100 bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him

100 bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him

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Welcome To Scholarships Hall, here we discuss the top 100 bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him. These good night messages for your lover will enable you to wish him a night full of pleasant dreams in your committed relationship.

If you send your lover these romantic and beautiful goodnight messages before he goes to sleep, he will be overjoyed! You may find the best goodnight messages and romantic goodnight words for him right here.

Sending him a flirtatious or humorous good night message will work even if you only want to make him smile. Choose the best one from the list below to give to your Mr. Perfect as a way to express your love and concern for him.




100 bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him

1. You should kiss me to start my day and cuddle me to end it. Baby, good night!

2. Our partnership might not be perfect. But as long as you are with me until the end of time, it is irrelevant to me. Good night, sweetheart.

3. The moon and stars appear merely to wish you a nice night. While you pass the night away, let the moonlight guide your dreams.

4. All I want is for our nights together to go on forever. I can’t stand it when we are apart at this stage. to say goodnight to my love as well.

5. Your dreams and the silence, the silence while I think about you. Do you ever have an understanding? Considering how much I miss you, my darling, Good night and have a nice night!

6. Without you, the nights seem endless and are exhausting. However, may my longing to see you preserve my life and give me comfort. Good luck with your sleep, sweetie.

7. You are such a blessing to me. Always be here for me. Moreover, my darling, I’ll never let you go. Sleep well!

8. That you are mine and I am yours makes me feel so warm and wonderful within. I hope it continues to be like way forever. Nectar, dream sweet. I adore you.

9. The nighttime atmosphere is captivating, and the starlit sky is breathtaking. But compared to how beautiful I feel inside when I’m with you, it’s nothing. good nite


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10. When you’re sleeping, you seem so innocent. Additionally, I fall in love with you every time I see you dozing off. Until tomorrow, be kind. I wish you a sound sleep!

11. When you hug and kiss me and say “you are mine,” it makes everything worth it and I can’t sleep when I see nightmares about losing you. Sleep well!


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12. I’m falling more and more in love with you. I have no idea how it occurs, but somehow I manage it, baby. I therefore can’t wait to love you even more tomorrow. good nite

13. I’ll help you stand on the planet. I adore you madly. You are everything to me, and no one can love you like I do. Sleep well!

14. Because I currently have you, I don’t have any other desires in life. You are the realization of all my sweetest lifelong desires. Goodnight, sweetie!

15. You are the most important thing in my life, and this message is meant to remind you of that. I must therefore banish all of your nightmares and give you romantic dreams instead. Enjoy your night. Idyllic dreams.

16. My hair is being gently brushed by the night air, which makes me think of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you so much, too.

17. The moment I see a smile from you, all my exhaustion evaporates. But your words give me comfort. In your love, sleepless nights become excellent. I have faith that my lovely boyfriend will sleep soundly.

18. I need your hugs and kisses before I can go to sleep because they completely make my heart happy. Goodnight, my love.

19. Because you are my real-life fantasy, I would want to stop dreaming. The prince of my dreams is you. Think of me being nearby as you close your eyes. good nite


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


20. Each night, thinking about how much I love you causes me to sleep more time. Excellent night!

21. I’m unsure of what I’ll do when I’m not with you. To me, you are everything. Sleep well!

22. Your heartfelt hugs always brighten my day. So make sure you get a good night’s sleep and be ready for a hectic day tomorrow. good nite

23. To the one who brightens my days, good night. To the person whose love makes me want to burst at the seams, good night. Hugs and kisses to the individual who makes my life seem like a bed of flowers, though. I cherish you.

24. I always fiercely hug my pillow and wish it was you. also to express my deep love for you. Sleep well!

25. Rest both your body and mind. So every day I need the best version of you. Sleep well, my love. Make sure to dream of me.

26. I now understand that heaven exists on earth. You hold it in your arms right now. Sweetie, you have my undying love. good nite

27. I want you to behave well. I’m saying good night because of it. Don’t consider any other girls besides me.

28. Even though you’re not here, I can still hear your voice in my dreams. At that point, my dreams seem real, and I want to stay asleep. Additionally, I want to wish you a good night.

29. Recognize that I am present and that I will never leave you. Soul to soul and hand in hand. Therefore, Close your eyes and drift off to sleep while grinning wildly. My love, I am here.

30. Goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight. Even if it’s only the night, I won’t be afraid to feel the warmth of my hand on you and thank God for His grace.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


31. Dress me up in your dreams so you can sleep soundly. Sleep well!

32. Every time I’m with you, I feel as if I’m in heaven. I wish I could be in heaven right now. Can you take action in this regard? I’m set and eager. Love, I’ll see you in my dreams. Good night.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him

100 bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


33. I do, however, wish you a great night and a sweet dream of your princess, my prince.

34. I’m wishing the world’s most amazing partner a restful night’s sleep. Good night, my sweetheart.

35. Until tomorrow, darling prince. Also, may you have nothing less than fantastic dreams. You are the one true love of my life, at this moment. I love you, my true love. We go to sleep together.

36. I would love to be your cozy pillow. By that time, whether we got along or not, you would enjoy seeing me every night. Good night, my love.

37. Every night, I believe the moon will be enormous and brilliant and you will be positive and correct. When you turn out the light, keep in mind that I’m dreaming of you.

38. When I think of being without you at night, I get a bad taste in my mouth. Once I start dreaming of you, that flavor becomes wonderful.

39. You realize there are restrictions about dreaming while you’re dating me, right? The first rule is that you have to think about me all the time. The second rule is that the first rule is the only rule. good nite

40. I told you I just wanted you on top of me when you asked how I was doing. Now you have the ball in your court. Happy dreams, my love. Good night.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


41. I shall remain strong in these lonely evenings for you. I won’t consider anything else for you other than the day we are reunited and all of our dreams come true. I just wanted to let you know that I genuinely miss you and can’t wait to see you again. Keep yourself secure, my sweetness. For now, I’ll only daydream about you. good nite

42. I wasn’t bothered by my excruciating dreams until you woke me up. Excellent night!

43. I want to say good night to a guy who brightens my days and makes everything in my life perfect.

44. I have such a hard time going to sleep at night. But do you understand why? as a result of my constant thoughts of you. So, quickly, enter my dreams and take me away to a pleasant nap.

45. Good night, sweetheart. No matter how awful the day was, you are the reason I went to bed smiling.

46. I long to become the moon. I’d do anything to watch you fall asleep. Your beauty surpasses all others, and the North Star seems small in comparison. Also, may you have wonderful dreams and get plenty of sleep.

47. The moon’s appearance in the nighttime sky can signify just one thing: love is capable of guiding us through all of life’s challenges. good nite

48. Nothing beats the glitter I see in your eyes whenever you look at me, no matter how lovely the stars in the sky are. I also want to let you know how much I miss you, honey. I therefore look forward to seeing you soon. good nite


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49. It’s a very dark and cold night, and I’m thinking about you right now. But I wish you were here to give me a hug and make me feel secure this evening. Good night, sweetheart!

50. When I wake up to the sun shining down and the sound of birds tweeting, you can rest assured that I will think of you both last and first.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


51. So that tomorrow is better than today, get some rest now. As a result, I can’t imagine going to bed without your comforting arms. You should be here, please. Until tomorrow, my darling.

52. Thank you for making my pleasant dreams possible, handsome. good nite

53. Even though I’m not with you right now, I can still picture your sleeping face. Every night as I dream of this pure face, I go to sleep. Have a beautiful dream and good luck tonight, love.

54. I’m not embarrassed to say it. However, I’m completely smitten with you. My sweetie, good night. good nite

55. Thank you so much for letting me stay every night with you. Good night to my hero riding in a gleaming armor.

56. You are always in my thoughts and dreams, no matter how far away you are. Good night, sweetheart!

57. Do you realize how difficult it is to fall asleep without being held? Do you share my feelings? We will one day gaze upon the moon in unison.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


58. I can’t cuddle with you, so falling asleep without you is awful. Love, good night.

59. Dream about me constantly, my prince. Sleep well!

60. Spending every day with the people you love and like being around is an amazing experience. I appreciate you making me happy all the time. Good night.

61. I’m counting the stars as I try to sleep. You are the brightest person I have ever known, so they are all bland in comparison. Good night.

62. You are an exceptional man, yet you always appear so innocent while you sleep, and it’s not just that. Sleep soundly tonight so I can see that adorable face tomorrow.

63. By now, my night would be over if you were nearby. Give you a hug and ignore me, your cushion. Allow the world’s collective sleep to descend upon your eyes. Good night, my love.

64. I’m looking at the photo we shot together to help me get through my lonely night. Excellent night!

65. Without telling you I love you, I cannot go asleep. Sleep well!

66. Do you understand what my heart is attempting to tell you if you could hear what it is saying? It’s attempting to express its affection for you and its eagerness to meet you once more. Sweetheart, good night. I adore you. Idyllic dreams.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


67. Tell me everything you’ve been holding back in your heart, even your desires, and I’ll fulfill them. Sleep well.

68. Even if the sun is now upset, the moon is dancing with joy. The moon gets to spend the entire night with you, whereas the sun is sad to see you depart.

69. I can tell you’re the one because I feel incomplete without you. I never have to be without you, though. good nite

70. All I do is fight every day to get back to you. My entire day revolves around hoping to be able to spend my nights in your arms once more.

71. Good night to the world’s most thoughtful lover. I hope you have the most wonderful dream ever.

72. May you have the world’s most restful sleep. In any case, good night, my darling, and try not to see any other girl in your dreams besides me.

73. One day, my love, I hope to fall asleep next to you and awaken with you. Sleep well!

74. In this darkness, I only think of you. Consequently, I wish you a restful night.

75. I have no apprehension of the cold or the darkness as the sun sets and the moon rises. You are right here by my side to give me warmth and confidence. You have a good night and a good dream, sweetheart.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


76. Now now you’re not with me. I’m unable to hug or touch you. I’ll encounter you in a dream. Additionally, we’ll both be there. Good night, my love!

77. I am aware that you are thinking about me right now even though you probably have a ton on your plate. Whatever the case, I suppose you should be aware that the entire time you were occupied, they worried about me because of you.

78. Every day should begin with a kiss from you, and every night should begin with a cuddle. Baby, good night.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him

100 bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


79. I just want to say “thank you” for being there for me at difficult moments rather than sending a message like “love you” or “miss you.” Sleep well.

80. I hope to kiss you in the temple someday and bid you good night. You’ll then take me into your arms, and I’ll close my eyes after that. Good night, sweetheart!

81. Sleep by closing your eyes. Leave your eyes alone with all the pleasant dreams.

82. I’m wishing the world’s most attractive man good night. So, here’s hoping you have the most delightful dream tonight!

83. Your dreams will never be sweeter than mine, no matter how hard you try, because I dream about YOU. Good night, my darling.

84. Knowing that I will see my lovely hunk again tomorrow allows me to sleep soundly at night. But may you get rid of all the exhaustion and sleep soundly. I’m here for you at all times.

85. Both you and I are ours. Good Night, Beautiful.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


86. I can’t help but kiss you while you’re sleeping. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to see your sleepy face. Until tomorrow, my prince.

87. Only you have ever appeared in my fantasies. You have my undying love. Sleep well!

88. Close your eyes and place your head on my shoulder. It’s time to say goodnight to the world. But when I awaken in a dream, my smile is so radiant it casts a shadow over the moon.

89. You have always been the man I could only imagine. Obtain a sound slumber. Goodnight.

90. My heart is unreliable. You better believe it when I say that I miss you and that I adore you above all others. Goodnight, honey. Good night.

91. Get a good night’s sleep and prepare for a wonderful day. Good night, my darling.

92. I hope you have a wonderful dream night. Love, good night.

93. I will always be there to kiss and hold you when it gets dark, whether or not you create some fantastic memories. Good night, sweetheart.




94. I truly need you to be a GOOD kid at night when I say GOOD night. So don’t think of any other girls besides me. Until tomorrow, be kind.


Still On Top bedtime messages for boyfriend and romantic texts for him


95. Every night before I go to sleep, I think about you because I want you to be in my dreams. additionally to say good night!

96. Tonight the moon is so beautiful and the breeze is so cool and delicate. The sky is serene, and the stars are brilliant. We’ve all gathered to send you our best wishes. So long, my dear.

97. makes you think of imposing castles all around you and lofty aspirations for the future. Tonight, when you sleep, let your thoughts wander to the future.

98. Even though I am aware that it is a falsehood, deep down I still think that only you and I can enjoy the moonlight at night. good nite

99. You have a nice night, my love. Idyllic dreams.

100. I wish I could embrace you in tenderness. You are the moon to my sky and the dream to my horror. Love, may you have a restful night. I’ll see you in my sleep.


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