List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses

List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses 2024

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This is all about the best free online gunsmithing courses so far. Despite the pandemic wreaking havoc on the planet, online learning platforms have provided a way for us to learn at any time and from anywhere, making it simple for anyone who chooses to know anything at all.

Taking an online course has allowed a lot of people to gain a ton of qualifications, abilities, and knowledge nowadays. Some have even completed their undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degrees using online learning resources.

It’s simple to get started. It only requires a smart device that can access the internet, such as a phone, laptop, or tablet, and most importantly, a passion for learning.

There are a ton of online courses available nowadays, most of which are free while others are charged. All of them provide students with the knowledge and abilities needed for the roles they have applied for.

We will talk about free online courses in this article, with a focus on free online gunsmithing courses. As a result, if you have been looking for information on this particular subject, we encourage you to pay close attention to the last sentence as we guide you to your destination. You can read our articles on free online courses for freight.

It’s possible that someone who just came across this piece will still have questions about the advantages of online education and the reasons why enrolling in them is advised. We have provided an answer to this query and others in this article. As a result, the advantages of online education are as follows:

  • As students can attend online courses from their homes, places of employment, or other locations of their choosing, there are fewer odds that they will miss class.
  • One’s technical abilities are enhanced because a variety of tools are required for the learning process.
  • Online classes assist in providing a larger, more universal view on a subject or issue.
  • By offering a variety of materials like PDFs, videos, podcasts, and other resources, online learning improves the productivity of the teacher.
  • As long as there is an internet connection and the course plan is active, online learning is available whenever and wherever.
  • The cost of online education is less than what would have been required for travel, lodging, etc.

Let’s now embark on a voyage through the free online gunsmithing courses to learn more about what they include.

The first step in thinking about a career as a gunsmith is to have a passion in designing, creating, and maintaining firearms. Gunsmiths are in charge of creating, maintaining, repairing, assembling, and dismantling firearms to fit the needs of customers.

Although a gunsmith’s pay can vary according on his education or experience, the national average is $39,935 per year.

Before one is eligible to become a gunsmith, some prerequisites must be met. These conditions are:

  • acquiring the knowledge and abilities required to begin a profession. Abilities in metallurgy and woodworking, a strong arithmetic foundation, and familiarity with standard hand tools for chiseling, grinding, polishing, etc. It also necessitates learning about writing, algebra, drawing, and ballistics.
  • Since gunsmithing is a very practical trade that necessitates working either full-time or part-time while you are learning to help you understand better, having work experience is crucial.
  • It’s also crucial to complete formal training or education where you can receive a diploma or degree and certification. Depending on what you joined up for, the program or training could last anywhere from 6 months to 24 months.
  • Possessing a current federal guns license is important because any prospective employer will run a background check to determine your eligibility to own a gun. You must be 21 years of age or older to be eligible to apply for the license.
  • Joining groups or professional organizations will help you develop your skills significantly and advance your career as well because you often run into others with similar perspectives who are happy to exchange advice with you.


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The following are career opportunities for gunsmiths or areas in which they can specialize

1. Custom firearms creator/designer

Here, the gunsmiths concentrate on building guns from components and raw materials to the demands of customers. They also create hunting and shooting-specific rifles, which are always more personalized than those made by conventional gun manufacturers.

2. Finisher

To stop corrosion on the steel sections of the gun’s surface, this group of gunsmiths applies chemical techniques like browning, bluing, etc. Also, they use a case hardening process to low carbon steel components, creating a thin, extremely hard top layer with a pliable core.

3. Stock creator

These gunsmiths adjust stocks to fit the client’s body measurements as well as the metal components of the pistol. The woods used to carve the gun stocks often include walnut, birch, maple, applewood, etc. While high-end gunstocks are handcrafted using tools like saws, chisels, rasps, and files, wood gunshots can be created utilizing automated machinery.

4. Checker

These gunsmiths are in charge of using checkering instruments to create patterns. On grippable wood surfaces, there are elaborate designs.

5. A gun engraver

These gunsmiths etch metal with hand-powered instruments. On the gun’s metal surfaces, they create patterns or images. You must first learn how to sketch out the intended design on paper if you want to become a pistol engraver. The significance of an engraving increases the value of a firearm.

6. Pistol Smith

These types of gunsmiths are in charge of repairing revolvers and pistols. They are very skilled in metalworking, woodworking, checkering, machining, and metal finishing. When compared to those who have received extensive training, some pistolsmiths only work on one or two different types of pistols.

7. Arms producer

Here, the gunsmith uses their knowledge and abilities to create a select few sorts of gun parts. They produce crucial components such locks, receivers, trigger systems, and barrels.


List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses


How Does Gunsmithing Work?

Making firearms functional through repairs, modifications, design, construction, and renovations is known as gunsmithing. Simply said, it involves restoring malfunctioning firearms to their original state or condition in order to ensure proper operation.


Advantages of online gunsmithing training

The advantages of taking online gunsmithing classes are numerous. Some of them are highlighted in this article and are listed below:

As long as there is an internet connection, technology has made it feasible to join up from anywhere, so anyone can take the course from anywhere at any time.

It conserves time, effort, and money that may have been spent on travel, lodging, etc.

Because the expense of attending a professional gunsmithing course is not cheap, one can locate low-cost or even no-cost courses online.

Flexibility is possible since each student can set their own pace for learning.

The majority of the time, curriculums and standards are met by updating the learning resources.


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Conditions for Online Gunsmithing Courses

There are no specific prerequisites for attending free online courses in gunsmithing other than possessing smart devices like phones, computers, or tablets that can connect to the internet. Another aspect to take into account before enrolling is your level of fervor for the gunsmithing sector, as this will serve as your motivator.


List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses

From This Line Is The List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses

1. Updated Introduction to Carpentry

One of the best free online gunsmithing courses, Introduction to Carpentry-Revised, aims to familiarize students with carpentry and its jargon. It investigates the ideal material requirements for various tasks. The skills learned during this training are frequently utilized by gunsmiths because stocks are made out of wood and linked to metal parts of guns.

The training also covers the various fasteners, including staples, nails, screws, and bolts. Also explained are the use of epoxy anchors as well as drilling holes in hardened concrete or masonry.

The course’s 5 modules and 32 topics provide a thorough description of all you must know to complete the program.

Duration: 1.5 – 3 hours

Platform: Via Alison

Link To Course Website


List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses


2. Production Methods: Metalworking

Manufacturing processes: One of the best free online gunsmithing courses is metalworking, which teaches students about the various metalworking techniques used in manufacturing.

You learn about various presses, forging, rolling, extrusion, and wire drawing techniques as a student of gunsmithing. The various shearing and sheet metal procedures are also covered in the course.

Students will have knowledge of hot and cold working on metals, rolling, forging, extrusion, wire drawing, press, etc. after completing the course.

The training course is divided into 3 modules, each covering 15 different topics in detail.

Duration: 4 – 5 hours

Platform: Via Alison

Link To Course Website


3. Basic Tool Safety Course 160

One of the best free online gunsmithing courses, Course 160: Tool Safety-Basic, teaches students in-depth safety procedures for using hand and portable power tools.

Since gunsmiths utilize hand tools like chisels, punches, mallets, etc. to produce weapons, this training is absolutely necessary for them.

The training also covers the significance of choosing the appropriate tool for the job, the five recommended practices for using hand tools correctly, finding the typical moving parts on power tools that need to be protected, etc.

The training course is divided into 2 modules, each of which covers 14 different topics in detail.

Duration: 1 hour

Platform: Via OSHAcademy

Link To Course Website


List Of Best Free Online Gunsmithing Courses


4. Workshop Technological Foundations

Workshop Technical Foundation is one of the best free online gunsmithing courses that aims to give students understanding of workshop technology is called “Fundamentals of Workshop Technology.” It examines the basic workflows and practices of workshop technology.

The course exposes students to workshop procedures and how to use various workshop tools because gunsmiths make effective use of the workshop.

After completing the course, students will be able to explain how measuring and marking instruments work, identify the many steps involved in handling wood, describe the drilling and countersinking processes, etc.

The training course is divided into 3 modules, each covering 13 different topics in detail.

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

Platform: Via Alison

Link To Course Website




5. Fusion 360: Metal Designing

Fusion 360 is one of the best free online gunsmithing courses designed to equip learners with the ‘know-how’ on cloud-powered, accessible CAD and CAM tools to design metal parts for machining, including metals.

The course covers how to create efficient designs designed for metal subtractive manufacturing using Autodesk Fusion 360 and the CAM tool.

After completing the course, students will be able to design for the fabrication of metal, understand more about solid modeling, communicate, use simulation, create designs, and more.

The training course is divided into 4 modules, each covering 13 different topics in detail.

Duration: 1 –2 hours
Platform: Via LinkedIn Learning

Link To Course Website



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