Is Technology A Good Career Path For You

Is Technology A Good Career Path For You? – Find Out What It Is

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Looking for the best career option to venture in?, is technology a good career path for you?, if this is what it is,then welcome to our platform today, as we take you on a 360 tour of all that concerns technology as a career and how to know if indeed it will work for you, or if it is a kind of you thing and how to have your way in it.

Every area of our lives, including work, play, and home life, is influenced by technology. Its rising attention and ubiquity are further fueled by the quickening speed of technical advancements. Take into account how technology has advanced to the point that the small, convenient phone we use to upload kitten videos to social media has far more Memory and processing power than the guidance computers that sent the Apollo astronauts to the moon!

The job-minded person may wonder, “Is technology a good career path? ” in light of these astounding and quick technical advancements. What kind of tech jobs are available, which ones are expanding the quickest, and how much money do they pay?


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Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?-Continue Reading To Find Out


Why Is a Career in Technology Good?

We are witnessing a tech explosion as a result of more people than ever using mobile devices and the Internet. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations will increase overall by 15% between 2021 and 2031. Compared to the average for all other non-tech occupations, this increase is significantly faster.

We will witness more than 680,000 new tech employment throughout those 10 years as a result of this exponential increase. Moreover, expansion and the need to replace workers will result in the creation of almost 400,000 new positions.

In addition, technology is enormously popular and is just growing! According to the Bureau’s research, increased interest in cloud computing, data collection and storage, and information security is driving up demand. A lengthy, stable career in technology will be ensured by these increased requirements.

Thus, a job in technology is an excellent choice. So where do you start?


Establishing a Career in Technology

If you’re determined to pursue a career in technology, you must start with a strong base. Your desire, motivation, and goal make up the three components of the foundation in this case.

Decide what you want first. What do you want to become, and how will you know when you’ve achieved it?

Second, choose what inspires you and gives you the commitment to complete your tasks or achieve your objectives. Speaking of objectives:

Finally, choose your objective. Your understanding of why you are acting a certain way and the best course of action will improve once you have decided on your goal.

So, beginning a technology career requires reflection and forward planning. Decide on your path, the reasoning behind it, and the steps you will take to follow it.


Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?-Continue Reading To Find Out


Is Technology A Good Career Path For You


The Job Market for Tech

What does that mean for the tech job market? According to data provided by CompTIA, a reputable trade organization in the IT industry, tech employment in the United States increased by 106,700 positions between January and May of 2022. According to CompTIA, the number of job posts for U.S. IT positions peaked at 623,627 in May 2022. Almost 33% of IT job posts in that month were for openings for software developers and engineers.

But the story of newly generated positions is incomplete. Given that 72 percent of computer professionals polled by TalentLMS and Workable in the fall of 2021 were considering leaving their jobs or searching for other career prospects within the following year, some firms may be struggling to fill IT job openings. So, it’s possible that the Great Resignation is still ongoing.

Thus, applicants with computer knowledge and expertise who want a tech job may find it simple to achieve their goals when you combine increased demand and the potential departure of a significant number of personnel.


Regarding Diversity in Tech Careers

In the past, the technology sector has been exclusive and homogeneous. Women and people of color are underrepresented, but this is beginning to change. Diversity broadens the industry’s perspectives, which is a positive thing. A varied workforce enables businesses to communicate and forge stronger bonds with a wider spectrum of clients and customers.


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Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?-Continue Reading To Find Out


How Do You Start a Career in Technology?

Get a diploma or degree

Candidates for most occupations must hold a bachelor’s degree. To work in tech-related employment, you can earn a degree in computer science, information technology, or a related discipline. Perhaps you can enroll in a certification program if you already work in the computer industry and believe your knowledge and skills could use some expansion.

Improve your abilities

Regardless of your educational background or current course of study, you should constantly work to improve and consolidate your talents. As previously noted, this can be accomplished by taking part in a certification program. However, you might consider enrolling in a boot camp specifically for your chosen career or training on your own time.

Gain mMore Expertise

Obtain experience through freelancing, an internship, or even paid employment. It’s a terrific idea to make a portfolio to display your work if you’re a web developer. While applying for a significant employment role, you can use your expertise in other positions to build your network and obtain references.

Submit A Job Application

Your next step after acquiring education and experience is to submit a lot of job applications. You must prepare your CV or resume and be ready for an interview.


Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?-Continue Reading To Find Out


List of the Top Technology Jobs

1. Full-Stack Developer

A full-stack developer is a developer who is capable of overseeing both the front end and the back end. Websites and databases are created by full-stack developers, who also develop server-side and client-side applications.

They are skilled in a variety of technologies, including API development, database technologies, and programming languages. A full-stack developer makes about $99,274 annually, according to Glassdoor.


2. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are in charge of automating the development and testing of software. They are in charge of managing resources, evaluating the effectiveness of software updates, and keeping an eye on network activity. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for those in this IT job path is $112,000 a year.


Is Technology A Good Career Path For You


Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?-Continue Reading To Find Out


3. Data Scientist

These days, more and more businesses are dependent on data scientists to help make sense of the raw data because there is so much data streaming in, out, and around many organizations. Business executives and individuals can make better decisions thanks to the information that data scientists evaluate and display. The typical compensation for workers in this position is $74,647 according to Indeed Reports.


4. IoT Solution Architect

Engineers and sales teams collaborate with Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architects to develop effective business procedures. For example, a solution architect may be responsible for obtaining administrative approval for the introduction of new technologies in the organization.

For individuals who enjoy the fusion of business, technology, and strategy, this is a fantastic position. An IoT architect makes, on average, $132,462, according to Zip Recruiter.


Is Technology A Good Career Path For You?-Continue Reading To Find Out




5. Cybersecurity Analyst

The risk of data security breaches is only growing as technical systems and applications develop quickly. Because of this, there is a tremendous need for analysts and cybersecurity specialists.

Analysts in cybersecurity guard networks, devices, and software in businesses from threats and hackers. To create safety and preventative strategies, they must comprehend how the infrastructure functions and evaluate the dangers. The average salary for a cybersecurity analyst is $80,078 according to Glassdoor.


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