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Common Metaphors With Meanings 2024

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Common metaphors with meanings in 2024: will be discourse on this blog. She is the head of the household. What do you believe the aforementioned sentence suggests? The “woman” is being referred to as the “man” in order to make a comparison with the notion of bearing all the burdens and serving as the household’s primary provider.

A typical metaphor might be this one. Metaphors are frequently employed in English and play a significant role in tests like the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC, and many others. This blog on frequent metaphors with meanings can be very helpful to you if you are preparing for English for competitive exams. Find out more by reading on!


What is a Metaphor?

It’s interesting to use metaphor to highlight and map certain descriptive aspects of two phrases (the word metaphor comes from the Greek word metaphora, which means “to transfer”).

In order to compare a certain behavior, idea, or emotion to something absurd or unrelated to it, metaphors produce a lovely blending of concepts.

The best instances of abstract analogies may be seen in films like the Academy Award-winning Parasite, where the protagonists are compared to creatures who drain riches.

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Types of Metaphors

Let’s explore metaphors further and examine their various forms!

These are a few examples of frequent common metaphors with meanings:

Implied Metaphor

When two objects are compared without naming one of them, an implied metaphor is used. Using the fundamental formula, A is B, we infer a conclusion here.

As in: “In the conflict, our warriors were like lions.” Thus, the soldiers engaged in fierce combat.

A mother warned her youngster by barking. This implies that a dog and a woman are being compared.



Visual Metaphor

A visual metaphor is one of the most intriguing kinds of metaphors because it contrasts one item with a picture that suggests a link. In order to represent or illustrate a concept, feeling, etc., visual metaphors are widely employed in commercials and films.

For instance, the image below uses a visual metaphor to suggest that globalization and climate change are causing the Earth to melt like an ice cream.

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Extended Common Metaphors With Meanings

Several lines in a poem, stanza, or paragraph make up an extended metaphor. By using figurative language and descriptive comparison, these extended metaphors expand on basic metaphors.

For instance, Robert Frost draws a parallel between two highways and life decisions in his poem “The Road Not Taken.”

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common metaphors with meanings

Metaphor Examples for Kids

Our brains pick up ideas considerably more quickly in our early years than it does as we become older. Children can gain a distinctive viewpoint and comprehension of concepts, ideas, and things by being taught metaphors through imaginative examples.

You can utilize a variety of imaginative metaphors that youngsters can quickly recall to teach them the notion of metaphors. Here are some of the best children’s metaphors.


Some Examples of Common Metaphors With Meanings

Here are some common metaphors with meanings.

  1. Heart of stone: Cruel or stern nature
    My teacher has a heart of stone.

2. The Zoo metaphor: Crowded and noisy
The classroom turns into a zoo during recess.

3. Time is money: The value of time is as important as money itself.
Time is money, my friend!

4. Tall tree: Taller in height like a giant
He is a tall tree.

5. The wind screamed in his face while he was riding the bike.
Meaning: The wind is compared with a scream to emphasize on how furiously it blew.

6. Go for a walk or you’ll become a couch potato.
Meaning: Here, the person is told that he/she will turn fat and bulgy like a potato if they avoid exercising.

7. Her heart of stone was the result of the previous unfortunate events in her life.
Meaning: In this sentence, the heart is symbolised by a stone, emphasizing on the lack of empathy she developed.

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8. Her mom warned her about the monsters in the world.
Meaning: The denotation of the bad, wicked people is made by monsters.

9. He was a diamond among the sea of glass.
Meaning: The man (diamond) is said to be unique like a diamond among other ordinary men (sea of glass).

10. You’re sitting on a winning lottery.
Meaning: The term winning lottery is used to emphasize on a golden opportunity.

11. He was a cheetah in the race.
Meaning: The runner’s speed is being attributed to the speed of a cheetah.

12. You’ll be left in the dust.
Meaning: Here leaving one in the dust, implies being left far behind.

13. The professor was a guiding light for him.
Meaning: The professor is compared with light, so as to help him pave his way easily.

14. The curtains of life fell.
Meaning: The phrase ‘curtains of life’ are compared to that of a show which has fallen denoting that the person’s life is over.

15. Life is a maze.
Meaning: Life is being said to have its own navigation as you move ahead with surprises at every turn.

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16. There’s a rat among us.
Meaning: Rats are said to be sneaky animals and are associated with betrayal.

17. Her heart sank on hearing the terrible news.
Meaning: The sinking of the heart is termed to emphasise on deep sorrow.

18. Laughter is the best medicine.
Meaning: Laughter is compared with medicine so as to help you heal or recover from an event.

19. India’s culture is a salad bowl.

Meaning: Salad bowl is a common cultural idea to reflect India’s multiple cultures, yet having their own individual identities.

20. His heart was made of gold.

Meaning: Here, gold is used to indicate abundance and generosity.

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21. She was drowning in grief.

Meaning: Drowning is used to emphasize the amount of sorrow or problems in a person’s life.

22. The mind is an ocean.
Meaning: The mind is attributed to its endless capacity and also to characterize calmness.

23. Her heart melts when she sees him.
Meaning: The melting of the heart means to be sympathetic and compassionate.

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24. Your words cut deeper than a knife.
Meaning: The phrase is used to emphasize the intensity of a certain hurtful speech.

25. His lawyer is a shark.
Meaning: The lawyer being compared to a shark means the implication of vicious or ruthless behaviour.

26. He thinks that the world revolves around him.
Meaning: Here, the ‘world revolving around someone’ is used to describe a self-centred person or behaviour.

common metaphors with meanings

27. The mind is a computer.
Meaning: The mechanisms of the computer are compared to the brain.

28. Sarojini Naidu is the nightingale of India.
Meaning: The attribution of poetry and a melodious voice is associated with the nightingale and hence, the comparison.

29. A friend is a treasure.
Meaning: The friend is given the attributes of a treasure being precious and hard to find.

30. Love is a rose.
Meaning: Rose is used to characterize both- beauty and hardships (Petals and thorns).

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