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Top Linux Courses Online in 2024 is here the topic to deal with, in this topic “Top Linux Courses Online in 2024” we will list down all the top Linux Courses Online as well as every detail about them, and provide you with links to course websites, in case you want to take an online course.

Taking any of the best Linux courses available online is the first step toward becoming a server support master!

Do you understand why?

Linux is one of the most widely used operating systems (OS) alongside Windows and Mac OS.

Linux is used in smartphones, driving assistance systems, desktop computers, supercomputers or enterprise servers, and household gadgets. Android, the most popular mobile operating system, is also built on Linux.

While the use of an operating system is necessary for communicating between software and hardware in a system, the efficiency of an operating system impacts overall performance.

Despite the fact that Linux is identical to other operating systems on the market today, its popularity has grown due to its open-source nature.

Linux’s source code is free and available to the public. This allows for any enhancements and essential capabilities that can aid in improving performance even further.

Linux’s customization options enable users to install applications, and additional software, and adjust performance or security settings, graphics, and user interface to match their requirements.

As a result, Linux’s improved capabilities provide dependable solutions for high-end mechanisms and technologies while also being adaptable and offering a large library and utility set.

As a result, employees working in networking and server support must be well-versed in Linux, as it is in great demand.

This post will provide you with some of the greatest Linux online courses to help you get started and establish a career.

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What is Linux, exactly?

before diving into top Linux Courses Online let know what exactly is Linux.

The Linux kernel serves as the foundation for many operating systems, including Ubuntu and Arch Linux. Because Linux is open-source, you can read the kernel’s source code. In 1991, Linus Torvalds released the Linux kernel.

Have you ever wondered about the process through which your computer launches applications?

Have you ever examined what allows you to access a webpage on a computer? Or would you want to play a game?

Behind every application on a computer lies an operating system that allows you to use the hardware.

Linux was developed as a better version of the UNIX operating system, which he thought might be improved.

After his proposals were rejected, he resolved to create his operating system with all of the functions he desired.

The Linux operating system was released in 1991. Soon after, several programmers offered to help create the operating system.

It has gradually become mainstream, powering everything from modern phones to smart devices.


What are the benefits of using Linux?

The benefits of using Linux is yet another considerable question that we need to talk about as we continue with top Linux Courses Online.

Linux is a powerful, stable, and robust operating system that allows hundreds of people to run programs on the same machine at the same time if appropriate resources are available.

It is the operating system of choice for large-scale scientific computation due to its ability to scale upwards.

Linux is an operating system that may be used on a variety of devices, including smartphones, desktop computers, and supercomputers. In the home, Linux is employed in smart TVs and newer, smart washing machines.

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What Are the Advantages of Studying Linux?

As previously said, Linux has a varied collection of applications. Some of the applications include embedded devices, mobile phones, and servers.

Linux is widely used in the IT industry. Learning the fundamentals of Linux and navigating a Linux operating system is thus a valuable skill.

If you want to work as a system administrator, you should be familiar with Linux. This is owing to the fact that Linux is utilized to power the infrastructure of many businesses.

Even if you are not interested in system administration, understanding Linux may be useful. If you have a working knowledge of Linux, you will be able to navigate the command line more successfully.

This will come in handy in a number of technical scenarios. You’ll also have a better understanding of how computers work.

So while writing about top Linux Courses Online it is necessary we consider the advantages as well as the disadvantages of Studying Linux.


How long does it take to learn how to use Linux?

You should be able to learn how to use Linux as your primary operating system in a matter of days if you utilize it as your primary operating system.

If you want to learn how to use the command line, plan on spending at least two or three weeks learning the fundamental commands.

The time it takes you to learn Linux is dependent on your goals. You can learn Linux in a matter of days or weeks if you want to use it as your primary operating system.

It’s a different storey when it comes to learning how to use the command line. Over the course of a few weeks, you should be able to grasp basic commands.

Then there’s a whole new universe of complex commands to learn. Over the course of six months, you should be able to master more complex commands.

If you’ve previously worked with a Linux system, you’ll be able to learn Linux faster. The Raspberry Pi and macOS, both of which are based on Linux operating systems, are examples of this.


What is the Goal of Linux?

Linux is a sort of operating system for computers. It is the programme that permits all other applications on a computer to work properly.

Operating systems are pieces of software that connect standard applications to the hardware that runs them.

There are several Linux operating systems that can be used as desktop environments.

Ubuntu is one such example. These operating systems allow you to use Linux as an alternative to other operating systems such as Windows or macOS.

Other Linux distributions are intended for experimentation. Raspbian, for example, is the operating system utilized by the Raspberry Pi. It’s common in embedded systems, robotics, and other computer engineering tasks.

Android’s operating system is also based on Linux. Over two billion Android devices are in use worldwide. This highlights how widespread Linux is, even in places where you might not expect to see it.

The goal of Linux as well is very important to note as we proceed to discover the top Linux Courses Online.


Is it tough to learn Linux?

Linux is an easy-to-learn operating system. The more experience you have with technology, the easier it will be to master the foundations of Linux.

If you have the time, you may learn how to use the basic Linux commands in a few days. It will take a few weeks for you to become acquainted with these commands.

This, of course, is not the same as mastery. It will take months, if not years, to learn how to use more advanced instructions.

The Linux command line provides a high level of customisation. As a result, there will be no shortage of innovative Linux distributions and command combinations. You don’t need to know how to use all of the advanced commands to get a decent understanding of Linux.

If you’re used to macOS, you’ll find it easier to learn Linux. This is due to the fact that macOS is built on UNIX. Many of the fundamentals of UNIX and Linux are the same. There are several similarities between these two technologies.

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Top Linux Courses Online in 2024


1. Ubuntu Linux Server Basics

Ubuntu Linux Server Basics is the first in our list of top Linux Courses Online.

If you want to improve your IT skills, this course is a great place to start.

This Udemy Linux online course is intended for beginners, particularly those who have never before installed or operated an Ubuntu Linux server. The goal of the course is to walk students through the process of installing and configuring a server from the ground up.

There is no requirement for prior knowledge of Linux or other server systems. Intermediate users are encouraged to sign up whenever they choose.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to set up and run your own Linux server, master the Linux shell with fundamental server commands, and use SSH to remotely control your server.

You’ll also learn how to utilise Samba to share files with Windows computers, how to use cron jobs to automate server tasks, and how to run your own Apache web server. To begin this linux tutorial for beginners, please click the button below.

Instructor: Cody Ray Miller

Cost: $34.81

Course Duration: 6h 37m total length

Level: Beginners

Link To Course Website


2. Linux Administration with Troubleshooting Skills- Prime Pack

The second of all top Linux Courses Online is the Linux Administration with Troubleshooting Skills- Prime Pack.

The next Linux course on the list is Shikhar Verma’s Linux Administration with Troubleshooting Skills.

This Linux online course will teach you how to troubleshoot Linux, understand Linux essential concepts, and learn about the history of Unix/Linux.

You will also learn about the following topics:

1. Controlling Access to Files Using ACLs, Bash Profile, Variables, and Standard Input-output in Red Hat Linux Redirecting Linux User Administration Permissions

2. Process Management Kernel Modules

3. RAID Setup, Disk Partitioning, and File System Creation

4. Revolutions per minute (Red Hat Package Manager)

By the end of the course, you will be able to confidently use the Linux operating system to increase your productivity and career. You may also conduct common computer activities using the Linux command line.

Instructor: Shikhar Verma

Level: Beginner

Cost: $13.20

Course Duration: 38h 55m total length

Link To Course Website


3. Linux Command Line Basics

Third of all top Linux Courses Online is the Linux Command Line Basics.

This course is ideal if you want to get started with Linux or learn how to utilise the Linux command line.

Linux Command Line Basics is one of the best Linux online courses for beginners on Udemy. This course will assist you in becoming an effective Linux user and advancing your profession.

Throughout this course, you will learn how to use the Linux command line and browse the Linux filesystem.

You’ll also learn how to make hard and soft connections, how to use strong Linux wild cards, how to use several Linux text editors, and how to create, browse, and even change files. Click the link below to sign up for this linux for beginners course.

Instructor: Ahmed Alkabary

Cost: $59.78

Course Duration: 4h 59m total length

Level: Beginners

Link To Course Website

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4. Linux for Beginners

Next  to consider amongst all top Linux Courses Online is the Linux for Beginners. In this 6.5-hour on-demand video course, you’ll learn what software is required for WordPress to run on a Linux machine.

Following that, you’ll be given specific commands to do in order to install all of the necessary software as well as WordPress.

You’ll also learn how to configure WordPress, as well as how to set up a web server, a database server, and create database users.

Before you know it, you’ll have a fully operating blog on your hands. This is an excellent way to put your newfound Linux knowledge to use.

By the end of this linux for beginners course, you will have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and be able to use what you’ve learned in a practical and effective manner.

After enrolling, you will have lifetime access to the course. Your education is never complete. You are free to study at your own pace and return to the sessions whenever you like!

Instructor: Jason Cannon

Cost: $34.81

Course Duration: 7h 41m total length

Level: Beginners

Link To Course Website

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5. Linux Shell Course for Beginners – Lite

One of the most popular top Linux Courses Online is yet the Linux Shell Course for Beginners, which teaches the essentials of using the linux shell as a first course in terminal usage.

This course will teach you how to explore the directory structure, show directory contents, comprehend and interact with file permissions, and much more.

Then you’ll discover how to use the linux terminal, explore directories, list the contents of a directory, and comprehend file permissions.

You’ll also learn about scripting, including how to use utilities like grep and sed, as well as C and Perl programming on Linux and file structure.

Instructor: EDUmobile Academy

Cost: $10.80

Course Duration: 30m total length

Level: Beginners

Link To Course Website

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6. Linux Crash Course for Beginners – 2024

At the sixth line of all top Linux Courses Online we have the Linux Crash Course for Beginners. This linux certification course is designed for anyone who needs basic Linux training or who works in IT and wants to learn something new.

It was created for those who have been excessively busy at work and do not have enough time.

You don’t have to stay up late or skip your lunch break any longer. You’ll learn a lot of Linux commands in just two days.

All you need is a computer, either a PC or a MAC, and a determination to learn Linux Superfast.

Instructor: Imran Afzal

Cost: $42.97

Course Duration: 5h 45m total length

Level: Beginners

Link To Course Website


7. Asterisk Made Easy: Learn to Install Asterisk and Linux

For people of all skill levels, this Asterisk course will show you how to assemble and install Asterisk from source on a CentOS Linux server.

You’ll learn how to install Asterisk from source on CentOS Linux, provide Asterisk Cloud Based PBX Services, and sell on-premise Asterisk VoIP PBX Servers.

You’ll also learn how to customise Asterisk dialplans, diagnose Asterisk servers, and support and manage them. Furthermore, this Udemy online Linux course will teach you how to troubleshoot using TCPdump and Wireshark.

Surprisingly, there is no prerequisite knowledge of Linux, telephony, or Asterisk required to enrol in this course. Click the ‘Enroll Now’ button to begin this linux course for beginners.

Cost: $20.41

Instructor: Jon Manning

Course Duration: 7h 19m total length

Level: Beginners

Link To Course Website

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8. Learning Linux Essentials: Taking your first steps in Linux

This Andrew Mallett Linux course is for you if you want to take your first steps in studying Linux for a career, learn fundamental Linux skills, or appreciate the power of the command line.

This is a popular Linux online course on Udemy that teaches you how to utilise the command line in Linux.

In this session, Mallett will walk you through understanding Open Source Software and ensuring file system security.

You’ll also learn how to run commands as both ordinary and privileged users, as well as how to identify different Linux distributions.

Instructor: Andrew Mallett

Cost: $10.80

Course Duration: 8h 42m total length

Level: Beginners




9. Hands-on Linux: Self-Hosted WordPress for Linux Beginners

Second to last in our list of top Linux Courses Online is the Hands-on Linux: Self-Hosted WordPress for Linux Beginners. This Linux by David Cohen is intended for those interested in learning about servers, web hosting, IP addresses, and domain names.

This is one of the greatest online Linux courses on Udemy, and it’s designed to get you up and running with new skills right away.

By the end, you’ll be an expert on the Linux command line and have your own self-hosted production-grade WordPress hosting infrastructure that you can use to host an unlimited number of WordPress sites for friends, family, and clients.

This course will immerse you in real-world Linux duties from the start. Even if you’ve never worked with Linux before, you’ll be installing and configuring apps from the command line.

You’ll also be in charge of administering system services, collaborating with a remote server, strengthening security, scheduling backups, and testing your disaster recovery plan.

Instructor: David Cohen

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Cost: $13.20

Course Duration: 8h 54m total length

Link To Course Website


10. Complete Linux Bootcamp for Beginners

The last in our list of top Linux Courses Online is the Complete Linux Bootcamp for Beginners. This linux course for beginners teaches the basics of using the terminal to access the Linux shell, as well as some information about the bash shell.

In this Udemy online Linux course, you’ll learn how to explore various aspects of the shell, such as scripting, using utilities like grep and sed, C and Perl programming in Linux, control flow, and file structure.

You’ll learn how to explore directory structures, reveal directory contents, the best way to understand and work with file permissions, and how to replicate, move, and remove directories and files during the course.

You’ll also learn how to use Grep and Sed with Regex, as well as how to automate activities with scripts, in this linux certification course.

Instructor: EDUmobile Academy

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Cost: $52.58

Course Duration: 3h 45m total length

Link To School Website




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