Best Free SEO Tools To Boost Ranking In SERP

5 Best Free SEO Tools To Boost Ranking In SERP

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5 Best Free SEO Tools To Boost Ranking In SERP

SEO tools can boost any website’s rank to the top. So, which tools should you be using?


Around 71% of marketers use SEO and claim to use keyword strategies as their number one tactic. These numbers were joined by 69% additional marketers in 2021, as they increased their investment towards SEO.

All this begs the requirement of good SEO content and the ability to use other SERP methods to outrankthe competition.

Since SEO is constantly growing, where do you need to plant your feet to stand out? Moreover, which tools can assist you in doing so?

In order to find the best free tools for SEO, let’s dig in deeper:


What Are SEO Tools? Why Are They Needed?

SEO tools help you with certain aspects of search engine optimization.

While most of the SEO tools are about the overall success rate of your website and content, some are about helping you get to that point.

These tools help your website and content stand out against your competition.

For instance, some of the leading SEO tools today are related to writing content or making it original, such as SEO surfer.

However, they are needed because they can help you evaluate and execute various strategies with ease through their AI and various other elements.


How To Pick The Best Free SEO Tools?

Picking the best SEO tool comes down to your need. While some websites will require to revamp of their SEO strategies, others simply need a content uplift.

However, picking up the tool itself requires you to understand a few key aspects, such as:

1.    The Convenience They Provide

Pick a tool based on the convenience that it offers you. For instance, if your SEO strategy requires you to do a certain task, does this tool help you get there easily?

If the task in question is about content, does it help make content creation easy?That’s why convenience provided by these tools should be your number one prioritywhen picking them.

2.    Their Free Nature

If the tools you’re about to use, ask you for payment, are they worth it? If not, then why not look for tools that offer the same services for free?

Therefore, look for a tool that can help you advance with your SEO strategy without costing you a penny.

3.    Help With SEO & Content Creation

SEO content creation is one of the leading factors to stand out in the online world. Therefore, you should pick a tool that helps you with specific SEO elements and eases content creation.

Depending on your need, these tools can be plagiarism checkers, paraphrasing tools, or keyword finders.


5 Best Free SEO Tools To Boost Ranking In SERP

Boosting ranks in SERP depends on various factors. These factors include whether the content is of top quality.

On the other hand, content being plagiarism-free is another necessary prerequisite. That’s why it’s important to ensure the content is up to the mark.

In the same sense, it’s also important to understand the website’s overall performance, including the SEO factors that can boost it.

So, to find all these factors and bring them together, we need an array of tools.

From plagiarism checkers to keyword providers, here are the five best free tools for SEO to help boost your ranks in SERP:



Text Reverse’ Plagiarism checker can help you ensure content originality. Since plagiarism-free nature is a necessity in SEO.

In order to achieve this, it’s imperative to detect and avoid plagiarism at all costs.

However, therein lies the first challenge many SEO experts and writers face. That’s why you need a tool like this:

As you can see here, you can detect plagiarism right away. From this tool, you can also access the source of the plagiarism—and ensure total originality in the process.


2. is your best bet to ensure the quality of content and get rid of plagiarism. This remarkable tool offers three main content tones for you to pick from.

Then, you can paraphrase your content to make it according to your liking.

The content tones on display, alongside other key features of this remarkable tool, can be seen here. The benefit of this tool isn’t just to rephrase your content in the given three tones.

It’s also other elements, such as:

  • Removing plagiarism
  • Ensuring better content flow
  • Improving content’s tone
  • Making it 100% original


That’s why this is a necessary tool for SEO ranks, as it can help you boost your website’s content quality.



DA PA checker is yet another essential you need to boost your SEO ranks. Why is this tool so important?

Because figuring out your domain’s DA and PA scores can help youdetermine your next move.

By using this tool, you can figure out whether you should use it to add more outbound links, speed up your website’s loading or fix spam in your content.

That’s why you need this remarkable tool. Moreover, it can help you check multiple domains at a time.

4.    Google Analytics – To Study and Fix Necessary Metrics

From audience overview to content metrics, Google Analytics is one of the necessary tools in today’s SEO. After all, who would know SEO better than Google itself?

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As you can see in the image here, you can figure out audience overview, optimization tactics, and other important essentials about your website.

5.    Answer The Public – Find Great Keywords

You need good keywords in your content to make it stick and stand out in search engines.

That’s when Answer The Public can help you figure out great keywords for your next article.

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As you can see here, the pertaining keywords to one particular search can help you find a circle of related keywords. All of which you can use for your next writing.



These remarkable free tools are an absolute essential for any SEO strategy today.

They can help you ensure content originality and boost your SERP ranks.