accredited online universities in South Africa

10 Accredited Online Universities in South Africa 2024

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Here are the accredited online universities in South Africa. Ever consider earning a degree from a South African university without going to the actual campus? Online colleges and universities have recently increased access to higher education and remote degree earning.

Specific accredited online universities in South Africa have received accreditation to offer online education. Investigate South Africa’s reputable online universities.

You can now enroll in some of the world’s top academic and professional programs in these accredited online universities in South Africa. With the advent of online education, it is now possible to strike a balance between the competing needs of life, such as employment and childcare.

Online Learning

With the help of distance or online learning, students can complete the majority of their coursework without ever setting foot on a campus. Both material and interactional distance can be mentioned.

The main advantages of distant learning are affordable tuition and schedule flexibility. It’s the ideal method for students to save money.

Evening and weekend courses are offered as part of online bachelor’s degrees, making them perfect for people looking to change careers or recent high school grads who want to get a head start.

Virtual classrooms, instructor support, and student learning groups are features that the majority of online bachelor’s programs provide, whether they are entirely online or call for regular on-campus sessions.

accredited online universities in South Africa

Why is online learning important?

When a source of knowledge and a student are separated by time, distance, or both, online learning allows for access to learning.

Students in this type of training interact with the instructors and other students via email, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messages, and other computer-aided interaction methods.

The majority of programs come with features to build a virtual classroom and an online training system. Each institution’s tuition costs for distant learning are different across all nations.

By continuing to pay their present living expenses, the student will undoubtedly save money on lodging and travel. People who are employed but still desire or need to further their education can benefit greatly from distance learning.


What do I benefit from studying at accredited online universities in South Africa?

  • Students can access online learning management systems to follow courses at South African online universities. Online courses give non-traditional students who have commitments outside of school, including establishing a family or working full-time, freedom.
  • Although the ability to study anywhere in the world is a major benefit of an online institution, the majority of online students choose to attend a campus that is no more than 100 miles from their place of residence.
  • Online courses allow you a lot of freedom, but enrolling in an online course close to home might have several advantages.
  • You can save money on tuition inside the state, have easy access to campus amenities like libraries, gyms, and private office hours with professors, and enroll in a hybrid program at Those who spend money if you choose to attend an online school close to where you live. in addition to the online program, on campus for a while.
  • The most significant benefits of a remote education are the low tuition costs and the hourly flexibility. It is the ideal method for helping students cut costs.
  • For people seeking a career shift or recent high school graduates seeking an early start, online courses give the option to teach in the evenings and on weekends.
  • Virtual classrooms, teacher help, and student study groups are features of the majority of online courses, regardless of whether you are entirely online or require regular on-campus sessions.

About South Africa

The southernmost nation in Africa is the Republic of South Africa. It has the strongest economy in Africa and a top-tier higher education system on the global stage.

Pretoria serves as the country’s executive capital, while Bloemfontein serves as the judicial capital and Cape Town serves as the legislative capital. Johannesburg is the most populous city.

Let’s now examine and investigate a few of accredited online universities in South Africa.

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accredited online universities in South Africa

List Of Accredited Online Universities in South Africa 2024

Below is the list of accredited online universities in South Africa, viz;

1. University of South Africa

This is one of the accredited online universities in South Africa. The University of South Africa (UNISA) is both the oldest institution of higher education exclusively focused on remote learning and the largest open online institution in Africa.

Almost one in three South African students attend UNISA. Short courses, certification programs, and three- and four-year degrees and certificates are just a few of the study possibilities available through UNISA’s unmatched selection.

Our research activities have garnered us various prizes, recognitions, and accolades as one of the leading institutions for research on the continent.

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2. Witwatersrand University Online School (Online Wits)

Another university on the list of accredited online universities in South Africa is Witwatersrand. It provides a variety of online graduate courses from the schools of governance and business.

Join the respected Wits online network and work with like-minded and progressive individuals to enhance your administrative career.

You have the full backing of knowledgeable instructors through our online courses to assist you in achieving academic greatness.

One of the South African online colleges with accreditation is the University of the Witwatersrand. The Business School and the School of Governance both offer a variety of online postgraduate courses.

Join the respected Wits online network to advance your administrative career by collaborating with other forward-thinking and like-minded individuals.

You have the full backing of knowledgeable instructors through our online courses to promote your academic success.

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3. Johannesburg University Online School

The University of Johannesburg is one of the accredited online universities in South Africa. A number of the first entirely online programs of their kind are being offered by the University of Johannesburg, and they can set your career on a dynamic growth path. It belongs to the list of South Africa’s approved online universities.

The best UJ programs that are entirely online have a lot to offer those who want to better their careers while juggling their personal commitments.

The UJ model provides working individuals with a simple and expedited opportunity to gain crucial leadership skills in a variety of businesses and public services. There are six start dates each year, no travel is required, and tuition is paid per module.

Our online programs have been thoughtfully created to enable learners from diverse backgrounds to get a degree from a recognized university.

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4. Stellenbosch University

The University of Stellenbosch is also one of the accredited online universities in South Africa. It provides online master’s degrees in public administration and development, including the Public Administration (MPA) program, which is geared toward meeting the needs of those working in leadership roles in the public sector.

Additionally, they provide short courses and academic credential programs through lectures and interactive online learning.

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5. Regent Business School

This is one of the accredited online universities in South Africa. As one of South Africa’s approved online universities, Regent Business School has established itself in the market.

A foundational degree that offers an overview of management methods in domestic and international contexts is the online Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management offered by the institution.

For students interested in a career in management, the curriculum seeks to strengthen their conceptual comprehension, synthesis, and application of management and management theory.

Additionally, the objective is to provide qualified students with the information and practical skills they need to perform well in HR management as well as a suitable knowledge base to set themselves up for further education.

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6. THINK Digital College

This is another university on the list of accredited online universities in South Africa. The first online college in South Africa is THINK Digital College, which is also one of the country’s accredited online universities. It provides both the Cambridge curriculum and the CAPS program.

The goal of THINK is to foster learning, growth, and creativity by fusing excellent instruction with cutting-edge technology.

THINK aims to instill in its pupils a passion of learning by providing them with an exceptional education through a personalized and holistic approach.

We provide a curriculum that is integrated, adaptable, and efficient and is focused on CAPS and Cambridge.

Our aim is to create a generation of young adults who think independently, creatively, and innovatively and who have the guts to believe in their own potential.

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accredited online universities in South Africa


Another university on the list on accredited online universities in South Africa is the university of South Africa’s certified online university,, was established in that country in 2013. Our objective is to be the top supplier of standards-based home education options for the R–12 grade in South Africa.

For youngsters growing up in the digital age, virtual schools provide a welcome new option. We have developed a number of blended learning strategies for the R–12 classes. The South African Curriculum Standards are strictly adhered to by all of our solutions (CAPS).

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8. Lyceum Correspondence College

This is one of the accredited online universities in South Africa. Lyceum Correspondence College in Johannesburg offers distance learning courses leading to certifications, diplomas, and degrees in business administration, traffic management and policing education, and fleet management.

Lyceum provides all the advantages of online education. You can tailor your study around your schedule and continue to work while learning about communication.

Lyceum’s extensive selection of remote learning courses are far less expensive than in-person instruction. Start today on the path to a better tomorrow.

Lyceum has merged classic principles of higher education with a cutting-edge method of correspondence and distant learning for more than 90 years.

As a result, it has earned recognition as one of South Africa’s approved online universities throughout time. By offering creative and adaptable courses, they offer top-notch student support.

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9. Hatfield Christian Online School

This is another university on the list of accredited online universities in South Africa. The Hatfield Christian Online School (HCoS) was developed from the Hatfield Christian School (HCS), a reputable Pretoria school, and has received government of South Africa accreditation as an online university.

Since 1985, HCS has successfully trained young South Africans. We are dedicated to establishing communities and countries, and we wish to spread a culture of adaptability and technological accessibility to learning.

We can assist schools in overcoming a lack of resources by using HCoS. It is also an opportunity to broaden our student body by providing quality education to students who live outside of Pretoria or who are unable to attend classes on campus for a variety of reasons.

These children and their parents have the ability to log in from home and choose their own learning surroundings thanks to the online system.

Parents can relax knowing that the subject instructors who have guided their children through their studies are well educated. Each course includes contact hours, frequent reviews, and reports.

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10. Management College of South Africa (MANCOSA)

Management college is one of the accredited online universities in South Africa. The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) has received ten accreditations as a distance education institution in South Africa. It provides an online business administration curriculum that aims to equip managers and progressive leaders for work in the corporate world and industry in the setting of rapidly changing markets.

Working individuals can benefit from a top-notch education while pursuing their professional objectives thanks to the flexible curriculum.

Graduates of our MBA program possess in-depth, cutting-edge academic knowledge as well as practical abilities in important commercial and administrative domains.

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