Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings

Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings

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Welcome onboard today, this is a complete list of top one hundred best beautiful Arabic surnames and their meanings. The Arabian Peninsula is where the Arab people originally came from. There are Arab minority in the border areas, which include southern Turkey and adjacent nations like Ahwaz.

Additionally, there are a sizable number of Arabs in the Diaspora, which accounts for a sizable part in some of these nations.

Conflicts, wars, migrations, etc. all have an impact on society’s culture in one way or another.

For instance, the cultures of those powers have had an impact on societies that have come under their dominion.

It appears obvious that many Arabs have distinctive names that originate from a variety of locations given that the Arab world spans numerous nations across two continents. An Arab’s name may be derived from their parents, their country of origin, or even illustrious lifetime achievements.

We have you covered whether you’re hoping to learn more about your Arab ancestry or looking for baby name ideas. Everything you need to know about Arabic names is included in this post!




Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings

From This Line Down Is The Complete List Of Top Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings

1. Abadi: The surname Abadi is found in families descended from the Abbad tribe. It implies ‘eternal’ or ‘endless’.

2. Abdallah: In Arabic, the surname Abdallah means “Servant of God.” Abd is Arabic meaning servant, while Allah is Arabic for God.

3. Ahmad: The name means “the acclaimed one” in Arabic.

4. Ali: The surname Ali means “high,” “lofty,” or “champion.” It was also the name of the Islamic world’s fourth caliph.

5. Amin: The surname Amin means “truthful” or “trustworthy.” The name is commonly prefixed with Al, as in Al-Amin.

6. Asghar: The name Asghar is derived from the Arabic word Azhar, which means’shining, radiance, luminosity, clarity, or brilliance.’

7. Ayad: The last name Ayad is Arabic for “the hands of power.” The name represents blessings and the ability to succeed in life.


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8. Aziz: The Arabic meaning of the last name Aziz is “the kindest one.” It is frequently linked to the most beloved, priceless, and faithful servant of God. The name translates to “might,” “strong,” and “might” in Hebrew.

9. Badawi: Children born into the Bedouin tribe are given the last name Badawi. The Bedouin are a collection of desert-dwelling Arab ethnic tribes and clans. The word “desert dweller” is badawi.

10. Baghdadi: This last name is shared by families that have ties to the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. Baghdad can imply “bestowed by God,” among other things.

11. Bakir: The Arabic word for daybreak, early, or “anything that occurs before the hour” is bakir.

12. Bashar: Bashar is an acronym for “the bearer of good news.”

13. Bilal: This last name means “moistness” or “water flow.” It also has the meaning of “the victor.”

14. Burhan: The surname Burhan is an Arabic adjective that refers to one of the numerous characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad. “The one with the proof” or “the knowing one” are the names’ meanings.

15. Darwish: The name Darwish has a variety of cultural connotations, including Arab, Persian, Hewbrew, etc. Darwish is Arabic for “wandering,” “exploring,” or “roaming.”


Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings


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16. Dawoud: Dawoud is an Arabic spelling of the English name David that has Hebrew origins. The name, which means “a dear buddy,” is referenced in the Qur’an.

17. Ebeid: The pronunciation of Ebeid is Ubayd. It refers to “God’s faithful servant” or “God’s worshipper.”

18. Fadel: This last name denotes goodness or a gracious and divine person.

19. Faez: which means “victory,” The name comes from the Arabic word Faza, which is translated as “the successful and victorious one.”

20. Faheem: is a masculine last name that means “perceptive” or “clever.” The name Fahm, which means “understanding,” is found in the Quran.

21. Faizan: Faizan can be spelled in a variety of ways. However, the name in Arabic means “the king” or “the gracious one.”

22. Farhat: The name Farhat has a variety of cultural connotations. The name is frequently heard in Arab populations that are Persian in origin. The name has status and splendor in its meaning.

23. Farouq: which means “the redeemer” or “the one who distinguishes between right and wrong,”  The surname is frequently connected to families who are Umar ibn al-(the Khattab’s fourth caliph of the Islamic world) offspring.

24. Farsi: This surname is given to children whose family are of Persian descent. The word “Farsi” is Persian.

25. Fasih: The Arabic meaning of the last name Fasih is “eloquence.” Al, or Al-Fasih, which means “the eloquent one,” comes before the name.

26. Fasil:, which means “the distinguishing” or “the distinctive one,”  Al-Fasil is a frequent prefix that is used.


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27. Fayed: The Arabic meaning of the last name Fayed is “the winner” or “the beneficiary.”

28. Gaddafi: The surname derives from the Qadhadhfa tribe of Libyan Berbers. The name translates to “the thrower” or “the archer.”

29. Ghazali: A person with the last name Ghazali is a “philosopher,” “saint,” or “mystic.”

30. Ghazawwi: This surname is typically given to those who come from families that have ties to the Palestinian city of Gaza. It denotes “the person from Gaza.”

31. Ghulam: is a widely used name across various languages and cultures. The name is a nickname for a young godly servant. It represents a commitment to God.

32. Habib: This name denotes a companion or a lover. The last name is frequently used as an honorific for deserving people. In the Arab world, it is a widely used last name.

33. Hadi: The name Hadi is a derivation of Hidayah, one of Allah’s 99 names. The word “guide to righteousness” appears in the name.

Hadid: The name means “iron” in Arabic. Al is combined with the patronymic name to create the surname Al Hadid.

35. Hafeez: The name Hafeez is Arabic for “the defender” or “the guardian.”


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36. Hakim: Its meaning is “the doctor” or “the healer.” The name was derived from the Arabic appellation used in the Middle Ages to refer to doctors and medical professionals. Additionally, those whose family business in the medical field receive it.

37. Hamdi: The last name is Arabic for “praiseworthy.” Those who are highly praised by Allah are referred to by the moniker in the Quran.

38. Hariri: This last name is used by families who work in the production and marketing of silk. The name is derived from the Arabic word harir, which is a word for silk.

39. Hashim: The name comes from the great-grandfather of the Prophet Mohammed. Before giving bread to the pilgrims, he had a habit of crushing it. As a result, Hashim means “the bread crusher.”

40. Hasnaoui is another way to spell the last name. In Algerian households, the name is frequently inherited.

41. Hatem: Hatim is another way to spell Hatem. It denotes “decisiveness” and “determination.” In the Arab-Muslim world, the surname is particularly well-liked.


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42. Hijazi: Families with ties to the Hejaz region of Saudi Arabia bear the surname Hijazi. Its meaning is “the Hejazi.”

Hussein: Hussein was the name of Prophet Mohammed’s grandson, the son of Fatimah and Ali (the fourth caliph of the Islamic World). It implies ‘to be attractive or gorgeous.’

44. Ibrahim: The surname is derived from one of Islam’s prophets, Prophet Ibrahim. The name means “the exalted parent” or “the father of all.”

45. Iqbal: This famous surname means “strong one” in Arabic. This name has been given to a number of well-known scholars, poets, politicians, and intellectuals.

46. Irfan: Irfan signifies ‘the one who is knowledgeable.’ It also refers to “consciousness” and “continuous learning.”

47. Isa: Isa is an Arabic spelling variation of Jesus and Yasu (Judaism). Isa was a prophet who lived before Prophet Mohammed. The name translates as “ice” or “iron.”

48. The name Ismat is associated with purity, chastity, innocence, perfection, faultlessness, and impeccability.

49. Issawi is Arabic for “soft,” “gentle,” and “sensitive.”

50. Jabal, which means “great height,” is the final name. Jabal is frequently connected to a mountain.

51. Jabir: The name can be spelled in a variety of ways, including Geber, Gabir, Jaber, etc. Jabir is Arabic for “the comforter.”


Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings


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52. Jalal: The surname frequently refers to Allah’s magnificence in the Qur’an. The name has connotations of “might,” “strong,” “might,” “glory,” and “superiority.”

53. Jameel is Arabic for “handsome” and “beautiful.”

54. The last name Jawahir is associated with “jewelry,” “precious stones,” “gold,” and “precious metals.”

55. Jaziri: It denotes “self-assurance” and “independence.” A cheerful and practical personality is personified by the last name.

56. Kader is a surname that denotes a “competent” person. It also denotes strength.

Karim is a given name as well as a surname. It denotes “the honorable” and “the generous.” It is also one of Allah’s 99 names.

58. Kashif: This last name denotes a pioneer, discoverer, or discoverer. The name denotes intelligence, sharpness, and observation.

59. Kassab: Kassab denotes the family’s primary source of income.

60. Kazem: The name Kazem can be spoken and spelled in a number of different ways. The term represents “control of rage.”

61. Khalid: A well-liked given name for boys is the surname Khalid. Its Arabic translation is “forever.”

62. Laghmani, which means “one born at nightfall,” The last name also denotes tranquility and silence.

64. Maalouf

Maayuf, which meaning “one who stands out in the throng” or “one who is left out,” is the root of the word Maalouf.

64. Maamoun: The last name suggests someone renowned for their reliability and honesty.

65. Mohammed: The surname Muhammad is derived from Prophet Muhammad, the final Islamic prophet. The name translates as “laudability” and “praise-worthiness.”

66. Mahmud, an Arabic surname derived from the name Muhammad,

67. Marwan: The name Marwan comes from the stone Marou, which was once used to kindle a fire. Additionally, the name denotes “command and strength.”


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The List Of Top Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings Continues From Here

68. Mufti: A “legal advisor” or “counselor” is referred to as a mufti in Arabic. The word derives from the Arabic designation used in the middle centuries for legal counsel.

69. Mughrabi: Families who speak Magrabi Arabic tend to bear this surname. The tribes of the arabo-berber people speak this language.

70. Mustafa: The Prophet Muhammad has been called several titles, including Mustafa. The name translates as “the appointed one” or “the selected one.”

Nabih is a name that means “being alert and vigilant.” It also stands for “honor.”

The name Nader is Arabic for remarkable, extraordinary, unique, or rare.

73. Nagi: The Prophet Muhammad was actually given the name Nagi or Naji for his devotion to Allah. He was referred to be Allah’s friend. In Arabic, nagi is a synonym for “closest buddy.”

74. Nahdi: In the Arab world, Nahdi is a popular last name. In Arabic, it signifies “a sturdy tree.”

75. Najdi: Families with ties to the Arabian region of Najd bear the surname Najdi.

76. Najm: This word means “star.”

77. The surname Najjar comes from the trade of carpentry. Al-Najjar is Arabic for “the carpenter.”

78. Noor: Noor is Arabic for “divinity” or “light.” It personifies both the external and internal beauty that comes from devotion to God.

79. Osman, who is known as “God’s loyal servant,” The name is well-liked in Arabic- and Urdu-speaking nations.

80. The name Qadir is Arabic for “competent,” “strong,” or “capable.”


Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings


The List Of Top Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings Continues From Here

81. Qasim: The Prophet Muhammad is also known by the epithet Qasim. Its meaning is “the one who distributes.” It has a connection to generosity and kindness.

82. Qureshi: The name comes from the Quraish tribe, who lived in Makkah during the time of the Prophet Muhammad. The Quraish tribe was made up of wealthy and successful businesspeople. The tribe’s descendants are given the last name.

Rafiq is Arabic for “close friend,” “companion,” or “follower of God.”

84. Rahim: Rahim, one of Allah’s 99 names, is Arabic for “the merciful” or “the forgiving.”

85. Rajab, the seventh month of the calendar and a name derived from the Islamic calendar, signifies “to respect.”

86. Ramzan, also known as Ramadan, is a month that falls on the Islamic calendar and signifies “to be alive.” For Muslims, the month of Ramadan is a holy period.

87. Ramzi: The surname means “calm,” “reserved,” or “demure.” The name also implies a’sign’ from Allah.


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88. Rashid: This is another of Allah’s 99 names. The name means ‘straight path’ and ‘truth.’

89. Reza: The surname Reza signifies “Allah’s approbation.” It signifies that God is satisfied with the followers’ activities and decisions. Shia Muslims are the most common users of the name.

90. Sader: The name Sader means ‘broad-chested,”strength,’ ‘courage,’ or ‘fore-fronted’ in Arabic.

91. Sajjad: Sajjad means “devoted worshipper of Allah.”

92. Shariq: The surname means “bright dazzling star” or “exemplary character.” It also refers to a ‘devoted companion.’

93. Saqqaf: Saqqaf denotes ‘cleverness’ or ‘intelligence’ in Arabic.

94. Sultan
Everyone has heard of this surname at some point in their lives. The monarchs are granted the title of Sultan. It signifies “highness” or “ruler.”




The List Of Top Beautiful Arabic Surnames and Their Meanings Continues From Here

95. Taleb: Taleb was the name of Prophet Muhammed’s uncle. The surname means “devoted student” or “knowledge seeker.”

96. Tawfiq: The name implies “a chance to learn information or achieve in life.”

97. Wahed: Wahed is one of Allah’s 99 names. The name translates as “the only one.” It also translates to “first” in Arabic.

Yasin is one of the Holy Quran’s chapters, number 98. The term is a metaphor for prosperity or riches.

Yusuf is a popular name in Arabic, Hebrew, and Aramaic. The name translates as “God rises” in terms of strength, power, sway, and devotion.

100. Zaman is a name that means “a person of the time, era, or age.”

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