cheap universities in Europe that teaches in English

Top 9 Cheap Universities In Europe That Teach In English

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In this article “top 9 cheap universities in Europe that teach in English” we will be releasing/breaking down all you need to know about cheap European countries,  their universities and lot more about their tuition and admission.

While you can still take a one-year language course in any European country to learn the native language, you can choose to attend these institutions and learn exclusively in English.

The language barrier is one of the disadvantages of being an international student in a non-English speaking country; some colleges even make it a requirement for international students to study at least one of her major languages before applying for admissions.

This issue has caused many international students to study in other countries because they have no other option, while those who are truly committed to studying at a certain university of their choosing continue to learn the country’s language.

This is where comes in; this page aggregates a list of low-cost institutions in Europe that offer full-time English-language programs.


I’m sure you didn’t miss the word “affordable” in your excitement to learn about these English-program universities, did you? Oh, and the universities I’ll be mentioning are all equally affordable, so it’s a win-win situation.

You will be able to study at a low-cost institutions in Europe that charges low or no tuition and offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate programs in English.

Allowing the cost of living in these European countries to scare you away from studying is a mistake. As long as you don’t live a lavish lifestyle, you should be able to get by on roughly €250 – €300 per month.

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Cheap European Countries to Study

Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Spain, Sweden, and Finland are all members of the European Union.

These are places where international students can live comfortably, and some of the cheap universities in Europe that teach English, which I will discuss shortly, are also located in these countries.

Now, without further ado, I’ll list the top cheap universities in Europe that teach in English, though readers should be aware that not all programs are taught in English.

Also, keep in mind that English is not their official language, but they must accommodate it in the interests of English-speaking international students.

Top 9 Cheap Universities In Europe That Teach In English

Cheap Universities In Europe That Teach In English


1. Free University of Berlin

Firstly today in our list of top 9 Cheap Universities in Europe that teach In English is the free University of Berlin, founded in 1948, and is one of Germany’s top research universities. It has since provided exceptional education through its 16 academic departments, which offer over 150 degree programs.

This university’s tuition is free, true, there are no tuition costs, but students must cover their living expenses, such as housing, food, and school supplies. The Free University of Berlin also offers a number of English-language undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Biochemistry, North American Studies, Chemistry, Data Science, English Literature, Medical Neuroscience, Mathematics, Physics, Pharmacy, Global History, and others are among these fields.

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2. University of Basel, Switzerland

Second to consider among cheap Universities in Europe is the University of Basel, founded in 1460 and ranked among the top 100 universities in the world, is a prestigious institution in the fields of research and teaching, offering a varied variety of disciplines in bachelor, masters, and doctoral degree programs.

Because the University of Basel is one of the Top 9 Cheap Universities In Europe That Teach In English and German, international students must have at least one of the above language abilities to assist them pursue their profession to its maximum potential.

Before getting admitted and finally studying for their degrees, students must demonstrate sufficient knowledge of one of the two languages, English or German, and achieve the required score.

All degree levels at the University of Basel have a tuition charge of $1,714 per year.

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3. University of Wurzburg

This is Germany’s top-ranking institution, classified among Europe’s top 100 universities, and was founded in 1582, and also ranked the third amongst top 9 cheap Universities in Europe that teach in English.

It is worldwide renowned for its prestige in a variety of scientific areas, including medicine, physics, biology, and psychology.

International students are required to produce proof of English proficiency tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English Certificate. The University of Wurzburg is one of the cheapest universities in Europe that teaches in English for all of its programs.

The university is also a free-tuition institution, although students must pay a cost of €137.90 to cover student contribution and semester tickets.

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cheap universities in Europe that teaches in English

4. Heidelberg University

This public research institution, founded in 1386, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate degree programs in a variety of areas.

Heidelberg University is one of the top 9 cheap Universities in Europe that teach in English, with low tuition rates that allow you to receive a high-quality education at a level that you can grasp.

To be considered for admissions, students must take and pass an English proficiency test and submit their test scores.

The following are the recognized English proficiency tests and their minimal test scores:

  1. TOEFL – 79 for computer-based and 550 for paper-based
  2. IELTS – 6.5
  3. ELS – 112
  4. SAT – 560
  5. ACT – 21
  6. PTE – 53
  7. GTEC – 1180 and
  8. Cambridge – 180

Students who do not meet any of the English proficiency exam scores may still be admitted, but they may be required to complete ESL courses through the Heidelberg English Language Institute (HELI) before beginning degree studies.

Foreign students from the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA) are charged €171.75 each semester, while international students from non-European Union (EU) and non-European Economic Area (EEA) nations are charged €1,500 per semester.

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5. University of Pisa

Further Discussing the top low-cost institutions in Europe brings about discussing the University of Pisa which was founded in 1343, and is ranked as the 6th finest university in Italy.

It has been providing great education at affordable rates in a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programs since then.

The University of Pisa offers various bachelor’s and master’s degree disciplines in English in order to further its internationalization, which is why it is listed among the cheap Universities in Europe that teach in English.

The cost of a bachelor’s degree program is $2,500 per year, while graduate degree programs are $2,307 per year.

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6. University of Gӧttingen

Not Forgetting about the Gottigen University amongst top cheap Universities in Europe that teach in English.

The university, which was founded in 1734 and is now one of Germany’s top research institutions, provides a comprehensive range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate degree programs in natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and medicine.

It has also made the list of cheap Universities in Europe that teach in English, with half of its PhD programs taught in English and an increasing number of master’s and undergraduate programs taught in English.

Students pay a yearly tuition cost of around €760.

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cheap universities in Europe that teaches in English

7. Fontys University of Applied Science

This low-cost institutions in Europe was founded in 1996, this top research-intensive school in the Netherlands offers affordable tuition and a variety of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in English.

Students from European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) nations pay a statutory tuition cost of €2,143, whereas students from none of these countries pay the higher tuition fee of €7,920.

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8. University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is a very cosmopolitan school that is also quite affordable, which is why it is included among the cheap Universities that teach in English.

Since its inception in 1967 as a top-ranking research university, it has never failed to provide quality education.

You do not need to know German to be admitted into this university because it provides a big number of English-taught courses, and the tuition fees are under €3,000 per year.

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9. University of Crete

And last in our list of top 9 cheap Universities in Europe that teach in English is the University of Crete, it was founded in 1973 and is located in Greece.

It provides high-quality education through a variety of graduate, undergraduate, and doctoral degree programs, the majority of which are taught in English.

The University of Crete is a low-cost institutions in Europe, which means you can study a program of your choice in English for free, making it one of the Cheap Universities That Teach In English.

This concludes the list of 9 low-cost English-taught institutions in Europe; I’ve provided these universities and their contact information so you can decide which one to apply to.

It is also up to you to learn about the English-language disciplines offered at each university by using the links given.

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