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10 Websites for Free college Textbooks pdf in 2024

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Find valuable educational resources with websites for free college textbooks. Access essential materials without the financial burden, making your learning journey affordable and enriching. Explore these platforms and expand your knowledge today

The cost of college textbooks has risen at an alarming rate, with prices increasing by over 80% since 2006. This represents one of the largest expenditures for students outside of tuition and housing costs. Considering that the average undergraduate student spends $1,200 on books and materials per year, websites for free college textbooks can provide much-needed relief for strained budgets.

Luckily, the internet offers a wealth of websites for free college textbooks in PDF format. By utilizing these resources, students can significantly reduce their textbook costs and avoid the financial burdens that come with expensive print materials.

This article will explore the top 10 websites for free college textbooks and provide students with essential guidance for accessing free PDF textbooks in 2024.

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10 Websites for Free College Textbooks

below are the list of the 10 websites for Free college textbooks where Students can considerably lower their textbook expenses and avoid the financial hassles that come with expensive print textbooks by making use of these services.

1. OpenStax

OpenStax, a nonprofit founded through Rice University, has a mission to increase student access to education. OpenStax provides free, peer-reviewed college textbooks for many popular undergraduate subjects. Textbooks are available to download in PDF format for both desktop and mobile devices.

Subjects covered by OpenStax include Economics, Statistics, Physics, Sociology, Chemistry and more. OpenStax also partnered with other organizations to expand its catalog to over 30 free textbook titles. With OpenStax, students can find quality, expertly authored textbooks for $0 cost that’s why it tops the list of websites for Free college textbooks.

To access the OpenStax website, simply visit and use the search bar or browse the subject listings. Once you select your OpenStax free textbook, you can download the full PDF file or download individual chapter PDFs.

websites for Free college textbooks

2. BookBoon

This is another website for Free college textbooks, BookBoon lives up to its motto “Supporting lifelong learning” by offering over 1,000 free ebooks for students. Subjects range from Business, Engineering, and Medicine to Natural Sciences, IT and Programming, and more.

BookBoon provides free textbooks in PDF format for qualifying students, with options to download the full book or by chapter. Users can browse by subject or use the search bar to find exactly the textbook needed. BookBoon’s free books can be accessed on desktop, e-readers or mobile apps.

To start exploring BookBoon’s catalog of free textbooks, visit and create a free account. Access and downloads are available immediately after sign up.

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3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, founded in 1971, houses over 60,000 free ebooks. Those include public-domain college textbooks and supplemental readings.

Subjects covered range from Psychology, Philosophy, and History to Mathematics, Languages, and Literature. Textbooks are available in simple PDF format. MOBI for Kindle, or EPUB for other e-readers. Users can browse by subject or search for specific titles and authors.

Project Gutenberg is accessible online or via free mobile apps. To find their collection of free textbooks, visit

4. FlatWorld Knowledge

FlatWorld Knowledge is a website for Free college textbooks, openly licensed textbooks for many college subjects, formatted for online use and mobile access.

Their catalog includes about 20 free textbook titles covering Business, Humanities, Math, Science, Social Sciences, and more. Students can browse printable PDF copies or use the interactive online textbook platform.

To find free textbooks, go to and search their catalog of open textbooks. FlatWorld Knowledge also offers low cost upgrades for offline access, NoteTaking, and other helpful study tools.

5. Merlot

The Merlot website contains a collection of over 20,000 free online textbooks and learning materials for postsecondary education.

Their materials span every major subject including Arts, Business, Humanities, STEM subjects, and more. Students can browse or search for OpenStax, MIT OpenCourseware, and other free textbook resources curated by Merlot.

To access the free textbooks, visit and use their materials search function. Membership allows saving materials and peer reviews but is not required to access or download textbooks.

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6. BookFinder4U

BookFinder4U is dedicated to textbook and e-book price comparisons. Their websites for Free college textbooks allow students to search hundreds of sources to find the most affordable textbooks.

After entering an ISBN or textbook title, BookFinder4U scans sites like Thriftbooks, Amazon, and others to help locate the lowest prices, including free e-book options when available. Users can further filter by a format like PDF and filter specifically for free books.

Give BookFinder4U a try at to surface savings on both new and used textbooks. Membership provides extra tools but is optional.

7. ThriftBooks

ThriftBooks offers over 18 million used books at discount prices, including deeply discounted used college textbooks. Students can purchase textbooks up to 90% off retail prices.

By searching for the ISBN or title on, users can compare prices for both new and used copies. Used books classified as “Very Good” or above contain highlighting and wear comparable to a library book.

Lookup and price compare college textbooks on Free shipping is offered for orders over $10. ThriftBooks provides significant savings on quality used textbooks.

websites for Free college textbooks

8. Bibliotastic

Bibliotastic is one of the websites for Free college textbooks section containing over 200 titles across various subjects.

Users can browse Engineering, Programming, Philosophy, Languages, Business, and other textbooks selected for relevant post-secondary education. Bibliotastic houses free textbook PDFs not easily found elsewhere.

Access their free college resources at To download, click the PDF icon below the chosen textbook. Bibliotastic offers a unique catalog of openly licensed books.

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9. Free Computer Books

Free Computer Books provides free eBooks links for computer programming languages like C++, Python, Java, R and more. This makes it a go-to resource for free programming textbooks and reference books.

PDF, HTML, and Doc formats are available. Just search or browse by subject to access hundreds of free programming textbooks. Links are provided to download from various websites.

Those studying software development, coding or data science can get free educational materials at They offer the largest selection of free programming textbooks.

10. FreeTechBooks

FreeTechBooks boasts over 500 free programming and technology textbooks formatted for online reading, PDF download, Kindle and ePub.

Their free computer science textbooks cover languages like Python, Java, C++, R, and much more. Subjects extend into cybersecurity, web development, big data, gaming, and other technology fields.

Students can browse the computer department or search to locate relevant free textbooks. Membership allows commenting and tracking favorites but is optional.

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Finding affordable textbooks can be a challenge for college students on a budget. By leveraging these 10 websites for free college textbooks in PDF format, students can greatly reduce expenses related to books and course materials.

The internet provides access to thousands of free textbooks across countless subjects all just a few clicks away. Share these textbook resources so more students can reap the financial benefits of free educational content in 2024.

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