choose a tool that is user-friendly

It will be simpler for you and your team to embrace and utilize a technology that is simple to use. Search for tools that have an easy-to-use UI and informative manuals or tutorials.

Think On The Qualities

You must make sure the resource management tool you choose has all the capabilities you require because different solutions have different features. Project management, time monitoring, resource allocation, and task management are a few examples of typical functionality.

Examine Integrations

It’s essential to confirm that the resource management tool you select interfaces with any additional tools you use for your job. You won’t have to switch between various tools and your workflow will be streamlined.

Think About the Price

Even though you should hunt for a free tool, make sure it won’t cost you extra. The amount of users, projects, or features you can use with some free tools may be restricted, while others may require you to switch to a paid plan in order to access specific features.

Review Products And Seek Out Suggestions

Finally, it’s a good idea to study user reviews and seek advice from coworkers or friends who have utilized resource management software before making your ultimate choice. This will help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of various tools and enable you to make an informed choice.


Free Resource Management Tools


List Of Top 10 Free Resource Management Tools

1. Hive

Hive here is the first we are going to discuss among all other free resource management tools, Hive delivers outstanding resource management capabilities with snappy project management features, which is fortunate for them as it is one of the only solutions on the market designed for users, by users – you can bet that the people at Hive have been told to “finish projects by tomorrow.”

This all-inclusive, user-friendly project resource management solution includes time monitoring and resource planning features. With more than 6 different layouts, including Gantt, Calendar, Kanban, Portfolio, Table, and Label view, resources may be scheduled, assigned tasks, and even set out.

Want to check out your complete month’s worth of resources? Use the Calendar view. Do you want to know how long it will take your author to finish their upcoming ebook? See the history of your time tracking. The team can easily contact the most crucial resources in the company—each other—thanks to its simplicity, seamlessness, and native chat and email features.

Important characteristics:

  • Developed by users, for users, with input from the Hive Forum
  • Workflows that are customized and time tracked
  • serves as a project management tool as well.
  • 14 days of free usage are offered! Plans for Hive Teams start at $12 per user per month.
  • Test the blog Hive button

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2. Float

Check out Float, as one of the top free resource management tools if you’re seeking for a resource management application that can help you make the “most of your team’s time.” Float is a resource management application designed with teams in mind that assists staff in setting individual work hours, tracking time for scheduled activities, and even scheduling their own personal time off.

It includes the ability to schedule projects while including budget and personalized time limits. This tool may also display projects in phases and at a very detailed level, taking into consideration each step of a project and all resources that are necessary to accomplish it.

Floats’ powerful reporting capabilities offer data that is directly taken from finished or ongoing projects, allowing your company to make resource data-derived decisions for your company. Float is a straightforward integration with a significant payoff because it was created with the capacity to link with the greatest agile project management solutions on the market, such as Slack or Teamwork.

Important characteristics:

  • Resource assignment is simple
  • capabilities for individualized timekeeping and reporting
  • Adaptation to other project management platforms
  • starts at $6 per month and goes up in price as you access more features. You can also give it a try for 14 days without paying anything if you want to!

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3. Saviom

At the third top rated of all the free resource management tools, we have Saviom here. Saviom is your older, business-professional cousin that always shows up at family barbecues wearing a suit, if I had to sum him or her up. A sophisticated, data-driven resource management application designed for large enterprises is called Saviom.

Saviom offers dashboards with highly configurable reports and real-time insights using data analytics tools. Offered in a range of formats, including a Gant chart that makes it simple for everyone to obtain an overview of resource use and a scheduler that the entire company can see to see who is working on which projects.

The Savioms functionality offers exceptional visibility in areas that require concentration due to resource shortages and can assist your company in realizing priorities adjustments. Saviom can also identify the program’s available abilities and assist in allocating the appropriate resources for the task. These resource estimates can help you run your company more efficiently and more effectively.

Important characteristics:

  • use in large businesses
  • Graphical comparisons in reports are quite good.
  • Adaptation to other project management platforms
  • The price of the program varies based on the size of your business and the necessary licenses, and it is available for a free trial for a period of four to six weeks.

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4. Resource Guru

Here is the fourth most rated of all other free resource management tools. If you want a powerful resource management tool that may be your favorite project management tool’s best buddy but already own one? Let me introduce Resource Guru to you both. You can schedule people, equipment, and other resources with the aid of the quick and easy resource management application known as Resource Guru. The Guru will manage your resources and keep you in control using a drag and drop scheduler and a special “clash management system” that aids in preventing resource over-bookings.

Do you desire more thorough reporting? With the help of Resource Guru, you can keep an eye on your resource usage rates and gather reporting information from other important metrics like billable vs. non-billable time, vacation time, or even overtime work. Keep track of the resources important to your company and make the Guru aware of them.

Important characteristics:

  • Equipment management tracking and a special meeting room helper
  • Each user’s personal dashboard can be modified.
  • Adaptation to other project management platforms
  • Beginning at $2.50 per person/month, higher price levels unlock people and capabilities. For a 30-day free trial, sign up right away.

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Free Resource Management Tools


5. Mosaic

At the fifth top rated of all the free resource management tools is Mosaic. If you’re feeling really tech-savvy, you might want to look into Mosaic. The first of its type, Mosaic is a workforce management tool driven by AI that gives users insight into their operations and the chance to manage their resources more effectively.

This resource management solution connects with project and financial management software with the goal of increasing profitability and productivity. It collects intelligent data and offers reports and insights into certain resources.

Mosaic optimizes resources based on priorities using its AI capabilities. Mosaic provides tasks to complete if someone in your company has free time. When employees are assigned to a project jointly, the project can identify team members who can work on particular tasks based on the resources they contribute to the business. With its AI-powered tool, Mosaic helps eliminate guessing in resource allocation.

Important characteristics:

  • Easy to use visual resource planning dashboard
  • Automatic resource planning is facilitated by AI-powered reporting.
  • Adaptation to other project management platforms
  • Beginning at $9.99 per person/month, higher price levels unlock people and capabilities. For a 30-day free trial, sign up right away.

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6. Teamdeck

Teamdeck is another best choice when it comes to top free resource management tools. A tool for managing team and project resources, Teamdeck was created by Apptension, a Polish software development firm that works with Netflix, Universal Pictures, Heineken, and Uber. With crucial features like scheduling, time tracking and timesheets, and leave management, Teamdeck promises to make resourcing simpler for HR teams and managers. You have the much-needed visibility into the past, present, and future workload of your team thanks to resource calendars and reports. Below is a list of all of your employees, together with the projects that have been assigned to them.

Teamdeck is a tool for managers as well as for employees, who may use it to log their time and manage their own availability. All employees, whether they are full-time, part-time, or contract workers, can benefit from this.

Important characteristics:

  • Tools for managing workloads, scheduling teams, and forecasting
  • integrations with Slack, Asana, Google Calendar, and other widely used office applications
  • Timesheet management and time tracking
  • Plans for team resourcing begin at $3.60 per user per month.

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7. Forecast

Forecast tops our seventh list of free resource management tools. A different resource management tool called forecast enables you to get a broad picture of both long-term and short-term resource planning projects. A zoom-in and zoom-out function of the application allows users to quickly see the resources that are available from a daily, weekly, and monthly viewpoint. A heatmap shows the projects that everyone is working on as well as their progress.

Project managers can more easily determine who is overbooked, free, or on vacation thanks to forecast. Monitoring resources that are used and available is also made possible through financial reporting. The Forecast Auto Scheduling tool employs sophisticated technologies to dynamically match resources and tasks while taking into account team members’ abilities, availabilities, and turnaround times.

Important characteristics:

  • Zoom in and out for a day-by-day, week-by-week, or monthly resource summary.
  • financial statement
  • Automatic Scheduling
  • 14-day risk-free test
  • A minimum of 10 seats are required for the $29 seat/month Lite plan.

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Free Resource Management Tools


8. Kantata’s Mavenlink

Another best rated of all the free resource management tools is the Kantata’s Mavenlink. A project management, corporate intelligence, and team collaboration are all covered by Kantata’s Mavenlink resource management solution. The system provides real-time utilization and margins at the project and event levels at the task level when it comes to managing resources. For resource data, Mavenlink by Kantata provides decent reporting functionality, while making bespoke reports without training might be challenging.

The platform’s exclusive add-on status for the Proofing capability is another drawback. Moreover, Mavenlink by Kantata doesn’t publish its prices on their website; you must get in touch with them to obtain a quota.

Important characteristics:

  • forecasting of resources
  • capacity control
  • Skills management
  • Creating scenarios
  • planning based on roles

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9. nTask

You can use nTask as a tool to ensure that your company’s resources are properly managed. The application’s team and project management features also assist in monitoring and managing the work of local and distant teams.

By providing you with a broad picture of how various activities and procedures are carried out by various teams, nTask enables you to identify any possibilities to optimize those teams’ everyday work operations.

You can monitor all of the actions of the employees using tools like time tracking and timesheet management that the application offers. With the functionality, you will have all the information required to make knowledgeable hiring decisions, which is especially helpful when completing compensation evaluations.

Important characteristics:

  • Project management and task management
  • team leadership
  • resource administration
  • Monitoring problems and risk management
  • Timekeeping and timesheet control
  • Gantt charts and Kanban boarding
  • There is a free edition and trial available for use, and the paid subscription with additional premium features costs $4 per month per user.

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10. Smartsheet

Smartsheet Concludes our list of free resource management tools, it is a resource management tool makes it easier to manage and track project time, schedule the right people for the right projects, and anticipate hiring needs in real time. It offers a People view that provides a rapid overview of all the employees in your company and allows you to filter them all together based on characteristics like discipline, role, language, and more. You can check who is available for assignments, what they are working on, and whether they are on vacation in the schedule view.

You may view anticipated future work under the project menu and assign personnel based on compatible roles, abilities, and availability. The project view also enables you to view the scheduled resources for a specific person and provides updates on the status of your work, which will help you finish projects on schedule and on budget.

Important characteristics:

  • simple allocation of resources
  • project management
  • tracking of time
  • After a 30-day free trial, pricing for up to 10 users starts at $7 per user each month.

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