free online courses with certificates in uk

10 free online courses with certificates in UK

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Looking for 10 free online courses with certificates in UK? Search no more, as you are at the right place.

There has never been a better moment to think about retraining or upskilling. During the epidemic last year, many of us had some more time at home to develop ourselves and learn new things.

Most of us have experienced considerable changes in our working life as a result of Covid-19’s big changes in the economy and how we work. Many people have had to rethink their existing professional routes or have lost their jobs as a result of the outbreak.

Learning new or additional skills is essential if you want to restart your career or increase your employability.

Fortunately, there are numerous online courses available to assist you in achieving your objectives. What’s the best part? Many of the courses are either completely free or fully supported by the government of the United Kingdom.

This is due to the growing need of upskilling the UK workforce, which officials have addressed by introducing the Lifetime Skills Guarantee lately. A wide range of people can apply for funding, which encourages adults to get the skills they need to get a job.

Whether you’re looking to add to your CV with a new certificate or expand your knowledge on a topic of interest, you can do so from the comfort of your own home – and often at your own pace.

Now is the perfect moment to take advantage of fantastic options such as one of the 10 free online courses with certificates in UK.

That’s the reason we have put together the most popular 10 free online courses with certificates in UK to motivate you.

The 10 free online courses with certificates in UK, reflect varied interests in a range of topics — from business to IT and digital skills, to counseling and mental health, and all have the opportunity to be tuition-free.

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10 free online courses with certificates in UK

The following are 10 free online courses with certificates in Uk, viz;

1. Lean Organization Management Technique

Duration: 5 to 10 weeks

This qualification will provide you with a grasp of lean organization management approaches and will assist you in honing your abilities to operate effectively in a team in the corporate world.

Business improvement approaches, effective teamwork, and lean organization techniques in business are all covered in this course. For qualifying persons, full funding is offered.

This training is designed for aspiring business managers in particular.


2. Principles for Digital Skills

In today’s environment, digital skills are becoming increasingly vital.

This course includes a variety of digital abilities as well as themes like career skills, social media, information management, device safety awareness, communication and productivity, and digital security. Individuals who qualify will receive full funding.

This course is for anyone who want to improve their digital abilities for personal or professional purposes.


10 free online courses with certificates in the UK

3. IT User Skills

Are you looking to expand your IT knowledge and skills in a number of areas? With the goal of increasing your productivity and efficiency, you’ll be exposed to common IT tools and how to evaluate the appropriate software for specific jobs.

This course also goes over IT security, as well as presentation and spreadsheet software. Individuals who qualify will receive full funding.

This course is designed for people who already work in IT and are familiar with computers and Microsoft Office, but want to improve their IT knowledge and overall job effectiveness.

4. Nutrition and Health

This flexible qualification, which focuses on diet, health, and nutritional needs, has a wealth of useful information in just six units.

The course covers topics such as dietary groups, weight management, eating disorders, reading food labels, and food preparation and safety advice. For those who qualify, the course is completely free.

This online course is for you if you want to learn more about how food affects health, or if a nutrition qualification would help you advance your profession. There are a limited number of spots available.


5. Business & Administration

With this certificate, you may expand your understanding of a wide range of current business and administrative processes. You’ll gain a nationally recognized NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business & Administration upon completion, which will look great on your resume.

You’ll be ready to take on a variety of administrative jobs once you’ve gained the necessary expertise. During your studies, an online tutor is accessible to assist and support you. For those who qualify, this course is completely free.

This course is for those who are entering the workforce, returning to work, or upskilling in their current position. There are a limited number of spots available.


6. Adult Social Care

Do you wish to work in the field of adult social services? This certificate will give you an idea of what it’s like to work in the industry. Person-centered care, safe working practices, safeguarding, equality and diversity, and duty of care are among the themes covered in the course.

You’ll also improve your personal and professional development by learning how to handle hazardous drugs and medications.

This credential is quite useful if you want to work in the field of adult social care.


7. Counselling

This certificate will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to work as a counselor and assist others in improving their own well-being.

You’ll discover how to employ the fundamental skills needed in a counseling relationship by exploring counseling theories, ethical frameworks, and personal growth.

This course is best for people who want to learn how to help others and provide assistance.


8. Understanding Autism

This course not only gives you an understanding of autism, but it also goes through how you can help people with autism have healthy and fulfilling lives.

It discusses a person-centered approach, communication and coping skills, and fostering positive behavior, among other things. There is access to a tutor and a learner support advisor. Eligible candidates can apply for funding.

This course is recommended for anyone interested in learning more about autism and the best ways to support people with autism.


10 free online courses with certificates in the UK


9. Children and Young People’s Mental Health

This self-paced course will teach you about mental health illnesses and risk factors that affect children and young people, as well as the laws and guidelines that govern the subject and the impact of mental health issues on kids and others.

Tutors and learning support are available to assist you along the way. Eligible candidates can apply for funding.

This certificate is for those who want to improve their knowledge and understanding of mental health concerns among kids and how to support their well-being.


10. Special Counselling

Interested in special counseling?  This certificate will build your counseling skills and knowledge by covering relevant theories, approaches, diversity and ethics, and self-understanding.

You’ll also have access to subject specialized assistance through a tutor and a learner support advisor.  Funding is available for eligible candidates.

This course will provide participants with skills to provide special Counselling to individuals who need them

For anyone looking to provide others with help and support, completing this qualification will enable you to do so.

All the 10 free online courses with certificates in the UK can be accessed at Lifetime Skills Guarantee. The lifetime skills guarantee is an initiative by the UK government to empower its citizens with essential skills. 

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