benefits of social media for students

17 Benefits Of Social Media For Students In 2024

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The use of internet technology in education has created a variety of study options that are available to everyone in the world.

Benefits of social media for students is currently being used by students to engage in an exchange of information that goes beyond textbooks and lectures in the classroom.

Students now have unfettered access to internet communication and information thanks to websites and apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.

In this post, we’ll discuss the ways in which social media usage enhances instruction and learning. Before we delve into that, take a short look at the information below and discover what social media is. We will also talk about the many sorts of social media and how you may use them effectively.

benefits of social media for students


What Is Social Media?

Social media are computer-based programs that make it easier to share information, ideas, and thoughts by creating online communities and networks.

They are websites made to make it simple, quick, and immediate for users to share material. Depending on their distinct purposes, social media fall under numerous categories.

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Types Of Social Media

You must keep in mind that not all social media platforms are made equal before you begin. They are grouped based on highly particular user interests and technological characteristics.

While discussion boards like Reddit and Quora give you a platform to share news and ideas, social networks like Facebook and Twitter allow you interact with others.

You can decide where to put your time in light of that. View the many social media subcategories listed below.


Social Networks

Social networks, also known as “relationship networks,” enable internet connections between individuals and groups for the purpose of exchanging knowledge and ideas.

Through these websites, you as a student can contribute data, images, videos, and more. These websites are primarily made for social interaction and knowledge exchange. as an illustration,

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Media Sharing Networks

Connect with media-sharing networks if you’re looking for social media platforms that are the most visually appealing. You can develop many kinds of social media campaigns using these websites.

Media-sharing networks mostly concentrate on sharing live videos, photographs, and videos.

Teachers can share lecture videos and conduct live classes with students on these media-sharing networks. Business owners can interact with their audience by sharing graphic information.

Media sharing networks include, for instance;

  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Snapchat
  • Tiktok
  • Imgur
  • Pinterest

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Discussion networks

Discussion Networks are yet another form of social media site that is endorsed for use by students. These social media platforms are where news, information, and ideas may be found, discussed, and shared.

People use these websites to learn what is being discussed everywhere. They monitor discussion threads for new postings and comments. The majority of users on these websites are expressive.

The available discussion networks are shown below.

  • reddit
  • Quora
  • Digg
  • Nairaland


Interest-based networks

This is a fantastic social media tool that helps you meet others who share your interests or hobbies.

Interest-based networks are solely dedicated to one topic, such as music, books, or interior design. You can follow trends on reputable websites.

Three social media platforms for interest-based networks are listed below:



Social Blogging Networks

Social blogging networks are distinctive forms of social media that demand ongoing content creation for publication.

They give individuals the means to post content online in ways that promote discovery, sharing, and commentary.

Social blogging platforms include, among others:

  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

The social media sites mentioned above provide many chances for boosting learning and interaction, and students are taking use of them.


Benefits Of Social Media For Students

Social media use in the classroom should be promoted despite the widespread belief that it is a major source of student distraction. While this belief is not entirely unfounded, there are still many compelling arguments in favor of its use.

  1. Educational Tool
  2. Share information
  3. Social media marketing
  4. News Updates
  5. Global Exposure
  6. Find Friends With Similar Interest
  7. Enhanced Learning management systems
  8. Research Work
  9. Building Supportive Online Communities
  10. Distance Learning Opportunities
  11. Social Media Use for Awareness
  12. Increase Social Interaction Among Students
  13. Social Media Helps In Internship And Job Search
  14. Meeting with mentors and experts
  15. Creating digital portfolios
  16. Participating in group work
  17. Web Engagements


1. Educational Tool

This is one of the benefits of social media for students on the list of benefits of social media for students. In colleges and universities, social media may show to be a helpful learning tool. Students can explore many social media sites thanks to the internet-connected smartphones, iPads, and laptops that they have access to.

Educators can also make use of this information by creating Webinars, online discussion forums, and other venues to improve college education.


2. Share information

Sharing Information is one of the benefits of social media for students. Students converse with one another on ideas, points of view, advice, projects, course materials, and other relevant information. For classes and exams, they share useful information.

Students that use social media have improved communication skills and have improved access to, evaluation of, maintenance of, and sharing of information.

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3. Social media marketing

Another way on the list of benefits of social media for students is social media marketing. Social media marketing might be a viable side business. It is seen as a skill that opens up new employment opportunities and equips individuals to become successful marketers.

Students all over the world are actively implementing social media strategies for various businesses.


4. News Updates

News updates are among the benefits of social media for students. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram keep students up to date on numerous trending news stories from around the world as well as on the lives of their friends and family.

You only need to glance at the news stream to get an overview of current employment openings, cutting-edge technological advancements, entertainment, and global news updates.


5. Global Exposure

This is one of the benefits of social media for students. Students may share and learn about a ton of stuff every day on educational websites, how-to videos, and webinar links thanks to the use of social media.

The internet makes it simple to access a wealth of knowledge on any subject you can think of. You might also inform your fellow students about your findings as a student.

You can communicate with teachers and students from all around the world through social media, share knowledge, ask for help, have conversations, and watch lectures by well-known experts.


6. Find Friends With Similar Interest

Another way on the benefits of social media for students list is the find friends with similar interest. You can search for new chances, followers, and even people who share your interests and hobbies on social media.


7. Enhanced Learning management systems

This is one of the benefit of social media for student on the list of benefits of social media for students. The administration, documenting, tracking, reporting, and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs are all handled by learning management systems, a networking software application.

Basically, social media learning in an LMS entails instant messaging, video, information-sharing forums, and other teaching aids for the benefit of the students.

The majority of LMSs have built-in social media integration, which enables users to communicate with the system. The method increases student engagement and facilitates team project collaboration.


8. It helps In Research Process

One of the benefits of social media for students it helps in research process. Students have a fantastic platform to gather data thanks to social media. You can learn how people feel about a certain topic or how professionals feel about and offer advice on certain difficulties.

Social media can be used by students to obtain information for projects and assignments, as well as to create valuable research content.



9. Building Supportive Online Communities

Building supportive online communities is one of the benefits of social media for students. A sense of pride and belonging in any organization can be fostered by online communities. It makes it possible for members to be informed about the newest events and news that would otherwise be difficult to communicate with everyone.

Online communities allow you to stay up to date on sports news, individual student accomplishments, or staff members’ newest recycling initiatives.

Additionally, it aids in keeping alumni informed and giving prospective students and employees a sense of the culture of the institution. You can stay in touch with your graduated coworkers to work on future projects together.


10 Distance Learning Opportunities

Another benefit of social media for student on the list of benefits of social media for students is distance learning opportunities. Many economically disadvantaged students are unable to attend a regular college, but thanks to social media techniques, they can participate in distance learning programs and receive a formal education.

The future of providing education to students who live in remote places of the world involves hosting live lectures via Skype or webinars via Zoom.


11. Social Media Use for Awareness

Social Media use for awareness is one of the benefits of social media for students. The best and most affordable way to communicate with others is through social media. Social media makes it simple to connect with people and communicate with them.

Social media is a tool that college students utilize to spread awareness among their peers.

For instance, your friend will be immediately notified if you tag or mention them in a post or comment regarding awareness.

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12. Increase Social Interaction Among Students

This is another benefit of social media for students on the list of benefits of social media for students. Social media is the most widely used form of communication in the modern world. It significantly affects how we live and modifies how we interact with other people.

You can quickly connect with people thanks to it. You can re-establish contact with an old school acquaintance with whom you’ve been out of touch for a while by using social media.

We may easily locate it by accessing social media and searching for the required person or company, as social media greatly increases human interaction.


13. Social Media Helps In Internship And Job Search

This is one of the benefits of social media for students. Do you understand how to obtain a job offer via social media? The majority of prosperous businesses use social media to find candidates.

Using websites like LinkedIn, job searchers may connect with potential employers. Create a profile on LinkedIn so that businesses can get in touch with you and make you an offer.

Many people utilize social media to interact with mentors in addition to doing job searches.

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14. Students can build social credibility

Students can build social credibility is one way of benefits of social media for students. Social media sites can assist students in developing a digital portfolio for their careers. Your career will be set up and prepared to have social credibility.

Social media will overtake all other channels as the primary method for resolving issues in education as social network interactions in educational systems evolve.

The pursuit of a digital marketing credential is promoted among students. This may open up a number of career opportunities in social media and marketing.


15. Parental Involvement

Another benefit of social media for student on the list of benefits of social media for students is parental involvement. Every parent wants to be active in their kids’ education. They are interested in remaining informed about ongoing school-related activities, projects, and events.

In order to share their child’s development using Skype or other secure online platforms that the school employs, parents also like to get in touch with teachers.

The creation of a social network for parents on WhatsApp, Twitter, or Facebook Messenger can give them access to information about academic matters, learning, and education.

Pupils’ academic performance at school is improved as a result of parental involvement and home-based academic support for students.


16. Participating in group work

This is one of the benefits of social media for students. When it comes to communication, social media is quite useful. Students use social media to collaborate on homework and group projects when their teachers offer them.

For things like complex research projects, they set up a group conversation using Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Google Hangouts in particular.


17. Web Engagements

Web Engagements is one the benefits of social media for students.  Students that use social media can access one another’s shared files and information as well as tools, resources, and helpful website links. They can actually post all of their accomplishments and initiatives online in order to share them with the world and establish their own online identity.

Students can communicate with teachers more quickly and easily thanks to social media. Students can share and transmit any study-related subjects and matters with just a few clicks.

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benefits of social media for students


Tricks Of Using Social Media As Learning Tools

If you use the advice below, you can prevent using social media improperly;

  • Be a Facebook group for your class and make sure to post reminders to students about the details of crucial assignments and the due dates for submission.
  • Always look for fresh, entertaining web resources, and share the links with the community.
  • Share on the blog site things like book reviews, history research papers, and other things that students often turn in printed.
  • Establish a daily hashtag on Twitter for a subject you covered in class.
  • For the flipped classroom idea, use YouTube.


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