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10 Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Programs 2024

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What Are Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Programs?

A program called fully sponsored pilot training enables you to obtain your pilot’s license without having to pay anything up front. For anyone who wishes to fly, sponsored pilot training is a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

What Are The Benefits?

Programs for pilot training that are fully funded have a number of advantages: – No up-front fees Flexible timetables -Favorable working conditions – Possibilities for career advancement – Future job options. Other advantages are:

  1. Pay: During your training, the airline will pay for your living expenses by paying you a wage that you can use to cover your basic needs.
  2. Benefits in terms of money and health: After completing your training, you’ll be qualified for a number of advantages, including health insurance and pension schemes.
  3. Job security: Having a job as a pilot will guarantee you a job for the foreseeable future because airlines require pilots to fly their aircraft and keep passengers safe.

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Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Program 2024

Here is the fully sponsored pilot training program in the year 2024.

1. EAA Young Eagles fully sponsored the pilot training program.

One of the best fully sponsored pilot training programs that is fully subsidized is this one. Students who are interested in STEM-related studies can apply for this aviation scholarship, which will provide them the chance to start their aviation careers.

Outstanding high school graduates with a dream of becoming pilots are encouraged and recognized with this scholarship.

Students of any nationality are eligible to apply. International students or US citizens who are lawfully residing in the country may also apply.

  • Location: Training sessions are held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and throughout the US.
  • Award: Variable
  • Application: Throughout the year, applications are accepted in various cycles. Here is how the procedure works;

1st of March – 1st of June – for pilot students about to commence their training in July.

1st of September – 1st of November – for pilot students already in the training program.

15th of November – 31st of January – for post-secondary scholarships.

1st of January – 15th of April – for air academy camperships program.

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fully sponsored pilot training programme


2. The organization of Black Aerospace Professionals: OBAP Scholarships

This is another sponsored pilot training program on the list of fully sponsored pilot training programs. The Black Aerospace Professionals Scholarship is a fully supported pilot training program given to pilot students as well as to assist pilots who want to fly for airlines.

The prize, worth $179,000, is awarded to 38 black students each year.

Requirements: A private pilot license is a requirement for applicants. Additionally, students from all over the world who are black and already hold a private pilot’s license are welcome to apply.

  • Award: $179,000
  • Visit the scholarship’s website to apply.

3. Airways Aviation–Part Flight Training Sponsorship

This is one of the fully sponsored pilot training programs. Young students who aspire to pursue an aviation career can apply for the fully financed Airways aviation scholarship. Both pilot students and passport holders from the UK are eligible.

Pilot students and UK passport holders are required.

35,000 Euros as the prize

Link To Pilot Training Website


4. LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

Another fully sponsored pilot training program on the list is the LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Young men and women who want to pursue an aviation career in the future can apply for the LeRoy W. Homer Jr. Pilot Training Scholarship, which is a fully financed program.

It is also open to students who are enrolled in pilot training right now and who are US citizens or lawful residents of the US.

  • Students who are US citizens or authorized residents are required.
  • Award: $9,000

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fully sponsored pilot training programme

5. The 99s fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

One of the better training programs is the 99s Pilot Training Scholarships, which is supported by the International Society of Women Pilots. The group has been providing its members with pilot training and scholarships since 1941.

Pilot students from all around the world are eligible for the scholarship. Among the several scholarships offered to pilot students is the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship.

About $5 million is invested in the fully supported program, and pilot students also receive $6,000 before they graduate. Additionally, it offers $10,000 in cash for each academic year that the pilot training programs are in operation.

6. Women in Aviation Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarships

One of the fully sponsored pilot training programs is the women in aviation. The Women in Aviation Fully Sponsored Pilot Training Scholarship is designed to encourage pilot candidates to complete their degrees and prepare them for careers in aviation.

Only Women in Aviation members and students from all levels of study throughout the world are eligible for the scholarship. 130 pilots receive the $780,000 worth of scholarships.

Members of the Women in Aviation organization and students worldwide are prerequisites.

  • Award: $780,000
  • November is the deadline.

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7. Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA)

This is another fully sponsored pilot training program on the list. Outstanding high school graduates who choose to enroll in pilot training programs can get financial aid through the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association scholarship, which is completely supported. Anyone who is a pilot at the moment is also eligible.

This fellowship aims to remove financial barriers for students who want to work in the aviation sector but are unable to do so due to financial constraints.

80 exceptional and talented high school students receive the scholarship each year, valued at over $1 million and $10,000.

The minimum age requirements are 15 or 18, and they must be US citizens or legal residents of the nation.

  • Award of $1 million (it could be higher)
  • March 31 deadline (same month annually)

8. Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program

Early childhood educators scholarship is one of the fully sponsored pilot training programs. Young pilots are the target audience for the Early Childhood Educators Scholarship Program, which is completely financed. To improve the caliber and accessibility of trainers to work with young student pilots and youths enrolled in the training program, it was developed as a pilot effort.

The award is available to teachers, students enrolled in aviation-related programs, and young people who want to become pilots.

International students and aviation enthusiasts are required.

  • Prizes: $4,500
  • Location: US
  • Date: Variable

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fully sponsored pilot training programme

9. Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship

Another fully sponsored pilot training program is the Airline Pilots Association Scholarship. The Air Line Pilot Association Scholarship has received all available funding. It is accessible to disabled people, members of the Air Line Pilots Association, and family members of pilot students who have passed away.

Post-secondary pilot students who are US citizens or authorized residents of the nation are also eligible. The award is worth $12,000 in total. If the student consistently meets the requirements of the scholarship, they are allocated $3,000 for four years in a row.

10. National Aviation Explorer Scholarships

This is one of the fully sponsored pilot training programs. A completely supported pilot training program is the National Aviation Explorer Scholarship. It is given to aspiring pilots who exhibit outstanding traits and performance beneficial to the aviation sector.

Local, international, and pilot students are required.

  • Pennsylvania, United States
  • Award: $10,000
  • Date: Variable

How To Apply for Fully Sponsored Pilot Scholarship Programs

There has never been a better moment to take the plunge and apply for a fully-funded pilot training program if you have been dreaming of becoming a pilot. Knowing where to begin might be challenging given the abundance of programs available. To apply for a fully financed pilot training program, follow these suggestions:

  • Think about your possibilities.

You must choose a program that meets your needs because there are numerous different sorts of programs accessible. If you’re interested in flying for a living, you might want to research aviation schools that provide both commercial and private flight instruction and offer financial aid. After graduation, consider joining the Air Force or Navy if you’re more interested in receiving flight training.

  • Obtain an early start

You will have a better chance of being approved if you apply for a fully-funded pilot training program as soon as possible! Since everyone wants to start their new careers as soon as possible in the summer, it’s not a good idea to wait until the last minute. Applications tend to pile up quickly during this time. If you want to take advantage of this excellent opportunity, try to apply early.

  • Make sure you are qualified.

You must be at least 16 years old and confirm that you meet all the conditions before applying. For younger students, there are some scholarships available.

  • Then, begin completing the form after reading the application criteria.

Make sure you incorporate all the necessary details—

  • Do not rush!

The processing of your application could take as little as eight weeks. As you wait for the wonderful news, keep your spirits up!

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FAQs for fully sponsored pilot training programs

Can I receive financial aid for my pilot training?

You can, indeed. It is not a university program, but there are various scholarships for pilot training that are available in the US and Canada. You must use the scholarship within a year of receiving it after you apply and are accepted.

Can I become a pilot for an airline without a degree?

No, you need a degree to become an airline pilot. You must acquire one.

Which airlines support pilot education?

However, some airlines provide scholarships and tuition reimbursement schemes to aspiring pilots to assist in covering the expenses of their training. No airline covers the entire cost of a training program for aspiring pilots.

Can I receive a scholarship to train as a pilot in India?

You can, indeed. Selected students receive this Scholarship from various institutions in various nations based on their qualifications. One of the organizations in charge of this scholarship in India is the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy.

Which nation offers the most affordable pilot training programs?

One of the cheapest places in the world to obtain a pilot’s license is the Philippines.

The quickest method to become a pilot is…

Going through an accelerated piloting program is the quickest route. You can obtain your pilot’s license in two weeks with that.

Are loans offered by banks for pilot training?

Yes, banks do offer student loans for training as pilots.

Are there age restrictions for pilots?

Yes, you must be 17 years old to be eligible for a one-year private pilot license. For a commercial pilot license, you must be 18 years old, and the training takes three years.

How long does training take to become a pilot?

Getting a BSc in professional flight takes three to four years.

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to receive free pilot training and a potential job in the aviation industry. You can access a huge range of professions and travel opportunities.

Obtaining a pilot’s license and learning to fly is the ultimate ambition for many pilots today. Although there are various ways for people to pay for their education, scholarships are not always simple to come by. Anyone who already intends to enroll in flight school or pursue an aviation career should strongly consider applying for this grant.



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