Top 15 Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the World

Top 15 Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the World

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Welcome onboard today, here is the full detailed list of top 15 best electrical engineering schools in the World.

Do you wish to pursue a career in electrical engineering and obtain electrical engineering certification? There are numerous universities offering electrical engineering programs around the globe, but picking the best one might be challenging.

It is undoubtedly challenging and takes a significant amount of time to complete any electrical engineering degree at a university or institution in order to become an electrical engineer, but the payoff is unquestionably worthwhile.


What is Electrical Engineering?

Before we continue to the full list of best electrical engineering schools in the World, lets define the word “Electrical in this section”.

Electrical engineering is the process of designing, constructing, and maintaining already-existing electrical structures, machines, equipment, and systems. Additionally, it entails conducting research to identify fresh patterns and sources of electricity given the peculiar ways in which the electrical field interacts with various materials.

The responsibility for developing new electrical and electronic equipment that are approved and capable of carrying out the tasks for which they were designed rests with electrical engineers. To assist save energy and improve efficiency, they are engaged in the research and production of electrical products and gadgets that consume less energy.

The fact that electrical engineering is a subfield of engineering that primarily works with the technology of electricity is important to highlight given that engineering is all about technology. Technology wouldn’t have advanced as far without electricity.


Whats the work of an electrical engineer?

It is necessary to talk about the work of an Electrical Engineer as well, before going into the list of best electrical engineering schools in the World.

As an electrical engineer, you may work on developing new electrical products, designing electrical systems and prototypes, or maintaining products that have already been manufactured.

An electrical engineer can also major in electrical research, which involves finding new sources of electricity, figuring out how electricity is converted into other forms of energy, and studying the subject in depth to unearth new characteristics of electricity and charged electrical fields.

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Electrical engineering is a challenging field?

This is a question worth giving an answer, lets talk about it ab little bit here before going into full detail of the top best electrical engineering schools in the World.

The field of electrical engineering is not particularly challenging. It has a lot of research and practice and is intriguing and goal-oriented. Because there are so many practical sessions, it could seem challenging at first, but as you move along and become used to the systems and protocols, you’ll start to like the course.

This list of the top electrical engineering universities in the globe is provided to assist you in learning more about the greatest universities worldwide. The experience of studying electrical engineering will undoubtedly become more enjoyable and less challenging thanks to these colleges.


Do employers need electrical engineers?

And another question that is worth looking into is here, answering this very question will give you more insight about the top best electrical engineering schools in the World.

Electrical engineers are in high demand given the speed of technological advancement in the modern world. Electrical engineers’ services are in high demand, from the microchips in some of the electronic devices we use to the large, heavy machinery in farms and businesses.


Which country is best for electrical engineering study?

And lastly before diving into full detailed list of best electrical engineering schools in the World, lets check out what this section explains.

The top choices for the finest countries to study electrical engineering include France, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Practically, any good nation should have at least one university that, by international standards, is at least a mediocre place to study electrical engineering.

All things considered, it is advised that you select the top electrical engineering colleges in your area if you want to make the most of your career in this field. In addition to the colleges listed below, there are many others worldwide that are suitable for a career in electrical engineering.

In order to that end, we have published this post listing the top 15 electrical engineering universities worldwide.

If you are unable to attend any of these institutions, you should look for a reputable electrical engineering program at a local university and apply there. If you live in Canada, you can read our post on the top engineering programs there that offer scholarships to see if you could base your decision on it.


What Are Top 15 Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the World?

We’ve included a list of the top electrical engineering universities worldwide that you might find interesting. According to QS rankings, these colleges are not only the finest in the world for electrical engineering, but also among the top universities globally.

Here, I’ll walk you through a list of the top 15 institutions worldwide where you can major in electrical engineering.


Top 15 Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the World

From Here Down Is The Full List Of Top 15 Best Electrical Engineering Schools in the World

1. Stanford University

The Stanford University here is rated the number one of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World. Located in Stanford, California, Stanford Institution is a non-profit private research university. It was established in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford in honor of their only child, Leland Stanford Jr., who passed away at age 15 from typhoid disease. Stanford’s program for studying electrical engineering is unbeatable.

One of the oldest electrical engineering departments in the world, Stanford University’s department of electrical engineering was founded in 1894, nine years after the university was founded.

The Master’s Degree program in electrical engineering is the most well-liked of Stanford’s three degree options in this field.

So with all these explanations about this Institution we can come to conclude that it is worth the #1 of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World.

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2. Harvard University

This university is rated the second of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World. Harvard University is undoubtedly among the greatest electrical engineering schools in the world. It is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based non-profit private institution. It was founded in 1636 and placed second in the 2020 edition of the top schools and universities nationwide.

Harvard is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world because of its reputation for intellectual prowess. Harvard University, which consists of 13 schools and institutes, is home to a renowned School of Engineering and Applied Sciences that generates ground-breaking work in the field of Electrical Engineering.

So more reasons the Harvard is the second top rated of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World.

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3. University of Michigan

Here is the third in our list of best electrical engineering schools in the World. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, the University of Michigan is a sizable public research university. The institution has one of the greatest electrical engineering departments in the entire world and is one of Michigan’s oldest institutions. The university was established in Detroit in 1817 and is a founding member of the prestigious Association of American Universities.

Electrical and computer engineering (ECE) is a department within the University of Michigan that houses both computer and electrical engineering.

Smart electronics, energy and power, information, communication, automation, and robotics are the main areas of focus for this department, which is one of the most respected in not only Michigan but the entire world. In various EE programs around the world, you might not learn about these areas of electrical engineering.

The departments of electrical engineering and computer engineering each offer a different major. According to the department, USNews and Globe Report consistently ranks the two majors between 7th and 5th in the US and the rest of the world.

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4. Duke University

The Duke University is by far rated one of the top best electrical engineering schools in the World. This university is a sizable private research institution that is situated in Durham, North Carolina, in the United States. It was established in 1838 in the modern town of Trinity by Methodists and Quakers.

The top university in the world to study electrical engineering is Duke. Other fields, such; surround Duke’s Electrical Engineering degree program.

  • Digital System
  • Signal Processing
  • Control Systems

Its faculty of electrical engineering was recognized as the 5th faculty in research and productivity in electrical engineering in the US, making it one of the greatest universities in the world for the field. Additionally, College Factual placed the university as the 7th best in the nation for electrical engineering.

Additionally, Duke University was listed by CNBC as one of the top US universities for engineering students.

These accolades demonstrate Duke University’s excellence and contribute to its inclusion on our list of the world’s top electrical engineering universities.

Additionally, one of the most adaptable Electrical engineering degrees is offered by the Duke Electrical Engineering department.

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5. University of Illinois (UIUC)

Here is the fifth top rated of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World in our list. Public university University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign was founded in Chicago in 1867.

In the Best Colleges and National Universities edition for 2020, the university came in at number 48. The number of students attending the university is sizable.

The University of Illinois, one of the top schools for electrical engineering in the world, encourages students to perform at least two paid internships before the end of their degree in order to improve their practical understanding of the material and develop their professional profiles. On its online internship and job board, the institution posts open positions and internships for students.

The institution also operates a program called REUs (Research Experiences for Undergraduates), which gives undergraduate students the chance to carry out research projects that will advance their careers over the summer. During this program, students are compensated adequately enough to pay their living expenses as well as a number of other charges throughout the duration of any REU programs.

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6. Princeton University

This is the Princeton University it is rated the number sixth out of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World.

A relatively small non-profit, private research university, Princeton University is situated in the New Jersey suburb of Princeton. Established in 1746 as the College of New Jersey in Elizabeth The institution relocated to Newark in 1747, then nine years later to its current location. In 1896, it adopted the name Princeton University.

As one of the top universities for electrical engineering in the world, Princeton University educates students to become masters of the field by exposing them to a wide range of disciplines in addition to electricity and electronics, including computer science, materials science, energy, physics, biology, neuroscience, economics, management, and public policy.

The University provides electrical engineering graduate and undergraduate programs that have received the necessary accreditation from the ABET Engineering Accreditation Commission.

Every semester, the department hosts a “open house” program for undergraduate students, which gives them the finest opportunity to present their projects and have one-on-one conversations with professors and electrical engineering majors to learn more about the field.

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7. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)

Here is the seventh best rated of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World. a private research university with a technology focus that is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Andrew Carnegie established the Carnegie Technical Schools in 1900. CMU’s engineering school is ranked fifth in the country (US News and World Report).

The institution is renowned for its award-winning faculty who collaborate with students to use an interdisciplinary approach to solve significant scientific and technology societal problems.

The Electrical Engineering Department at Carnegie Mellon University offers incredibly flexible bachelor’s degree programs that lay a solid foundation in the fundamentals of ECE while allowing students to focus on their individual areas of interest.

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8. Georgia Institute of Technology

At the eighth list of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World, we have the Georgia Institute of Technology. Here is another top university for electrical engineering that you should consider. Atlanta, Georgia is home to the public research university Georgia Institute of Technology. Founded on October 13th, 1885.

The university has one of the top programs for electrical engineering in both the US and the rest of the world. ranked as the sixth-best school in the US for graduate electrical engineering programs and the fourth-best school in the US for undergraduate electrical engineering programs.

Many research opportunities are available to students in Georgia, including the ECE Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP).

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9. The California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

This is the ninth in our list of best electrical engineering schools in the World. Another private research university is the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), which is located in Pasadena. Amos G. Throop founded it as a preparatory and vocational school in 1891.

One of the top universities in the world for electrical engineering is Caltech, a member of the Association of American Universities. In the 2020 edition of Best Colleges and National Universities, Caltech is ranked No. 12.

For students at Caltech, there is a balance between lectures in the classroom, laboratory work, and design projects.

Their Bachelor of Science program in Electrical Engineering is divided into the following subfields:

  • Electromagnetic Engineering
  • Signals, Systems, and Transforms.
  • Analog Electronics Project Lab.

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10. Purdue University

Here is the Purdue University, it is the tenth top rated of all the best electrical engineering schools in the World. A public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, Purdue University is one of the greatest electrical engineering schools in the world. In 1869, the university was established.

With the mission to “serve and lead the state of Indiana, the country, and the global profession of electrical and computer engineering, by educating the next generation of engineers, by discovery that advances fundamental knowledge and its applications, and by innovation and engagement that address global challenges of societal impact,” Purdue University stands out. The ninth-best electrical engineering program in the US is offered at Purdue.

Purdue University’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering provides a Bachelor of Science degree with a focus on physics and mathematics. For a profession in the field of electrical engineering, students are well prepared.

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11. University of Maryland (UMD)

The University of Maryland makes up our eleventh list of best electrical engineering schools in the World.

This public university has a similar size in terms of its student body. A public research university called the University of Maryland is situated in the Maryland suburb of College Park. Built in 1856. The institution is listed as the 22nd best university in the country (2018 US News and World Reports).

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Maryland’s A. James Clark School of Engineering develops cutting-edge technological solutions in a variety of fields, including wireless networks, solar panels, autonomous robots, pacemakers for the heart, and sensors for pathogen detection.

The University of Maryland educates undergraduate and graduate students in Electrical and Computer Engineering to the highest standards and prepares them to become professional engineers who engage in cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research.

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12. University of Florida – Gainesville

This is the twelfth in our list of best electrical engineering schools in the World. Gainesville, Florida’s University of Florida is a public research university with a sizable student body. It was founded in 1853 and is a senior member of the State University System of Florida.

Numerous Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degrees are available from the University of Florida, with specializations in electronic devices and circuits, electromagnetics, power, and photonics, computers, communications, and systems and controls. Electrical engineering and Computer engineering are the two majors that are offered by the department.

The Departments of Electrical Engineering provide both practical and theoretical approaches to electrical and computer engineering with their vast laboratory facilities and diverse research activities.

Cybersecurity, Biomedical Engineering, Software, Automotive & Aerospace, Internet of Things (IoT), and Smart Power are the basic research areas of the ECE department.

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13. Northwestern University

The Northwestern University is the second top last in our list of best electrical engineering schools in the World

In Evanston, Illinois, there is a private research university called this one. Nine men created it in 1851 with the intention of creating a university for the Northwest Territory. The institution is the region’s top-ranked private university.

The Northwestern McCormick School of Engineering’s major department is electrical engineering and computer science.

The department offers a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering, which is the foundational degree in the field, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in the subject.

The electrical and computer science department’s flexible program enables students to specialize in either computer engineering or electrical engineering, depending on their areas of interest.

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14. Colorado School of Mines

Here we conclude our list of best electrical engineering schools in the World. Another public research university that is ranked as one of the best in the world for studying electrical engineering is Colorado School of Mines. The institution, which is now located in Golden, Colorado, was initially founded in 1874 to assist the mining industries.

The university was ranked as the top institution in the world for Mineral and Mining Engineering from 2016 to 2019 according to QS World Ranking. It is centered on science and engineering, where faculty and students work together to address the major issues that society is currently experiencing, particularly those that pertain to Earth and environmental engineering.

With specialties in antenna and wireless communications, information and systems sciences, energy systems, and power electronics, the electrical engineering program at Colorado School of Mines offers cutting-edge educational training, research experience, and project-based learning, as well as numerous opportunities to work in interdisciplinary fields.

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