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10 Best Fashion Schools in Canada | Latest Ranking

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Scholarships Hall has packaged the 10 Best Fashion Schools in Canada both for domestic and international students. As Coco Chanel properly observed, “It must always be different to be irreplaceable.” Anyone who wants to flourish in any area must have outstanding qualifications.

Fashion is an area in which people who wish to bring their love of fashion to higher levels must strive constantly. You should consider taking a course in the subject when you are someone who likes ‘mode’ and wishes to have a career.

The dream is true of fashion designers worldwide in studying in one of the best fashion schools in Canada. But you must think before that, why study fashion Canada? To learn the extent of fashion in Canada, read this article further.

Benefits to Study Fashion in Canada

Canada has one of the world’s top economies thus students have a wealth of studying and working chances in the country. Canadian universities provide international students with the highest level of education, together with a large selection of courses. Whether you want to become a famous fashion designer or work for a fashion brand, it is enough for both to study at some of the fashion schools in Canada. It is also wonderful to know that you will earn good money from doing something that you always wanted to accomplish after taking courses from Canada.

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Best Fashion Schools in Canada

You know that London, Paris and New York are famous for its rich history and dynamic fashion business. But recent events have brought key fashion aspects to other parts of the world. Canada has taken fashion in its academic curriculum, being well renowned for its rich culture and great education.

best fashion schools in canada


Why Study Fashion in Canada?

Canada Study – one of the world’s strongest economies. You will experience good living standards as well as high-quality education at the universities and colleges of Canada by studying abroad in Canada.

The best fashion institutions in Canada offer excellent graduates and are among the best for international students.

Fashion Design graduates train future professionals in creative clothing pieces and related accessories, adhering to or establishing their own seasonal fashion trends.

Fashion Design courses, organized by Canadian fashion colleges, include the skills and technical skills of designers in order to communicate their work to the public.


If you wish to study fashion design in Canada, our list of the finest universities for fashion design is here:


1. Ryerson University – School of Fashion

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Programs: Bachelor of Design – Fashion Communication, Bachelor of Design – Fashion Design,  Masters of Art.
Duration: Masters: 2 years (full-time), Bachelor’s: 4 years (full-time);
Requirements: Resume, Portfolio, and a short essay.  $50 non-refundable  non-academic assessment fee.


Ryerson University is one of the best fashion schools in Canada, it was founded in 1948 and offers its pupils the possibility of meeting the world’s leading fashion gurus. Students are gaining abilities essential in fashion shows and in many other locations. The CEOWORLD magazine reported Ryerson University – Fashion School No. 26 among the world’s top fashion schools for 2020.

In the center of Toronto, Ryerson University is yet another university for higher education. There are about 45,000 students from more than 145 countries and undergraduate degrees relating to industry in the areas of arts, science, design, engineering, and architectural design.

His personnel are happy to give students the greatest result.
His International Student Support advisers work for international students to ensure an easier stay and study in the university.

In collaboration, the University has established 80 universities in 30 countries. The students can enjoy the campus and the facilities offering a unique educational atmosphere with a metropolitan twist. Her theoretical learning is practically clubbed.

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best fashion schools in canada

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2. George Brown College

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Programs: Fashion Management Program, Fashion Business Industry Program, International Fashion Development and Management Program, Fashion Techniques and Design Program.
Duration: International Fashion Development & Management Program: one year; Other programs: two years.

Prerequisites: Grade 11 or 12 Math and Grade 12 English

All areas of Mode – management design at George Brown College can be learned. Their pocket-friendly courses are famous. According to the CEOWORLD magazine, George Brown College has worldwide placed No. 59 among the best schools in the fashion for 2020.

George Brown College is situated in downtown Toronto and it’s one of the best fashion schools in Canada, which offers more than 160 alternatives at all levels of education, including graduates, postgraduates, diplomas and certificates. It enables students to work with the best firms during and after their degree because to its graceful placement.

His experienced professorship gives its students the highest level of practical knowledge and also assists management to produce excellent and helpful programs. The university campus provides non-curricular events, such as sports, social events, clubs, etc., as well as well-kept classrooms.

Required for the formation of personalities. It offers experiential learning, that is to say, learning while networking and working. The college offers varied scenarias as students face in the real world, with an 84 percent graduate employment rate.

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3. Lasalle College

Location: Montreal, Quebec

Programmes: Fashion Design, and Fashion Marketing
Duration: they’re both 3 years, However, you may choose to graduate with an intense option in 2 years.

Prerequisites: High School with or equal to the following classes: teaching language, second language, history, mathematics and physical sciences.

Lasalle College has partnerships with several of the world’s major fashion companies and brands. This gives their students the opportunity to design clothing of these brands. it’s one of the best fashion schools in Canada.  Lasalle College ranks as one of the world’s top fashion schools in 2020, according to the publication CEOWORLD.

best fashion schools in canada

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4. Wilson School of Design

Location: Richmond, British Columbia
Programs: Bachelor of Design — Fashion & Technology and Fashion Marketing Diploma
Duration: Bachelor of Design — Fashion & Technology: 4 years; Fashion Marketing Diploma: 2 years

Prerequisites: Marketing strategy Diploma: 12th grade with a C+ as a requirement; 12th grade English; Bachelor’s degree in fashion and technology design: 12 B and above English
Students must learn the fundamental parts of the fashion industry: business, communication, mode, and marketing. Every year, they put on a fashion show to showcase their talents and bring the industry together. According to the CE OWORLD magazine, the Wilson School of Design at the University of Kwantlen Polytechnic has become one of the world’s top design schools and one of the best fashion schools in Canada.

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5. Seneca College Fashion

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Programms: Studies in fashion, fashion business, fashion arts and management of fashion.
Duration: Studies of Fashion: 8 months; Fashion business: 2 years; Fashion Arts: 3 years;
Prerequisites: The secondary school diploma and the English credit for all programs are required. Also a grade 12 matching loan is required for fashion business and fashion business management programmes.
The fashion programs at Seneca College provide students with practical information on fashion design – research, workmanship and manufacturing abilities. According to the journal CEOWORLD, Seneca College Fashion was placed No. 112 worldwide among the world’s best fashion schools for 2020 and it’s one of the best fashion schools in Canada.

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6. Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Programs: Fashion Designer program, Couturier program and many part-time courses (Pattern Making, Patternmaking, High Couture, Lingerie and Lingerie),
Duration: Couturier: 2 years. Part time courses: 4 months per course. Fashion designer program: 2 years.
Prerequisites: Diploma in high school, fundamental understanding of sewing
You can continue your studies with the couturier program after the authorized 2-year program and be a professional all-around designer.

Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy is one of the best fashion schools in Canada. According to the CEOWORLD magazine Richard Robinson Fashion Design Academy has become one of the world’s best fashion schools for 2020.

best fashion schools in canada

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7. Fanshawe College

Location: London, Ontario
Programs: Fashion Design, and Fashion Merchandising
Duration: Fashion Design: 3 years; and Fashion Merchandising: 2 years

Prerequisites: A high school diploma is required for both courses.

Fanshawe College is another university on our list of the best fashion schools in Canada. The fashion design program requires you to have 12th grade English and 11th or 12th grade math credit.
Thanks to the practical method of teaching, Fanshawe College students have the abilities to produce their clothes from conceptualization to completion. According to the CEOWORLD magazine, Fanshawe College was ranked world-wide at 114 of The World For 2020’s best fashion schools.

The Fanshawe College is located quite close to London, Niagara Falls, Detroit and Toronto, one of Ontario’s largest colleges. The location of this area amid the lovely lakes and parks has an important part to play in attracting studies of students from hundreds of nations; it is, after all, not children.

It has 100 acres of terrain with a wonderful view on its main campus. Overall more than 200 programs, including graduation, diplomas and certificates, are offered at Fanshawe University. This university seeks to make the students self-reliant, as demonstrated by the combination of learning and acquisition.

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8. Humber College

Next on our list of the best fashion schools in Canada is Humber College.

Location: 3 campuses in Toronto,  North Campus, Orangeville Campus,Ontario – Lakeshore Campus
Fashion Management, Fashion Arts and Commerce Bachelor — Fashion Management programs Programs:
Duration: fashion and promotion: 1 year; fashion arts: 2 years; business bachelor – 4 years;
Prerequisites: Fashion Administration and Promotion: Baccalaureate program
For his career-oriented offerings, Humber College is known. You may create and run your own trendy company with this college know-how. In the World For 2020, Humber College ranks world-wide among the world’s best fashion schools.

best fashion schools in canada

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9. The University of Alberta (UAlberta):

The University of Alberta, recognized as one of the top five institutions on the planet, has gained a spot among the top 150 universities world wide. In more than 100 nations, it attracts students.

It provides nearly 200 programs spanning a wide range of topics. The university has both on-campus and off-campus students don’t have to worry about the accommodation. The students can study in more than 100 countries with its exchange programme.

The University is world-renowned for its unique research team, which sponsors more than CAD 500 million annually. Its position contributes to its rapid growth and is a blessing. According to the University of Alberta’s CEOWORLD magazine, Fashion Business Management was named worldwide as the Best Fashion Schools in the World For 2020.

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10. St. Clair College School of Media, Art & Design:

St. Clair Institution, established in 1967, is a public college that cares for 8,500 students in the 3 campuses throughout the country. Their campuses, located in South Canada, are wondrously surrounded with sheltered lakes, gorgeous rivers and stunning scenery.

St. Clair provides 100 additional study options beyond art and design, such as IT, media, community studies, medical sciences, technological engineering, etc. The college hopes to improve its infrastructure regularly.

More than one million CAD has been already used on its computer labs, new technology for the classroom, study areas etc, and over 3.7 million CAD to expand its student center. According to CEOWORLD magazine, St. Clair College’s School of Media, Art & Design has been classified No. 118 among the best Fashion Schools in the world for 2020.

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