How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program

How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program 2024 And Get Paid

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In this article we have gathered all that concerns how to learn google apprenticeship program, both how to start your application for the program, the link to Google Apprenticeship Program application website, eligibility, and many more details that has to do with the Google Apprenticeship Program.

The Google Project Management Apprenticeship is a 24-month learning and development program. Apprentices must enroll in person at their designated in-office location and commit to full-time (40 hours per week) for the entire time. The program gives participants who want to start a career in project management hands-on experience working with a Google team and receiving classroom instruction.

Teams may be located in Hyderabad, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, or other locations. Qualified applicants will be matched to a team and required to co-locate. For customers who relocate more than 100 kilometers to their matched office location, relocation aid is offered.

Apprenticeships last for 24 months; they are not full-time, ongoing positions. Although career changers with prior job experience in a different industry are welcome to apply, the program is primarily intended for early career graduates interested in project management opportunities.


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Still On: How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program 

How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program 2024 And Get Paid

Is This Education Paid For?

Absolutely, all Google apprenticeships are compensated. Participants also receive competitive pay, benefits, and stipends. The minimum wage must be paid to all apprentices in the UK.

The position, level, and type of the apprenticeship all affect the Google apprentice’s pay.


Requirements For A Google Apprenticeship

There are a few considerations you should make if you’re interested in this program, and the list of prerequisites for this apprenticeship is provided below.

  • You must be in possession of a current work permit for the nation you are applying to.
  • You must be fluent in both the native tongue and English (if not English).
  • At all educational levels, you must have a strong academic record in courses related to the apprenticeship for which you are seeking.

You need to supply the following items As Well:

  • Revised resume
  • A statement of interest in becoming a Google apprentice in the form of a cover letter or brief essay (pertaining to the apprenticeship).

Graduates of universities as well as international students may apply.


How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program


Still On: How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program 


When Does the Program Start?

Every year in October for the recruitment for the following year, you can apply for an apprenticeship position in the United Kingdom. This indicates that candidates hired in October will begin their Google apprenticeships in 2024.

There are several apprenticeship frameworks that offer 15 to 25 month apprenticeships. Apprenticeship positions in fields like software development, infrastructure maintenance, and digital marketing have been admitted in the past. Students are an integral part of Google’s objective to develop excellent products for everyone, and the company enjoys highlighting differences for celebration.


List Of Google Apprenticeship Program

  • Trainee in Software Development
  • Program for Apprentices at Google France
  • Training in Application Development
  • Construction Technology Apprenticeship

From Here Down Are Listed Some Of The Google Apprenticeship Program

1. Apprenticeship in software development

This is a two-year apprenticeship program for the NFQ 6 (Advanced Certificate). Beginning in early autumn of next year, applications are accepted.

Location: Dublin

Link To Application Website


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2. Apprenticeship Program run by Google France

Google offers internships in a range of disciplines, including public relations, engineering, human resources, international business, and more. In March 2024, you can begin submitting your application.

Location: Paris

Link To Application Website


3. Apprenticeship in application development

This four-year program was developed by Google in collaboration with Noser Young Professionals to aid those who are interested in developing excellent apps in their professional development.

Prior to joining Google for various projects, students spend a year learning the fundamentals. In August 2024, applications will be accepted.

Location: Zurich

Link To Application Website


How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program


Still On: How To Learn Google Apprenticeship Program 


4. Apprenticeship in Infrastructure Technology

Google and Just IT worked on this program. The course lasts 15 to 18 months and includes both online and offline training.

Fall applications are now being accepted (September 22-December 21, 2024). Apprenticeship in Software Development at a Higher Level

Location: London

Link To Application Website




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Is becoming a top software developer something you want to do while studying, accumulating experience, and receiving a recognized degree? Then enrolling in this two-year program will be the perfect decision for you. Fall is when applications are accepted.


How is a candidate selected for an apprenticeship at Google?

  • Be sure you are qualified to participate in the program for which you are applying.
  • Use the following link to access the application page.
  • Send in your cover letter, résumé, and any essay responses.
  • Those that are selected will receive an email.

The selection procedure for successful candidates may involve a number of in-person or telephone interviews.



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