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Scholarships in Canada 2024 are now available. Every year, there are about 5,000 scholarships available for study in Canada, and each foreign applicant must submit an early application to be considered for international education in Canada.

Students pursuing undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral degrees can be eligible for Canadian scholarships. This country also offers students a special opportunity to apply for scholarships.

Because of this, all students in the region are eligible for this Canada Government award for international students. As a result, practically all academic subjects can benefit from Canadian government international scholarships. All Canadian institutions now offer the PSW program, which enables you to apply for a work permit in Canada once you have earned your final degree.

More than 500 study programs are available for selection as well. As a result of Canada’s smaller population than other nations, international applicants can study and work there thanks to the availability of foreign student scholarships. Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, is a youthful, beautiful man who has a good plan for the world. I therefore believe that you ought to seize these chances.

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Important information about Canadian scholarships

The degree of education from Canada’s top-ranked universities can open up more work chances for you than in lesser-ranked institutions. As a result, you will receive a top-notch education from the best academics at the best colleges.

  • Country: Canada
  • Degree Levels: BS, MS and PHD.
  • Nationality: Also, all can apply for scholarships.
  • Duration of scholarships: 4 years, 2 years and 3 years.



Scholarships in Canada 2022-2023

List of Scholarships in Canada 2024

Here is the list of scholarships in Canada from 2024, viz;


1. McGill University Scholarships:

McGill University Scholarships is one of the scholarships in Canada. However, any foreign students who intend to pursue a Master’s or Post-Doctoral degree in Canada are now welcome to submit an application to McGill University Scholarships for Foreign Students, Canada’s most prestigious and powerful institution.

McGill University is ranked number 31 in the country because of the McCall MacBain Full Flagship Fully Funded Scholarship that will be given out in 2024.

Deadline: September, 2024

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2. Queen’s University Scholarships

Queen’s University Scholarships is also one of the Scholarships in Canada. Applications for the Queen’s University Scholarships in Canada 2024 are now being accepted. Up to 5,000 Canadian scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs in Canada. however In 2019, more than 2,940 international students selected Queen’s University as their place of study.

Hence Numerous awards, scholarships, and financial opportunities are available to international students in Canada through Queens University. Furthermore, graduate students and undergraduates each have various scholarship opportunities.

As a result, you can enroll in undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree programs in any academic subject. The Queen’s University Scholarships for international students in Canada are open to applicants of all nationalities, so do not hesitate to do so.

on September 1, 2024, the start date

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3. University of Waterloo Scholarships

University of Waterloo Scholarships is another scholarship on this list of scholarships In Canada. The opportunity to learn about Canada is provided by this Foreign Student Scholarship.

It accepts international students of all countries each year from all around the world. similar to open programs for master’s and doctorate degrees.

commences in May 2024

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4. University of Alberta Scholarships

University of Alberta Scholarships is another scholarship on this list of scholarships in Canada. An outstanding chance to obtain a Master’s or Ph.D. degree is provided by scholarships from the University of Alberta in Canada.

These complete scholarships are offered to international students everywhere and are listed here. More than 500 graduate programs, 250 specializations, and 300 research fields are available at Alberta University, which also awards 200 undergraduate degrees.

December 12, 2024 is the deadline.

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5. Canada Vanier Graduate Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships in Canada. Canada’s most successful graduate program is at Vanier University. As a result, the scholarship is available to Canadians as well as Pakistanis and persons of other nationalities.

In order to help Canadian universities find highly qualified PhD candidates, there is a program called Weiner Canada Graduate Scholarships (Weiner CGS).

The first day of November 2024.

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6. University of Toronto Scholarship

Another scholarship on this list of scholarships in Canada is the Toronto university scholarship. The application period for the University of Toronto in Canada is now open.

A lot of students are unable to apply without taking the IELTS exam. However, many American universities provide financial aid to international students who lack IELTS or TOEFL scores.

Expires on February 15, 2024

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Scholarships in Canada 2022-2023

7. University of Saskatchewan Scholarship

The University of Saskatchewan Scholarship is among the scholarships in Canada. For undergraduate and graduate studies, scholarships are currently offered at the University of Saskatchewan.

All candidates from any country are so encouraged to submit an application for a US Scholarship because these are fully financed scholarships for international students attending Canadian universities.

28 February 2024 is the deadline.

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8. Dalhousie University Scholarship

This is one of the scholarships on scholarships in Canada. For the Dalhousie University Scholarship 2024, international students can also apply.

For Master’s and PhD programs, however, the grant is completely financed. Which gives a $30,000 scholarship that covers health benefits, a monthly stipend, living expenses, and elimination of fees.

August 1, 2024 is when it begins.

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