useful international travel tips for first time travelers

10 Useful International Travel Tips for First Time Travelers

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Regardless of the amount of travel you have done within your own country, the prospect of going abroad for the first time can be both exciting and intimidating. Despite our years of international travel, we at Go Overseas are constantly picking up new travel hacks.

In this article, you will learn very useful international travel tips for first-time travelers to enable he/she to have an easy trip.

Going somewhere new could initially appear intimidating and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be! To make sure everything goes smoothly before your international trip, heed this straightforward advice.

List of useful international travel tips for first time travelers

Here are some useful international travel tips for first time travelers

1. Address money matters

One of the useful international travel tips for first time travelers, It is necessary that you inform your bank of your travel plans before you depart for your far-off location. This way, when your bank notices that your card is being used at a Thai market out of the blue, they won’t suspect fraud.

The accessibility of ATMs may be limited based on your final destination. There may be nations where the majority of restaurants and businesses operate solely with cash, without even having card readers. Should this be the situation, make sure you have enough cash on you to cover your daily costs. Larger amounts of cash are sometimes kept safer by travelers in money belts.

useful international travel tips for first time travelers

2. Prepare your travel documents

Travel document is among the useful international travel tips for first time travelers. The most crucial piece of advice to save yourself needless stress is to apply for your passport as soon as possible. In the absence of a travel visa or passport, your range of possible destinations is considerably reduced.


Some may overlook this, but a ten-year passport can easily lead to complacency and the forgetting that it needs to be renewed.

If your passport is less than six months expired, many countries might not even allow you entry, and if your passport doesn’t have enough free pages, your request for a visa might be turned down.

As a general guideline, confirm that your passport is still valid at the time you make your flight reservation. If you don’t apply ahead of time, the procedure of obtaining and applying for your passport may cause you to miss your trip.


It is imperative that you ascertain beforehand if you require a visa, which is an official document issued by the country of destination that permits entry. If you don’t have the required visa when you check in for your flight, you might be turned away, especially if you can’t apply for one there.

Holders of US and UK passports are able to enter many countries without the need for a visa or obtain one upon arrival. But regulations differ from nation to nation, so make sure you fully investigate the prerequisites for entry.

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3. Research your destination

Research on your destination is one useful international travel tips for first time travelers. To get the most out of your trip, make sure you take your time researching your destination. Even though it could seem more enjoyable to go on an impromptu trip, it is actually much more practical to read through the advice for first-time foreign travelers so you can anticipate some of the subtleties of your destination nation.

Laws can differ in addition to linguistic and cultural differences. As you may be aware, chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore. or that feeding pigeons in Venice is prohibited? It’s also forbidden to ride a cow while intoxicated in Scotland, if that was your original plan. There are many laws in other countries that you may find strange, but that’s only because they are not part of your culture. Being aware of them in advance can help you avoid problems.


  • Is the tap water safe to drink?
  • Which currency is used locally?
  • Which religion is most popular, and are there any regulations regarding modest attire?
  • Do you require any immunizations?
  • How well-suited is your location for tourists? Exist many options for lodging for tourists?
  • What is the primary language of the nation? To what extent is English spoken globally?
  • Does the food in the area meet your dietary needs?
  • Are the traffic laws here different from those in your country of origin?

4. Book everything in advance

Among the useful international travel tips for first time travelers, book everything in advance. The best time to book your trip, if you know exactly where you’re going, is whenever you have the funds and the resolve to go. While having the flexibility to choose your lodging at the last minute is nice, don’t be shocked if there are few options or if it becomes very expensive when you get there.

It happens frequently that last-minute tourists who neglected to make reservations wind up scurrying to find somewhere to stay. When you’re visiting a new location for the first time, not only will you have to pay more to reserve whatever is available, but it can be very stressful to be without a place to stay.

The same is true for transportation tickets; making reservations in advance will get you the best rates! It is absolutely invaluable to have your itinerary planned smoothly from beginning to end for peace of mind. It allows you to spend less time worrying about what will happen next and more time enjoying your trip.

useful international travel tips for first time travelers

5. Compare transportation & accommodation options

Compare transportation & accommodation options is one of the useful international travel tips for first time travelers. Since you probably move around a lot on a daily basis, make sure to plan your trip to include the most efficient mode of transportation.


Websites like 12Go and Rio2Rome are excellent resources for examining possible routes and determining the most cost-effective and fastest mode of transportation (bus, train, or plane).

The most economical and environmentally friendly forms of transportation are typically buses and subway systems, which also give you the opportunity to see the sights and strike up conversations with locals. If not, you can always download a ridesharing app like Bolt, Uber, Cabify, or Grab to get door-to-door transportation at reasonable rates from drivers who have been screened and licensed.


Although hotels are always a good choice, you can meet other travelers and find hostels, guesthouses, and Airbnb to be more affordable and immersive. If you decide to stay in a hostel, boutique hostels frequently have better amenities than low-cost hotels.

If you decide to stay somewhere for an extended length of time, make sure to look into locations that provide monthly discounts. Users can book directly through websites with the best prices and compare sites like Hostelworld, Booking, Gomio, and more using platforms like

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6. Consider connectivity

This is one of the useful international travel tips for first time travelers. Even though traveling can be enlightening and freeing, there are moments when it can be isolating, particularly for those who experience homesickness. However, you don’t have to stop talking to your loved ones when you travel overseas. There are many ways in which you can keep in contact with loved ones, whether you are calling them every day or just sharing pictures of your travels!

When keeping connectivity in mind, you should take into consideration:

  • Choosing between buying a SIM card while traveling or using your current plan’s international roaming will require you to weigh the pros and cons of each option. To utilize a prepaid SIM, your phone must be unlocked.
  • Is public wifi available where I’m going? Using public wifi is a great way to save data. While wifi is widely available in major cities, it might only be spotty in more isolated locations.
  • Need for a VPN: Some foreign countries (China, Turkey, the UAE, to name a few) may block access to social media and communication apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Therefore, make sure to investigate if you need a VPN in order to access these platforms.

7. Read up on airport travel tips

Among the useful international travel tips for first time travelers, always read up on airport travel tips. Anxiety before departure and at the airport is a common occurrence for both novice and experienced travelers. Particularly if it’s your first time traveling abroad, there’s something about being in a large, open space with hundreds of departure boards and people running around that can make you feel anxious and agitated.

Still, getting around the airport is a pretty simple process, especially when you take it step-by-step. After determining which terminal your flight is leaving from, you check in, get through security, and have your pre-departure coffee. And voilà!


  • Print off the required paperwork in advance, including the visa, airline tickets, hotel information, etc.
  • Ascertain which terminal you’re leaving from in advance—some airports are so large that the terminals are separated by miles!
  • If it is possible, check in online in advance!
  • To kill time, download your preferred TV series, films, podcasts, etc.
  • To make sure you aren’t going over the allowed amount, weigh your bags the day before.


8. Pack appropriately

One of the useful international travel tips for first time travelers, Appropriate packing can make your trip easier. Whether you pack too much, too little, or just arrive with a disorganized suitcase, it can all ruin your trip.

When it comes to packing, take into account these useful suggestions:

  • Employ packing cubes: You can’t overstate how much better traveling can be with packing cubes. They save space, aid in organization, and even help keep your clothes more tidiness. Packing cubes are comparatively inexpensive and facilitate organization during travel, both practically and figuratively.
  • Travel light: Be careful not to overpack, even though you should always have provisions for hot, cold, and rainy weather. Carrying excessively heavy baggage can make traveling difficult, particularly in older buildings without elevators. Are you worried that you won’t have enough clean clothes? Take advantage of laundry services, or even better, treat yourself to some clothing as a keepsake!
  • Preserve your belongings: This should go without saying, but there are numerous approaches you can take to ensure the safety of your belongings. To prevent baggage thieves, lock your suitcase or rucksack. Fill your carry-on bag with your essentials, such as jewelry and electronics. If you’re still uneasy while at the hotel, store your belongings in the safe in your room. Lockers are common in hostels, but you’ll need to bring your own lock.

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9. Prioritize your health & safety

This is one of the useful international travel tips for first time travelers. visit your health and safety. Even though you shouldn’t worry too much about potential problems when traveling, being aware of your surroundings and taking safety precautions will help you enjoy your newfound adventure.


  • Keep your belongings safe from pickpockets and small-time theft: The best way to prevent pickpocketing and securely store your wallets and phones is to carry a crossbody bag or fanny pack. Never carry valuables in a backpack’s outer pocket or your back pocket! Wallets that are resistant to theft and money belts that you can wear under your clothes are also excellent choices if you’re extremely concerned.
  • Stay in touch: Before you depart, send your itinerary to loved ones so they can follow along on your adventures. Provide the addresses and phone numbers of any accommodations you may have. If you are a citizen of the United States, you can enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) run by the State Department. This way, in the event of a natural disaster, political unrest, or other emergency, the local U.S. Embassy will know to contact you.
  • Think about getting travel insurance: Adding travel insurance to your list of things to do before traveling abroad should not be negotiable. If something unfortunate were to happen, travel insurance would save you a great deal of money on things like emergency evacuations and reimbursement for misplaced luggage. Acquire yours and additional travel.
  • Apply common sense: If you have any tips about which areas to avoid, ask the staff at your accommodation and the locals. Try to travel with a friend whenever possible at night, and if you go out, limit your alcohol consumption—especially if you’re by yourself or with strangers you can’t trust. When using apps to find new acquaintances or partners, make sure you always meet up in public areas. Above all, if something or someone gives you a bad feeling, always trust your instincts!

useful international travel tips for first time travelers

10. Avoid travel fatigue

This is one useful international travel tips for first time travelers. avoid travel fatigue. Your excitement might get the better of you as you begin to plan your first overseas trip, and you might want to go all out. In a single trip, how many cities can you fit? How much of a day can you see? Would you like to travel both east to west and north to south? Please heed our advice and proceed cautiously.


  • Allow yourself enough time to recuperate from jet lag: landing in a new time zone will inevitably cause you to experience jet lag. Recovering from a long-haul flight is difficult enough. Your circadian rhythm may become disrupted when you travel across time zones, and it may take some time to get used to your new routine. Give yourself adequate time to rest and recuperate before proceeding to the next.
  • Be ready for instances of motion sickness and travel sickness: Traveling by vehicle, boat, or airplane increases your risk of experiencing motion sickness. Make sure you have some medication for travel sickness with you, and give yourself enough time to recuperate.
  • Make sure to allow enough time in your schedule for each location: Give quality precedence over quantity. It is far more satisfying to diligently and leisurely explore a smaller number of places than it is to frantically and hardly scratch the surface of a whole nation. Many tourists attempt to fit entire countries into their itineraries because they are overly ambitious. Upon reflection, these travelers return home with the realization that they have spent half of their time traveling.

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