speech on poverty for asl beginners

Speech on Poverty for ASL beginners in 2024

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Speech on Poverty for ASL beginners: For grades 9 and up, speech on poverty for ASL beginners or assessment of speaking and listening has long been a focus of the CBSE. Students are given a variety of themes to pick from and are given a set amount of time to talk on each topic.

Poverty is one of the most popular speech themes. One of the most urgent problems facing the Indian government is the pervasive poverty in the nation.

To help readers comprehend the pervasive nature of poverty in India and around the world, we have collected a sample speech on the topic in this blog, along with information about its causes, effects, and solutions.

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Speech on Poverty for ASL Beginners

How to write a speech on poverty for ASL beginners

Sample Speech on Poverty (1)

First sample for speech on poverty for ASL beginners.

Good morning to everyone in this room. ________ is my name. Speech on Poverty is my day’s topic. I consider it a great honor to take this opportunity to facilitate a discussion about a topic that has given rise to a number of global issues.

A sizable portion of the population of world is still affected by this issue today. I’d like to discuss poverty with you.

The lack of material goods to the point where it is difficult for people to meet their fundamental necessities is poverty. It deals with a wide range of topics related to human life, such as the political, social, and economic spheres.

I think it’s important that we look into this issue since poverty is now a dynamic phenomenon that changes in response to social behavior, technological advancements, and consumer trends.

A former president of the World Bank, Robert McNamara, claims that diseases, a high newborn mortality rate, wretched living conditions, and a short life expectancy are the main barriers to ending extreme poverty. Before, if someone made less than $1 per day, they were considered to be living in utter poverty.

This started at less than US$ 1.25 per person each day over the years, but it has since been updated. Living under moderate hardship is making less than $2 each day.

The proportion of a population that earns less than a set percentage of the median income in an economy is taken into account when measuring relative poverty. Since exchange rates have no impact on it, it serves as a better indicator of poverty than an absolute one.

To further expand on my remarks on poverty. We’ll examine poverty’s various facets as well as how it hinders development and advancement in significant ways.

speech on poverty for asl beginners

Sample Speech on Poverty (2)

Sample 2 for speech on poverty for ASL beginners.

Greetings to the esteemed audience here. I’ll be giving a morning address today about poverty, and my name is . Lack of access to essentials for a better quality of life in the world, such as food, clothing, safe housing, medicine, and education, is referred to as poverty.

Additionally, it guarantees that everyone has access to the same human rights.

As a result of inadequate shelter, clothes, ethical rights, and educational possibilities, people in poverty are compelled to starve, which is a more dangerous situation.

In any nation, a wide range of variables can contribute to poverty. Even if there are many ways to end poverty, problems occur when a nation’s population are not sufficiently united to implement the solutions. This is yet another important factor contributing to the poverty rate’s rapid rise over time.

Poverty rates rise in every nation where pandemic diseases are present. In such situations, the majority of the poor are unable to maintain their health and obtain sufficient medical care, which is the reason for this.

Poor individuals are more susceptible to infections and illnesses due to contaminated food and water, living in poor surroundings, and being unable to access services for their needs.

Poverty is a bad situation in which these people also have limited access to healthcare. People become helpless and risk losing their freedom as a result of this influence.

This is due to the possibility that a poor person could get caught in a cycle of servitude. The person who is caught in it, however, must deal with it because it is an inescapable issue. People who live in poverty experience grief, pain, and despair.

Poverty is an unpleasant human state. People are unable to live luxuriously and comfortably, having access to all of life’s necessities, due to a lack of money and essentials.

This is a bad situation since it could prohibit a child from going to school and learning throughout his or her youth and it also contributes to more significant social problems like child labor and slavery.

In these nations, a larger percentage of people live in poverty, lack access to food and shelter, and lack good clothing and education. Additionally, the economic, social, and political progress of the nation is significantly hampered by poverty.

People who live in poverty often lack a variety of necessities, including a two-day supply of food and clean water. They also often lack the financial resources to cover all of their expenses.

Therefore, in order to survive, poor people are compelled to choose the wrong paths and commit crimes. There are many causes of poverty, but in India, British rule, the existence of slavery, and the rise in epidemic disease rates were the main culprits.

Low-income families do not have access to education or the resources required for quality education and medical care for their children. A large portion of them are ignorant of the current advancements that individuals who are significantly more fortunate have.


World Poverty Conditions

The sample speech on poverty for ASL beginners provided above should have helped you understand what poverty is, now let’s try to shed some more light on it so you can write your outstanding speech on poverty for ASL beginners.

Simple definitions of poverty include going without food, having no place to live, not being able to attend school, not having access to medical care, and more. We will now talk about the consequences it has on women and children, as reported by UNICEF.

Link To Speech on Poverty Website


Children’s Impacts

Around 22000 children die from poverty-related causes every day, according to UNICEF. India is one of the 1.9 billion children living in impoverished nations worldwide.

Of them, 640 million lack adequate housing, 400 million lack access to potable water, and 270 million lack access to medical care. It’s a problem that affects the entire planet and is becoming worse quickly.

Results for Women –

As a result, 70% of women globally live in poverty. Out of those, 4 million women are sold into prostitution and 5 lac women die per day from natural childbirth, excluding those in poor countries.


Poverty in India

The developing world includes India. Despite the recent expansion and rise of the Indian economy, absolute poverty levels are paralleling and rising. In India, 27% of people live in poverty, and 75% of the country’s population, or people, reside in rural areas.

Rural Sections – In the rural areas of the nation, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes are disproportionately poor. In India, scheduled tribes make up 50% of the population, with scheduled castes and lower making up the remaining 40%.

The poorer regions of our nation are found in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. These regions also lack access to adequate sanitation and education.


How can rural poverty come about?

  • The population of India is expanding quickly.
  • Countrywide lack of capital.
  • not being literate.
  • Family size is large, and there are only agricultural jobs available.

Urban Areas – The number of people living in slums is rising in urban areas. They lack a number of such conveniences, including affordable water supply, poor sanitation, a faulty sewage and drainage infrastructure, etc.

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Why is there poverty in cities?

  • migration of rural residents to urban areas.
  • Powerlessness
  • Insufficient housing options


Role of NGOs to Eradicate Poverty

Discuss NGOs now. What solutions are being implemented by NGOs to combat this persistent issue? Which ethical methods are the NGOs using?

  • By offering different government services, such as access to public restrooms, they are assisting the underprivileged.
  • In order to make things easier, they activate the government-recommended services.

NGO’s have created a number of strategies to control the process and influence public policymaking, and there are a number of approaches along these lines.


How can we help?

What actionable steps can we take to lessen poverty? What can we do to get rid of it on our end? We’ll do:

  • increase in employment and the underlying principle
  • the provision of financial services
  • They can get the best results by treating everyone fairly and appreciating their individual talents.
  • recognizing social entrepreneurs as our trustworthy leaders in building a world of harmony, progress, and peace.
  • expanding the globalization notion.

speech on poverty for asl beginners

How Do You End a speech on poverty for ASL beginners?

The economy is experiencing a worsening condition as a result of the pandemic. It is terrible that India continues to have one of the greatest rates of population growth and widespread poverty. The population is the source of poverty, which culminates in a lack of access to necessities.

It can be described as a circumstance where some groups of people are unable to meet their most basic necessities. It is the responsibility of the government and the people to do everything in their power to reduce poverty in order to create peace, harmony, and balance on our home planet.

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