10 Top Colleges For Cheap Online Masters Degrees

10 Top Colleges For Cheap Online Masters Degree 2024

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10 Top Colleges for Cheap Online Masters Degree in 2024 is the topic to discuss in full detail today. Online learning has become the standard. It is effective, adaptable, and well-organized. Although it has these traits, many of them are out of reach, especially if you wish to continue your education.

We showcase the universities in the United States that provide the cheapest online master’s degree programs with their ranking. Multiple studies have found an increase in the number of students enrolling in graduate school in recent years.

The main reasons for this surge, according to publications like Inside Higher Ed and Vox, are job (and wage) growth in sectors that demand advanced degrees.

Many people, however, choose not to pursue a master’s degree because they are costly. In fact, persons with a master’s degree typically owe between $30,000 and $120,000 in student loans.

There are, nevertheless, low-cost master’s degrees available. Online graduate programs, in particular, are gaining popularity because they allow students to continue working while attending classes.

If you’re thinking about going to graduate school but don’t want to get into too much debt, these 20 universities can help!.


How Much Does an Online Masters Degree Cost?

Let us consider firstly the cost of online masters degree, before we go into full list of the top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

Because online master’s programs differ from on-campus programs, their financial implications may be larger. It’s crucial to know how much an online master’s degree will cost.

An online Master’s degree costs between $30,000 and $40,000 on average, while some programs cost more than $120,000. The cost of an online master’s program varies, just like it does for on-campus programs, for a variety of reasons.

Private universities, for example, frequently demand higher tuition than public universities. Because many of their resources are available online, online universities usually provide a cost that includes tuition and book expenditures.


What is the Easiest Masters Degree to Get Online?

Lets us s well before diving into the list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree, chech out the top easiest masters degrees to get.

By looking at the word “easiest,” it is clear that determining whether one degree is simpler to obtain than another is a challenge. This is due to the fact that each online degree program has its own set of characteristics.

In reality, no master’s degree is the most straightforward to obtain online. If you want to pursue a specific vocation and want to complete the program online, learn about the required study procedure and follow it with dedication and sincerity. You’ll be able to get through it.

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Can I Finish an Online Master’s Degree in A Year?

The Internet has given us many wonderful things, but the change it has sparked in higher education may be the most significant. Professionals who want to improve their education and transcripts don’t have to spend years attending evening sessions.

The quickest online Master’s degree program takes less than a year to finish, and there are still accelerated online Master’s degree programs that take only 15 or 18 months to complete. They can even continue working while pursuing their master’s degree.

In fact, authorized, prestigious institutions and universities offer one-year master’s degrees in practically every field.


How long does a Masters degree take online?

Here again we talk about the duration/years or months one can spend in any of these top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

Especially at the graduate level, online programs differ from one school to the next. Variances in credit time requirements, possible specialities, term schedules, transfer, and credit restrictions highlight the differences.

These are the variables that could affect how much time you spend in the virtual school. If you work full-time or have other responsibilities, these considerations are critical.

Some institutions are more adaptable with their programs than others, and knowing which program may be adapted to their specific needs is crucial to completing their degree effectively.

The most important factor in determining how long it will take you to earn your degree is whether you enroll full-time or part-time.

A graduate degree can be completed in as little as 18 months for full-time students, but it might take up to five years for part-time students to satisfy all requirements.

As a full-time student, an online master’s degree usually takes around a year to finish. It can take 2 to 3 years for part-time students. Some colleges and universities offer accelerated programs that can be finished in as little as 12 to 18 months.

These accelerated programs move at a rapid pace that can be difficult for working students to keep up with.


10 Top Colleges for Cheap Online Masters Degree 2024

1. Southern New Hampshire University

Southern New Hamphire University is the first in our list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

What does it take to create the top affordable online master’s degree programs? Begin by establishing 30-40 graduate degrees, then make the vast majority of them (over 80%) available online.

Make sure to mix up the types of programs you offer, and include some unusual options like Applied Economics and Creative Writing to make yourself stand out.

It also aids in the development of more sophisticated curricula in popular professions, such as an MBA program with 50 (yes, 50!) specialties. All of this is topped off with a slew of digital assistance facilities, including a virtual writing center and online coaching available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alternatively, you might enjoy all of these benefits – and more – simply by enrolling at SNHU!

SNHU is the most diverse and comprehensive online graduate degree for MBA students, with 50 focus possibilities.

The average cost per credit: $627.

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2. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Pennsylvania State University is the second rated university amongst all the top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

Penn State’s “World Campus” is an excellent example of online learning. PSU-World is backed by a large public university with more than 100 years of experience in higher education. It offers credible, respectable degrees at a low cost.

This web-based school may also offer top online master’s degrees in unusual subjects like Applied Demography, Enterprise Architecture, Nutritional Sciences, and Renewable Energy/Sustainability Systems, thanks to its parent university’s extensive academic resources.

Whatever topic you choose, you’ll appreciate the ease of asynchronous learning in an engaging virtual environment.

The certified online graduate programs offered by PSU-World typically last 12-15 weeks.

The average cost per credit: $805.

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3. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University is the third in our list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

When it comes to the sheer size of its graduate school, Nova Southeastern University takes the cake. It not only offers more than 50 approved online master’s degrees, but that’s barely half of the total number of graduate programs it offers (on-campus and online).

Even better, NSU is a member of the Southern Regional Education Board’s “Electronic Campus” project, which recognizes programs that follow “Principles of Good Practice” on an individual basis.

Around 69 percent of the university’s online graduate degrees have already been approved by the SREB, and that number is expected to rise in the future.

NSU offers evening and weekend classes at various regional campuses throughout Florida to support its low-cost online master’s programs.

Average Cost per Credit: $931

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4. Indiana Wesleyan University

Indiana Wesleyan University is the fourth top rated of all the top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

Attending one of Indiana Wesleyan University’s online graduate programs has few drawbacks. IWU provides all the convenience and flexibility you could want, with low tuition rates, credit for prior experience, and evening and weekend sessions.

Furthermore, all of its online programs are supported by a traditional, nearly century-old university that values education.

There are about 30 of these programs for graduate students, with topics ranging from accountancy to social work. In addition, Wesley Seminary at IWU offers a limited number of Christian-focused online degrees, such as the Master of Divinity and the Master of Arts in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry.

For Christian students who desire to focus their careers on their faith, Indiana Wesleyan University is a superb provider of excellent online master’s degrees.

Average Cost per Credit: $515

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5. National University

Here is the fifth in our list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

The majority of National University’s points come from the sheer number of programs it provides, which accounts for the majority of its points.

In fact, the university is so broad that its programs are divided into six schools and colleges, ranging from health and engineering to professional studies and liberal arts to business and education.

While all of these programs are available entirely online, National also has a large network of satellite campuses (28 to be exact) throughout California and Nevada that offer traditional classes.

Nearly a dozen learning facilities near military bases are also part of the network, where members of the armed forces can take classes at a reduced rate.

National University is happy to provide military students and their dependents some of the most affordable online master’s degrees available.

Average Cost per Credit: $406

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6. Western Governors University

Western Governors University is another top rated of all the top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

Since its founding in 1997, Western Governors University has been a pioneer in remote education, even before most people had heard of online courses.

Since then, the institution has used its knowledge to create relevant, accessible programs for students who are unable to commute.

WGU’s distinctive competency-based approach to learning is one of the elements that has emerged from this experience. WGU awards “competency units” as degree candidates demonstrate their expertise, rather than credit hours, as a measure of their progress in their online master’s programs.

This means you can take tests and complete assignments on your own time, allowing you to obtain your degree as quickly as you can study the content.

WGU’s aim as a university is to provide high-quality and certified inexpensive online master’s degrees.

The average cost per credit: $276.

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7. Concordia University-Saint Paul

This is the seventh in our list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

If you live in the northern Midwest, you’re particularly fortunate to have access to not one, but two Concordia institutions. Concordia University in Wisconsin has already been recognized, but the Saint Paul campus needs its own mention.

CSP is known for its Concordia Partnership Advantage program, which helps to make its low-cost online graduate degrees even cheaper. Students who work for one of the university’s corporate partners are eligible for a $2,000 tuition discount and preferential admission under the program.

Several Minnesota-based companies, as well as major corporations such as AT&T, Lifetime Fitness, and Best Buy, are currently participating.

CSP is a supporter of recognized online master’s degrees in subjects as diverse as forensic behavioral health and exercise science.

Average Cost per Credit: $420

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8. University of Maryland-University College

At the eighth top rated of all the top colleges for cheap online masters degree we have the University of Maryland.

The University of Maryland’s University College stands out in this top affordable online master’s degree rating for its focused concentration on high-tech, 21st-century professional preparation.

At UMUC, even the old standbys get a modern makeover. For example, educational programs emphasize instructional technology and e-learning.

Business programs include topics such as cybersecurity, environmental management, and health informatics administration, which are all expanding sectors. Even cutting-edge graduate degrees in biotechnology, digital forensics, and data analytics have been pioneered by the university.

In other words, UMUC is the place to go if you want to prepare for a future-oriented career that nearly ensures employment security for decades to come.

UMUC provides some of the greatest online graduate degrees for tech-savvy workers, including a cloud computing architecture program.

Average Cost per Credit: $559

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9. Saint Leo University

Saint Leo University here is the second to last in our list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

Saint Leo University, like Bellevue, offers all of its graduate programs online. SLU also has a large number of regionally authorized online master’s programs. Yes, you can get your MBA or M.Ed., but you can also study a wide range of non-traditional disciplines, many of which are related to the social and helping professions.

Criminal justice (with six potential concentrations), emergency and disaster management, social work, psychology, and religion are among the options. However, you can test the waters before committing to Saint Leo by downloading a free “online learning toolset.”

This toolbox includes an online degree e-book and a comparison guide to assist you in finding the best program for your needs.

Free career webinars are available to students enrolled in SLU’s low-cost online master’s degree programs to help them prepare for their post-college employment search.

Average Cost per Credit: $485

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10. Bellevue University

Here we conclude our list of top colleges for cheap online masters degree.

One of the advantages of attending an institution like Bellevue is that nearly all of its degrees may be completed entirely online. What is the significance of this?

Not only does it show how much time and money the institution has put into online learning, but it also indicates a certain level of expertise in the field.

After all, Bellevue didn’t overnight construct a digital learning environment, web-based curricula for all of its programs, and online versions of its student support services!

Fortunately, enrolling in one of Bellevue’s top online master’s degree programs grants you immediate access to all of these benefits, including the university’s distinctive “Cyber-Active Online Classroom” and online research library.

For optimal convenience, Bellevue’s affordable online graduate programs provide open enrollment and numerous start dates throughout the year.

Average Cost per Credit: $525

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