How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids

9 Steps On How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids

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Most times how to get back to work after having kids becomes a top question, based on how to cope, pick up from where you stopped or go with the changes that might have come up. This is all we have here narrated, we will guide you on how to go about it, from one step to the other until you are back to normal.

When they have children, many people ultimately decide to put their professions on hold. Although it may be archaic, women typically end up caring for their children at home during the first several years.

Once the kids are in school, mothers frequently re-enter the workforce in an effort to advance their careers. Nonetheless, it might be challenging to return to the workplace after a break. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to increase your employability and ease the move, so let’s look at them now.


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Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


9 Steps On How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids

From Here Down Are The List Of Steps On How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids

1. Be Patient With Yourself

One of the best bits of advise I ever received from my boss at the time was this. You don’t have to be flawless on your first day, first week, or even any other day. This applies to returning to work as well as caring for your body and your children. Actually, the suggestion is quite universal.

To get back into the groove of things, give yourself some breathing room. If you can avoid it, avoid setting up important customer meetings, presentations, or projects straight away. If you can’t help it, try to find a way to get rid of some other things so you can devote all of your attention to that one endeavor.

Do schedule time slots to read through email and catch up on any tasks, reports, or other things you missed while you were on vacation. You probably won’t read through all of your emails at once, and that’s alright. Try starting with the most crucial tasks and finishing the remainder over the following several days.

Moreover, set up individual meetings or coffee dates with your team to learn more about their projects and general progress (this will be a welcome reprieve from the constant barrage of work-related information!).


Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


2. Build Trust in Your Childcare

You’ll be a better, more at ease employee at work if you know that your child is loved and cared for when you’re away. Hence, begin your search for daycare early and spend some time getting to know your caregiver(s) before returning to the office.

If you decide to hire a nanny, attempt to have them start one to two weeks before you return, ideally on a reduced schedule. To get used to the thought of being away, play with the baby, connect with him or her, and go a few errands where you’re only gone for a few hours. And to get to know your nanny outside of their job, take her out to lunch without the kid.

If you’re using a nanny share, plan several family get-togethers before returning. And if you use a daycare, ask to observe or shadow the staff members, take advantage of the tour, and ask as many questions as you want. Once more, start the baby sooner than necessary and possibly on a reduced schedule to give you and the baby time to adjust to the new environment.


Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


3. Define Your Team’s Clear Limits (and Yourself)

I made careful to meet with my team to explain my hours and establish new norms for our day, including how we could collaborate in a way that made sense and benefited everyone, after I returned from my maternity leave with a reduced schedule. In order to acclimate my staff to the new schedule during the first few weeks I was back, I also started checking in with them each day an hour before my old “end of the day.” Make sure your team is aware of your online availability, even if you don’t have a new schedule.

In order to make the transition back to work easier, it’s becoming more and more typical for new parents to have flexible schedules during those first few weeks. Yet while I had greater freedom to work from home, I also had to figure out how to do it. As a result of my personal experience and feedback from many of my fellow parents, I’ve established limits with myself even at home to try not to be both a parent and a worker at the same time.

As I commuted, I made sure to check my email and take care of any urgent matters before entering my apartment. This allowed me to be totally present for my family when I entered. Because I’m not checking my phone in front of my kid or trying to answer to a client while preparing dinner (and so things like “fart” don’t show up in business emails—yes, I learned that from personal experience), I placed my phone and computer in another room. Here are some additional pointers for parents who want to work from home.


Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


4. Defend Your Needs (and Those of Your Child)

It goes without saying that this advice is applicable in all facets of life and not only parenting, but it becomes even more crucial after having a child. Ask for what you need; don’t assume others are aware of what you need. If you just ask for something, you’d be astonished at how much you’ll get in return.

Do you need a meeting rescheduled so you can leave for childcare on time? In your request, offer an alternative course of action but ask anyway. Are you less accessible for client events after business hours? Encourage a colleague to fill in for you, or offer other original strategies for meeting clients that work with your schedule. Who knows, perhaps other working parents will value your creativity.


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Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


5. Control expectations.

You don’t need me to tell you that having a baby at home makes it easier to prioritize your tasks and that you must establish deadlines for yourself in order to complete those tasks on time.

Hence, don’t be scared to ask: When do you need this by? when someone offers you to join a project. Is this a top concern? How long do you think this will take?

Then be open and direct about what you can and cannot do for them: I wish I could work on that, but since I have X to finish before I leave today and it’s not a top priority, I won’t be able to get it to you until the end of the week. Does that time slot suit you?

Even while you might not be able to win over everyone, by being direct, you can show that you’re proactive and committed to doing your work effectively while also covering all your bases.


Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


6. Arrange a Pumping Time

If you need to breastfeed while at work, schedule time for it in your calendar and provide a 10- to 15-minute buffer to make sure you stay on schedule. You can prevent it from being a source of stress by scheduling it into your day and making it absolutely nonnegotiable (remember those limits we talked about earlier?). (And skipping a pumping session might cause physical agony as well, which can cause you to end up with ramifications all the way down your shirt.)

To reduce carrying the equipment back and forth, if at all possible, buy a second pump to leave at work. Also, make sure your office has a comfortable space for you to pump. Ask HR or an office manager directly whether there is a “lactation room” if it isn’t obvious.

According to federal law, an employer is required to give nursing staff breaks and “a space, other than a lavatory, that is shielded from view and free from interference from coworkers and the public.” Before arguing for what you need, it’s crucial to first assess what your office already has in place because specifics can vary from state to state and depending on office size.


Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids


7. Locate Your Support Group

Guilt for being away from the baby, guilt for not feeling terrible for not being with the baby, guilt for saying “no” to a colleague so you can leave early to return to the baby—working parent guilt is real, and it comes in all shapes and sizes.

Remind yourself that you are enough whenever these ideas arise.

Find your community as well (whether inside or outside the office). Provide a safe space for you to express how you’re feeling by speaking to other parents who have been through it. You can at least find Facebook groups where you can start interacting if you quickly Google local parenting and mom communities. (These organizations are also a fantastic place to find nanny sharing.) Also, some hospitals organize parenting groups based on the time of the baby’s birth. Take advantage of “Baby and Me” activities offered in your town or area, such as swimming lessons, reading sessions at the library, and group walks.

After attending a “mother and me yoga” session by chance, I had lunch with three amazing women who had children the same age as mine. Three years later, I still text them once a week to discuss parenting, work, and children in general.


Still On: How To Get Back To Work After Having Kids




8. Set Apart Some Time Only For You

Although while it might seem impossible to find more time in the day for things other than family and work, self-care is essential if you want to be the parent, employee, or basically anything else you want to be. I’m more present in all areas of my life when I make time for myself. I’ve come to realize that one present moment (no matter how brief) is worth a million hurried ones.

  • The following is a practical guide to finding time for yourself each week:
  • Make sure to schedule a lunch break and leave your desk (or switch off your computer) to eat.
  • You’ll be glad you continued to attend that weekly yoga (or Pilates, or barre, or whatever) session.

In order to accomplish something just for you, get up an hour before you need to (and an hour before the baby). It’s not for everyone (if you’re not a morning person, please sleep in), but for me, it allows for more leisurely coffee consumption and cozy book reading.


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