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List Of Best Time Management Apps For Students In 2024

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Considering time management apps for students, we understand clearly that great ideas and ambitious goals can come from anyone, but those who excel at time management stand out from the crowd. The resource of time is valuable. There are 24 hours in a day, and there are a lot of diversions available. The distinction is in what you do and what you could do during these hours. You can stop it; you can’t have more of it.

What you require is a method for estimating and managing time. Every facet of operating a business and finishing a project requires time, and you can’t afford to be successful if you don’t manage it well.

Several factors will squander your time, such as rushed deadlines, a hectic existence, and an imbalance between work and life, whether it be procrastination, personal distractions, repetitive corrections, or projects that take longer than they should. What time management strategies do you employ in the situation? Do you have the resources necessary for effective time management?


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A Time Management App’s Advantages

It is vital to track your time. However, it is extremely abnormal considering that humans do not naturally have the capacity to recall every detail of the work we accomplish. For this reason, people and businesses are switching from manual time-tracking methods like notepads and spreadsheets to sophisticated, purpose-built time-tracking software. Now, one needs think about the advantages of such apps before making an investment in one.

The advantages of time-tracking apps are as follows:

1. Bill Accurately

As you switch between projects and clients, automatic time-tracking tools record and capture everything you do, creating a seamless record of all your professional actions. The manual error and estimation of simple, memory-based systems are also eliminated because there is no longer a need to remember to set timers or tasks.

2. Manage Projects

Apps for time management can compile all the information you need to manage expenditures and enhance estimates in real time.

3. Improve Productivity

These apps show everything, including how one becomes diverted from the websites that draw attention away from what slows down a person. One can solve operational and personal inefficiencies with the use of such apps.

4. Communicate Progress

The information gathered is also presented in a report style by time management software. Such reports are ideal for sharing status updates with management or giving clients a thorough breakdown of their financial activities.

5. Evaluate Client Value

With time management software, you can quickly examine customer and project profitability, enabling you to determine which clients are the most profitable. These applications aid in comprehending and assessing all supplementary expenses inside a budget. With certain clients, one might correspondingly modify methods or expectations.

Time management apps expedite the time-tracking process so that people and enterprises may be more productive by providing cloud connectivity, an easy-to-use user interface, and mobile device accessibility.


Time Management Apps For Students


List Of Best Time Management Apps For Students In 2024

From Here Down Is The List Of Best Time Management Apps For Students

1. DeskTime

DeskTime as the number one on our list of time management apps for students is a time tracking and productivity tool that combines project management and project analysis. It’s excellent for independent contractors and even bigger teams who want to keep track of their tasks in one location.

DeskTime is among the greatest time management tools since it is 100% automatic, which means that it begins monitoring your time as soon as you begin working and distinguishes between the productive and unproductive websites and applications you have been using. Even a built-in Pomodoro timer is included to help you remember to take breaks.

Why you’ll like it: DeskTime not only helps you keep track of time, but also determines your daily effectiveness and productivity. The tool has been reported to boost productivity by 30% by identifying ineffective practices. DeskTime’s convenient reports display productivity and time management metrics for you or the entire team, including who was the most productive, who was frequently late, who worked overtime, etc.

DeskTime Pro pricing options start at $7 per user and can drop as low as $3.85 per person for bigger teams when paid annually. DeskTime Lite is free.

Online, desktop operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux), browser add-ons (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari), and mobile (iOS, Android)

To put it another way, DeskTime is among the best decisions you can make to increase productivity and efficiency at work. One of the greatest all-in-one time management apps available, it has robust tools for scheduling shifts and absences, measuring productivity, accounting, and more.

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2. Trello

Trello is the second of the best time management apps for students, it is a project management program that organizes projects in a fun and game-like manner by allowing you to create cards for each job or project that has to be performed. Using this time management tool, you can simply browse activities with your team and arrange them in lists and boards according to categories like “To Do,” “Completed,” “In Progress,” etc. Trello can be personalized for you or your team by adding comments, images, due dates, and other assets.

Trello’s highly visual approach to project and time management makes it easier and more pleasant for you to manage your time successfully. This is why you’ll appreciate it.

Online, desktop (Mac, Windows), and mobile accessibility (iOS, Android). Trello is a collaborative application that groups your projects into boards, to put it another way. Trello allows you to quickly see what is being worked on, who is working on it, and where it is in the process.

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3. Asana

One of the most well-liked project and time management apps for students at the moment is Asana, a task manager tool that can be customized. It can be applied to both individual and group planning. Asana enables you to divide work into Teams, Projects, and Tasks using a system of small tasks organized into larger projects (boards). You may also establish deadlines and maintain a schedule for each phase of your projects while keeping the overall picture in mind.

Asana helps you keep focused on your objectives, projects, and smaller day-to-day activities for efficient time management. It also allows you visualize your workflow.

Online, mobile (iOS, Android), and browser extensions are all accessible (Chrome). In other words, Asana is a terrific tool for making project work accessible. It enables you to assess the current state of the task, determine the subsequent stages, and respond swiftly to maintain momentum.

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4. Evernote

Evernotes is regarded as one of the time management apps for students that improves productivity and reduces time spent. Even if you’re not yet a fan of taking notes, Evernote is certain to convert you. Evernote is a software program that serves as a note-taker, pocket notebook, personal organizer, to-do list, etc., as its name would imply. It even comes with a browser extension that lets you bookmark websites for later use.

Evernote allows users to share notes and notebooks even with those who don’t use the program, which helps people save time and reduce the amount of text message they send. Why you’ll like it: Evernote is one of the greatest cross-platform time management tools and is perfect for mobile time management because it interacts with almost everything (laptop, tablet, phone).

This eliminates the need to search through haphazardly stored information on several devices. Evernote makes it easier to gather all of your digital information into one location, including business ideas, photos, voice recordings, and to-do lists. To put it another way, Evernote is a note-taking program that enables you to write down and organize your tasks so that nothing gets overlooked.

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5. TimeCamp

You can learn more about your jobs and projects with the help of the straightforward yet feature-rich time tracking tool TimeCamp. One of the best time management apps for students available.

Its project tree with tags structure is distinct from that of rivals and aids in managing time spent working for various clients. A variety of reports allow for the analysis of the data to determine how the team is doing.

Why you’ll appreciate it: TimeCamp provides more than just the essential tools for time monitoring. It functions as a time and attendance management tool for businesses, and when combined with billing rates, it turns TimeCamp into a payroll system.

TimeCamp is available with a free trial for individuals, while team pricing options were developed at reasonable rates. PRO starts at $7.50 user/mo, while Basic at $5.25 user/mo. For teams with 50+ users, there is also a personalized Enterprise plan.

Online, mobile (iOS, Android), desktop (Mac, Windows), and browser extension are all available (Chrome). To put it another way, TimeCamp is one of those time management apps that assists thousands of businesses worldwide in monitoring the progress of their projects and staying under budget.

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Time Management Apps For Students


6. Shift

Here is the sixth on our list of best time management apps for students, you may access over 700 of the most popular mail accounts, apps, extensions, and cloud services with just one click using the mail client Shift, particularly Google products like Gmail, Drive, etc. It’s an excellent time-saving tool for those who are sick of constantly logging in and out of several accounts.

Moreover, Shift provides the useful Unified Search function, which enables you to use a single search bar to conduct searches across all of your Gmail, Calendar, and Drive accounts.

Shift will prevent a cluttered inbox, which is why you’ll appreciate it. As a consequence, you’ll spend less time managing your email and find it simpler to concentrate on the current task at hand rather than switching between projects.

Shift is a desktop application that simplifies all of your email and app accounts, to put it another way. With all of your team’s most important tabs, apps, and bookmarks in one convenient location, it enables you and your team design the ideal workflow.

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7. Todoist

Todoist is one of the best time management apps for students that aims to teach you to love organization by assisting you in creating digital to-do lists for yourself or even the entire team. You can add multimedia comments, define sub-projects, highlight tasks based on importance, and use the calendar view to get an overview of monthly assignments.

Todoist offers a variety of to-do list templates and interfaces with hundreds of other apps, so you don’t have to start from blank when creating your task list.

Todoist includes a fun “Karma points” feature that rewards users with extra points for consistently completing their chores. As a result, you’re almost certainly going to do your activities more quickly and ultimately develop superior time management skills.

Todoist is the way to go if you’re looking for excellent time management software. It works with all of your gadgets, keeps tabs on your productivity, and helps you obsess over planning and evaluating your daily activities.

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8. Forest

Forest is a unique productivity and one of the time management apps for students that encourages you to put down your smartphone. Effectively, you would be growing a virtual tree in Forest rather than navigating through apps and notifications.

You would sow a seed on the app, then watch it grow into a mature tree over time. The plant, however, instantly dies and you have to start over if you exit the app to use WhatsApp or check Twitter. You will receive virtual currency each time you successfully develop a tree without any interruptions.

Forest’s user interface is straightforward but adorably adorable. Also, you may spend your virtual currency to plant actual trees if you wish to support a cause (so far, more than 465,000 trees have been planted).

In other words, a forest is a terrific visual stimulus that will keep you focused on your work and provide additional motivation to remain productive while also benefiting the environment. It’s a great option when it comes to time management apps.

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9. Focus Booster

Throughout the course of the workday, we frequently experience a lack of motivation. One of the best time management apps for students created to assist people in overcoming procrastination and finishing their daily activities is Focus Booster.

The foundation of Focus Booster is the Pomodoro technique. To make time monitoring and billing simpler, you can set different Pomodoro clocks for each clients. This is an excellent option among the time management apps available for freelancers that deal with numerous clients. Pomodoro sessions are automatically recorded, allowing you to look back on how you spent your time and ultimately increase productivity.

By using the timers in Focus Booster, you’ll improve focus and eliminate the tension that might occasionally arise when confronted with incomplete to-do lists.

To put it another way, Focus Booster is a straightforward program that promotes time management for all of your duties. It goes above and beyond the typical Pomodoro timer in that it lets you keep track of your productivity and record all of your sessions.

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Time Management Apps For Students


10. HabitMinder

Do you wish to start an exercise regimen, increase your water intake, or develop other habits? One of the time management apps for students that can help you is HabitMinder, a habit monitoring and motivation software that uses tools like micro apps and sessions screens to keep you accountable and help you create good habits. You can choose from more than 50 established habits, like stretching or healthy eating, to get started, or you can develop your own habits to track.

Contrary to what the well-known myth suggests, forming new habits take longer than 21 days. You can stay on track and utilize that time effectively with the aid of habit tracking tools like HabitMinder.

To put it another way, HabitMinder is more of a habit-building tool than a time management program, but it can still help you move more quickly toward your personal and professional goals. Using HabitMinder’s statistics function and monthly habit-building calendar that provides a summary of streaks and missed days, you can keep track of your progress.

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11. Microsoft To Do

An illustration of how Microsoft To Do time management software appears on various gadgets
Microsoft To Do is a fantastic digital time management tool for people who want to-do lists without paper. It’s a straightforward to-do list tool that enables you to organize your workflow, grocery and home lists, favorite movies, travel plans, and more. With tags like *1, *2, and *3 or *urgent, *high, *medium, and *low, you can organize your tasks into priority groups or arrange them alphabetically.

The Microsoft To Do time management tool makes it incredibly simple to cooperate and accomplish tasks even more quickly by allowing you to share your to-do lists with friends, family, and coworkers.

In other words, Microsoft To Do is a task management tool that runs in the cloud. It enables users to efficiently manage their chores and share them with others from a smartphone, tablet, and PC.

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12. Cushion

a picture of the time manager application Notion
Cushion makes it easier to schedule your time, not just your working hours. You can manage both the time you spend working on projects and your personal time with this time management tool. The software alerts you when you’ve taken on too much, which might help you better manage your time and prevent burnout.

Why you’ll appreciate it: Cushion is more than just another time management tool; it assists you in achieving financial objectives and managing invoices.

To put it another way, Cushion will help you foresee your erratic schedule and steady your erratic income. It anticipates your revenue and displays your entire year so you can confidently prepare months in advance and avoid taking on too much job at once.

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