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App Trailers Reviews 2024: Is It Legit or Video Watching Scam?

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Our focus will be on app trailers reviews. You probably always have your smartphone or tablet with you if you’re anything like me. Most likely, you also paid a significant sum for it. Consider the possibility of earning money with these gadgets. Now they reportedly can.

There are several websites out there that will give you prizes for watching videos regarding apps for tablets and smartphones as well as other topics. Are they legitimate, is the question. Check out app trailers reviews to find out more by visiting their website.


App Trailers: What Are They?

Members of app trailers reviews, a mobile advertising network, can earn incentives by watching a range of app-related films. Along with games and music, the portal offers TMZ videos. The San Francisco-based business App Redeem, Inc. developed App Trailers back in 2010. Through a 2015 acquisition, is the current owner of the platform. The Better Business Bureau has given App Redeem a B- rating at the time of this app trailers reviews.

Link To App Trailers Website


The Function of App Trailers Reviews

Users only need to download the free mobile app, which is accessible for both Apple and Android smartphones through the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store, respectively. Your email address or information from social media will be used to establish an account. The app trailers reviews is available for use so that you may begin watching movies and accruing points as soon as your account information has been verified.

app trailers reviews

How Can I Get Points From App Trailers reviews?

You receive 5 points for each video on app trailers reviews, and you receive 50 points just for signing up. Additionally, the app allows you to receive 100 points for each friend you invite that signs up.

Additionally, there are offers that allow you to earn 5 to 2,500 points on app trailers reviews. You can use PayPal to withdraw money as soon as you reach 500 points. To obtain the $5 gift cards that are offered, you must first earn 5,000 points on app trailers reviews.

You might enjoy websites like that pay you for sharing your ideas if you don’t like the concept of being restricted to points or apps. If surveys aren’t your thing, you may also sign up for websites like FusionCash, Swagbucks, and InBoxDollars where you can get paid for activities you already engage in online, such as playing games or visiting websites.


How Much Money Do App Trailers Reviews Make You?

Through PayPal or gift card rewards, points can be redeemed for cash. Amazon, iTunes, Footlocker, Best Buy, and Sephora are just a few of the stores that sell gift cards.

Once you’ve earned 500 points, which equals $0.50, you can cash out using PayPal. The starting value of a gift card is $5 or 5,000 points. Payments are made right away. I encourage you to look at my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation if you would rather earn money than just collect points.


Hacks or Tips for app trailers reviews

The web app section is where you will locate the quickest videos to watch in order to increase your earning potential. Referring new members is the best approach to earn points as quickly as possible. Through the deals that are accessible in the app’s Promo section, you can also accumulate a lot of points.

On, you can sign up and start making money right away by taking surveys. You can also join websites that don’t rely on points, like,, and, to make money. As soon as you do the easy chores you are accustomed to performing online, such as reading emails, these websites will pay you with real money.


complaint about app trailers reviews

All of this makes sense in theory. But is your time truly worth it? If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably already figured that it might not be. Let’s now examine some of the other criticisms and issues with this potential app trailer.

app trailers reviews

I’m Only Going to Make Change:

Each video lasts for around 25 seconds, with a 25-second ad at the beginning. To earn one penny, you need to accumulate 10 points. You are only making 36 cents an hour at that rate, according to the math. That is a completely terrible approach to make any real money. It would be best if you looked at my #1 Free Work From Home Recommendation.

Spam Promotional Offers

The business offers a variety of deals from businesses that reward you with points when you sign up or make a purchase. You’ll probably receive a ton of spam in your email inbox, which can be a real annoyance.

Obligated to Click Every Video:

Other programs that function similarly allow you to select a group of movies, leave them running while you attend to other tasks, and still earn points. This software forces you to click on every video, so you have to watch out for it in order to gain points.

Use Too Much and You’ll Pay:

If you attempt to use the app all day, the program will start deducting potential earning points from your account. When using the app frequently, the revenue per video is reduced from 5 points to 3 points. The punishment is only temporary. The following day, the appall was reset to 5 points.

No Company Information is Available:

The business’ website is nothing more than a straightforward landing page with app details. There is no background information on the business or customer service contacts.


So, are app trailers authentic or fraudulent?

Watching the app and movie trailers on smartphones can earn customers money through the genuine company App Trailers. At the push of a button, you may instantly earn PayPal cash and gift cards from anywhere in the globe.

The likelihood of financial gain is really minimal, thus my #1 Free Work At Home Recommendation is a better option for you. Check out my Work From Home Courses if you like. The greatest strategy to succeed financially online is to develop many sources of income. But that’s just my opinion.

If you concur and see the value of having numerous sources of income, you might want to check out websites like FusionCash, Swagbucks, and InBoxDollars, which pay you for internet activities like reading emails, downloading apps, visiting websites, and more.

As an additional option, there are survey organizations like that will pay you for sharing your views.


There isn’t a particularly strong argument against the idea that App Trailers is not worthwhile if I had to judge it just on the amount of money you could make from it. Nobody would even think of doing this full-time because to the extremely low payout possibilities.

The greatest time to use App Trailers is when you have some free time, like while you’re standing in line or sitting idle in your office cubicle. I occasionally watch videos while I’m driving (since I have unlimited data).

Just sometimes pressing the next video button while keeping my thumb over it is all I do. I can do this while earning money and maintaining my attention on the road.



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