best computer science project topics and ideas

Best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas In 2024

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Search no further, here are the best computer science project topics and ideas, read to the end. Skills in computer science are highly valued across practically all industries. You will have more work options after acquiring these abilities.

However, you cannot learn these abilities without working on the best computer science project topics and ideas. Discover the greatest computer science project ideas to develop your skills by learning about them.

The need for practical experience is shared by the fields of computer science and healthcare. Programming, design, analysis, and theory are all included in its study.

As a result, these fields call for contemporary expertise in coding, computation, data processing, network information security, web architecture, algorithm design, storage systems & management, and mobile development.

However, if you do not work on a variety of project themes as a computer science student, you will not be able to develop the aforementioned skills. You gain exposure to cutting-edge technology and tools in the industry by working on these projects. You will learn more and develop new abilities as a result.

This post is a good bet if you are a computer science student looking for project topics to work on.


best computer science project topics and ideas

Best Computer Science Project Topics And Ideas

Below are the best computer science project topics and ideas that can help students who are beginners in the field to acquire modern skills needed for the workforce;


1. Evaluation of Academic Performance

Evaluation of academic performance is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. In this project, the fuzzy logic approach is used to construct an evaluation system that gauges students’ academic success. The fuzzy logic method will be used by the students to consider three factors, including name, attendance, internal marks, and external marks.

These four factors are used, in the meantime, to evaluate pupils’ overall academic success. When compared to more conventional ways, fuzzy logic produces results that are more accurate.

The accuracy of the student data that is uploaded is crucial for students who seek to complete one of this best computer science project topics. They should also be aware that inaccurate results will be obtained if the student data is inaccurate.

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2. Cursor Movement on Object Motion

This is also one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. In this project, a cursor that can travel about the desktop of a computer and follow commands based on hand gestures is being created.

In order for the system to recognize the item that will serve as the mouse, the object movement will be constructed utilizing RGB (red, green, and blue).

If the learner imports the Java AWT library to make the cursor blend in, the system will be useful. The system is also designed so that a webcam will track the movements of the RGB objects, and that motion will cause an action to be taken.

The webcam will record video, and the motion of the cursor system will take a signal frame from that video and deliver it to the user to view. The captured image will then be converted by the frame into a binary image, where the RGB objects will become white.

The bounding box around the RGB item will then be added by the cursor movement system, making it simple for the user to move across the display.

3. Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means

Crime Rate Prediction Using K Means is as well one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. All around the world, the crime rate is rising. Because of this, organizations and the government must offer security against the high rate of crime.

Therefore, a system is created in this project to evaluate and forecast the rate of crime in a specific geographic area. To anticipate crime rates, the system will be created utilizing the data mining technique K-means. This implies that sufficient pertinent data will be sent to the system to enable accurate prediction.

By identifying pertinent criminal patterns through hidden links, link prediction, and statistical analysis of crime, the data mining program can construct accomplices and organized crime groups.

The user will input the criminal data into the K-means system, which is how the system operates. The database’s data will be analyzed by the K-means method to produce its data and patterns. After then, the algorithm compiles the crime groupings based on the data’s trends.

The admin will feed the criminal data into the system in a manner similar to this. A database containing criminal data will be examined by the algorithm, which will then extract information and patterns from it. The criminal groupings will subsequently be formed based on the patterns discovered in the dataset.

The algorithm groups the data according to factors including the time and place of the incident, the gang that committed it, and the places where it happened.

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4. e-Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP

e-Authentication System Using QR Code & OTP is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. The construction of an e-Authentication system utilizing QR codes and OTP in order to increase financial security will be covered in this computer science project topic. Scammers won’t be able to easily access accounts through accidental logins and shoulder surfing with this approach.

You must first register in the system by providing the necessary registration information if you wish to utilize the authentication system (name, address, zip code, etc.).

The user can access the login module after successfully registering, but before doing so, they must first authenticate their account by entering their email address and password from when they registered. The user then enters the OTP or the QR (Quick Response) code (One Time Password).

The system will generate either a QR code or an OTP depending on the option the user chooses. The OTP is typically provided via SMS to the user’s registered phone number while the QR code is typically sent to the user’s registered email address.

As a result, the e-Authentication generates codes at random for each login, increasing login security.

best computer science project topics and ideas

5. Secure Online Auction System

Secure online auction system is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. Online auctions offer a venue for consumers and sellers to interact, sell, and purchase goods through price bidding. The opening bid price and the closing time for the bids are constant in this system.

Binary categorization is used to safeguard the platform from fraud. Users must submit their personal information, such as their email address, license number, PAN number, and other details, in order to make an online purchase.

The highest bidders were recognized as the successful bidders and the rightful owners of the goods during the auction. Only legitimate users will now be able to place bids.

Students will therefore be required to create a safe online auction system utilizing the fraud detection method using binary classification for this computer science project. Students will design the platform so that users who want to bid on any item must submit their personal information.

The secure online auction system will screen, authenticate, and approve users if they submit the information. Users that fail the authentication process won’t be able to put a bid, though.

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6. Symbol Recognition Using MATLAB

This is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. Students will create a system for this project that, using algorithms, will recognize any sign that users insert into it.

The way the system operates is as follows: after a user inserts an image, the system uses the RGB function to turn the items into grayscale images. The grayscale photographs will then be turned into black and white images by the system. The system will then use image processing to remove undesired items and outside interference as this happens.

In the meantime, the system keeps symbol templates in a specific directory so that it can recognize each image quickly and deliver accurate results. After the templates are recognized as symbols, a dataset of them is created while they are still in black and white.

When a user inputs a query image, the system will resize the image, compare its values to the values of the template image in the dataset, and display the outcome in text format.

The symbol recognition system employs optical character recognition to recognize the images, and the claimed accuracy ranges from 60 to 80%.

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7. Search Engine Using Web Annotation

This is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. One of the most fascinating topics for computer science projects is this. Web annotation will be used to build the search engine in this project.

This is how it works: when a user types a certain word or phrase (keyword) into a search engine, the search engine automatically generates the most pertinent pages that include those keywords for the user to view and read.

Web annotation allows for this to happen. Applications are made more user-friendly using web annotation. A Web resource can have information added, changed, or removed using a web annotation system without the resource itself changing.

Students will use web annotations on pages and photos for this assignment. The search engine will get the data and images that include the same annotation when the user inputs a keyword, and it will provide a number of results that contain the content that matches the phrase.

Here, you’ll need to employ an efficient algorithm to produce a query result page or search result based on users’ queries.

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8. OpenCV C++ Program For Face Detection

OpenCV C++ Program For Face Detection is also one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. The goal of this computer science project is to develop face detection software using the OpenCV library. The software will be designed so that the face detection program can identify people in live webcam streams and video files that are kept on the computer.

The OpenCV application uses pre-programmed XML classifiers to track and detect faces in real-time. Students can also use this software to detect a variety of items using various classifiers.

On a local PC, you must first install OpenCV before you can execute this program. Then, before running the application, make a few routes to the classifier XML files. Keep in mind that the XML files are provided by OpenCV. Use 0 in to play the webcam feed if you want to (0). By including a path to the video (“path to video”)), you can find faces in local videos.

best computer science project topics and ideas

9. Public News Droid

Public news droid is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. The creation of a public news droid is the primary goal of this computer science project concept (a software that gives users information on trending news and events).

Both the interface (Android Studio) and the backend of the program are present (SQL Server). Additionally, there are modules for users and administrators.

The administration module monitors the application’s news feed for correctness and appropriateness. This is accomplished by examining the news’s veracity. The admin module will stop the dissemination of false news right away if it is detected.

Users, however, can only contribute news about any city and can only browse news and events that pertain to their own city.

You must register on the website by providing your personal information if you wish to utilize the public news droid app. You will start seeing popular news and events after registering. Additionally, you can update the app, add any information (450 words maximum), photographs, and titles associated with your information.

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10. Mobile Wallet with Merchant Payment Using Android

This is another computer science project topic idea on this list of best computer science project topics and ideas.

Two portions make up the application: one is an Android app for retailers that can read QR codes, and the other is a section for consumers that can create QR codes. The program also features a SQL Server-based backend and a UI that utilizes Android Studio.

You might be curious as to how this operates. The way it works is that everytime a merchant scans the QR code that the consumer’s application generates, the associated funds are put into the merchant’s wallet, which are then transferred to the merchant’s bank account.

However, for this to function, customers must add money to their wallets using a credit card that is connected to their bank accounts.

11. Android Battery Saver System

This is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. The creation of an Android battery saver is the subject of this computer science project.

The system will assist in gathering a comprehensive list of the apps that will use up the battery life of the Android phone by analyzing the energy usage data from built-in classes. A user of an Android phone can learn the battery level through this mechanism.

The battery saving system will alert the user via an alarm if the level of the Android battery decreases as a result of the battery being used by numerous running apps. The user can then be forced to halt or close the running apps using the energy.

The system uses Android Studio as the frontend even though it lacks a backend. Because the battery saver system relies on data from the Android phone to operate, it lacks a backend.

This system’s main objective was to alert users to programs that use excessive battery power. Users can take note of those apps and stop them from running by doing this.

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12. Online eBook Maker

Online eBook maker is one of the best computer science project topics and ideas. The creation of an online eBook creator is the focus of this project. Students can make eBooks for free using the online eBook maker. It has two modules, including author (user) login and admin login.

The administrator will be able to accept requests from authors here, verify their information, evaluate finished eBooks, and then process the request by sending the eBooks to the authors via email.

Users can create new books, specify the context of the books, add the title, the number of pages, and add a book cover after entering their personal information. Old users can also log in using their details to create new books or edit ones that already exist.

Authors are only allowed to have three unfinished eBooks open at once; however, they must finish one eBook before beginning a new one.


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