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15 Best Civil Engineering Summer Internships In 2024

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Lack of experience is one of the greatest problems graduates today face. You can’t practice effectively without experience, and a school like civil engineering demands as much hands-on experience as you can muster. This article lists 15 of the top summer internships in civil engineering for students to apply to in 2024 and gain a wealth of top-notch experience.

Did you know that only second- and third-year civil engineering students participate in summer internships? And the length of these internships, which is decided by the institution, is typically less than a year?

Trust me, practicing after graduation will be simpler if you land a solid internship position. Additionally, it will be listed on your resume as experience, which can help you land a job sooner than only those with grades.

best civil engineering summer internships

What Is Civil Engineering?

The planning, design, construction, and operation of structures necessary to contemporary living, from bridges to transportation systems, fall within the purview of civil engineering, the oldest branch of engineering.

The design and building of public works, including dams, bridges, and other significant infrastructure projects, is another function of civil engineering.

While most people picture common infrastructures like roads and bridges, civil engineers also design and oversee water systems, energy production facilities, trash management systems, and even technology used in the aerospace sector.


What Are Best Civil Engineering Summer Internships?

For many students, internships in civil engineering are a means to get around the issue of having no job experience. Inexperienced students can get work experience relevant to their prospective careers, which reduces this.

Basically, civil engineering internship is that period of time a civil engineering student attaches himself to an engineering firm to learn about the practical aspect of his course of study. During this time, he works under the supervision of a civil engineer to perform industry-related practices and jobs.

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Why Are Best Civil Engineering Summer Internships Important?

While a civil engineering degree is a smashing achievement, it’s not enough to set you apart from the crowd. The only solution is to get as much work experience on your CV as possible.

Here is why. Interning as a civil engineering student can provide essential industrial experience that you will need much later in your career. Additionally, there is an opportunity to experience the various facets of civil engineering practice. This is due to the fact that even in a firm of civil engineers, there are many departments where people might specialize in various areas of civil engineering.

In addition, civil engineering summer internship programs can assist students in choosing which area of specialization to pursue within the discipline as well as in charting out a future career path. The branches that best suit each student’s personality and area of interest are found during practice.
Furthermore, they learn whether or not they should enroll in a graduate program in a particular branch of engineering.


How Long Is A Best Civil Engineering Summer Internship?

Summer internships in civil engineering are typically only available for up to a year. Most schools only provide kids a temporary attachment period of no more than one year. Students who are in their second or third year of study should read this.

However, the school and your civil engineering department will decide on the precise number of months.

Other summer internships for students studying civil engineering are also available, and they typically span from a few weeks to a few months. You can finish these assignments during breaks because most civil engineering schools provide students the opportunity to do so, especially if they are not enrolled in the aforementioned academic year. Typically, this takes 4 to 16 weeks.


What Are The Career Opportunities For Civil Engineers During Internship?

Graduates of civil engineering can pursue a career specializing in any of the engineering disciplines. You can basically decide to become one of these;


Structural Civil Engineers

These professionals collaborate with architects and builders to guarantee that the building materials are suitable for the projects at hand. A student can work with this engineer as part of your summer internship program to learn how all the theorems they have learned so far are used in practice.


Geotechnical Civil Engineers

Students might opt to concentrate in this field and complete their internship with a professional. These experts provide assistance to contractors digging subterranean projects. Additionally, they collaborate on the location and design of landfills and quarries as well as the planning of dams to control water flow.

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Transportation Civil Engineers

If you specialize in transportation, you can learn how to spot potential growth and development regions as well as chances to reduce traffic congestion.

You also learn about the creation of cost estimates for construction projects and design plans. Transportation engineers also ensure that roads are maintained and repaired once they have been built.


Construction Civil Engineers

This engineer’s primary responsibility is to guarantee that construction projects are finished on schedule and within budget. To adhere to strict manufacturing schedules, they manage the activities of teams of engineers and laborers.


Environmental Engineers

Environmental engineers strive to make their surroundings safe for people to live in. Implementing new air pollution regulations, creating intricate treatment systems to remove pollutants from our environment, and checking the soil for contaminants are all often part of their job descriptions.

Hydrology/Water Resource Civil Engineers

These experts reroute water for the advantage of locals and businesses. They create dams to produce necessary electricity, canals to speed up transportation, and new land parcels for development. They also create pipelines, among other things.


What Are The Basic Skills Required For Civil Engineering Internship?

Interns should possess some fundamental abilities that will set them apart from other intern applicants, such as;

  • Strong academic record
  • Experience in engineering and structural design
  • knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D
  • Microsoft Office suites
  • Report writing and communication skills
  • Some employers prefer interns with an Engineer in Training (EIT) designation.


best civil engineering summer internships

How Can I Apply for a Civil Engineering Summer Internship?

You must first locate the internship programs before submitting an application for a summer internship in civil engineering.

Here are some methods for locating internship programs:

  • Apply through the co-op program at your school.
  • Use social networking sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as well as search engines like
  • Visit some of the best construction sites, click on careers, and look for civil engineering internships that are now available.

Following the search, you should now apply for these internship programs in civil engineering.

  • Complete the application.
  • Put your cover letter in there.
  • The academic transcripts, please. In fact, keep them close at hand because most schools require them.
  • Send the letter requesting an internship that your school has provided.


Civil Engineering Schools That Place Students On Internship Programs

There are some civil engineering schools and programs that offer internship positions to their students.

They accomplish this through collaborating with businesses and organizations to provide their students with practical industrial experience when the time is right. Some of those schools are mentioned here in no particular sequence.

  • University of Connecticut
  • Utah State University
  • University of Minnesota
  • Cornell University

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15 Best Civil Engineering Summer Internships In 2024

The top 15 best civil engineering summer internship programs for students from around the world may be found in this post for 2024.

It is crucial to remember that the majority of them are compensated and have a deadline for applications. The opportunity vanishes after the allotted time has passed.

Moving on, these are the best civil engineering summer internships for civil engineering students.


1. Cold Regions Research & Engineering Laboratory

Cold Regions research & engineering laboratory is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. The American Department of Defense (DOD) – Hanover is providing this internship opportunity for students of civil engineering.

This ORISE position offers a chance for the summer. Although it might be prolonged based on the participant’s availability, project assignment, program rules, and funds availability.

The company claims that the students will learn about contemporary research technology and methods as well as receive practical experience in a real-world laboratory setting.

The program will also put a strong emphasis on helping participants advance their own STEM careers by giving them the chance to cooperate and network with peers in various STEM fields.

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2. Summer Intern – Civil/Environmental Engineer

This is another civil engineering summer internships on the list of best civil engineering summer internships. Crawford & Associates is looking to hire 1-2 summer interns from nearby civil/environmental engineering students to help with our workload.

Houston, New York is home to the engineering and land surveying firm C&A. In essence, they offer a working environment that fosters experience and professional progress while also appreciating the value of a healthy work-life balance and the desire to make a difference for the betterment of society.

Additionally, the pay is competitive, and the benefits package includes insurances, a 401K plan, education reimbursement, and individual health coverage.


3. Greening Youth Foundation

One of the best civil engineering summer internships is the greening youth foundation. A 26-week Civil Engineering intern is needed, and GYF and the USDA Forest Service are seeking applications.

In essence, the intern’s duties will involve helping to provide technical guidance on challenging facility maintenance projects, such as upgrade plans for structures, barracks, bridges, water and wastewater systems, homes, and other site facilities.

His obligations will include;

  • synchronize your administrative and engineering tasks.
  • Interpret notes, information, and specifications for engineering projects related to roads, trails, bridges, drainage structures, and other systems.
  • Contribute to the creation and assessment of sketches, building details, installation drawings, and other technical items.
  • Assist in the writing of reports to alert important workers and partners about concerns with quality assurance and control.

However, this internship is compensated at $15.00 per hour. And you are employed full-time.

Link To Civil Engineering Website


4. AECOM Civil Engineering Intern

Another best civil engineering summer internships is the AECOM. In order to fill a term position in the Canadian Project office for the Gordie Howe International Bridge, AECOM is looking for a Civil Engineering Intern to be based in Windsor, Ontario. If you enjoy working in a fast-paced atmosphere, this opportunity is perfect for you.

In essence, this position at one of the largest organizations for civil engineering is scheduled to start in October 2024.

These are just a few examples of the fundamental requirements:

  • must go through AECOM and client site orientations and safety training.
  • aims to continue in the civil engineering program after the internship, and will be in the third year of it.
  • knowledgeable about the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

Additionally, there is a summer internship program for students of civil engineering.



This is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. One of the largest engineering and design companies in the USA is WSP. The company runs a highly competitive summer internship program every year that lasts through the break.

For the summer and spring of 2024, WSP will typically provide internships in civil engineering in the US. Students having knowledge of Bentley MicroStation, Bentley InRoads, and StormCAD are preferred by the employer.

Several of the tasks and obligations are as follows:

  • executing fundamental civil, highway, track, and drainage design duties
  • helping to prepare design drawings
  • coordination between the design disciplines of traffic, hydraulics/drainage, and structures.

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6. Tetra Tech Internship

Tetra Tech is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. Tetra Tech was established in California in 1966 and has expanded to have more than 250 offices around the nation. Tetra Tech’s Irvine, California office is where the intern is a civil engineering student.

The intern will help with the site’s engineering assistance. Projects including stormwater, grading, sewer, water, streets, bikeways, bridges, retaining walls, parks, and related auxiliary facilities are typical municipal, commercial, and federal Department of Defense projects.

It should be noted that interns can be required to work part-time during the academic year.

The prerequisites are as follows:

  • knowledge of relevant regulations and standards.
  • proficiency with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Project) and AutoCAD Civil 3D. Knowledge of Microstation is advantageous.
  • student in their third or fourth year of a civil engineering bachelor’s program
  • Please send a cover letter


7. Stantec Summer Internship

Another civil engineering summer internships on the list of best civil engineering summer internships. Engineering services provider Stantec provides qualified services to the design and consulting sectors.

You stand to gain from the following: as an Engineering NZ Professional Development Partner, Stantec will cover your membership dues and help you choose the best mentor to hasten the registration process.

Additionally, the Graduate Development Programme will provide full support for your work on cutting-edge initiatives.

Naturally, you must be a second- or third-year student studying civil engineering or civil engineering technology, possess a valid driver’s license, and be available to start working between mid-November 2024 and mid-February 2024.

Finally, Auckland, New Zealand, is the location of this point.



8. Jones Edmunds Engineering Intern

Jones Edmunds engineering is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. An interesting position for an engineer intern is available at Jones Edmunds, one of the top 500 design firms according to ENR, at the Gainesville office.

A typical engineering intern uses their education in engineering to carry out basic design tasks while learning new things and honing existing knowledge, abilities, and skills.

A very organized civil engineering student is needed for the role since it needs the use of judgment when it comes to the finer points of the work and when applying conventional engineering methods.


9. Heavy Civil Field Engineering Intern

This is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. There are other intriguing advantages to this offer, aside from the prerequisites for interning at Flatiron Construction in Calgary, Canada, which include basic familiarity with CAD programs and a degree in civil engineering. They consist of,

  • both a generous compensation package and a paid vacation policy
  • Industry-leading 401(k)/RRSP
  • Medical/Extended Health Care, Dental, Vision, and/or Provincial Medical
  • Wellness benefits & Employee Assistance Program
  • Tuition Reimbursement Program

In addition, you will be given the opportunity to apply your academic training and skills in a real-world setting on some of the most exciting and technically challenging construction projects in North America.

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10. American Bridge Company

American Bridge company is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. The civil engineering co-op program offers college students the chance to join one of the top bridge and marine construction firms in the business and work on some of the most difficult and famous civil engineering projects in the world, such as the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, the Tappan Zee Bridge, and the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge.

Here, across the US, the Caribbean, and Canada, you will put your academic training and abilities to use in a practical situation. Additionally, you will rotate through three different departments—engineering, estimating, and operations.

The prerequisites are;

  • now enrolled in a Civil Engineering degree and have at least two years of Civil Engineering coursework under their belts.
  • PC working experience and intermediate proficiency in AutoCAD, Excel, BlueBeam, and Revit software
  • Ability to read and comprehend design drawings is required.


11. Kiewit Intern

This is another civil engineering summer internships on the list of best civil engineering summer internships. Large-scale engineering, mining, and construction firm Kiewit. These are the fundamental duties that Canadian interns must perform.

  • Engineering on the ground, operation planning, cost management, project scheduling, quantity tracking, material procurement, contract administration, estimating, and field activity supervision
  • keeping track of employment progress records
  • preparing and organizing tasks and/or task chunks
  • Investigating issues and reporting incidents; choosing and offering relevant remedies or alternatives
  • Working with suppliers as necessary to facilitate the processing of goods and speed up delivery

Finally, these are the prerequisites for being approved for this internship position.

  • being able to migrate or travel as needed
  • presently pursuing a degree in civil engineering or construction management at the undergraduate or graduate level
  • freedom of movement to all areas of a construction site in a variety of temperatures and situations
  • incredibly driven, with a clear desire for excellence and initiative


12. GE Renewable Energy Supply Chain Internship (EID, OMLP)

Another civil engineering summer internships on the list of best civil engineering summer internships. A GE Renewable supply chain internship is perfect for you if you’re interested in manufacturing operations management and enjoy technology.

In essence, you will be working on tasks like product design, systems, component design (such towers, machine heads, and power conversion), controls and operability, advanced manufacturing and technology, testing and validation, aerodynamics, performance, quality, services, cost-out, and more.

A GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale is necessary, among other things. So, those with lower GPAs in engineering are not eligible.


13. Engineer: Intern – Summer

In the US, Prince Construction is playing this part.

This is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. Provide technical engineering information to project supervision and craftspeople to verify construction work conforms with all engineering standards, codes, and specifications, according to the job summary for this position.

One of the many requirements is that the applicant be

  • studying engineering at a recognized institution or college to earn a B.S. in civil engineering with a focus on construction engineering and management (CEM).
  • great communication skills both in writing and speaking.
  • expertise with Primavera 6, Agtek, Word, Excel, and Terra Model


14. Civil Engineering Intern– Parsons Fresno, CA

Are you prepared to further your studies and have the chance to participate in significant engineering projects?

The Engineering Co-op program at Parsons is currently taking applications from students with a strong attention to detail who wish to join a team that is expanding quickly and improve the social fabric of the neighborhood.

As an intern, you will create engineering drawings using a CAD workstation that include fundamental arrangements, layouts, flow charts, assemblies, isometrics, etc.


15. Intern at R.A. Smith, Inc. – Irvine, CA

Intern R.A. Smith is one of the best civil engineering summer internships. R.A.Smith is a consulting firm for civil engineering and land surveying that is committed to its customers, staff, and industry.

The work consists of both public and private sector initiatives in the fields of land development, traffic and transportation, as well as structural, municipal, and ecological issues. From our eight offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, and California, we work on projects across the country.

The fundamental qualifications are as follows: must have successfully finished the first year of civil engineering; must have expertise with Microsoft Office; and must be able to solve basic engineering problems.


best civil engineering summer internships

FAQs on the Best Civil Engineering Summer Internships

All internships are they free?

Others need payment, while some are free. Most internship programs merely provide students with practical experience while paying them nothing.


How many paid internships are available?

There are several paid internships available. Heavy Civil Field Engineering Intern from the Greening Youth Foundation is among them. They cover the cost of tuition as payment.

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Which organizations provide the finest summer internships in civil engineering?

These companies will provide you with an exceptional internship opportunity. They consist of;

  • Stantec
  • Aecom
  • WSP
  • For example, American Bridge Company





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