13 Top Scholarships in UAE for Expats

13 Top Scholarships in UAE for Expats

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Are you an international student looking to study in the United Arab Emirates? This article on 13 top scholarships in UAE for expats covers all you need to know while planning to enroll for a scholarship in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


What you need to know about UAE

The United Arab Emirates is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula, primarily along the Persian (Arabian) Gulf. The country is made up of seven emirates. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, with crystal chandeliers and space for 40,000 worshipers, is located in Abu Dhabi, the island capital.

The ultramodern Burj Khalifa tower, massive shopping malls, and lavish entertainment attractions may all be found in Dubai.

Most people only know about Dubai and Abu Dhabi because they are the emirate’s two largest cities, fastest-growing areas, and attract millions of foreign visitors each year to marvel at the wonders the two cities have to offer.

Because Dubai and Abu Dhabi are such well-known destinations, it’s only natural that you’re familiar with these two cities but not with the others. You should still be aware of them, as the scholarship you’re interested in may only be available at institutions in those areas.

Don’t worry, the emirate is secure everywhere, and it is even ranked as one of the safest places in the world to live, work, study, and even raise a family.

As a result of these factors, individuals from other countries, mostly from developing countries, migrate to the UAE each year not just to visit but also to settle down as expatriates because of the superior living conditions.

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Who is an Expat Student?

The term “expat” refers to someone who relocates from their home nation to another, either permanently or for an extended period of time.

So, an expat student is a student who leaves their home nation to study in another country, in this case, the United Arab Emirates. Overall, an international student and an expat student are the same.

The UAE government, philanthropic individuals, institutions (internal scholarships), and other charitable foundations and organizations offer a variety of scholarship possibilities to expats and international students.

The scholarships are intended to entice students with strong academic records or from low-income families to come to the UAE and pursue a high-quality education.

13 Top Scholarships in UAE for Expats

Is the UAE good for international students?

As I previously stated, the United Arab Emirates is a safe and tranquil destination to visit and study. Foreigners are cordially welcomed by the natives, as it is part of their culture to look after others.

The United Arab Emirates has become an international education hotspot, with numerous institutions and colleges from prominent countries such as Canada, the United States, Australia, and others establishing campuses for international students.

However, because Dubai and Abu Dhabi are in the heart of the UAE, they are expensive to live in, but as an overseas student, you have nothing to worry about.

The inhabitants are extremely friendly, and you will be treated even better than they are because of their culture.

Tuition prices are similarly exorbitant for universities and institutions in this area, but you shouldn’t be concerned; after all, the post you’re reading is about expat scholarships in the UAE.

These scholarships may be fully or partially financed, but whatever one you receive will help you financially while studying in the United Arab Emirates.

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How can I get free education in UAE?

You can get a free education in the UAE if you apply for scholarships. Yes, you are unaware of these scholarships, and this article will educate you on them.

We at Study Abroad Nations have conducted considerable research and have compiled a list of 13 scholarships in the UAE for expats to assist you in reducing your tuition costs. You might also strike it rich and receive a fully financed scholarship to cover your undergraduate, postgraduate, and graduate studies.

The scholarships are appropriate for students in all programs and levels of study, however the application process will vary due to the fact that the scholarships are granted by various organizations. With this in mind, you may read more about the scholarships available in the UAE for expats and which ones you may be eligible for.


13 Top Scholarships in UAE for Expats


1. Emirates Aviation University, Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Discussing about top scholarships in UAE for expats, here is Emirates Aviation University, this University is committed to aiding expat students in achieving their academic goals, which is why it offers this scholarship to them.

The vice-chancellor scholarship for international students is available only at the institution and includes both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The scholarship is only half-funded, covering only half of the student’s tuition payments.

This scholarship qualifies as one of the top scholarships in UAE for expats, allowing overseas students to pursue higher education at a reduced cost.

You must be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program at Emirates Aviation University before applying for the grant.

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2. The Al Qasimi Foundation’s Doctoral Research Grants

Here is the second-rated top scholarships in UAE for expats “The Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qasimi Foundation” for Policy Research awards this fellowship to Ph.D. applicants just once a year to help them with the research part of their dissertations.

The scholarship can be used at any authorized university in the UAE and is available to students from all over the world, making it one of the best top scholarships in UAE for expats.

The grant is completely financed, including roundtrip flights, one-year housing, living expenses, and research support. Scholars with a high academic record and a strong interest in practical research are encouraged to apply for the scholarship.

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3. United Arab Emirate University (UAEU) International Undergraduate Scholarship

Comparing scholarships in UAE International students enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program at the United Arab Emirate University can apply for a scholarship.

Undergraduates can apply for fully-funded and partially-funded prizes, with academic success being one of the numerous requirements.

The fully-funded prize comes in the form of a tuition fee waiver that is renewable until the student’s undergraduate degree is completed.

While the partially-funded award is in the form of a 50% tuition fee waiver, it is also renewable until the student’s undergraduate degree is completed as long as the student meets the eligibility requirements.

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4. Mohamed Bin Zayed University International Awards in Artificial Intelligence, UAE

Mohamed Bin Zayed University offers financial aid to students who wish to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree at the university in order to promote and help them in receiving a high-quality education.

This scholarship is one of the best for foreigners in the UAE because it is completely funded and includes tuition, a monthly stipend, housing, health insurance, and an annual travel ticket.

The prize is for master’s or doctoral students enrolled in an Artificial Intelligence master’s or PhD program who have excelled academically.

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5. Khalifa University International Scholarships

Khalifa University (KU) as well as one of the major key players awarding scholarships in UAE offers a number of scholarships to UAE nationals as well as non-nationals, including expats.

Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in a program at Khalifa University are eligible for these scholarships.

The scholarships are divided into two categories: completely funded and partially funded, and each has its own set of requirements that you should review before applying.

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6. International Scholarships at Canadian University, Dubai

And here is the sixth in our list of top scholarships in UAE for expats. Academic Excellence Scholarship, Sports Scholarship, Financial Hardship Scholarship, Special Needs Scholarship, and Special Talent Scholarship are among the awards offered by the Canadian University in Dubai.

These scholarships are open to students of all nationalities, including expats in the UAE, making it one of the top scholarships in UAE for expats.

All of the scholarships are renewable until the completion of the student’s academic program, as long as the renewal requirements are met.

Students can apply for multiple scholarships if they match the qualifying conditions, and if they qualify for more than one, they will be given the option of selecting the one with the highest value.

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7. Middlesex University Dubai International Study Grant

Middlesex University’s international study grant provides scholarships to students from all countries, including expats, to pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees in any discipline.

The scholarship includes a 20% tuition price remission as well as abroad study packages that include tuition, housing, visas, and medical insurance.

International students and expats who seek scholarships in UAE can apply for a range of additional scholarships to help them pay for their education. Because the scholarships are unique, they each have their own set of conditions that you must meet in order to be considered for one or more of them.

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8. University of Dubai International Scholarship

This scholarship is open to both expats and international students who are enrolled in an undergraduate program at the University of Dubai.

This award is one of the best scholarships in UAE for foreigners, and it covers a portion of the cost of education while studying at the institution.

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9. International Undergraduate Merit Scholarship at Zayed University, UAE

This is another excellent scholarship in UAE for foreigners, although it is reserved for undergraduate students at Zayed University.

It is a merit award that is intended to provide financial stability to students who have excelled academically. The grant covers half of a student’s tuition fees and is available to students pursuing any undergraduate degree.

Students from all over the world can benefit from an excellent education in the UAE at a 50% discount thanks to this merit scholarship.

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10. United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) Ph.D. funding for International Students

And Here Comes the tenth top scholarships in UAE for expats. The United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) offers another scholarship opportunity for expats, this time for postgraduate students.

Its goal is to attract students from all over the world who have excelled academically into any of her postgraduate programs.

The doctoral scholarship grant is intended to encourage high-achieving graduate students to enroll in a doctoral program at UAEU on a fully financed scholarship. A full tuition remission, monthly stipend, health insurance, and a bonus of AED 2,000–AED 3,000 are all included in the scholarship.

These are the 13 top scholarships in UAE for expats; international students are welcome to apply as well, but must adhere to the requirements and guidelines of each scholarship. The links have been provided to help you with your research. Best wishes.

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11. Curtin University Women in Engineering Grant for International Students, Dubai

The Curtin University Women in Engineering Grant is one of the 13 top scholarships in UAE for expats, however it is only available to women this time.

This scholarship is intended to encourage female engineering students at Curtin University in Dubai who are in their first year of study.

The candidate must have an outstanding high school academic record in engineering, mathematics, or any science area to be considered for this prize.

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12. International Student Scholarships at IMT, Dubai

Expat students interested in pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate degrees can apply for scholarships at the Institute of Management Technology in Dubai.

This is one of top scholarships in UAE for expats, and it covers all degrees. There are seven scholarships available, all of which are waiting for you to apply.

To apply, students must give an explanation of why they want to apply for a certain scholarship in UAE as well as meet other conditions.

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13. President International Scholarship at Khalifa University, UAE

last we have to discuss in this list of 13 top scholarships in UAE for expats is the president’s scholarship, it is offered by Khalifa University, and is one of the best top scholarships in UAE for expats. It is designed to reward students that excel academically.

The scholarship is extremely competitive, and it is only offered to non-nationals who wish to enroll in a Khalifa University undergraduate degree program.

You must not be a UAE national, have a CGPA of 3.3 or better, and be enrolled in a first-year engineering or scientific degree program at Khalifa University to be eligible for this grant.

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Trust you found our article on 13 top scholarships in UAE for expats helpful. Follow our website for more interesting articles.