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25 Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificates

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Here are free online courses in Canada with certificates. This article offers useful information about online courses In Canada, which anyone can enroll in today and obtain a degree that will allow them to progress in their job or begin a new career in a different field.


There’s no need to search any further if you’re looking for free online courses in Canada with certifications. Stay Informed Group has gathered together some of the greatest online courses in Canada for domestic and foreign students in a variety of subjects and fields of study.


Entertainment, management, health, humanities, architecture, food processing, the environment, and other topics are covered in the courses.


Anyone who wants to improve their skills can enroll in these classes. These free online courses in Canada with certifications are available in Canada through online learning sites such as Coursera, Edx, and others.


We’ve also answered some frequently asked questions about online courses, which can assist you in making the best online education selection possible.



About Certificates from Free Online Courses in Canada

Taking online classes is a great way to develop new skills and advance your career. Taking online classes can help you advance your profession and become more resourceful, which can lead to new job opportunities and advancements at work.


Canada is one of the few countries in the world that has consistently ranked first in terms of providing high-quality education to both domestic and international students. As a result, online courses offered in this country will be of high quality and will significantly improve the lives of those who enroll.


Because of the enormous number of international students flocking to Canada for studies, some of them will be denied admission to any of the country’s universities.

In this instance, students can make the most of their time by enrolling in online classes to further their education. In some situations, these certificated online courses can even be used as work requirements. is one of the online platforms dedicated to providing students with crucial information about online possibilities and online courses that they can take to develop themselves and raise their chances of advancing their education.

The following link will take you to a list of numerous online courses available on our platform:

What does it cost to enroll in an online course?

A large number of free online courses in canada with certificates are available, but you must pay a fee to acquire your certificate. This means you can watch video lectures, participate in forums, and read course materials for free. Canada, on the other hand, offers free online government certifications.

Individual programs and majors have different fees. When you click the “Register” button on the left side of the course information page, prices are normally presented.

Many online courses in Canada with certifications are available in Canada via subscription and cost between $39 and $79 per month. The majority of the platforms that provide the course provide a seven-day free trial after which you will be charged. You will not be charged anything if you cancel during the free trial time.


Is it possible to take a free online courses in Canada with certificates?

The answer to this inquiry is a resounding YES; free online courses in Canada with certificates has a plethora of free. Find anything that interests you or a school that you like and start studying for a free credential in Canada through online courses.

We’ve provided a list in his post to assist you narrow down your options because we realize this can be a bit complicated.


As a domestic or international student, there are numerous advantages to attending free online courses in Canada.

The free online courses in Canada with certificates mentioned in this post are extremely beneficial to anyone who takes them. These lessons are completely free and quite valuable.

If you’ve been trying to get into a university in Canada but haven’t been successful, you can start by completing these free online courses in Canada with certificates, which will be a tremendous help. They are offered by approved Canadian universities, and you will receive a printable certificate once you have completed them.

Additionally, the government offers free online courses in Canada with certificates that are awarded with a certificate of completion at the end for domestic and international students who want to gain more knowledge or strengthen their résumé for better chances. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, you’re not losing.



In Canada, how long do online courses last?

The length of free online courses in Canada with certificates and in other nations varies. Some courses can be completed in as little as five weeks, while others might take up to a year to complete.

Because of many elements and the type of course, programs can last anywhere from 8 to 10 weeks in general.

Some Canadian colleges that specialize in online courses, distance learning programs, and certificates, however, have created courses that can be finished in as little as five weeks.

You must realize that the length of time it takes you to complete an online course is entirely up to you. Most teachers, for example, post assignments before the start of the course, so if the course is eight to nine weeks long, you can perform the assignment and submit it whenever you like.

This is always feasible with self-paced online courses.

This includes Free Online Government Certification Programs in Canada as well as free online courses in Canada with certificates.


International Students Can Take Free Online Courses in Canada

There are free online courses in Canada with certifications designed specifically for overseas students. The following are a few of the courses:

  1. Free Gmat preparation online courses
  2.  Free GRE preparation online courses
  3.  Free IELTS online courses

The free online courses listed and discussed in this article are available to both domestic and international students.

The ones we’ll include below will be of greater benefit to just international students, as these are required courses for international students studying in Canada.

If you’re seeking for scholarships in Canada for both domestic and international students:

Canada’s Free Online University Courses

A large number of Canadian colleges provide free online courses with certificates that may be printed. If you successfully finish any of those courses, you will receive a certificate designating you as a school alumnus.

University of Toronto, Canada, app design and development for iOS.

The University of Toronto, Canada’s Learn to Program: The Fundamentals.

The University of Toronto in Canada has developed a GIS data acquisition and map design system.

Paleobiology of Dinosaurs, University of Alberta, Canada (Dino 101).

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, Canada, provides data for machine learning.

The University of Alberta in Canada published Insect-Human Interactions.

The University of Alberta in Canada has published a paper on software architecture.

The University of Toronto in Canada offers an introduction to GIS mapping.

University of Toronto, Canada’s Plant Bioinformatics.

The University of Alberta in Canada published Software Processes and Agile Practices.


IELTS online classes are available for free.

If you want to study in Canada, you’ll need to give a decent IELTS score. As a result, this course is one of the free online courses in Canada with a certificate to assist international students who wish to study in Canada but have a low IELTS score and have been refused.

International students from non-English speaking nations must take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in order to be admitted to Canadian universities.


The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and Cambridge Assessment English are in charge of the test. Unless there are other choices for submitting an IELTS certificate or score, it is a requirement for overseas students who want to study in Canada.


Online GRE prep classes are available for free.

Despite the fact that there are numerous GRE preparation online courses available in Canada, I would like to provide you with the source.

Many graduate schools in the United States and Canada use the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) as one of the required standardized assessments. The Educational Testing Service owns and manages the GRE (ETS).

GRE is administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS).


Online GMAT prep classes are available for free.

The Graduate Management Entrance Test is a computer adaptive test meant to evaluate quantitative, oral, analytical, writing, and reading skills in written English for use in graduate management courses, such as MBA programs.

Many colleges in the United States, Canada, and other countries demand the GMAT in order to enroll in graduate programs. is the official organization in charge of overseeing and administering the GMAT. In Canada, there are various free online GMAT courses available to all foreign students from anywhere in the world.


Canada has a number of free online diploma programs.

In Canada, there are many diploma online courses in Canada available, however, they are not all free. If you’re considering taking diploma online courses in Canada, the courses listed below can help.

  1. Diploma in Business – Accounting
  2.  Video Production Diploma Online
  3.  Diploma in Applied Psychology and Counselling
  4.  Diplomas in Digital Marketing
  5.  Diploma in Animation


The following is a list of free online courses in Canada that include certificates.

Following that, you will notice some online courses in Canada with certifications. These courses have been listed and links have been supplied so that interested students can obtain them and begin taking them as soon as feasible.

These courses are offered by approved Canadian universities, which may be a university to which you have applied as a resident or international student.

Remember, you may do these courses from the convenience of your own home, office, or anyplace else. You are not required to physically attend the institution that offers these courses. You will also receive a certificate at the end of the course that you can print and use as confirmation that you have completed the course.


Free online courses in software development

Software development, according to Wikipedia, is the process of creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components through the stages of conception, specification, design, programming, documentation, testing, and bug patches.

On the Coursera website, software development courses are among the free online courses in Canada with certificates available. Individuals who complete this course can get a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, which includes all of the platform’s online software development modules.

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Free online fashion and design courses

There are no specific qualifications for entry. This is one of the free online courses in Canada that can be completed and a certificate issued immediately after completion. It takes approximately 20 hours to complete.

Brentwood Open Learning Academy offers an online fashion design school that is open all year, which means you may enroll right now.

Online classes on good writing abilities are available for free.

These free online writing skills courses are offered by a number of prestigious universities. The classes are aimed to assist students enhance their essay writing, report writing, grammar, story writing, and business writing skills.


Online IELTS preparation classes are available for free.

This is one of the free online courses in Canada certificate programs. For the IELTS test, the training covers speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

If you are a student from a non-English speaking nation and want to study in Canada, the United States, Australia, or other top English-speaking countries, you must take IELTS.

Because the course is self-paced, you can attend lessons whenever you like.


Accounting Online Courses are available for free.

There are no initial entrance requirements for this accounting free online courses in Canada with certificates. Because the course is self-paced, you can complete it in 20 hours and attend the online class whenever you like.

This is a short-term course that accepts applications from interested individuals throughout the year.


Business Communication

This is one of the few online courses available in Canada that only takes 10 to 15 hours to finish. Students’ performance is evaluated and scores are assigned to them as soon as the course is completed. If you wish to obtain a certificate for finishing this course, you must achieve a score of at least 80%.

You will learn how to improve your business writing skills as well as your interpersonal and presenting skills in this course.


Online Training to Teach

This is one of the free online courses in Canada. It is totally online and free for all international learners, not just Canadians.

English as a Development Language

The British Council offers this course for free online to students and teachers. It’s a crucial online course to complete because you’ll be given a certificate of completion at the end.

This is just a sampling of the online courses we’ve examined in this post; there are a plethora of them available all around the world.

We did our best to limit the scope of my research to Canada with this list, therefore the majority of the courses listed above are offered for free at the University of British Columbia in Canada.

When they are available, several of these courses include entire certificates. Although they are all free, certification does require payment over time. There are still some free online course certificates in Canada that do not demand payment prior to certification and only require you to finish the course to the conclusion.

On Coursera, the University of British Columbia offers courses like Software development, and at the completion of the course, the university issues credentials. This is advantageous because it allows you to become an alumnus of the aforementioned university without having to visit the campus.

It is advised that you take any of these courses as a student. Even though the course you’re taking requires payment before certification, if you have the means, go ahead and receive the certificate; if you don’t, please first get the information.

Trust you found our article on 25 Free Online Courses In Canada With Certificates helpful. follow our website for more interesting articles.