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Best Piano Online Courses 2024

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Today we will be talking about the best Piano online courses in 2024, in order to get the full information about the top and best Piano online courses you have to follow this article to the last letter, it is advised not to skip any line/section, any line skipped might contain information that you need.

It’s a thrill to play a musical instrument to the beat of a song. It brings joy to the instrumentalist’s and listeners’ hearts. Learning to play the piano, whether professionally or as a hobby, is a gratifying experience.

How are you going to learn? There are three methods for learning to play the piano: (1) self-study using free YouTube videos and blog posts (2) studying telepathically from a buddy or a paid instructor, (3) learning online via a video course or interactive Zoom/Skype classes


The Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Anyone can use any of the three roadmaps to learn how to play, but an online piano course is the most recommended. This is because online lessons are more flexible with your schedule, allow you to learn at your own pace, and are a quicker approach to master the piano keyboard.

In this post, we’ll look at ten of the top online piano courses for 2024. All of the piano courses listed below are from Udemy, an online education platform where you may learn a variety of skills, both hard and soft.


Best Piano Online Courses 2024

1. Piano for all – Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard

Piano for all which is an Incredible New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard is the first in our list of top best Piano online courses.

This is one of the most popular courses in the Instrument & Music category on Udemy. The course is 17.5 hours long and is recognized as the best piano Udemy course since it is taught by the incredibly gifted Robin Hall.

Robin Hall is a world-famous pianist who offers bestselling courses on his website and on Udemy. Piano for Everyone is a beginner-friendly course that teaches the fundamentals of ‘play-by-ear’ methodology, as well as how to read music notes and play piano in a variety of styles.

There are more than 10 articles and 64 downloadable materials to assist you navigate the course and have fun while doing so.

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2. Song Science

At the second top rated of all the best Piano online courses we have Song Science. Song Science is a four-part course with titles like Song Science#1, Song Science#2, and so on. Individual courses have been established by the Musicians Inspired group, and they are all focused on music theory and songwriting.

You can look at the first song science online course’s curriculum to determine whether you’d like to learn to make good music faster than going to college and studying music for three years.

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3. Piano for all – Classics By Ear

Here is the third in our list of best Piano online courses. This Robin Hall course is for people who desire to improve their keyboard skills in the classical music genre. The Piano for All -Classics by Ear course is divided into three sections, each focused on the Moonlight Sonata, Bach Preludes, and Erik Satie styles.

All of Robin Hall’s courses have received a 4.6 rating from thousands of students who have taken them. Although suitable for beginners, the course is geared toward intermediate and advanced pianists who want to improve their musical abilities.

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4. Learn Piano or Keyboard From Scratch – Complete Piano Course

At the fourth of the top best Piano online courses we have the Complete Piano Course that teaches how to learn Piano or Keyboard from Scratch.

Learn Piano from Scratch is a comprehensive piano course that will benefit both beginners and advanced players. The course covers all of the fundamentals and essential topics in music theory and piano techniques.

It teaches students how to play the piano while listening to a song or sound, as well as how to master chords and read music notes. The quality of the video explanations and practice exercises has earned this complete piano online course a 4.7 rating from over 3000 students.

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5. Learn Jazz Piano Today

Here we have the Learn jazz Today Tutorial as the fifth top most rated best Piano online courses. Learn to play jazz piano. Today is a new course on Udemy, but it already has the top rating.

It’s a 3.5-hour on-demand video course designed for pianists of all skill levels. There are 44 lessons in total, each featuring rich piano chords, a bass line, and piano improvisation utilizing a 12-bar blues.

Both in the studio and on stage, you will master the art of playing jazz music on the piano.

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6. Piano Lessons for Beginners: Learn Piano Quickly and Easily

At the sixth top best best Piano online courses we have the Piano Lesson For Beginners. On Udemy, this is one of the best piano courses for beginners. Mantius Cazaubon is a musician, pianist, and author who provides piano lessons for beginners. He teaches pupils how to play the piano easily and enjoyably using his extensive experience as a professional pianist.

When students enroll and actively participate in the video course, they have been known to acquire the fundamentals of music and piano chords in less than a week. Many people find it simple to learn to play with both hands, read music, and perform popular tunes.

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7. Piano From Zero to Pro – Beginner Essentials to the Piano

This is the seventh in our list of best Piano online courses. This fantastic course is 3 hours long and includes 18 articles as well as a downloadable resource. Its goal is to teach pupils how to play the keyboard in the most efficient and time-efficient manner feasible.

Piano From Zero to Pro is highly recommended since it teaches newcomers how to utilize all of the Amosdoll Music Ltd instructors’ patterns and tactics to save time and effort. Amosdoll Music’s experienced instructor is well-known for his extensive experience playing musical instruments such as the piano.

As a result, this course has been enhanced to better equip students to learn to play popular hit songs, grasp rhythm, and compose and perform their own songs.

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8. Piano Fox

Piano Fox is rated the top eighth amongst all the best Piano online courses online. Piao Fox – Mater the Piano | From Beginner to Professional is a popular Udemy course with a 4.9 rating. Celine Enke, a professional pianist, established the course with the goal of teaching students how to swiftly acquire the fundamentals of playing the piano.

She teaches the SMART way to play and become a pro in less time, with less cramming and more practice and simple tactics. This course is a masterclass in some ways, yet it may help beginners comprehend the fundamentals of piano skills and music theory. It includes nearly 4 hours of on-demand video, 45 downloadable resources, and a completion certificate.

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9. The Heavenly Piano Masterclass

Her is the The Heavenly Piano Masterclass as the ninth top rated of all the best Piano online courses. This is not a piano lesson for beginners. It’s more of a video course for intermediate and advanced pianists who wish to improve their skills.

You’ll “learn how to improvise and create a meaningful melody employing notes inside chords, scales, and intervals in a powerful new way,” according to the instructor.

This course is best suited for master pianists, with approximately 3,000 students and a 4.7 rating as of March 2024.

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