how to get squarespace student discount

How to Get Squarespace Student Discount in 2024

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Looking for a how to get squarespace student discount in 2024 as a student? The education discount is distributed and verified by Student Bean.

Squarespace is a great website builder since it has the best template designs accessible. Utilizing one of the exclusive discount codes will also save you 10% on the cost of building your website!

Incredibly, you can even save 50% if you’re a student. Additionally, if you are a student and have an active school email address, Squarespace will give you a 50% first-year student discount.

You can make any notion into a reality using Squarespace. You can access individualized support as a student 24/7 via live chat, email, or by participating in a live webinar.

The best platform for building creative and professional websites is Squarespace. It’s the best on the market for features and designs of the highest caliber, making it ideal for photography, blogging, and resumes. Additionally, it offers fantastic sales tools for your internet business.

how to get squarespace student discount

About how to get Squarespace Student Discount

The United States-based company Squarespace, Inc. specializes in the creation and hosting of websites. It offers software as a service for website creation and hosting, enabling users to build and edit web pages using pre-built website templates and drag-and-drop features.

In Maryland, USA, Squarespace was introduced in 2003. It began by merely acting as a blog hosting service, but with time it developed into something much more important. By the year 2006, it generated $1 million in sales.

In order to replace its coding backend with drag-and-drop features, it raised a total of $78.5 million in venture capital by 2014, introduced e-commerce tools, domain name services, and analytics. 1.9% of the top 10 million websites utilize Squarespace, according to W3Techs.

A website builder called Squarespace was developed to help creative people and website owners make stunning websites. You may utilize Squarespace without having any prior coding skills.

Even while anybody can use Squarespace to create a website, with a little time and effort, you can have a stunning website with features like integrated eCommerce checkout facilities, a custom domain name, and even SSL certificate protection.

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Does Squarespace Have a Student Discount in 2024?

Yes! You can get 50% off your plan in 2024 with Squarespace’s student discount, but you have to use an email address from a recognized university. Other discounts are available.

The initial payment for your site is covered by the Squarespace Student discount in 2024.

Students who have active school email addresses are eligible for a 50% discount on Squarespace’s first year of service. Any new website or online store, that is!

For more information about Squarespace’s fantastic savings in 2024, see this student offer. You will have to choose between using this coupon and the 10% discount because you cannot combine it with any other offer codes. (You should be able to decide which to pick)

Even better, you can use the discount on as many as three websites using the same school email address. To get started, go to Squarespace right now and look for your institution.

Who Qualifies for Squarespace Student Discount in 2024?

You’ll need to show proof of enrollment, typically in the form of a student ID, in order to use your Squarespace student discount.

To be qualified for the 2024 Squarespace Student Discount, you must meet the requirements listed below:

  • Become a full-time student again by enrolling in a school that will accept you. The discount is not available to employees, educators, or alumni.
  • Visit Student Beans to complete the verification procedure.
  • Use the Student Beans discount code before it expires to get a discount. Codes for special offers are still good till the end of the year. You are permitted one offer code through Student Beans each calendar year.

When you’re prepared to pay for your site, it is advisable to get the offer code from Student Beans.

How do I get a Squarespace Student Discount in 2024?

On Squarespace’s student discount page, students may look up their school and register using email address. Once registered, students can select from hundreds of editable templates and launch their sites right away.

  • The actions listed below must be taken in order to receive the Squarespace student discount:
  • Open a trial site on the Squarespace website.
  • Visit Student Beans, click Sign up, make an account, and then confirm that you are a student.
  • To obtain your one-time use promotion code, click Login on the Student Beans Squarespace page. The code is no longer valid at the end of the year it was created. Any Offer Codes that are not redeemed by the Expiration Date are not the responsibility of Squarespace. The forfeiture of an Offer Code that is not used by the Expiration Date will result in its loss.
  • Click Subscribe to upgrade to a paid plan on your Squarespace trial site, then select an annual billing schedule.
  • In the Promo code section on the Review order screen, enter your coupon code.

Does Squarespace offer a Refund Policy?

Each subscription to Squarespace is distinct from the others. In other words, if you stop using one service, your other memberships won’t be automatically canceled or refunded.

Your Squarespace subscription can be canceled at any time. Refunds are only given for specific services. Check out their return terms before you cancel.

If you decide to cancel your annual Member Areas subscription within the first 14 days of your subscription, Squarespace will instantly give a full refund. If not, your Member Areas add-on is configured to automatically renew, and the following refund procedures will apply:

  • After 14 days from the first payment, annual plans are not eligible for refunds.
  • Refunds for monthly plans are not available.
  • Refunds for payments made for renewals are not available. An email notifying you that a payment is due will be made will be sent to you fifteen days prior to the renewal of an annual subscription. You can turn off auto-renewal if you prefer not to have Member Areas renew on a regular basis.

Fill out a refund request form and send it to Squarespace if you think you should have received a refund but haven’t. Within two business days, your refund request will be examined, and you will receive a response.

If less than 10 business days have passed and you still haven’t received the anticipated return, the refund might still be processing. It may take 3 to 10 business days for refunds to show up on your card.

how to get squarespace student discount

On Squarespace, how can you apply a discount?

It’s really very easy! Start by utilizing the 14-day free trial offered by Squarespace. After that, decide which premium plan best meets your needs.

The best way to maximize your savings is to choose an annual plan. To get your Squarespace discount, enter your coupon in the “Promo Code” section at the checkout.

What additional savings and advantages are offered by Squarespace?

Up to 30% Off Each Year

You can save up to 1% by choosing a yearly plan versus a monthly one. This is the most widely used method of saving money on your Squarespace subscription because it is always available and doesn’t require a code.

The most affordable eCommerce plans, Basic Ecommerce, still offers you a hefty 25% discount when you choose its yearly subscription, though you save the most money on personal or company plans.

The nicest thing about this deal is that you may combine it with a Squarespace promotional offer. To increase your savings on an annual plan, apply the 10% code!

14-day free trial

In addition, Squarespace provides a 14-day free trial.

Do it yourself

Using Squarespace’s Drag & Drop features, you can add photos to make your vision come to life. To make your website stand out, use configurable options to access various fonts, colors, and layouts.

Grow your network

Linking your social media accounts to your website will help you reach a wider audience. Increase discoverability by using the SEO tools integrated into Squarespace, and expand your professional network by adding contact forms.

Analyze and optimize

The all-in-one platform from Squarespace offers insights into visitor behavior through graphic reports that include statistics on things like page visits, subscriber counts, most-popular content, and more.

What are other ways to save at Squarespace?

Check the Squarespace coupon page

For the most recent coupon codes and discounts, visit the Squarespace coupon codes page. There are many promotions running at a certain moment.

Follow Squarespace on social media

Squarespace frequently posts special offers to its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites for followers to take advantage of.

Check Amazon for Squarespace items

Squarespace products are available on Amazon for a discount, and Prime subscribers can get free shipping. View Amazon’s Squarespace specials.

Shop used Squarespace items on eBay

If you can’t find a deal elsewhere, it can be worthwhile to search eBay for used Squarespace products. View eBay’s Squarespace specials.



People reportedly love Squarespace’s user-friendly interface and sleek layouts. Even while advanced eCommerce and extras can be pricey, Squarespace is worthwhile for the majority of small businesses, especially those wishing to quickly and inexpensively establish an impressive-looking website.

One of the best deals available is the 50% Squarespace Student Discount. Students should use Squarespace to cut costs and take advantage of this.

how to get squarespace student discount

Commonly Asked Questions On How to get Squarespace Student Discount

Here are some question about how to get squarespace student discount.

Can the 10% how to get squarespace student discount be combined?

Unfortunately, you cannot combine these discounts. You must make a choice. If you’re a student, we suggest choosing the 50% student discount to maximize your savings. If student discounts are not an option for you, you can still save money on your plan quite easily by utilizing our 10% Squarespace coupon.

Are former students and alumni eligible for the student discount?

No! Only students who are still enrolled full-time in school may still validate their ID.

What can I do to get the university to collaborate with Squarespace?

Due to the fact that attending school may be expensive, Squarespace has teamed up with institutions like Harvard, RISD, and FIT to provide students with a 50% discount on their first year of service. If your school hasn’t worked with Squarespace yet, you may quickly ask to be added to the list.

Can I use Squarespace for free?

The free option is not available on Squarespace. The premium plans are the only ones you may purchase. However, you can always take the offered 14-day free trial if you don’t feel like paying before trying. Credit cards are not needed!

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