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The Best Dental Schools in Illinois

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Best Dental Schools in Illinois: We’ve neglected our dental health in the past. In the meanwhile, it’s just as crucial now as our overall health. Due to the growing need for dental professionals, we have included the best dental schools in Illinois. As a result, you can look through them and decide which one is suitable for you to apply for a dental degree.

However, you may have some questions right now, such as why Illinois dentistry schools specifically. In Illinois, are there any reputable dental schools? I’d like to become a dentist, but how can I do that? In Illinois, how do I become a dentist? If I choose to enroll in one of the Illinois dentistry schools, are there any financial opportunities available to me?

You should attentively study this post in order to clear your confusion and gain a better understanding about dentistry schools in Illinois. Additionally, this post is useful for you if you care about oral health and are still curious to learn about the top dental schools in Illinois.

You can find out how much it will cost to attend dentistry school in Illinois as well as how to apply. We have a particular package for those looking for justifications and advantages for enrolling in a dental program in Illinois. Just make sure you finish reading.

best dental schools in illinois

What Are Dental Schools?

We’ll break down what dental schools are in order to properly inform you. Dental colleges, schools of dentistry, and schools of dental medicine are other names for dental schools. They are either tertiary educational institutions or a component of one that specializes in dental medicine for students and other dental professionals. As a result, you will learn at school how to manage dental conditions and diseases as well as better dental hygiene practices.

Additionally, you will receive a degree in Dentistry, Dental Surgery, or Dental Medicine after completing dental school. Accordingly, it could be a master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, professional degree, or even a doctorate, depending on the jurisdiction. Nevertheless, several institutions provide postgraduate instruction in general dentistry, or instruction in;

  • Oral and maxillofacial radiology
  • Endodontic
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Oral pathology
  • Orthodontics
  • Pedodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Dental public health
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Postgraduate training for dental hygienists and dental technicians.

In the meantime, like in Pakistan, dentistry education is occasionally provided in medical schools. Additionally, in some subspecialties, it is unclear how dental and medical education are separated. oral and maxillofacial surgery, for instance.

Dental schools may also train a number of additional dental assistants and specialists in oral health. Additionally at colleges of applied science or polytechnics.

  • Dental hygienists
  • Dental technicians and dentists
  • Orthodontic auxiliaries
  • Dental therapists and oral health therapists
  • Dental assistants or dental nurses

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Why Attend Dental Schools in Illinois?

The advantages of attending a dental school in Illinois will pique your curiosity before you decide to pursue a degree there. Do you know that as a result, Illinois is ranked in the top 20 states in the US for opportunities, education, and a lower crime rate?

You should be aware that pursuing a dentistry degree in Illinois can provide you with a wealth of opportunities. Additionally, you might be confident of receiving a superior education because Illinois has some of the greatest dental schools in the world.

Additionally, if you are the kind of student who enjoys discovering new places and meeting people, you gain an understanding of them. As there are several treats to sooth your taste buds. Additionally, the atmosphere’s welcome is truly warm-hearted. The climate of Illinois is also conducive to studying.

The dental schools in Illinois also offer the necessary equipment, instructional materials, and skilled faculty to provide you with the training you need in dentistry.

How Much Does It Cost To Enroll In Dental Schools In Illinois?

Regardless of the advantages offered by Illinois dentistry schools, it would be fantastic if we also took into account the area’s cost of living and educational opportunities. In general, Illinois is a more affordable state when compared to other parts of the country.

Additionally, the dental schools there offer excellent choices for financial aid to assist students with uncertain finances. Or those who have demonstrated great academic performance. You must therefore visit the school to learn more in order to be able to see the scholarships offered by each institution.

How To Enroll In Dental Schools In Illinois

To begin with, you must verify that you have finished a typical proposal in order to enroll in any Illinois dentistry school. You must therefore possess the required credentials in order to apply to dentistry school. Thus, this also refers to finishing high school or your secondary education. You must have participated in the sciences during your secondary education.

A bachelor’s degree in dentistry or a field closely connected to it must also be earned at any university of your choosing. Illinois undoubtedly has a top-notch institution to handle the course. You would then need to successfully pass the DAT (dental entrance test). This exam measures a student’s aptitude and scientific understanding because it is the admission exam for dental schools in Illinois.

In the meantime, passing the test ensures admission to any Illinois dentistry school. You can also obtain state licensing after graduating from the institution with a dental degree.

best dental schools in illinois

The 7 Best Dental Schools in Illinois

The best dental schools in Illinois, along with information on their acceptance rates and more, are listed below. Also take note that Edu-Rank’s data collection and analysis were used to determine the school’s rankings. Use the link to visit the school website to explore any of the school portals listed below that catch your attention.

1. The University of Illinois at Chicago

The best dental school in Illinois on the list of best dental schools in Illinois is the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). In Chicago, Illinois, the institution is a public research university. As a result, Its campus is situated diagonally from the Chicago Loop in the Near West Side neighborhood. A second campus was also established as part of the University of Illinois system. Therefore, with over 33,000 students enrolled in 16 colleges, UIC is the largest institution in the Chicago metropolitan area. It belongs to the R1 group of doctoral universities. This demonstrates the high level of research effort.

Furthermore, the Chicago College of Pharmacy was established in 1859, which is where UIC’s roots may be located. As a result, it was formally established in 1982 through a partnership between the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle and the University of Illinois at the Medical Center.

In the meantime, the university is now a world authority in a number of fields, including communication, pharmacy, nursing, education, law, and public administration.

  • Founded: 1859
  • Acceptance Rate: 73%
  • Average ACT: 25
  • Average SAT: 1145
  • Receiving Aid: 78%

2. Northwestern University

Northwestern university is one of the best dental schools in Illinois.  Private research university Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois. As a result, it was established in 1851 and boasts one of Illinois’ top dental schools. As a result, Northwestern is the oldest chartered university in Illinois and one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Northwestern was more or less founded to serve the defunct Northwest Territory after being granted a contract by the Illinois General Assembly in 1815. As a result, although the school ultimately became non-sectarian, it was once associated with the Methodist Episcopal Church. The university was the third-largest university in the country by the year 1900. Additionally, Northwestern contributed to the Big Ten Conference’s establishment in 1896. Thus received early partner approval from the Association of American Universities in 1917.

  • Founded: 1851
  • Acceptance Rate: 9%
  • Average ACT: 34
  • Average SAT: 1495
  • Net Price: $26,196

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3. University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

Illinois at Urbana is one of them.  the best dental schools in Illinois, university of In the similar Illinois cities of Champaign and Urbana, there is a public land-grant research institution called the institution of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It was founded in 1867 and is the largest institution within the University of Illinois system. One of the largest public colleges in the US by enrollment is the University of Illinois, which has approximately 56,000 graduate and undergraduate students enrolled.

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign belongs to the R1: Doctoral Universities category and is a member of the Association of American Universities. In Illinois’ fiscal year 2019, research costs totaled $652 million. After Harvard University, the campus library system still houses the second-largest university library in the country in terms of collections. The university also houses the fastest supercomputer on a university campus and the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).

  • Founded: 1867
  • Acceptance Rate: 59%
  • Average ACT: 29
  • Average SAT: 1340
  • Receiving Aid: 64%

4. Loyola University Chicago

This is one of the best dental schools in Illinois. In Chicago, Illinois, there is a private Jesuit research institution called Loyola institution Chicago, or LUC. It was started in 1870 by the Loyola Society of Jesus. one of the biggest Catholic institutions in the country.

However, the Loyola University Medical Center has established programs in nursing, medicine, and health sciences in its professional schools.

Loyola University Chicago provides over 80 undergraduate and 140 graduate/professional programs throughout its 13 colleges and institutions. and has over 17,000 students enrolled. There are six (6) campuses for Loyola in the Chicago metropolitan area. Additionally, it has guest programs in Beijing and Ho Chi Minh City as well as a campus in Rome. Visit LUC’s official school website by clicking the link in the sentence below to discover more about the institution.

  • Founded: 1870
  • Acceptance Rate: 67%
  • Average ACT: 28
  • Average SAT: 1225
  • Net Price: $36,388

5. University of Chicago

One of the best dental school in Illinois on the list of best dental schools in Illinois is university of Chicago. Many people refer to the University of Chicago as UChicago or Uchi. The institution has a strong chance of ranking among Illinois’ top dental schools. In Chicago, Illinois, it is a private research university.

Uchi was established in 1890 and has its primary campus in Chicago’s Hyde Park area. The University of Chicago, meanwhile, consistently ranks among the top universities in the world. Additionally, it is among the most popular in the US.

  • Founded: 1890
  • Acceptance Rate: 6%
  • Average ACT: 34
  • Average SAT: 1535
  • Net Price: $34,719

best dental schools in illinois

6. Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville

One of Illinois’ top dental schools is Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, or SIUE. It is a public university in Illinois’ Edwardsville. In 1957, SIUE was established as a branch of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. Of the two main Universities in the Southern Illinois University system, it is the younger. Additionally, as of 2018, the enrolment was higher. Through its graduate schools, the institution offers graduate programs.

Illinois residents make up the majority of SIUE’s student body, with out-of-state and international students making about 19% of the total enrollment. Students from all fifty (50) states are eligible for in-state undergraduate tuition at SIUE. The university provides its students with a variety of extracurricular activities. Thus, they comprise organizations such as sororities and fraternities as well as student clubs, honor societies, sports teams, and clubs.

  • Founded: 1957
  • Acceptance Rate: 86%
  • Average ACT: 23
  • Average SAT: 1120
  • Receiving Aid: 93%

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7. Southern Illinois University – Carbondale

This is among the best dental schools in Illinois on the list. The greatest dental school in Illinois, Southern Illinois University, usually known as SIU or SIUC, may be the last on the list. However, this does not diminish its status as one of Illinois’ top universities. As a result, the university is a public research university located in Carbondale, Illinois. So, it was established in 1869. The oldest and most well-known campus in the Southern Illinois University system is SIU.

The university, however, accepts students from more than 100 nations and all 50 states. It belongs to the R2 Doctoral Universities category. displaying a high level of research effort. SIU offers professional degrees in law, architecture, and medicine in addition to 100 bachelor’s, 73 master’s, 3 associate’s, and 36 Ph.D. programs. For additional information about the school, visit the link below.

  • Founded: 1869
  • Acceptance Rate: 66%
  • Average ACT: 25
  • Average SAT: 1140
  • Receiving Aid: 95%

Link To School Website


Ultimately, what matters is that we choose the best course of action for ourselves. So that we wouldn’t regret not trying. Therefore, do not delay in applying to any dental school in Illinois if doing so is in your best interests.

Additionally, Illinois dentistry schools offer student-friendly curricula to guarantee that graduates are at their very best. Therefore, make hail while it’s sunny.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Best Dental Schools in Illinois.

Below are some question and answer concerning best dental schools in Illinois.

Is University of Illinois a reputable dental institution?

The College of Dentistry at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which tops the list of top dental schools in Illinois, is committed to becoming a pioneer in oral health research and education while offering the best dental treatment to the local community.

How long does Illinois’ dental hygienist school last?

Programs for dental hygienists must last a minimum of two years, however in Illinois, most programs last five semesters, or 2.5 years.

How long does it take to obtain a dental license in Illinois?

The Department shall develop rules requiring a minimum of 36 hours of study in approved courses for dental hygienists and 48 hours of study in approved courses for dentists during each three-year license period.

How long is the dental school program?

In general, it takes eight years to become a dentist: four years to complete an undergraduate degree (B.A.) and four years to complete dental school (DDS or DMD). You’ll also need to do a dental residency if you want to specialize.

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