best universities in Italy for international students

10 Best Universities In Italy For International Students

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An overview of Italy’s academic system is provided here before we list the top 10 best universities in  Italy for international students.

Italian landscapes come in a variety of styles, and its buildings are astounding. It is home to well-known musicians and boasts many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as a wealth of Renaissance art. Furthermore, most Italians are kind and hospitable.

It has been crucial for the Bologna Process, which is the reform of European higher education, to be upheld in the area of education thanks to Italy. Italy has some of the oldest universities in both the world and Europe. In addition to being established, these universities are also cutting-edge.

Frequently asked questions from foreign students who are interested in attending public colleges in this country are featured in this article.

We have taken the time to respond to these inquiries, and as you continue reading, you will learn intriguing information about the top 10 public colleges in Italy that are open to international students that are included below.

Additionally to being affordable, these universities offer high-quality instruction and offer English-taught courses. So, the queries posed by foreign students are listed below.


Is Italy a good place for foreign students to study?

Italy offers top-notch educational possibilities and cutting-edge research prospects. 42 nations recognize the Italian educational system, making degrees obtained there comparable to those obtained in the UK, France, Sweden, Denmark, and other nations.

Through a number of initiatives, including Invest Your Talent in Italy (IYT) and the annual Italian Government Scholarship administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the nation supports international students.

The majority of university expenses in Italy are covered by the government. As a result, both Italians and students from other countries pay tuition based on their family’s financial situation. For specialist programs, fees start at a complete exemption and go up to about 5,000 euros per year.

Additionally, Italy has lots of reasonably priced universities for Italian language proficiency is advised. However, a lot of programs are exclusively taught in English. The cost of living in Italy varies by city but is typically between 700 and 1000 euros a month.

You can explore a wide range of cultures while studying in Italy, including those in the ancient cities of Bologna, Milan, Pisa, and many others.

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Can Foreign Students Work While Studying in best universities in Italy?

In addition to their studies, international students and those who have a study-related residence visa are permitted to work in Italy. They should not, however, work more than 20 hours each week and 1040 hours annually.

While non-EU students need an Italian work visa, EU/EEA nationals can start working right away. You need an employment offer from an Italian employer in order to obtain this permission.


After graduating, are foreign students permitted to remain in Italy?

After graduating, you must apply for a work-related residence visa in Italy if you want to find employment there. In accordance with the Decreto Flussi on Immigration, you must provide the following: a valid housing contract, a proof of bank account, and a resident visa for studies. The type of work permit you require will then be determined by whether it is for independent or subordinate labor.

Afterward, your application will be assessed by the immigration office in light of the annual quotas. The permit can be renewed once you’ve found a job or launched a business and is good for a year after it’s been given.



best universities in Italy for international students

List Of Best Universities In Italy For International Students

Here are the best universities in Italy for international students below.

1. Politecnico di Milano (PoliMi)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €3,898.20
  • Location: Milan

About University:

When mentioning the best universities in Italy for international students Milano is among the best universities in Italy. Being devoted to engineering, design, and architecture, the Polytechnic University of Milan is the biggest technical university in Italy.

The institution placed 20th in engineering and technology, 9th in civil and structural engineering, 9th in mechanical aerospace engineering, 7th in architecture, and 6th in art and design according to the QS World University Rankings rankings for 2020.

Visit this technical school’s website for more details on the tuition.

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2. University of Milano-Bicocca (Bicocca / UNIMIB)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €1,060
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • About University:

This is another best universities in Italy for international students. Founded in 1998, the University of Milano-Bicocca is a new institution with a focus on the future. Sociology, psychology, law, the sciences, economics, medicine & surgery, and educational sciences are among the subjects it offers courses in. The research at Bicocca uses a multidisciplinary approach to examine a variety of subjects.

This university received recognition for its efforts in environmental sustainability from the UI GreenMetric World University Rankings among the best universities in Italy for international students. It is regarded for running the Maldives-based Marine Research and High Education Center, which carries out research on marine biology, tourism, and environmental science.

You can click on that link to learn more about the tuition costs at UNIMIB and to learn the costs associated with the course you want to take.

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3. University of Milan (UniMi / La Statale)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €2,403
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • About University:

This is one of the best universities in Italy for international students. With nearly 64,000 students, the University of Milan is one of the biggest institutions in Europe and a best universities in Italy for international students for  public research university in Italy for international students. It has 33 departments, 53 research centers, and 10 faculties.

With a strong reputation in the fields of sociology, philosophy, political science, and law, UniMi offers excellent education. It is also the only university in Italy that belongs to the League of European Research Universities, which has 23 members.

The university employs extensive methods designed to increase the 2000 international students it now has.

Do you want to learn more about the tuition costs for your specific subject of study? More details about the tuition at this institution are available.

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4. University of Trento (UniTrento)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €5,287
  • Location: Trento
  • About University:

When discussing about best universities in Italy for international students the Trento university is among the best universities in Italy for international students. The Faculty of Sociology was established at the University of Trento for the first time in Italy in 1962, when the university initially opened as a social science institution. Over time, it grew to include physics, mathematics, psychology, industrial engineering, biology, economics, and law.

There are ten academic departments and many PhD schools at this prestigious Italian institution at the moment. With educational institutions all across the world, UniTrento partners.

The fact that this university consistently places first in international university rankings, particularly in the Young Universities Rankings and the Microsoft Academic Ranking, which recognized its computer science department, attests to its top-notch instruction.

Do you want additional details on UniTrento’s tuition charges? Use the link up top to check it out.

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5. University of Florence

  • Average Tuition Fee: €1,070
  • Location: Florence, Italy
  • About University:

A public research university that was established in Florence, Italy in 1321 is known as the University of Florence. About 60,000 students are enrolled in its 12 schools.

It is ranked well among the top 5% of the world’s best universities, making it one of the best universities in Italy for international students.

It is renowned for its courses in physics, chemistry, life sciences, engineering, and humanities. It also offers courses in natural science, social science, and management.

Find out more about the course you want to take and the associated tuition costs.

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6. University of Padua (UNIPD)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €2,501.38
  • Location: Padua
  • About University:

On our list of the top 10 public universities in Italy accepting foreign students, the University of Padua comes in at number five. A group of academics founded it as a school of law and theology in 1222 in order to achieve greater academic independence.

The institution currently has 8 schools and 32 departments.

It provides degrees in a variety of fields, including information engineering, cultural heritage, and neurosciences. The Coimbra Group is a global association of research universities, and UNIPD is a member.

Its medieval structures, library, museum, and university hospital are all located on the main campus, which is in the city of Padua.

Here is a breakdown of the tuition costs for the various departments at this university.

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7. Sapienza University of Rome (Sapienza)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €1,000
  • Location: Rome, Italy
  • About University:

One of the oldest universities in the world and also best universities in Italy for international students, Sapienza University is a renowned institution in Rome. Since its founding in 1303, Sapienza has played host to a number of significant historical luminaries, Nobel Prize winners, and influential members of the Italian political scene.

The university has been ranked among the top 3% in the world according to the teaching and research model it currently uses. Some of its important topics are archaeology and classical and ancient history. The university has made notable contributions to research in the biological sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and engineering.

Over 1,500 international students attend Sapienza each year. It is renowned for its historical library, 18 museums, and the School of Aerospace Engineering in addition to its excellent teachings.

You can learn more about the various tuition costs that are available based on the course you decide to study at this institution.

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8. Scuola Normale Superiore (La Normale)

  • Average Tuition Fee: Free
  • Location: Pisa
  • About University:

Napoleon established the Scuola Normale Superiore, an Italian university, in the year 1810. In a number of rankings, La Normale came in first place for teaching in Italy.

Scuola Normale Superiore is among the best universities in Italy for international students.

This university began the Ph.D. program far back in 1927, long before it was embraced by all Italian universities today.

Scuola Normale Superiore offers programs in the humanities, math and natural sciences, and political and social sciences. It is ranked among the top 10 finest universities in Italy for international students. Although this university’s admissions procedure is extremely stringent, accepted students are not required to pay any tuition.

Florence and Pisa each have campuses for the la Normale.

Learn more about La Normale’s free tuition and the reasons behind that.

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9. Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (SSSA / Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna de Pisa)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €7,500
  • Location: Pisa, Italy
  • About University:

One of the top public universities in Italy and also best universities in Italy for international students  is the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, which also serves as a model for other Superior Graduate Schools (grandes écoles). This university has a highly demanding admissions process and is renowned for its cutting-edge instruction and original research.

The primary academic disciplines at this institution are experimental sciences and the social sciences, such as business and economics (for example, medical and industrial sciences).

This top-notch institution is ranked internationally on several different websites, particularly those that list emerging universities. The economics program at this university is among the best in all of Italy, and the Specialized Graduate Study program is attracting significant interest on a global scale.

Find out more about the tuition costs at this institution.

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10. University of Bologna (UNIBO)

  • Average Tuition Fee: €23,000
  • Location: Bologna, Italy
  • About University:

Bologna is one of the best universities in Italy for international students. The University of Bologna was established in 1088 and is the oldest university in existence. The university now offers 232 degree programs. 84 of them are abroad, and 68 of them offer English-language instruction.

Medicine, mathematics, hard sciences, economics, engineering, and philosophy are a few of the subjects covered in the curriculum. It ranks first among the top ten public institutions in Italy for international students because of its exceptional research activities.

Five campuses of UNIBO are dispersed around Italy, and there is also a branch there. A superb educational experience is guaranteed for international students because to the top-notch academic offerings, sporting venues, and student organizations.

You may read more about the UNIBO tuition fees here if you’d like to know more.

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Documents and Requirements for International Students to Attend Any Public University in Italy

One of these top 10 public institutions in Italy for international students requires certain prerequisites to be satisfied in order to be admitted or enrolled.

The following are these requirements:

  • For undergraduate students, a high school diploma is required, whereas for postgraduate students, a foreign bachelor’s degree is required.
  • Depending on the program the student is applying for, they must speak either English or Italian. The two most often used English tests are the TOEFL and IELTS.
  • Some programs have specific score requirements that must be met in certain subject areas.
  • A student must pass entrance tests at some of these universities for various programs in order to be accepted.

The aforementioned prerequisites are general ones. The institution may specify additional requirements when a student applies.

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Documents Required for Study at Italian Public Universities

Additionally, there are several documents that must be submitted prior to admission. Among these documents are;

  • Photographs for passports
  • Data page of a passport used for travel.
  • Academic credentials (diplomas and degrees)
  • A transcript of grades

You should be aware that the nation’s regulatory agency must certify these documents.




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