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20 Daily used English Words: with Meaning

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Daily used english words, It’s crucial to keep in mind that knowing between 2500 and 3000 words will enable you to understand 90% of discussions, newspaper articles, magazine articles, and other written English content. This is especially true when studying the English language.

Through context, the remaining parts of the language can be learned. Learn the appropriate vocabulary of English words to increase your fluency rather than trying to memorize a large number of challenging words.

We’ve compiled a list of key terms for you in this blog that will both improve your daily vocabulary and enable you to speak English fluently during your English proficiency test.

daily used english words

List of 20+ Daily Used English Words

The following list of fundamental words, together with their definitions and examples, will be very helpful in building your daily vocabulary and assisting you in speaking English with assurance when taking your English proficiency test:

Daily Used English Words

Absence lack, unavailabilityAbsence makes the heart grow fonder
AcademicscholasticIvy league colleges accept students background.
Boundarybounds, confinesIt is important to draw boundaries with  friends and relatives.
BorrowtakeI routinely borrow books from the library.
Characteristictypical Beautiful branches are characteristic of  Goa and Kerala.
DialogueconversationThe counselor tried to initiate a dialogue between the fighting couple.
EmbraceacceptMatilda learnt to embrace her flaws.
Foriegn overseasOn her 15th birthday, Ravi’s parents took him for a foriegn tour.
Generateproduce, causeThe boss asked her interns to generate ideas for her new projects.
Highlightcall attention toThe report highlighted the various discrepancies in the finance.
IncorporateincludeIt is important to incorporate fruits and  vegetables into the diet.
Justifydefend, maintainThe politician tried to justify his actions in his speech.


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Most Common Daily Used English With Examples

Knowledgeunderstanding, comprehensionThe science professor has a great  deal of knowledge in his subject.
Language speech, vernacularThe speaker had a great command over her language.
Marginedge, gapThe MP won the election by a great margin.
Neighbourhoodarea, localityTina lives in a friendly neighbourhood.
ObligationresponsibilityShe retired after fulfilling all her professional obligations.
PortraydepictThe film portrayed women in a very bad light.
Qualifybe eligibleIndia qualified for the finals in the T20 tournament.
Refused decline The officer refused to take bribes from employees.
ScreamshriekLast night, Nadia heard someone scream from the neighbouring house.
TacticstrategyThe military used tactics to capture the terrorist.
UndergoundertakeThe athlete had to undergo surgery before participating in the tournament.
Violationbreach Stalking somebody is a violation of their privacy.


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daily used english words



Daily Used English Words

Word Meaning Usage
Weather climate   She couldn’t attend the wedding due to bad weather.
Yellscold, screamJanet yelled at her driver for stealing money.
Zonearea Rhea’s car got towed because she  parked it in the no parking zone.

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