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Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is a premier school of higher education in Switzerland, noted for its commitment to academic excellence and practical relevance. BFH was founded with the goal of bridging the gap between theory and practice, and it currently provides a varied selection of cutting-edge programs to equip students with the skills and knowledge required by today’s dynamic professional landscape.

With a rich history spanning several decades, BFH has constantly welcomed innovation and research, cultivating an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and creativity. Students gain hands-on training and exposure to real-world difficulties thanks to the university’s cutting-edge facilities and a devoted staff comprised of specialists and industry professionals. BFH actively fosters international collaborations, allowing students to encounter other cultures and viewpoints.

As a center of excellence, BFH continues to create the future by graduating students who are not only academically competent, but also well-prepared to contribute meaningfully to society and fulfill the ever-changing demands of the professional world.


Bern University of Applied Sciences


What programs does Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) offer?

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) gives a various range of programs throughout diverse fields, catering to the educational and professional hobbies of students. The university is prepared into numerous departments, each that specialize in exceptional disciplines.  some of the major programs presented through BFH encompass:

a. Engineering and Information Technology: Programs in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology, and so on.

B. Architecture, Wood, and Civil Engineering: Courses in Architecture, Civil Engineering, Wood Technology, and Sustainable Construction.

C. Business: Studies in Business Administration, International Business, Banking and Finance, and Marketing.

D. Health Professions: Programs in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Nutrition and Dietetics.

E. Social Work: Courses in Social Work, Social Pedagogy, and Social Work in Childhood and Youth.

F. Agriculture, Forest, and Food Sciences: Studies in Agricultural Sciences, Horticulture, Food Technology, and Forest Engineering.

G. Design and Fine Arts: Programs in Visual Communication, Product Design, and Media and Interaction Design.

It’s important to notice that program services may also change through the years, so I endorse journeying the reliable BFH website or contacting their admissions office for the maximum up to date statistics on available programs.


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How can I apply for admission to BFH as an international pupil?

As an international scholar in search of admission to Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH), you need to study particular application techniques to ensure a smooth procedure. Here are the overall steps to use:

A. Check Eligibility: First, review the admission requirements for this system you wish to use to. Ensure that you meet the instructional standards, language skillability requirements (usually English or German), and some other conditions.

B. Online Application: Visit the Bern University of Applied Sciences website and use their on-line utility portal to put up your utility. Fill in the vital details, along with private statistics, educational records, and program possibilities.

C. Required Documents: Prepare and add all the important documents, which may additionally consist of academic transcripts, diplomas, language talent certificate, a CV, motivation letter, and a copy of your passport.

D. Application Fee: Some universities high an application rate for international applicants. Check if BFH requires this and make the price if essential.

E. Deadlines: Be mindful of the application closing dates, as they’ll vary depending on the program and the semester you intend to begin your research.

F. Visa and Residence Permit: If your program is a hit, you will need to apply for a student visa and house allow to study in Switzerland. Check the Swiss government’s requirements and approaches for acquiring those files.

G. Housing and Arrival: After securing admission, arrange for accommodation and plan your arrival in Switzerland.

For more exact and updated records, discuss with the BFH International Students website or contact their international admissions office at once.


What are the studies opportunities available at Bern University of Applied Sciences ?

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) places large emphasis on studies and innovation, promoting a tradition of instructional inquiry and collaboration. The college engages in diverse studies activities across its departments and institutes. Some of the studies possibilities available at BFH encompass:

A. Research Projects: BFH collaborates with industry companions, public establishments, and international groups to conduct studies tasks addressing real-world demanding situations. Students and school contributors can take part in these initiatives, gaining valuable revel in and contributing to advancements of their respective fields.

B. Research Centers and Institutes: BFH homes numerous specialized research centers and institutes, every focused on precise regions of understanding. These centers facilitate interdisciplinary studies, bringing together experts from extraordinary domains to address complicated problems.

C. Doctoral Studies: BFH gives doctoral program in certain disciplines, offering possibilities for college students to pursue advanced studies and earn a Ph.D. Diploma.

D. Innovation and Entrepreneurship: BFH supports innovation and entrepreneurship via encouraging college students and researchers to convert their thoughts into practical solutions and startups. Incubators and entrepreneurial support programs are available to guide aspiring entrepreneurs.

E. Research Funding: BFH assists researchers in securing funding for his or her projects from various national and international resources, enhancing the scope and effect of their research projects.

To discover unique studies possibilities or initiatives, you could visit the BFH research website or contact the research office for distinctive information.


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Can you tell me approximately the campus centers and assets at BFH?

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) gives current and nicely-prepared campus centers to create a conducive learning environment for students and college. While precise facilities might also range by way of campus place and department, a few common campus assets and facilities consist of:

A. Libraries: Bern University of Applied Sciences campuses characteristic libraries stocked with widespread collections of educational books, journals, and digital assets. These libraries function invaluable hubs for research and studying.

B. Laboratories and Workshops: For practical and arms-on gaining knowledge of, BFH presents modern-day laboratories and workshops tailor-made to every subject. These centers allow students to gain sensible experience and behavior experiments.

C. IT Services: BFH gives comprehensive IT aid, presenting college students with get right of entry to to computer systems, software program, and excessive-speed net connectivity throughout campus.

D. Student Cafeterias and Restaurants: There are on-campus eateries where students can take hold of a meal or take a damage between instructions.

E. Sports and Fitness Facilities: BFH promotes a healthy life-style and offers sports activities centers, gyms, and recreational areas for college students to have interaction in bodily activities and sports activities.

F. Student Support Services: BFH provides diverse help services, which include counseling, educational advising, and incapacity aid, to make certain college students have the resources they need to be successful.

G. Collaboration Spaces: Collaborative workspaces and examine areas are available for students to work on institution tasks or study together.

H. Student Associations: BFH has several pupil-run institutions and golf equipment, fostering a colourful campus network and providing possibilities for extracurricular involvement.

For a comprehensive review of the centers available at each BFH campus, you can visit the college’s website or attain out to the campus management.


Are there any scholarships or economic useful resource options for college students at BFH?

Yes, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) gives diverse scholarships and financial resource alternatives to assist students in their instructional journey. These possibilities can also vary, and eligibility standards rely upon elements which includes nationality, instructional overall performance, and monetary need. Some of the scholarship and monetary aid options available at BFH encompass:

A. Excellence Scholarships: BFH offers merit-based scholarships to extraordinary international students. These scholarships regularly cover lessons prices or offer a partial lessons fee waiver.

B. Swiss Government Scholarships: International college students from sure nations may be eligible for scholarships furnished by means of the Swiss government. These scholarships can cover residing charges and different costs.

C. BFH Scholarships: The university itself might also offer internal scholarships based totally on academic achievement, social engagement, or different standards.

D. External Scholarships: Bern University of Applied Sciences encourages college students to discover outside scholarship opportunities, together with those supplied by personal groups, governments, and foundations.

E. Financial Aid and Grants: BFH might also provide monetary useful resource program or grants to college students who exhibit financial want. These resource programs can assist cowl tuition costs or residing charges.

F. Student Employment: Some college students may additionally discover component-time employment possibilities in the college or its accomplice organizations, supporting them offset their residing charges.

To analyze more about specific scholarships and economic resource alternatives available at BFH, go to the university’s financial resource web site or touch the monetary resource office for unique facts.


Bern University of Applied Sciences


How does BFH guide pupil engagement and extracurricular activities?

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is committed to fostering a colourful and enriching campus lifestyles, supplying college students with severa possibilities for engagement and private boom out of doors the lecture room. The college encourages students to take part in extracurricular sports, student institutions, and activities. Here’s how BFH helps pupil engagement:

A. Student Associations: BFH has a various variety of scholar-run institutions and golf equipment, catering to various pastimes along with sports activities, arts, culture, and social reasons. These institutions arrange activities and sports that permit students to connect and build lasting friendships.

B. Volunteering Opportunities: BFH promotes social obligation and offers volunteering possibilities for college kids to make contributions to the area people and advantage precious experiences.

C. Campus Events: The university organizes normal campus activities, consisting of workshops, seminars, cultural festivals, and academic meetings. These activities provide systems for networking and educational enrichment.

D. Sports and Recreation: Bern University of Applied Sciences encourages a wholesome way of life and gives sports facilities and leisure sports for college kids to take part in, promoting physical and mental well-being.

E. Student Support Services: The college’s scholar help offerings ensure that students have get entry to to counseling, steering, and help at some point of their academic journey.

F. Student Ambassador Programs: Bern University of Applied Sciences may also have student ambassador program that allow inspired students to represent the university and have interaction with prospective students or traffic.

G. Study Abroad Programs: BFH helps international alternate program, allowing students to study abroad and enjoy different cultures even as earning academic credits.

H. Entrepreneurship and Innovation: BFH encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, imparting sources and aid for students interested in starting their personal ventures or tasks.

Students can live up to date on campus events and possibilities via the university’s internet site, social media channels, and student newsletters.


What are the profession services and internship possibilities furnished by BFH?

Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) places a sturdy emphasis on realistic education and fostering profession readiness amongst its college students. The college gives comprehensive career offerings and internship opportunities to assist students transition efficiently from academia to the professional international. Here’s how BFH helps college students in their career improvement:

A. Career Counseling: BFH presents profession counseling and steerage to college students, helping them become aware of their strengths, pastimes, and career goals. Professional counselors offer advice on career paths and task possibilities.

B. Internship Placements: The university collaborates with a huge network of enterprise partners, offering college students get right of entry to to various internship possibilities. These internships permit students to advantage sensible experience of their chosen fields.

C. Job Fairs and Recruitment Events: BFH organizes job festivals and recruitment activities, in which students can meet ability employers, community with industry experts, and discover job possibilities.

D. Career Workshops and Seminars: BFH conducts workshops and seminars on topics inclusive of resume writing, interview capabilities, and process search techniques to equip students with crucial employability competencies.

E. Alumni Network: Bern University of Applied Sciences keeps a sturdy alumni network, connecting modern-day students with a success graduates who can provide mentorship and career recommendation.

F. Entrepreneurship Support: For college students interested in entrepreneurship, BFH presents assets and support to help them develop their commercial enterprise thoughts and begin their ventures.

G. Job Portals: Bern University of Applied Sciences may additionally have online activity portals or platforms where students can access activity postings and internship possibilities.

Students are endorsed to actively interact with the profession services supplied with the aid of the university, starting from their early educational years to prepare for a a hit profession after graduation.




How does BFH sell sustainability and environmental initiatives on campus?

As a responsible academic group, Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) is devoted to promoting sustainability and environmental attention on campus. The university undertakes numerous tasks to reduce its ecological footprint and foster a sustainable mastering environment. Here are a number of the ways BFH promotes sustainability:

A. Sustainable Campus Operations: BFH strives to implement sustainable practices within its campus operations, together with electricity-green homes, waste recycling programs, and water conservation measures.

B. Green Initiatives: The university might also have green projects to promote eco-friendly habits among students and staff, inclusive of recognition campaigns and academic events targeted on sustainability.

C. Sustainable Transportation: BFH encourages using public transportation, cycling, or carpooling to lessen greenhouse fuel emissions and visitors congestion.

D. Sustainable Research and Education: BFH integrates sustainability topics into its curriculum and studies program to elevate focus approximately environmental challenges and foster progressive answers.

E. Green Spaces: The university may additionally create green areas and gardens on campus to promote biodiversity and provide a non violent surroundings for college students and body of workers.

F. Sustainable Events: Bern University of Applied Sciences organizes occasions with a focal point on sustainability, making sure that they adhere to green practices in terms of catering, waste control, and useful resource utilization.

G. Partnerships and Collaborations: Bern University of Applied Sciences collaborates with different corporations and establishments to strengthen sustainability research and projects locally and across the world.

H. Sustainable Food Options: The university may provide sustainable and locally sourced food options in its cafeterias and eating places.

BFH’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its actions and regulations, aimed toward nurturing environmentally aware and accountable citizens amongst its pupil frame and team of workers.

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