difference between gpa and cgpa

Difference Between GPA and CGPA- A Detailed Guide

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It’s crucial to calculate and keep track of grades and grade points, and it’s also important to be familiar with the various assessment techniques.

The methods used by various boards and colleges to calculate, evaluate, and grade your work vary. Understanding these concepts and the methodology used to calculate them on a general level is crucial.

It is important to become aware with the difference between gpa and cgpa as well as the calculations and conversions that must be made because these terms are widely used in both Indian and international grading systems. The details you require to comprehend the distinction between GPA and CGPA are provided below.


What is GPA?

You’ll hear the term “Grade Point Average” (GPA) both in high school and in college. A GPA is a figure that represents your average score.

A grade point can either be a number or a letter. A grade of A, for instance, typically denotes a number, typically a multiple of 4, so if you receive an A, your GPA would be 4, and if you receive a B, the grade point shifts to 3, and so on, in accordance with the grading scale.

Depending on the region you are in and the school you are enrolled in, there are various ways to calculate your grade point. Let’s use the following example to demonstrate how to determine your GPA:

Let’s say you completed three courses for three credits each.
The points for each grade are as follows:

  • Subject 1- A (4 on GPA scale)
  • Subject 2- C (2 on GPA scale)
  • Subject 3- B (3 on GPA scale)

Consequently, if we multiply the grade by the credits, we obtain 12 for Subject 1, 6 for Subject 2, and 9 for Subject 3. Your grade point total is 27 when we add up these figures, and when we divide it by the amount of credits, which is 9 (3+3+3), we obtain the number 3, which is your grade point average, or GPA. Consequently, it is clear how crucial credits are in establishing your grade point.

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What is CGPA?

Cumulative Grade Point Average is referred to as CGPA. It is typically used to assess a student’s overall academic performance. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is determined by taking the mean of the GPA a student receives each semester and dividing it by the total number of credits.

According to the CGPA method, specific grades are assigned to ranges of marks, such as Grade Point 9 for 90-95 marks. Academic institutions frequently make their CGPA conversion table public.

difference between gpa and cgpa

Difference Between GPA and CGPA: Defining CGPA

Although GPA and CGPA both assess a student’s achievement in a course, there are several key difference between gpa and cgpa. The primary distinction between CGPA and GPA is that the latter evaluates academic achievement over the length of the entire program, including all units and semesters. However, a unit or semester’s performance is only evaluated by the GPA.

Below are some tips to help you grasp the fundamental distinctions that define them apart:


GPA is used to grade students for a single semester, whereas CGPA totals all of the grades and credits for all of the semesters.

Time Period

GPA covers a shorter period of time, such as a semester or term, while CGPA covers a longer period of time, such as the entire length of a bachelor’s degree, covering all of the semesters.

  • Inter-relatedness

    You must maintain a strong GPA during each semester in order to achieve a strong average for your desired degree, as the CGPA averages your grades from all semesters. Thus, GPA and CGPA are truly related to one another, and in order to achieve a high CGPA, you must make sure that your GPA improves over the course of each semester.

  • Emphasis

Universities frequently look at a student’s GPA when determining their academic standing for higher education in order to gauge their consistency over the course of the program, and they place less importance on CGPA. Institutes and colleges would typically ask you for your GPA if you plan to study abroad rather than your CGPA, which is valued more highly in Indian universities.

  • Grades or Assessment Scores

GPA uses letter grades like A, B, C, D, or E while CGPA uses grade points, which are typically from 1 to 10, that are split among a certain range of marks.

  • Grade Point Calculator

One of the most prevalent variations between GPA and CGPA is that universities in India utilize a 10-point GPA system, whereas universities in the UK and numerous other foreign nations use a 4-point GPA system. The bifurcation of the range of marks can vary depending on the university or the region, but CGPA frequently uses a standard grading method.

difference between gpa and cgpa

Based on the following table, the GPA formula is used:

Grade                       Percent Grade                            4.0 Scale                              4.0 + Scale

A +                          97 – 100                                    4.0                                      4.3

A                             93 – 96                                      4.0                                      4.0

A –                          90 -92                                        3.7                                      3.7

B +                          87 – 89                                      3.3                                      3.3

B                             83 – 86                                      3.0                                      3.0

B –                          80 – 82                                      2.7                                       2.7

C +                         77 – 79                                       2.3                                      2.3

C                            73 – 76                                       2.0                                      2.0

C –                         70 – 72                                      1.7                                       1.7

D +                        67 – 69                                      1.3                                        1.3

D                           65 – 66                                      1.0                                        1.0

D –                        Below 65                                    0.7                                        0.7

F                           Below 65                                    0.0                                        0.0


Difference Between GPA And CGPA (GPA) Example & Calculation

Courses          Credit Hrs              Grade            Point for Grades               Weighted Grade Pts.

Physics           4                          A                   4                                     4 x 4 = 16

Maths            3                           B                   3                                     3 x 3 = 9

English          3                           B                    3                                    3 x 3 = 9

Science         5                           A                    4                                    5 x 4 =20

Total = 15                                                                             Total = 54

GPA = 54/15 = 3.6

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Difference Between GPA And CGPA (CGPA) Example & Calculation

Semesters          Credit Hours                GPA                Weight Average GPA

1                       22                              3.5                  22 x 3.5 = 77

2                       20                              3.2                  20 x 3.2 = 64

Total = 42                                         Total = 141

CGPA = 141/42 = 3.36



The significance of GPA and CGPA

We can now examine why GPA and CGPA are significant and connected at the same time, having established the differences between them:

  • To achieve an excellent CGPA, you must maintain a steady GPA.
  • Since both are listed on your mark sheet and colleges frequently request your GPA and CGPA, it is important to pay attention to both.
  • Here are some professions where your GPA and CGPA will be important.
  • applying for a higher education program.
  • for a variety of awards.
  • placing applications
  • One needs to carefully concentrate on achieving a decent CGPA because it is thought to be a significant component when it comes to cutoffs for various programs and scholarships. Students are accepted or denied based on differences of just one decimal point.

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difference between gpa and cgpa





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