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The UNICEF Internship Programme is a transformative opportunity that cuts beyond national boundaries and equips aspiring changemakers to meaningfully contribute to the most critical problems facing the globe. The UNICEF Internship Programme, which is dedicated to developing the next generation of world leaders, provides a stimulating forum for young people to interact with UNICEF, one of the foremost humanitarian organizations in the world.

This program not only demonstrates UNICEF’s consistent commitment to children’s rights but also acts as a springboard for both individual and professional development. Participants in this internship acquire unmatched insights into the complex network of international development, humanitarian aid, and child welfare. Working with committed professionals and utilizing their abilities and creative ideas to improve the cause of children around the world is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Discover how the UNICEF Internship Programme molds the leaders of the future and moves us closer to a world where every child’s rights are realized as we embark on a journey of effect and purpose as we examine its many elements. The UNICEF Internship Programme’s core values are to discover your potential, accept difficulties, and participate in change.

UNICEF Internship Programme

UNICEF Internship Programme Understanding

The UNICEF Internship Programme is intended to be a win-win situation. On the one hand, it offers interns a platform to apply their abilities, information, and enthusiasm to tasks and obstacles encountered in the actual world. On the other side, UNICEF gains from the new ideas, vigor, and commitment that interns bring to the company.

Application and Eligibility

Candidates must fulfill specified eligibility requirements in order to be considered for the UNICEF Internship Programme. Typically, candidates should be enrolled in or have recently finished a degree program in a related subject, such as public health, social sciences, communication, or international relations. It is frequently necessary to have language ability, especially in English, and having extra language abilities might be helpful.

The application procedure is transparent and easily accessible. On the UNICEF website, candidates can look for internship opportunities and check the qualifications and job descriptions for each position. Typically, applicants must use an online application portal to send in a personalized cover letter and resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Additional materials, like as writing samples or references, may be required depending on the role.

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Numerous Opportunities for Internships

To accommodate a variety of interests and abilities, the UNICEF Internship Programme provides a wide range of internship options. To ensure that there is something for everyone who is passionate about making a positive difference in the lives of children, these opportunities cut across several departments and functions:

1. Programs & Fieldwork: Interns can fully immerse themselves in UNICEF’s fieldwork, obtaining first-hand experience with implementing and supporting initiatives relating to child protection, health, education, nutrition, and emergency response in various parts of the world.

2. Interns in this field focus on campaigns to increase public awareness of children’s rights and UNICEF’s work in communications and advocacy. This entails advocacy efforts, content production, social media campaigns, and media relations.

3. Research and Data Analysis: UNICEF offers internships where individuals contribute to research initiatives, data collection, analysis, and policy formulation for those interested in research and data-driven decision-making.

4. Operations & Administration: Interns can help the seamless functioning of UNICEF’s international programs by working in departments like finance, human resources, and logistics.

5. Interns in this field may work on creating cutting-edge solutions to problems pertaining to children because UNICEF is at the forefront of innovation and technology.

6. Building and cultivating ties with governments, NGOs, and the commercial sector are two areas where some interns concentrate their efforts. Additionally, they could participate in campaigns to raise money for UNICEF’s projects.

Depending on the department, project, and location, internships can take on a variety of different forms. While some internships are unpaid and provide stipends to cover essential living costs, others may not. On a case-by-case basis, financial aid may be given, such as help with housing costs or travel expenditures.

Support for UNICEF’s mission

UNICEF’s mission is significantly advanced by its interns. They collaborate with seasoned professionals and subject-matter experts, bringing their distinct talents and viewpoints to a range of projects and initiatives. The following are some ways interns support UNICEF’s mission:

1. Research and Analysis: Interns gather and analyze data, perform research on important child-related issues, and participate to the creation of reports and policy recommendations. The programming and advocacy efforts of UNICEF are informed by their work.

2. Project Support: Interns help with project design, execution, and assessment while contributing significantly to ongoing projects. They work together with partners, field teams, and program officers to make sure projects that help communities and children are carried out successfully.

3. Advocacy and communication: By developing interesting content, participating in social media campaigns, and handling media contacts, interns in communication and advocacy jobs help elevate the voices of children. They support spreading the word about UNICEF’s important work and children’s rights.

4. Building Capacity: Some interns take part in training and capacity-building activities, giving local partners and communities the tools they need to serve children and families more effectively. They help make stakeholders’ capacity to address issues involving children stronger.

5. Partnerships: Interns assist in the creation and administration of alliances with governmental bodies, non-profit organizations, and the commercial sector. They help UNICEF’s activities by bringing together resources and expertise.

6. Interns working on innovation and technology projects assist in creating and testing creative solutions to difficult problems that communities and children face. Their work has the potential to produce novel solutions with enduring effects.

7. Interns get the chance to immerse themselves in the fields of international development and humanitarian work while also learning useful skills and knowledge. This encounter has the power to transform, influencing future occupations and creating a lifelong dedication to improving children’s lives.


The UNICEF Internship Programme is more than just an internship; it’s a chance to join a worldwide initiative aimed at enhancing children’s lives. This program serves both UNICEF and individuals by giving them a platform to actively contribute to UNICEF’s mission while also empowering them to become supporters of children’s rights and well-being.

Due to the program’s wide range of internship options, candidates with a variety of backgrounds and interests can be guaranteed to find a position that matches their interests and skills. Interns are essential in addressing the complex issues that children throughout the world face, whether they are working in the field, assisting advocacy campaigns, performing research, or participating in innovation projects.

The UNICEF Internship Programme gives young talents the skills and experiences they need to have a long-lasting effect in the field of humanitarian work centered on children. It serves as a stepping stone to a better future for children. It is evidence of UNICEF’s determination to foster the subsequent generation of world leaders who share its commitment to defending and advancing the rights and welfare of all children.

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What qualifications must one meet in order to participate in the UNICEF Internship Programme?

A prominent program developed to enable young people to actively participate to the objectives of the organization is the UNICEF Internship Programme. You must meet a number of requirements, which may change based on the exact internship opportunity, in order to be qualified for this program. The UNICEF Internship Programme’s general eligibility conditions are as follows:

1. Education: Candidates should typically be enrolled in or have just finished a degree program in a relevant discipline. This could involve subjects connected to UNICEF’s mission, such as public health, social sciences, communications, or international relations.

2. Age and Citizenship: Candidates of all ages and nationalities are welcome to apply to the UNICEF Internship Programme. To be sure there are no age or citizenship restrictions, you should review the relevant internship posting.

3. Language Proficiency: Knowledge of another official UN language, such as French, Spanish, or Arabic, can be helpful depending on the post. Proficiency in English is frequently necessary.

4. Availability: Depending on the position, internships can last anywhere from a minimum of six weeks to several months. Interns are often required to commit to a full-time internship.

5. Legal Status: If necessary, you should possess the right permits or visas to do your internship in that nation.

6. Specialized Skills: Some internships may call for particular expertise or credentials relevant to the project or division in question, such as technical expertise in data analysis, project management, or previous experience in the sector.

It’s crucial to remember that these requirements can change depending on the internship posting. The particular conditions listed in the internship vacancy announcement on the official UNICEF website must therefore be carefully read.

What is the procedure for applying for a UNICEF internship, and how do I do it?

The UNICEF Internship Programme application procedure is intended to be open to all applicants and transparent. The general steps to applying for a UNICEF internship are as follows:

1. Find Opportunities: Go to the “Careers” or “Jobs” area of the UNICEF website. Use keywords like “UNICEF Internship Programme” or narrow down your search to opportunities in your field of interest to find internships.

2. Review Eligibility: Make sure you fulfill the eligibility requirements for each internship posting by carefully reading the requirements and qualifications.

3. Prepare Documents: Create a well-organized application package, which should contain a resume or curriculum vitae (CV), a cover letter, and any other relevant documents. Make sure to showcase your relevant experience and talents in your paperwork.

4. Online Application: To submit your application, go to the online application site and follow the guidelines specified in the internship posting. Additional paperwork, such as writing samples or references, may be needed for some jobs.

5. After submitting your application, be patient while you wait for a response. Since there are many applications, it can take some time for UNICEF to review them all.

6. Interview Procedure: If your application is chosen for further consideration, you may be contacted for an interview. Depending on the situation, the interview may be held in person or virtually.

7. Selection and Offer: Selected candidates will be sent an offer letter explaining the internship’s terms and circumstances, including its duration, location, and whether it will be compensated or uncompensated.

8. After accepting the position, you will go through an onboarding process that entails orientation and training to make you comfortable with UNICEF’s mission, procedures, and standards.

Please keep in mind that the application procedure may change slightly depending on the region and particular internship opportunity. It is crucial to review the relevant job posting for complete instructions and application deadlines.

UNICEF Internship Programme

What kinds of internship opportunities are offered through the UNICEF Internship Programme?

The UNICEF Internship Programme provides a wide range of internship opportunities that are in line with the goal of the organization, which is to safeguard the rights and welfare of children everywhere. These possibilities cover a range of divisions and jobs, like:

1. Programs and Fieldwork: Interns can participate in fieldwork that directly supports UNICEF’s objectives and programs. This could entail aiding initiatives in various places dealing with health, education, nutrition, child protection, or emergency response.

2. Communications and Advocacy: By helping with media relations, social media campaigns, content production, and advocacy projects to increase awareness about children’s challenges, interns can support UNICEF’s communication efforts.

3. Research and Data Analysis: Some interns participate in research initiatives, data gathering, analysis, and policy formulation to support UNICEF’s decision-making and monitor its objectives.

4. Operations and Administration: Internships are also offered in departments including finance, human resources, and logistics, where they help UNICEF’s international operations run smoothly.

5. Technology and innovation: UNICEF is a leader in each of these areas. It’s possible for interns in this field to work on creative approaches to problems involving children.

6. Partnerships and Fundraising: Interns can help establish and maintain relationships with governments, non-governmental organizations, and the business sector. They can also help with fundraising to support UNICEF’s initiatives.

Location and time of year might have an impact on the exact types of internships that are offered. The length of an internship might also differ, lasting anything from a few weeks to many months. Check the official UNICEF website frequently and go over the job postings to investigate the entire range of internship options available through the UNICEF Internship Programme.

Is the UNICEF Internship Programme remunerated, and are there any ways for interns to get financial aid?

The UNICEF Internship Programme offers a combination of remunerated and unremunerated internship opportunities, and the level of financial assistance may differ based on the role and region. Here are some important things to think about:

1. Paid Internships: Some UNICEF internships come with a stipend to help with basic living costs. The stipend’s quantity can vary depending on the duty station and is meant to help with daily expenses such as lodging, transportation, and food.

2. Unpaid Internships: UNICEF also provides unpaid internships, which don’t include stipends but can be a great way to gain experience. These jobs could be more prevalent in specific offices or for shorter internship terms.

3. Financial Support: In specific circumstances, UNICEF may provide interns with financial support, such as aid with housing costs or travel expenses. However, such assistance is frequently given on a case-by-case basis and may be contingent upon financial resources.

It’s crucial to thoroughly read the internship posting in question to ascertain whether it is a paid or unpaid position or provides any financial aid. Additionally, think about your personal finances and decide if you can sustain yourself during an unpaid internship, particularly in areas with higher cost of living.


How do interns typically contribute to UNICEF’s mission and what are their normal duties and activities while working there?

The UNICEF Internship Programme’s interns are essential to accomplishing the organization’s objective to safeguard and advance the rights and welfare of children everywhere. Here are some typical tasks and methods that interns participate in, though particular duties may change based on the department and project:

1. Research and Analysis: Interns may carry out research on matters pertaining to children, examine data, and participate to the creation of reports and policy recommendations that guide UNICEF’s initiatives.

2. Project Support: Interns frequently offer vital assistance with project design, execution, and evaluation for ongoing initiatives. Working closely with program officers, field teams, and partners may be necessary for this.

3. Advocacy and Communication: Through writing, content development, and social media campaigns, interns in advocacy and communication jobs help spread the word about children’s rights and UNICEF’s activities.

4. Building Capacity: Some interns take part in projects to create capacity and teach local partners and communities to better assist children and families.

5. Partnerships: Interns may assist in the creation and administration of alliances with authorities, non-governmental organizations, and the corporate sector, assisting in the mobilization of funds and expertise to support UNICEF’s projects.

6. Technology and innovation: Interns in innovation roles may concentrate on creating and evaluating cutting-edge solutions and technologies to problems affecting children and communities.

7. Participants get the chance to learn from seasoned professionals, acquire useful skills, and directly support UNICEF’s operations while they are interning. Many interns find that their experiences have enriched their professional lives while simultaneously making a significant difference in the lives of children around the world.

Motivated people have a variety of options to work with one of the top humanitarian organizations in the world through the UNICEF Internship Programme. Candidates can have a significant influence while learning vital skills and experience through paid or unpaid internships. Reviewing individual internship postings and adhering to the application procedure specified on the official UNICEF website is crucial because eligibility requirements could change depending on the position. By taking part in the program, interns help UNICEF achieve its purpose of strengthening the rights and well-being of children worldwide.

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