Best Dance Schools in the World

The 10 Best Dance Schools in the World

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Best Dance Schools in the World: Aspiring professional dancers understand the necessity of rigorous training at the highest caliber schools. The world’s best dance schools offer intensive instruction, exposure to industry experts, and pipelines into prestigious dance companies. Gaining admission into these highly selective academies is a pivotal achievement for rising stars seeking careers on the world’s greatest stages.

This article explores the 10 best dance schools in the world across genres from ballet to contemporary. Discover what makes these schools stand apart with details on their training methods, facilities, distinguished faculty members, and successful alumni.

The 10 Best Dance Schools in the World

Below is the list of the Best Dance Schools in the World, Learn about the distinctive features of these institutions, including their training programs, facilities, illustrious staff, and accomplished former students.

  1. The Ailey School (New York City)

As the official school of the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, The Ailey School stands at the forefront among the best dance schools in the world for training in African-American cultural dance styles. Students immerse in instruction focused on ballet, Horton, Graham, hip hop, jazz and other techniques rooted in the African-American dance tradition.

Aspiring dancers study under former Ailey dancers and teaching artists in the school’s extensive NYC studios. Graduates pursue careers on Broadway, with professional companies and in dance education. The Ailey School’s legacy as part of an iconic theater makes it one of the best dance schools in the world.

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  1. The Juilliard School (New York City)

As one of the top performing arts conservatories globally, The Juilliard School provides elite dance training to match its reputation. The competitive Juilliard Dance program accepts just 12 BFA students per year to be taught by industry luminaries.

The curriculum covers contemporary techniques, ballet, body conditioning, choreography and more. With world-class faculty, state-of-the-art NYC studios, and the Juilliard pedigree, graduates pursue careers as distinguished dancers, choreographers and dance educators. Juilliard’s excellence secures its status among the world’s best dance schools.

  1. National Ballet School of Canada (Toronto)

Since 1959, Canada’s National Ballet School has achieved worldwide recognition as one of the best dance schools in the world for its elite ballet training. NBS offers an intensive Artist’s Program for ages 9-12 and a professional program for advanced teens.

Under expert faculty, students focus intensely on classical ballet technique, pointe work, variations, mime and more. Graduates successfully join prestigious companies worldwide, especially the National Ballet of Canada. For comprehensive ballet education, National Ballet School belongs among the top dance schools internationally.

  1. Royal Ballet School (London)

The Royal Ballet School in London enjoys an outstanding global reputation as one of the best dance schools in the world specializing in classical ballet. As the official school of The Royal Ballet companies, RBS provides focused ballet training from ages 11-19 in its full-time program.

In addition to intensive dance instruction, students complete academic courses online. With over 95% of graduates joining world-class professional companies like The Royal Ballet, RBS delivers an unparalleled caliber of ballet education.

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  1. Bolshoi Ballet Academy (Moscow)

The prestigious Bolshoi Ballet Academy affords the best dance training in Russia, cementing its standing among the world’s top ballet schools. Based at the iconic Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Academy immerses pre-professional dancers in intensive technique and academic curriculum.

Under the tutelage of distinguished Bolshoi faculty, students aged 9-18 prepare for careers in ballet. Notable graduates include superstars Natalia Osipova and David Hallberg. For elite ballet mastery, Bolshoi Ballet Academy belongs among the most exceptional dance schools globally.

Best Dance Schools in the World

  1. Boston Ballet School

Boston Ballet School earns recognition as one of the best dance schools in the world for its holistic dance training in both classical and contemporary techniques. Pre-Professional and Elite division students immerse in the School’s esteemed ballet and modern dance programs alongside academic study.

The curriculum emphasizes excellence, creativity, and versatility through classical ballet, contemporary forms, pointe work, pas de deux, and more. Graduates join professional companies across the nation prepared for success in 21st-century dance. As a leader in comprehensive dance education, Boston Ballet School is on par with the world’s best dance schools.

  1. Schools of the Stuttgart Ballet

The schools of Germany’s iconic Stuttgart Ballet enable students as young as age 10 to receive direct world-class training to feed into the Company. The Stuttgart Ballet School and affiliated John Cranko Schule represent elite academies on par with the best dance schools in the world.

Under expert faculty, pre-professional students undergo intensive ballet and academic education to prepare for careers in the acclaimed Stuttgart Ballet company. For integrated ballet training tied to an eminent company, Stuttgart Ballet Schools belong among the most prestigious dance academies internationally.

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  1. San Francisco Ballet School

San Francisco Ballet School deserves global recognition as one of the best dance schools in the world for its parallel emphasis on classical and contemporary training. The School accepts students ages 12 through collegiate into its esteemed ballet and modern programs plus supportive academics.

Former SF Ballet stars lead instruction in choreography, pointe work, variations, pas de deux and more. As a leader in holistic dance education and artistry, SF Ballet School graduates pursue professional success in companies like SF Ballet across the world.

  1. Miami City Ballet School

Miami City Ballet School stands out globally for excellence in Balanchine-style ballet training, securing its place among the best dance schools in the world. As the direct feeder to the eminent Miami City Ballet company, the School immerses pre-professional students in intensive Balanchine technique and academic study.

Under expert faculty, aspiring dancers ages 6-18 and older trainees develop refinement, strength and artistry in the Balanchine style. For concentrated instruction in the Balanchine method, Miami City Ballet School shines among the top ballet schools internationally.

  1. School of American Ballet (New York City)

As the official school of the acclaimed New York City Ballet, the School of American Ballet is recognized internationally as one of the world’s best dance schools. Founded by dance icon George Balanchine, SAB prepares gifted students for NYCB and other leading companies through specialized Balanchine training.

Best Dance Schools in the World

SAB’s program accepts children as young as 6 and cultivates them under Balanchine-trained faculty into refined artists equipped to shine with NYCB and beyond. As NYCB’s direct training academy, SAB more than qualifies among the most exceptional dance schools globally.

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These 10 dance schools situated in major art hubs have cemented their reputations through training excellence and graduate success. With intensive instruction, industry connections, elite faculty and entry into prestigious companies, graduates of the best dance schools in the world progress to impactful professional careers.

For committed young dancers, acceptance into a top-tier academy like this can make professional aspirations attainable. Graduates emerge with world-class technique and artistry enabling careers in the most renowned ballet and contemporary companies. The world’s leading dance schools transform passion into mastery through their immersive training environments.

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