How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos in 2024

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When you hear the topic ” How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos “, is it even possible, that’s what pops your mind imidieately, yes it is indeed possible, and all about this is what we have got to discuss here in full detail, so kindly follow the article gradually, to better understand in detail what we have got here for you.

When you know you should be doing something else, do you ever find yourself being drawn into watching web videos? Perhaps your habit isn’t as harmful as you believe. Why not truly make money while viewing videos in your free time rather than beating yourself up for being ineffective? This post will explain how it is possible to get paid to watch videos online. You won’t get wealthy, but you will earn some additional cash for a hobby you enjoy.


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Still On: How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos in 2024

From Here Down Is The Detail On How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos

1. Netflix

Taggers are people who watch television and movies, and Netflix is known to hire them. so that people can classify various performances by using specific tags.

TV series may be categorized under some of these tags as “action, humor,” or “shows featuring a leading male.” These tags are used by Netflix in its marketing campaigns. They categorize them into several genres, which aids in identifying the intended audience.

Stick with it if being a tagger is something you’re passionate about. You never know when a deal this incredible will show up on your screen. For the most recent information on how to become a tagger, visit the Netflix Employment board.

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2. Swagbuck

Swagbucks is another website where you may get paid for engaging activities like watching videos. When your points have accumulated to a significant amount, you can redeem them for earned gift cards or, if you want, you can be paid through PayPal, where you can then quickly transfer the funds to your bank account.

You can choose any of the many different videos, which cover a range of topics like travel, entertainment, and more. On iPhone, Android, and desktop browsers, Swagbucks can be used.

Swagbucks is more than simply an app, though. You can use it for internet activities such as browsing. With over $300 million in prizes paid out to date, it is one of the biggest reward sites in this area.

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Still On: How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


3. Inboxdollar

Inboxdollar is one of the websites that pay you to watch videos online; it can be accessed via iPhone, Android, and desktop browsers, but it does not support use of Internet Explorer or Edge. By watching movie trailers, watching television, completing surveys, buying, and even reading emails, you may earn rewards with InboxDollars.

This is a fantastic approach for brands to satisfy consumer demand. and it involves soliciting consumer feedback. It is the most effective approach for businesses to discover what you appreciate and dislike about their goods.

Inboxdollars receives payment from businesses to supply that kind of data. The organization seeks out individuals like you to accomplish that. You can receive money in exchange for your time and labor.

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How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


4. Mypoints

On the MyPoints website, you can only watch videos using a desktop browser (Safari isn’t supported). But, you can watch videos on your iPhone or Android smartphone using the standalone mobile software MyPoints TV.

By completing surveys, printing coupons, playing games, and even watching movies, you may earn points on the website MyPoints. MyPoints withdrawals require a $25 minimum. Nonetheless, this isn’t too tough given the multitude of ways to generate money on the network.

Thus, it’s a wonderful opportunity to earn some incentives if you enjoy watching videos, whether they be app trailers, movie trailers, etc.

You can receive gift cards from a number of well-known retailers, like Amazon, American Airlines, Best Buy, and Bath and Body Works, as well as cash through your PayPal account, depending on how well you perform.

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Still On: How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


5. iRazoo

Over the course of its more than ten years in operation, iRazoo has paid its users more than $100 million. You gain points by watching videos on iRazoo.

Your points can be redeemed for PayPal cash or for gift cards to well-known stores like Amazon.

Similar to this, you can increase your point total on iRazoo by participating in surveys, games, offers, and other activities. Also, they have a referral program where you may earn points by referring family members to sign up.

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6. CashCrate

Because of its incredible referral scheme, where you receive 20% of all your referred friends’ lifetime earnings for every referral, CashCrate is another highly lucrative site where you can get paid to watch TV, movies, or trailers.

Even better, the proportion rises as you recommend more people to use CashCrate to watch films online, up to a point where you are compensated with 30% of their revenue.

The chance to watch movies in return for gift cards of your choice (from merchants like Amazon, Walmart, and Target, to name a few!) is what I like about Cash Crate and many of the other websites on our list.

Automatic payments for Cashcrate are made at the start and middle of each month according to a predetermined schedule. Yet, based on your earnings, you may receive payment via cheque, direct deposit, Dwolla, or Paypal.

You can easily get up to $15 or even $20 in a day, according to one CashCrate customer who earns $120 each month using the service. What a profitable yet simple method for making money while viewing movies!

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Still On: How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


7. FusionCash

You (may) get paid for viewing commercials or videos on websites like YouTube on FusionCash, which is almost like those other websites.

Because there aren’t any transaction costs, FusionCash stands out from the online competition for “watch videos for money or cash.”

You can sign up for FusionCash in a matter of seconds to start making money watching movies and receive a $5 welcome bonus.

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How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


8. Nielsen family

This is for you if you still have a cable subscription and watch TV the “traditional” way. By signing up for Nielsen Family, you may get paid to watch TV.

Tens of thousands of Nielsen families earn money simply by sharing their viewing preferences and comments all around the United States.

You cannot, regrettably, apply to join the Nielsen Family. You’ll need to keep a watch on your inbox because Nielsen contacts families they are interested in working with.

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9. Vindale Research

By taking online surveys for Vindale Research, one can earn money while watching television.

One of Vindale Research’s outstanding qualities is its daily studies. You may do up to 10 daily studies per day, with each study paying between $0.75 and $1.25. You can earn up to $25 per day by working on studies alone.

It’s worth attempting to see if there are any surveys you qualify for even if, like many survey sites, you might or might not based on their target demographic in order to make money during the adverts of your favorite TV shows.

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Still On: How Get Paid to Watch YouTube Videos


10. Hallmark movies

Typically, Century Link, Inc. pays $1,000 to watch 24 Hallmark Channel Christmas movies in 12 days. It is significant to highlight that the contest is not being organized by Hallmark Movies or Channel.

The company behind the competition is Central Link Inc. You are permitted to work remotely by the company. It may be from the convenience of your house or another location where you can view movies.

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