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Bern University of the Arts (HKB) is a prestigious university located in the center of Switzerland’s thriving cultural scene. HKB, which has a rich history reaching back to the nineteenth century, has evolved into a premier center for artistic education and creative expression. As one of the country’s most prestigious arts universities, HKB provides a wide range of creative programs in music, fine arts, design, theater, film, and more.

Students from all over the world are drawn to its dynamic learning atmosphere, where tradition meets innovation, creating a fertile foundation for artistic experimentation and cutting-edge ideas. HKB provides an unprecedented platform for young artists to refine their abilities and develop their unique artistic voices, with state-of-the-art facilities, world-class teachers, and intimate relationships to the local artistic community. Bern University of the Arts is a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of creative artists and cultural trailblazers, embracing creativity, culture, and collaboration.


Bern University of the Arts (HKB)


What are the programs available at Bern University of the Arts?

Bern University of the Arts (HKB) provides an array of innovative and comprehensive programs in a variety of artistic fields. HKB, as a renowned institution for artistic education, caters to students interested in music, visual arts, design, theater, film, and other disciplines. The university’s programs are aimed to cultivate creativity, critical thinking, and technical ability, providing aspiring artists with a firm basis for developing their artistic expressions and professional careers.

HKB provides the following essential programs:

a. Music: HKB offers classical music, jazz, current music, music education, and music and media art programs. Students receive intensive training in their chosen instruments or vocal professions, as well as numerous possibilities for ensemble performances and cooperation.

b. Fine Arts: The Fine Arts department specializes in painting, sculpture, photography, video, and other forms of contemporary art. While receiving supervision from experienced instructors, students are encouraged to experiment and explore various artistic styles.

c. Design: Visual communication, product design, scenography, and transdisciplinary projects are all part of the HKB Design programs. The curriculum stresses academic understanding as well as hands-on design tasks.

d. Theater: Students in the Theater department are trained in acting, directing, dramaturgy, and stage design. The program includes hands-on experiences, workshops, and performances.

e. Film: HKB provides film programs in directing, scripting, cinematography, editing, and production. Students engage on a variety of projects, refining their storytelling and visual expression talents.

f. Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Programs: The HKB encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, allowing students to mix several artistic professions and discover new creative possibilities.


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How do international students apply for admission to HKB?

International students who wish to apply to Bern University of the Arts must complete a special application process. The following are the general procedures for international applicants:

a. Select a Program: International students should choose the program for which they want to apply and evaluate the admission requirements for that program.

b. medium competency: Because the primary medium of instruction at HKB is German, overseas students must demonstrate competency in the German language. They may be required to provide language test results such as TestDaF or DSH.

c. Gather All Required Documents: Applicants must gather all required documents, which include academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a CV, a portfolio (if relevant), and a statement of purpose.

d. Application Submission: Typically, applications are submitted electronically using the university’s admission portal. Specific dates for overseas applicants may differ, so check the university’s website for the most up-to-date information.

g. Visas and resident Permits: Once approved, overseas students may be required to obtain a student visa and/or a resident permit in order to study in Switzerland. The international office at the university can help you with this.

f. Health Insurance: Most international students are required to obtain health insurance while in Switzerland.


What types of artistic facilities and resources does HKB provide its students?

Bern University of the Arts provides students with cutting-edge artistic facilities and resources to help them thrive in their chosen disciplines. The institution recognizes the significance of creating an atmosphere that fosters creativity and artistic development. Among the important facilities and resources are:

a. Studios: HKB provides fine arts students with specialized studios that are outfitted with the required materials and instruments for painting, sculpting, photography, and other art forms.

Music students have access to practice rooms that are outfitted with a variety of musical instruments and recording equipment.

c. Performance Spaces: For students to demonstrate their talent and work on live performances, the institution has dedicated performance spaces, theaters, and concert halls.

d. Design Labs: Graphic design, product design, and other design projects can be completed in design labs outfitted with cutting-edge software and technology.

a. Film Production Resources: Film students have access to film studios, editing suites, and the equipment needed to create high-quality films.

f. Libraries: HKB contains well-stocked libraries with a large range of arts-related books, journals, and digital resources.

b. Workshops: The institution provides workshops where students can study and explore with various artistic techniques and materials.

h. Technological Resources: For students working on multimedia and digital art projects, HKB gives access to advanced audio-visual and media equipment.

i. Exhibition and Performance Spaces: The university arranges exhibitions and performances to allow students to expose their work to the public and receive recognition.

j. Mentorship and Support: HKB provides students with vital insights and feedback on their creative path through mentorship and assistance from experienced faculty members and visiting artists.


Bern University of the Arts (HKB)


Do students at HKB have access to scholarships or financial aid?

Yes, Bern University of the Arts provides scholarships and financial aid to students to help them through their studies. The institution recognizes the financial difficulties that some students may experience and works to make creative education available to brilliant people from all walks of life.

Scholarships may be available depending on the program and the applicant’s nationality. Some scholarships are based on merit, while others are based on financial need. Tuition, living expenses, or a combination of the two may be covered by scholarships. International students may also be eligible for scholarships designed to help them integrate into the Swiss arts scene.

Students who want to apply for scholarships must normally submit a separate scholarship application in addition to the standard program application. The university’s website and admissions office provide comprehensive information on available scholarships, eligibility requirements, and application deadlines.


Is there an exchange program or collaboration with other institutions at Bern University of the Arts?

Yes, Bern University of the Arts actively participates in exchange programs and collaborations with other institutions both inside and outside of Switzerland. These programs aim to enhance students’ experiences, broaden their viewpoints, and promote a varied and integrated artistic community.

a. Erasmus+ and SEMP: HKB is a member of Erasmus+ and the Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP), which allow students to study at partner institutions in Europe and beyond.

a. International Partnerships: HKB has formed partnerships with a number of renowned art institutes and universities throughout the world, allowing students to study abroad for a semester or academic year.

c. Artist Residencies: The university may also conduct artist residencies in which international artists visit HKB for workshops, lectures, and collaborative projects with students and staff.

d. Workshops and Guest Lectures: HKB routinely welcomes international guest artists, designers, musicians, and filmmakers to conduct workshops and give lectures, exposing students to a variety of artistic approaches.

e. Collaborative initiatives: To produce collaborative initiatives and interdisciplinary endeavors, HKB actively collaborates with other universities, cultural organizations, and creative institutions.

These exchange programs and collaborations allow students to broaden their network, learn new cultural perspectives, and gain a more comprehensive grasp of the global artistic world.




What is the process and criterion for admission to HKB’s undergraduate and graduate programs?

The entrance process and criteria for HKB’s undergraduate and graduate programs may differ based on the program. The following steps and criteria are generally involved:

a. Application Submission: Prospective students must apply online via the university’s admission site. They must indicate the program for which they are applying and submit all relevant papers, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a CV, and (if applicable) a portfolio.

a. Language Proficiency: For programs taught in German, applicants must demonstrate language proficiency through language test scores such as TestDaF or DSH.

c. Exams for Admission:

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