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20 Inspirational TED Talks For Students | Get Motivated

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Inspirational ted talks for students have always been a fantastic resource for learning in today’s society. Their relevance to current events is another feature that sets them apart from other talks or symposiums. The wonderful thing about this is that everyone may now see these motivational TED Talks, including college students.

The world’s most creative individuals are brought together by TED to present succinct, impactful speeches on today’s pressing challenges. These TED Talks, which are only 18 minutes long, make excellent resources for the classroom. Students can be inspired by and participate in these thought-provoking TED Talks.

As a result, you will learn about an overview of 20 motivational TED Talks in this post that have been suggested by and for college students worldwide. The following is our

inspirational ted talks for students

What You Need To Know About TED

A nonpartisan nonprofit organization called TED is committed to disseminating ideas, typically through succinct, impactful speeches. Its headquarters are in the USA.

Richard Saul Wurman founded TED in February 1984 as a conference that brought together technology, entertainment, and design. Today offers content in more than 110 languages on practically every subject, from science to business to international concerns.

The TEDx events are held in addition to TED speeches and conferences. A TEDx event is independently organized and promotes idea exchange in local communities all over the world.

Through the Sapling Foundation, British-American businessman Chris Anderson is the founder and curator of TED.

In 1984, Richard Saul Wurman noticed a potent fusion of the three industries of technology, entertainment, and design. This finding led to the creation of TED. Benoit Mandelbrot demonstrated how to map coastlines using his emerging theory of fractal geometry at the very first TED, which he co-founded with Harry Marks and featured demonstrations of the CD, the e-book, and cutting-edge 3D graphics from Lucasfilm.

Despite having a great roster, the event didn’t make any money, and it took Wurman and Marks six years to try again. The world was ready this time around in 1990.

The TED Conference developed into an annual event in Monterey, California, drawing an ever-expanding and powerful audience from a variety of disciplines who were connected by their shared sense of curiosity and openness—as well as by their discovery of an exciting secret. (TED was an invitation-only event back then. You are welcome to apply to attend even though it is not currently open.)


Describe the TED Talk.

A TED talk is a video that was created from a talk given at the main TED conference or one of the many TED satellite conferences that are held all over the world. TED Talks are compelling videos featuring knowledgeable speakers on business, science, technology, and creativity. They have subtitles in more than 100 different languages.

In essence, TED talks with a motivational theme can last up to 18 minutes, but they can cover any subject.

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What Do TED Talks Aim to Do?

The motto of TED Talks, “Ideas worth spreading,” expresses the organization’s primary goal.

The TED Conference, which produces TED Talks, was founded on the principle that thought leaders and subject matter experts should take the stage and present a “Idea Worth Spreading,” according to Mark Lovett, a former organizer at TEDxSanDiego.

Still from him, the genius of this approach is that viewers hear the lectures live, while movies made from the lectures are made available online for free to anybody in the globe.

The speaker continued by saying that it is hoped that the concepts and revelations presented in these lectures will both challenge and widen the audience members’ or viewers’ perspectives, depending on the circumstance. A direct action to forward a cause, a modification of one’s conduct, or a fresh perspective on issues affecting society—a new attitude or understanding—could result from this.

The goal of Ted speeches is to excite and motivate the audience while also disseminating ideas.


The Benefits of TED Talks

A college student can benefit in a variety of ways from watching an inspirational TED talk. However, the benefits listed below will help you benefit from attending TED conferences:

  • TED talks help you discover your purpose.
  • It helps you become aware of who you are.
  • It helps you identify your goals and gives you the capacity to reach them.
  • The goal of TED lectures is to improve you.
  • The knowledge you gain from watching TED presentations inspires you to go outside your comfort zone.
  • It also motivates you to cherish and delight in your profession.
  • A TED lecture also exhorts you to stand alone when necessary.


What is a TED talk that is motivational?

Inspirational TED talks are the ones that deal with stimulating the mind to act or feel, particularly to act creatively. These inspirational TED talks stimulate the mind to challenge old beliefs that you hold as true.

inspirational ted talks for students

Top 20 Inspirational Ted Talks For Students In 2023

Here are some of the inspirational TED talks for students (and you) will find informative, funny, and uplifting.

  1. What your grade really means – Eva Ren
  2. The Secret to Student Success
  3. The Power of Believing that you can Improve – Carol Dweck
  4. GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Lee Duckworth
  5. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastination – Tim Urban
  6. The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain
  7. Everyday Leadership – Drew Dudley
  8. The danger of a single story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  9. What adults can learn from kids- Adora Svitak
  10. Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson
  11. The danger of silence – Clint Smith
  12. How to start a movement – Derek Sivers
  13. A teen just trying to figure it out – Tavi Gevinson
  14. Everyday leadership – Drew Dudley
  15. The Nerd’s Guide to Learning Everything Online – John Green
  16. The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves – Jon Chu
  17. How To Build Your Creative Confidence – David Kelley
  18. How Do You Define Yourself? -Lizzie Velásquez
  19. Don’t Kill Your Language – Suzanne Talhouk
  20. The Pursuit of Ignorance – Stuart Firestein


1. What Your Grade Really Means – Eva Ren

This is one of the inspirational TED talks for students. TED Talk by Eva Ren, who gave it as a senior in high school, serves as our opening motivational speech. Ren gives insight into why grades aren’t as indicative of success as people often assume they are in a world where everyone is attempting to get the top grades.

This discussion should be meaningful to you and provide you with a perspective on your specific role in the learning process, whether you are struggling academically or have a high GPA.


2. The Secret to Student Success

Another inspirational TED talks for students is the secret to student success. Arel Moodie delivers a deeply personal TED Talk that draws on the idea of grit and discusses his own experiences as a student from elementary school through college.

As Moodie struggles with the reality of growing up in a challenging New York neighborhood, the peaks and valleys that mark any significant journey are on full show.

Students will recognize a few of the story’s components, but he finally incorporates the key takeaways into a more general message that everyone should understand.

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3. The Power of Believing That You Can Improve – Carol Dweck

Another inspirational TED talks for students is the power of believing that you can improve. The main idea of the last two TED Talks—a growth mindset—is also present in this talk.

Professor of Psychology at Stanford University Carol Dweck examines the research on motivation and reward to show how all pupils are capable of developing their skills.

She uses research on the brain to support her argument while also illustrating how science may be applied to aid students in concrete ways by using examples from everyday life.

Dweck, a pioneering researcher in the area of motivation, promises his or her audience that each of us has the capacity to grow.


4. GRIT: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Lee Duckworth

The power of passion and perseverance is one of the inspirational TED talks for students by Angela Lee. In contrast to the common belief that intelligence and talent determine success, University of Pennsylvania professor of psychology Angela Lee Duckworth explains the facts behind what it really takes to be successful in this succinct yet impactful TED Talk.

By examining a largely unexplored phenomenon, Angela Lee Duckworth argues for a change in how we define success and how to better prepare children for their own future success. This talk may be one of the most succinct in six minutes, but it packs a lot of information.

Link To Inspirational TED Website


5. Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastination – Tim Urban

Tim Urban gave a inspirational TED talks for students title inside the mind of a master procrastination. Procrastination. It often succeeds in making the best of everyone. Procrastination can undermine your best intentions since it is simple to get into and difficult to exit.

Harvard alumnus Tim Urban offers a humorous and enlightening perspective on procrastination and how it can affect even the most well-intentioned people among us in this very inspirational TED Talk.

To help explain why we procrastinate and how to do so less, he introduces a well-known (and amusing) ;ensemble of characters. Everyone will find something to enjoy here.


6. The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain

One of the inspirational TED talks for students is the power of introverts wrote by There are extroverts all around us. They are obvious to us because we can see them, hear them, and smell them. What function does introversion serve in today’s society, which seems to place a strong focus on extroversion?

Susan Cain presents an insightful analysis of the influence of the inner self in her TED Talk. She explains how we came to the point where extroversion appears to be more valuable than introversion in today’s culture and provides historical and personal examples to show why we should strive for better balance between the two.

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7. Everyday Leadership – Drew Dudley

Everyday leadership is one of the inspirational ted talks for students said by Drew Dudley. The power of connection and how it relates to a kind of leadership that we all have but may not be aware of are the topics of this motivational TED Talk.

The idea of Lollipop Moments, a simple and easily implementable strategy that can be used to alter the world, is introduced by Drew Dudley through an entertaining extended tale. His tale will make you chuckle multiple times, but its main point takes a fresh look at what leadership is and the effects it may have on those around us.


8. The Danger Of A Single Story – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

This is one of the inspirational ted talks for students on this list. The TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie helped Texas student Alisha Somani understand the importance of perspective: “One perspective is what moulds people into being closed-minded and uninformed of the world around them.

I was inspired by this TED Talk to learn more about current affairs so that I wouldn’t turn out to be one of those gullible individuals who believe that everyone is the same as them and has the same opportunities.


9. What Adults Can Learn From Kids- Adora Svitak

Another inspirational ted talks for students is what adults can learn from kid by Adora Svitak. Adora Svitak’s address is a favorite among educators and students because it serves as a reminder of the importance of hearing from young people.

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10. Do Schools Kill Creativity? – Sir Ken Robinson

This is another inspirational ted talks for students. Sir Ken Robinson addresses the very real problem of pupils being taught out of their creativity in this hilarious yet accurate TED Talk that will make you laugh out loud. In an era when it seems like test scores are the only norm that matters to our country, it is proof of the importance of creativity.


11. The Danger Of Silence – Clint Smith

Clint Smith wrote the danger of silence on inspirational ted talks for students. “Read carefully. Consciously write. Talk loudly. Speak the truth.

Teacher Clint Smith makes a strong case for the connection between bigotry and silence in this stirring speech. Every one of us is compelled by Smith to recognize our own silence and to use our voices to speak up for ourselves and other people.


12. How To Start A Movement – Derek Sivers

This is one of the inspirational ted talks for students. How do motions gain momentum? Derek Sivers claims that it is more diversified than you might imagine. Sivers walks us step-by-step through a movement that is growing in real-time in less than three minutes.

He gives an important viewpoint on leadership and the lessons we can learn from people who have the guts to follow in this motivational TED presentation.


13. A Teen Just Trying To Figure It Out – Tavi Gevinson

AWhy is a strong female character necessary? Tavi Gevinson, then fifteen, set out to address this issue after noticing how frequently women—particularly young girls—were portrayed inaccurately in the media. She came up with the idea for a web magazine where young people could talk, ask questions, and “figure it out” together. She serves as an example for others on how to accept yourself warts and all.


14. Everyday leadership – Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley discusses the power of tiny deeds of kindness in this motivational TED talk. He challenges us to rethink what leadership is and to realize that it isn’t about changing the world but rather about helping one another comprehend it.

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15. The Nerd’s Guide to Learning Everything Online – John Green

John Green discusses the advantages of the Internet and how it enhances education. He discusses his interactions with social media sites like YouTube and demonstrates how they can support vibrant learning and discovery groups.

inspirational ted talks for students

16. The LXD: In the Internet age, dance evolves – Jon Chu

The LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers) believes that dancing may fundamentally alter the course of human history. The LXD takes the stage after director Jon Chu gives an introduction to display the superhuman abilities of street dancers around the world.

A chamber ensemble comes after the LXD, and it delights and astounds with its magnificent performance. There may be some familiar faces for Glee and So You Think You Can Dance viewers.


17. How To Build Your Creative Confidence – David Kelley

The erroneous perspective to adopt, according to designer David Kelley, is that creative people are only found among painters, authors, and the like. Instead, he argues that everyone has the capacity for imagination; all it takes is the self-assurance to pursue creation.


18. How Do You Define Yourself? -Lizzie Velásquez

It can be challenging in a world dominated by social media and common image expectations to analyze who you are and what makes you who you are throughout your time in university.

Motivator Lizzie Velásquez, who has an unique syndrome, confronts this topic head-on in an impassioned speech about what truly defines beauty and pleasure.

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19. Don’t Kill Your Language – Suzanne Talhouk

It goes without saying that being multilingual has certain benefits. The social viewpoints and influence of language are the main topics of this speech by Suzanne Talhouk. It is both a stirring plea for the acceptance of our native tongues and a condemnation of xenophobia and cultural dominance. This Arabic-language speech has English subtitles.


20. The Pursuit of Ignorance – Stuart Firestein

Stuart Firestein, a neurologist, strips science of its reputation and reduces it to one fundamental idea in his motivational TED talk on the benefits of ignorance. This idea is the search for what we don’t know.

In “The Pursuit of Ignorance,” which is replete with inspirational quotes from great individuals, the author questions long-held assumptions about education and aims to inspire younger generations.

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20 Motivating Ted Talks For Students: FAQs

TED, what is it?

TED is a nonprofit organization that promotes ideas, typically through succinct, impactful speeches.

Describe the TED talk.

A TED talk is a video that was produced from a presentation made either at the main TED conference or one of its numerous satellite conferences held all around the world. With subtitles in more than 100 languages, these videos feature renowned speakers with expertise in business, science, technology, and creativity.

Why was TED founded?

The tagline of TED Talks, “Ideas worth spreading,” explains the organization’s primary goal.

What time limit does a TED lecture have?

In essence, TED speeches have an 18-minute time limit but can cover any subject.

  1. A TED talk helps you to find your purpose.
  2. It helps you to recognize yourself.
  3. It helps you to recognize your dreams and gives you the potential to fulfill them.
  4. TED talks aim at making you a better you.
  5. Knowledge gathered from TED talks helps you to live beyond your limits.
  6. It also helps you to find love in your work and to enjoy it.
  7. It encourages you to stand alone wherever needed.

A technology TED talk is a type of TED talk with a focus on tech topics.




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