100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings

100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings

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Let make a list of the top one hundred common metaphor examples with meanings in this article. Using one item to mean another or to create a parallel between two things is known as a metaphor. In poetry and literature, metaphors are frequently utilized to give a work additional depth and significance. They can be utilized to emphasize a point, arouse the reader’s emotions, or conjure up a mental picture.

Intense emotions like love and others are frequently described using metaphors. To express their partner’s perfection and beauty, someone would remark, “My love is like a rose.” Or, to express the hurt and emptiness they experience following a breakup, a person would say, “My heart is like a stone.”

More abstract concepts can also be described using metaphors. As an illustration, the metaphor “time is a thief” implies that time is something that can be wasted or stolen from us.

Although they can be effective literary devices, metaphors should only be employed occasionally and with caution. Metaphors that are overused can lose their power and become cliched. But when utilized well, metaphors may give your work more depth, meaning, and passion.

Metaphor is a technique that is frequently employed in both literary language (especially in poetry) and daily speech to convey a different meaning than would otherwise be the case. A metaphor can be used to provide aesthetic appeal to a description, elicit a comic impact, surprise, or convey sarcasm, among many other purposes. For instance, time is cash.


Still On The: 100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


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Different Metaphors

Absolute metaphors: juxtapose two things that have no apparent relationship in order to make a powerful statement.
(She’s balancing her grades on a razor’s edge this semester.)

Dead Metaphors: Even though we frequently employ them, dead metaphors have strayed so far from their original context that we are unable to determine what they are comparing. (Don’t lose your cool.)

(She was our family’s rock; sturdy and impervious to even the harshest storms.)

Implied Metaphors: Comparing two things implicitly without using precise language
(The teen burst into wrath.)

Mixed metaphors: combine two colloquial or common parallels.
She (turned to ice in the heat of the moment and) danced to the beat of her own drum.


Similes vs. Metaphors

Common metaphors often employ a form of the verb to be, as opposed to similes, which utilize like or as to draw parallels (such as is, am, are). In order to make a comparison, they may also employ additional verbs to suggest that a noun is actually performing an activity, even though it isn’t.

Metaphor: My heart is an endless sea of love.

Simile : My love is as deep as the ocean, to use a metaphor.

Similes and metaphors both relate a characteristic of two unlike items. They simply convey their message using various terminology and pacing.


Still On The: 100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings

From Here Down Is The Full List Of The Top One Hundred 100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings

1. Violet, amber, and rose colored light pours into the bowl of the midnight sky.

2. When there are still treats in life to enjoy, men don’t seek death.

3. Money is the lifeblood of capitalism, but altruism is its spirit.

4. Whose universe is but the quaking of a flare, and whose heaven is merely the road for a shell,

5. Reputation is the scent of heroic actions, not weeds, but flowers of chivalry!

6. So I’m sitting here quietly spinning the fine threads of rare and nuanced thought around this rotting form.

7. And the swish of rope and the ring of the chain are a joy to the primary sailors.

8. The schoolhouse by the road is still there, with a tattered beggar lounging nearby.

9. Our lone prayer to an empty sky was for the child.

10. Life is a fiddler, and we are all required to dance. Blind fools of fate and slaves of circumstance.


Still On The: 100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


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11. Make a salty foam out of the lovely spirit of our modest evaluations.

12.Laugh while sipping from the sky’s rich blue cup.

13. Consider this: there are a lot of clever tunnels and fabricated corridors in history.

14. You are currently in London, on that vast sea whose ebb and flow is simultaneously audible and deafening.

15. His sharp wit creates a wound so deep that the knife gets sucked inside.

16. His mailbox was swamped with waves of junk emails.

17. These votive wreaths of faded remembrance are suspended to thee in the temple of my heart.

18. He threw out a word-and-color net designed to capture the day’s idle buzzers.

19. My hopes and aspirations are cancerous because of this job.

20. This song will be your rose—soft, fragrant, and without a thorn to pierce your heart.

21. There was a person speaking with a venerable tune.

22. In the leftovers of former grief, a sweetness seems to endure.


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100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


23. Hence, in this dimly lit space we refer to as life,

24. Death is the waking up during the day, just as life is the night with its teeming dream-visions.

25. The pipe starts to slide as the lips let go of their tension till tiny ash clouds appeared.

26. It quietly drops at his side.

27. In the past, your smile was like wine to me and your words of appreciation were like golden wine.

28. Silver is dissolved into sound in thy tones.

29. The brown dirt under us is sturdy and old, making it the ideal place for travelers to rest;

30. Love is an impromptu visitor who, after appearing, claims his right;

31. Years have weathered and soiled My Mansion of Life.

32. See the sun far away, a dried-up orange in a pitch-black sky;

33. Three pines strained ominously as runners in an unnoticed race.

34. Yet Forgetfulness, a rare weed, runs away from me.

35. The woman with the copper sunburn is wearing a scarf that is a field of cornflower yellow.


Still On The: 100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


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36. Life is a locked door and a lit window.

37. On certain days, my thoughts are little more than cocoons dangling in my mental gray forests on drippy trees.

38. Men and women walk down the street, smiling at the sapphire-shining weather.

39. Existence is a song with an accompaniment, sung by a swan.

40. The lake is a vast silence without imagination at night.

41. The cherry trees are covered with seas of bloom and delicate, sweet-smelling fragrance.

42. The large golden light apples that hang from the street’s broad branch shed light on the faces that float below and on the faces that blow.

43. The evening rose drips from its blue vase.

44. Sometimes I descend into the depths of silent, dark contemplation, and there I discover weird fancies.

45. The twigs were placed below a willowy canopy.

46. Believing that comfort was a fantasy tale, he grasped and slashed at ropes and sail rags.

47. O Moon, your light is waning, and all that’s left of you is a bow.

48. A naked runner lost in a hail of spears, life is a fantasy in the darkness, a fear among fears.

49. Life itself is a garden that has been destroyed.

50. I so ventured forth into the winter wilderness of our lives with both hope and terror;

51. She was the tempest, and my soul was a sea without a torch.

52. With a blank expression, the detective listened to her stories.


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100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


53. She had a good feeling that life was a runway display.

54. The normal bedroom of a teenage boy is a catastrophe zone.

55. What storms disturbed the ocean of my sleep at that time?

56. The youngsters resembled gorgeous, desolate roses blooming in concrete gardens.

57. Kisses are the blossoming flowers of love.

58. She did not enjoy the sound of his cotton candy phrases.

59. Kathy brought a horde of kids to the grocery store.

60. She had firefly-like eyes.

61. He desired to set sail on the ocean of love, but instead he sat around in the desert wasting away.

62. I felt disoriented among a sea of faceless people.

63. John offered no real solutions, only a Band-Aid to cover up the issue.

64. Michael had a plaster shackle cast on his shattered leg.

65. The fruit of knowledge has long been a favorite of Cameron’s.

66. Our vow to one another was like a fragile flower.

67. He was born to roll, and it shows in everything he does.


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68. He begged for her pardon, but Janet had an iron heart.

69. To Ricardo, she was just another trophy or thing to own.

70. It is simpler to take the route of wrath than that of forgiveness.

71. Katie’s college admissions strategy was a house of cards on an uneven table.

72. Justice’s gears move slowly.

73. A stone of hope glows through the gloom.

74. She destroyed him with her words.

75. A rope ladder was dropped from heaven during the employment interview.

76. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders like a torrent of flowing golden water.

77. The classroom’s computer was a dinosaur-era relic.

78. The music of the soul is laughter.

79. Because of what he did to Shelia, David became a worm.


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100 Common Metaphor Examples with Meanings


80. The seeds of wisdom were sown by the teacher.

81. My life is a gloomy day, Phyllis, ah, Phyllis.

82. A small bayonet protruded from each blade of grass, aimed squarely at our bare feet.

83. His black t-shirt was penetrated by the heat’s daggers.

84. Let the milkshake sky fill your sight.

85. Time’s drums have finished beating and stopped.

86. Her optimism was like a weak seed.


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87. The guys were enthralled to their TVs when Ninja Robot Squad came on.

88. The tools we use to inflict harm are words.

89. She didn’t even realize that she had allowed such lovely words of wisdom leave her mouth.

90. The path to the soul is marked by scars.

91. The quarterback was only launching bombs and rockets into the field.

92. On the wall of time, we are all just shadows.

93. A sea of tears filled my heart.




94. The teacher tears her magic wand apart when she exits her tiny domain.

95. A piece of rope with ravels sticking out of it makes up the Moo Cow’s tail.

96. You are a bee to my dreams, which are flowers.

97. Clouds moved swiftly across the sky.

98. Each flame in the fire is a priceless stone that belongs to everyone who sees it.

99. Therefore, I ventured into the icy woods of our lives with both hope and anxiety.

100. My words are like leaden chains.

101. But a flame exploded into her face; I wonder if she had the same thought.

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