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Wish to know how MTN data sharing works and how to share data on MTN, then this article got you covered on all the basic detail you need to know about the MTN Network and Sharing as a Customer.

Free items are popular, particularly things like airtime, data, money, etc.

Many people also have a lot in common, including clothing, footwear, airtime, data, money, and other items. Data Gifting, as MTN Nigeria refers to it.

Although it is comparable to other telephony services offered in the nation, Airtel calls it SmartShare.

With MTN’s Gift Data service, you may give friends data from your active data balance, purchase data for friends, or ask friends for data.

MTN data share code 2021 has seen a lot of usage.

If you wish to share your data package with your loved ones.

If so, you are in the right location; the relative need not be near. No matter where they are, you can still show them your love.




How To Share Data On MTN | how to transfer data on MTN

Lets in few lines explain all you need to know here on how to share data on MTN.

You can share a megabyte, gigabyte, or even terabyte of data on your MTN line if you don’t think you can use it all. This is a positive development because there are instances when we have a ton of data but are unsure of how to use it. Knowing how to share data on MTN is crucial for this reason.

You may buy, share, and even transfer data to your family and friends via MTN Data Gifting. Additionally, you can use this service to purchase data for your friends’ phones and modems.


How to Share Data on MTN | MTN Tariff Plans that Support Data Transfer

In this section is listed MTN major Packages and how to share data on MTN per Packages.

You must activate one of the MTN price plans for Nigeria before you may share data on MTN! Simply select the one that works for you:

  • Pulse
  • TruTalk
  • mPulse
  • AWUF4U
  • BetaTalk
  • XtraValue
  • XtraSpecial
  • Prepaid
  • XtraSpecial
  • Postpaid
  • Yafun
  • Yafun
  • XtraValue
  • Carte

You should be aware that if you wish to use a transfer service, you may only do so with one of the above-mentioned plans. Here is a brief and to the point explanation on how to exchange MTN data.


See How to Share Data on MTN 2022 Update


Three Ways to On How To Share Data On MTN | how to transfer data on MTN

On MTN, sharing data is possible in three different ways: via the myMTN app, SMS, or USSD. We’ll go over every technique you can employ to share your MTN data with family members. Your transfer will be finished in no more than five minutes. The MTN data sharing services are available to all MTN customers. The three approaches are;

  • Through SMS
  • Through MyMTN App
  • Through USSD


How To Share Data On MTN With Ussd Code

To share or transfer your MTN line’s available data allotment (in megabytes) to another MTN line:

  • Simply dial * 131 followed by the recipient’s phone number and dataset number, for example, 131081894480921*700#.
  • OR dial *131*7# or *131#, then choose option 6.
  • To proceed, choose option 1 and click Send.
  • Depending on the number of MBs you wish to share with the recipient, pick 1, 2, or 3.
  • To finish the procedure, click “Submit.”
  • You must double-check the amount of data you’re sending and the delivery destination number before clicking OK because the first stage is an automated process.


See How to Share Data on MTN 2022 Update


How To Share Data On MTN With SMS

Observe these methods to send gigabytes over an MTN connection using SMS;
Using your MTN line, send SMS in the following format: Send the desired amount of phone number data to 131. For instance, 09078528791 moves $250 to 131.
Before clicking the submit option, you must be certain of the phone number because once transmitted, your information cannot be retrieved. Other users will only receive free data if you type the phone number incorrectly.


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How to buy MTN data for friends

Aside just tutorials on how to share data on MTN, lets talk aboutr how we can buy these data for self and for others as well.

When you don’t have enough data to share with friends and family, you can easily purchase MTN data for them.

Any MTN data plan can be purchased for friends, who will then charge your phone credit. To purchase or give a buddy MTN line data, you must:

Send by entering the recipient’s phone number, package activation code, and *131. As you can see, it’s very basic. A better illustration is *131*106*08035912312#. You can purchase any amount of data for your friend using this way.
The actions that must be taken in order to transfer data on MTN 2024 are listed above.


How to Request MTN Data | how to share data on MTN

We all have friends that are constantly online and have a ton of information stored in their accounts. Why not ask such a friend to share some information with you?

The process is pretty easy to follow. All you have to do is dial 1317*3#. Only five requests per day may be sent to family and friends. You are not limited in any way when it comes to receiving data from multiple numbers at once. By dialing *13174#, you can quickly examine all of your pending requests if you’ve sent requests to multiple people.

On this page, you may also look up the request’s status.


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How to Check MTN Data Code | how to share data on MTN app

You can send “403” to 131 or dial * 131*4 # to check the MTN data code. You can also get in touch with the MTN operator by phone or direct message to check your balance.




MTN Data Sharing Limitations | How To Share Data On MTN

  • You need to have at least 50 MB on your account on MTN in order to share data.
  • The only transfer sizes are 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB.
  • The largest file you can send in a single day is 100MB.
  • You can still obtain data from other customers even if you already have it on your account. Be cautious because when you initially use it, the system will immediately consume the data it has received before consuming the data you have subscribed to.
  • On MTN, you can only share data twice each day. There are several actions you may take to buy a data plan. Your budget will determine everything. You won’t be able to see transfer requests if the channel is in DND (Do Not Disturb) mode.
  • Pending requests are those that have been issued to another user but have not yet received a response. It is in effect for 48 hours. The system will only display the ten most recent requests if you made multiple requests to different recipients.
  • On MTN, combined data sharing is not available. You cannot transfer 250MB if, for instance, you have 100MB in your weekly plan and 150MB in your monthly plan. It can only be sent separately.

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