tuition free universities in Germany for international students

10 Tuition Free Universities In Germany For International Students

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You should focus on Germany if you want to receive a tuition free universities in Germany for international students education at some of the best colleges in the world. It is possible to complete your undergraduate or graduate degrees in German public universities for free, regardless of where you are from on the planet (Europe or outside).

International students must obtain a residency permit before they may enroll in a German university due to the country’s high demand for free education. The payoff of attending one of Germany’s free institutions is significant, despite the hard procedure of doing so.


Are there any universities in Germany that don’t charge tuition to foreign students?

Both domestic and foreign students are welcome to attend public universities in Germany. Free, you read that correctly.

2014 saw the end of undergraduate tuition fees at all public universities in Germany. Both domestic and foreign students can currently attend classes for free.

2017 saw the return of tuition costs for non-EU students in Baden-Wurttemberg, one of Germany’s states. This implies that tuition will be charged by universities in Baden-Wurttemberg to international students. These universities have tuition rates that fall between €1,500 and €3,500 per semester.


What is the nature of the application procedure? What Conditions Are There, Also?

You must have a strong GPA, strong IELTS or TOEFL exam results, and if your degree requires it, you may also need to take a German proficiency test in order to enroll in a program in Germany. You must then submit an application by completing the form, providing the necessary supporting documentation, and meeting the qualifying requirements.

We have given a detailed guide on How to Apply to Universities in Germany to assist you with the procedure. Consider reading the guide if you’re unsure.


Germany’s tuition-free university system has several exceptions

With a few exceptions, attending a public university in Germany is free of charge.

All non-EU students attending universities in Baden-Wurttemberg must pay an obligatory tuition charge of €1,500 every semester.

Some public colleges have a tuition fee for some master’s degree programs in professional studies. At German universities, master’s degrees are typically complimentary if they are earned concurrently. Specifically, enrolling right away after receiving a German bachelor’s degree in a relevant field.


Why should international students attend Germany’s tuition-free universities?

Public universities in Germany that also charge no tuition are among the best in the world. The wisest decision you can make when selecting an institution to attend is to study at one that has high rankings. you can earn a degree that is acknowledged.

Furthermore, Germany has a robust economy. One of the biggest economies in Europe is that of Germany. Your prospects of finding work can be improved by studying in a nation with a developed economy.

Additionally, international students can choose from a variety of courses at universities in Germany that provide tuition-free enrollment.

You can learn German, the nation of Germany’s official language, while studying there. It can be quite beneficial to learn a new language.

A few nations in Europe also have German as their official language. As an illustration, consider Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein. German is spoken by 130 million individuals.

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tuition free universities in Germany for international students

List Of Tuition Free Universities in Germany For International Students

Here are the 10 tuition free universities in Germany For International Students, viz;

1. Technical University of Munich

Top universities in Europe include the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The engineering and natural sciences, as well as the life sciences, health, and management, are the main areas of focus at TUM.

TUM  is one of the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. The only fees that students must pay are the semester fees, which include a Student Union fee and a basic semester ticket for the public transit system.

For international students, TUM offers scholarships as well. A non-German university entry certificate is required for applicants who are currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies.

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2. Humboldt University of Berlin

This is one of the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. Being the first of Berlin’s four universities to be founded, the Humboldt University dates back to 1810. As one of Germany’s best universities with tuition free universities in Germany, Humboldt University ranks well.

About 171 degree programs are offered at HU.

As we previously stated, Berlin’s universities are free to attend. The exception to this rule are a few Master’s level courses.

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3. Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU)

This is another tuition free universities in Germany for international students. One of the most prominent and established colleges in Europe was founded in 1472: Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich. A well-known university in Germany is LMU.

Numerous summer courses and exchange opportunities are available, along with more than 300 degree options, at Ludwig Maximilians University. It’s taught in English in several of these degree programs.

The majority of degree programs at LMU do not require students to pay tuition. The costs for the Studentenwerk, however, must be paid by all students each semester. The Studentenwerk charges a base cost as well as an additional fee for a semester ticket.

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4. Free University of Berlin

Since 2007, the Free University of Berlin has been ranked among the best universities in Germany. It ranks among the top research universities in Germany and is also one of the tuition free universities in Germany for international students.

Over 150 degree programs are available through the Free University of Berlin.

With the exception of a few graduate or postgraduate programs, Berlin’s institutions do not charge tuition. But there are other costs and fees that students must pay every year.

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5. University of Bonn

Bonn university is one of the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. One of the top research universities in Germany and the world is the University of Bonn. One of the biggest universities in Germany is the University of Bonn.

The University of Bonn has been recognized as one of 11 German Universities of Excellence since 2019 and is the only German institution to have six Clusters of Excellence.

There are about 200 degree programs offered by the university.

Students are not required to pay tuition at the University of Bonn. All university education in the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which includes Bonn, is entirely funded by the German government.

However, there will be a semesterly administrative cost for all students. The cost includes unlimited free public transit across Northrhine-Westphalia, including the Bonn/Cologne region.

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6. Georg-August – University of Gottingen

This university is among the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. An academic powerhouse with a long history, the University of Gottingen was established in 1737.

A variety of courses are available at the University of Gottingen in the humanities, social sciences, scientific sciences, and medical fields.

More than 210 degree options are available through the university. As well as a rising number of Master degrees, half of PhD programs are taught entirely in English.

For most international students, attending school in Germany is free of charge. All students must, however, pay a required semester fee that consists of Studentenwerk, student body, and administrative costs.

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7. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

Karlsruhe is among the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. One of Germany’s eleven “Universities of Excellence” is KIT. Additionally, it is the only top-tier university in Germany with a naturally big industry. One of the largest scientific institutions in Europe is KIT.

More than 100 study options are available at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in the fields of teaching, economics, humanities, and social sciences.

KIT is one of the colleges in Baden-Wurttemberg. International students from non-EU nations will therefore be required to pay tuition. There are, however, few exceptions to this rule.

Additionally, there are required expenses that students must pay, such as an administrative fee, a price for studierendenwerk, and a fee for the General Students Committee.

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8. Leipzig University

As one of Germany’s oldest universities, Leipzig University dates back to its founding in 1409. Furthermore, when it comes to world-class research and medical skills, it is one among Germany’s top universities. Leipzig university is one of the tuition free universities in Germany for international students.

From humanities and social sciences to natural and life sciences, Leipzig University offers a wide range of courses. Over 150 degree programs are available, and over 30 of them have international curricula.

The first degree of a student is now not subject to tuition costs in Leipzig. However, there are rare circumstances in which students may be charged fees for a second degree or for studying for a longer amount of time than is normally necessary. Some specific courses have additional costs as well.

Every semester, there is a required fee for all students. The student body, studentenwerk, and MDV public transportation pass are included in this cost.

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9. University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE)

Duisburg-Essen is among the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. The University of Duisburg-Essen does not charge tuition; this rule also applies to students from other countries.

However, there is a student body and social contribution fee that applies to all students. The semesterticket, the student welfare contribution for the student service, and the student self-administration are all funded by the social contribution charge.

UDE offers a wide range of academic programs, including those in the humanities, education, social and economic sciences, engineering, the natural sciences, and medicine. The institution offers more than 267 academic options, including programs for teachers.

English is replacing German as the primary language of instruction at the University of Duisburg-Essen, which has students from 130 different nations.

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10. Bielefeld University

Bielefelf university is one of the tuition free universities in Germany for international students. In 1969, Bielefeld University was established. In the humanities, natural sciences, technology, and even medicine, the university provides a broad range of disciplines.

Tuition costs for either native or foreign students. But there is a social fee that each student must pay. Students will receive a semester ticket in exchange that will let them to travel anywhere in North-Rhine-Westphile using public transportation.

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tuition free universities in Germany for international students

How to Pay for Study in Germany’s Tuition-Free Universities for Foreign Students

Many students might not be able to afford their housing, health insurance, food, and other living expenses even if there were no tuition fees.

The majority of Germany’s tuition-free universities do not provide scholarship programs. You can still pay for your studies in other ways, though.

Get a student job as a great method to support your studies while also gaining real-world experience. International students have access to student jobs and internships at the majority of Germany’s tuition-free universities.

German Academic Exchange Service may also be available for international students (DAAD). The DAAD is the largest funding agency in the world, supporting more than 100,000 German and international students and research projects worldwide each year.


Requirements for international students attending tuition-free universities in Germany.

To study in Germany, international students will need the following.

  • Evidence of language ability
  • Visa for students or a residence permit
  • Evidence of health coverage
  • Current passport
  • A transcript of grades
  • Evidence of money
  • Resume/CV

Depending on the university and program of study, additional documents may be needed.


Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Germany’s Tuition-Free Universities for Foreign Students

What language is taught at the Tuition free universities in Germany for international students

The official language of Germany is German. German educational institutions also use the language for instruction.

However, there are still academic institutions in Germany that provide courses taught in English. In Germany, there are actually 200 public universities with programs offered in English.

The majority of the tuition-free universities featured in this page offer degrees that are taught in English, nevertheless.

You can also sign up for a language course to learn German.

Who provides money for the tuition-free German universities for foreign students?

The majority of Germany’s tuition-free universities are supported by the federal and state governments. There are third-party funding options as well, which can come from a private company.

How much does it cost to live when attending a free university?

colleges in Germany?

To pay for your yearly living expenses in Germany, you will need access to at least about €10,256.

Are these German Universities Offering Free Tuition Competitive for International Students?

When compared to universities in the UK, the acceptance rate of the tuition-free universities in Germany for international students is fairly high. German universities with high admittance rates include the Universities of Bonn, Ludwig-Maxilians, and Leipzip.

Why Do tuition free universities in Germany Free?

In order to make higher education accessible to everyone and draw in international students, Germany scrapped tuition prices at public universities.

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