List of 10 Toughest Exams in the World

List of 10 Toughest Exams in the World

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The list of 10 toughest exams in the world is what we have to talk about in this topic today. The majority of students think exams are unnecessary, especially the ones they find challenging. This assumption is wholly false.

There are numerous advantages to exams that should not be disregarded. It serves as a means to gauge pupils’ skill levels and areas for development. Exams also encourage friendly competition among pupils.

India is home to the most challenging exams in the entire world. In the top 20 most difficult exams in the world, 7 are held in India.

South Korea is regarded as the nation with the most challenging educational system, despite the fact that India has many demanding tests.

The educational system in South Korea is extremely demanding and authoritarian; teachers barely ever contact with the pupils, and they are expected to absorb everything through lectures. Additionally, getting into college is quite difficult.


How to Pass A Tough Exam

Before listing the toughest exams in the world, let get to know how one can pass any of these exams if they get to take one someday.

Create a Study Schedule

Based on the exam date, create this timetable. Prior to planning your study time, take into account the quantity of topics that need to be covered. Make a schedule as soon as you can; don’t wait until after a week or two.

Make sure your study environment is comfortable

If you don’t already have a table and chairs, get one. It’s not okay to read in bed! It’s simple to fall asleep while studying.

Place the table and chair in a well-lit area or install artificial lighting. To read, you’ll need enough light.

So that you don’t have to continuously traveling back and forth to acquire your study materials, make sure all of your resources are on the table.

Additionally, ensure that your study space is noise-free. Avoid being distracted in any way.

Teach Others

Consider explaining your notes or textbooks to your friends or family if you have trouble memorizing information. Your memory skills might be enhanced by doing this.

Study with your friends

Alone study sessions might be really dull. The situation is different if you learn alongside friends. Together, you’ll discuss ideas, inspire one another, and work through challenging problems.

Get a Tutor

You could need test preparation specialists if you’re preparing for the top 20 most difficult exams. There are several online exam preparation courses available; search for one that best meets your needs and purchase it.

However, you should hire a live tutor if you prefer face-to-face instruction.

Be patient in the examination room.

Each exam has a time limit, as we are all too aware. But take your time choosing and drafting your responses. Avoid wasting time on difficult questions by moving on to the next and returning to it later.

If there is still time after responding to all the questions, go back and double-check your responses before submitting.

Take Breaks Frequently

Rest; it’s vital that you do. Jack is bored when he only works and never plays.

Never attempt to read nonstop; constantly take breaks. Get out of your study area, stretch your muscles with a walk, eat well, and drink lots of water.


List of 10 Toughest Exams in the World

From Here Down is The Full List Of List of 10 Toughest Exams in the World

1. Mensa

Mensa here tops our list of toughest exams in the world. Mensa was established in England in 1940 by Dr. Lance Ware, a scientist, and lawyer, and Roland Berril, a barrister. It is the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world.

People who scored in the top 2 percentile on an accepted IQ test are eligible to join Mensa. Stanford-Binet and Catell are two of the most used IQ tests.

Mensa currently has over 145,000 members of all ages in roughly 90 different countries.

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2. Joint Entrance Examination – Advanced (JEE Advanced)

This is the second best rated of all the toughest exams in the world. One of the seven zonal Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) administers the computer-based Joint Entrance Examination – Advanced (JEE Advanced) on behalf of the Joint Admission Board.

Each paper in the JEE Advanced exam lasts three hours, for a total of six hours. Only those who have passed the JEE-Main exam are eligible to take this test. Additionally, it can only be tried twice in a span of two years.

The 23 IITs and other Indian schools use JEE Advanced to admit students to their undergraduate engineering, science, and architectural programs.

Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics make up the three portions of the exam. The exam is also given in both Hindi and English.

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3. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

At the third best rated of all the toughest exams in the world, we have the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering.

A standardized test called the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is given by the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

It is utilized by Indian colleges for graduate engineering program admission and for hiring for entry-level engineering positions.

GATE typically assesses a student’s thorough knowledge of a variety of engineering and scientific college courses.

The test lasts three hours, and results are valid for three years. It is provided just once a year.

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4. All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam

Another best choice when it comes to toughest exams in the world is the All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam. Oxford University’s All Souls College oversees the administration of the All Souls Prize Fellowship Exam. Each year, the College chooses two applicants from a pool of at least 100.

A written test with four papers totaling three hours was set by All Souls College. Then, a viva voce, or oral examination, is scheduled for four to six finalists.

Fellows are entitled to a stipend, a single room at the college, and a number of other advantages.

Additionally, the College covers the University costs for Fellows pursuing degrees at Oxford.

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5. National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)

NEET tops our fifth list of the top toughest exams in the world. Students who want to enroll in undergraduate medical degree programs at Indian schools must take the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

The National Testing Agency administers the paper-based NEET exam. It assesses the candidates’ biological, chemical, and physical expertise.

There are 180 questions in all. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Zoology each have 45 questions. Each accurate response earns four points, while each erroneous response receives one point less. 3 hours and 20 minutes are allotted for the test.

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6. College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT)

This is the sixth in our list of toughest exams in the world. A standardized test called the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), commonly known as Suneung, is given by the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation (KICE).

With questions based on the high school curriculum in Korea, the CSAT evaluates a candidate’s capacity to learn in college. It is utilized by Korean universities for admissions purposes.

The CSAT is divided into five primary sections:

  • National Language (Korean)
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Subordinate Subjects (Social Studies, Sciences, and Vocational education)
  • Foreign Language/Chinese Characters

About 20 percent of students who failed the exam the first time reapply to take it. Undoubtedly, the CSAT is among the most difficult exams in the world, and with all these said about the CSAT we can say that the exam is indeed one of the toughest exams in the world.

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7. Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

At the seventh best rated of all the toughest exams in the world we have the LSAT. The Law School Admission Council administers the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) (LSAC).

The reading, comprehension, reasoning, and writing portions of the LSAT measure the abilities required for success in the first year of law school. Candidates can assess their level of preparation for law school with its assistance.

There are two sections on the LSAT:

  • Multiple-choice LSAT Questions – the primary part of the LSAT is a four-section multiple-choice test that includes reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, and logical reasoning questions.
  • LSAT Writing – The second part of the LSAT is a written essay, called LSAT Writing.
  • Candidates can complete their LSAT Writing as early as eight days before the multiple-choice test.

Admission to undergraduate law programs at law schools in the US, Canada, and other nations is determined by the LSAT. Seven times can be used to take the exam in total.

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8. Common Admission Test (CAT)

Another top choices when it comes to toughest exams in the world is the CAT. The Indian Institute of Managements (IIMs) administers the computer-based Common Admission Test (CAT) (IIMs).

Many business schools use the CAT to determine applicants for graduate management programs.

There are three sections on the test:

  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) – this section has 34 questions.
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reading (DILR) – this section has 32 questions.
  • Quantitative Ability (QA) – this section has 34 questions.

CAT is available just once a year and is good for a whole year. English is used to administer the test.

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9. Indian Engineering Service (IES)

The IES makes up our ninth list of the toughest exams in the world. The Indian Engineering Service (IES) is an annual paper-based test administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

There are three phases to the exam:

  • Stage I: consists of general studies, engineering aptitude tests, and papers specialized to the engineering field. The first paper takes two hours, while the second paper takes three.
  • Stage II: consists of two articles that are discipline-specific. Each paper is three hours long.
  • Stage III: The final stage is an assessment of personality. A panel of objective observers evaluates candidates’ fitness for a career in public service during the personality test.

anyone who is an Indian citizen who has earned an engineering bachelor’s degree (B.E. or B.Tech.) from an accredited university or its equivalent. The exam is also open to citizens of Nepal and Bhutanese subjects.

Officers are hired for the services that support the technical needs of the Indian government using the IES. So the IES exams is known to be one of the toughest exams in the world.

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10. Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

This is the last in our list of toughest exams in the world. The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a computer-based and paper-based standardized test that Educational Testing Service administers (ETS).

In many universities, the GRE is required for entrance to master’s and doctoral degree programs. It only lasts for five years.

There are three key areas in the GRE General test:

  • Analysis of Literature
  • Verbal Analysis
  • numerical reasoning

The paper-based exam may be taken as frequently as it is offered, but the computer-based exam is limited to five attempts each year.

There are GRE topic tests in Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, and Psychology in addition to the overall exam.

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