How To Write The Perfect Job Application Email

How To Write The Perfect Job Application Email

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How to write the perfect job application email is what we have to discuss here in full. You’ll agree with me that writing a job application email may be incredibly intimidating, especially if it’s your first time doing it. Nowadays, the majority of recruiters prefer that you submit your job application via email, so these and more have brought about the compilation of this topic ” how to write the perfect job application email “.

Make sure to write one that seems more polished and professional so that it stands out from other applications.

Additionally, bear in mind that different recruiters have varying criteria for evaluating and accepting resumes. It might be done using automatic application systems that examine emails based on predetermined standards.

Remember that your job application email is the first thing employers will see about you, and if it is not compelling enough, it will be deleted. Keep in mind that these busy professionals don’t have time to spend or read emails that don’t meet their needs. We’ll be talking about how to draught an email for a job application if you’re wondering how to do that.


What is a Job Application Email?

Before we continue to th list of summary on how to write the perfect job application email, lets get to discuss what a job application email is first.

A job application email is an email that highlights your qualifications for a specific position in an organisation, including your knowledge, experience, and skills. Keep in mind that your email should only contain pertinent information about the position in which you are interested.

However, this email shouldn’t be longer than one page in a Word document. You may learn everything you need to know about job application emails, including how to compose one, in the next sections of this article.


What To Note Before Writing A Job Application Email

Lets in this section look at the main key points to have in mind before writting a job application email, then we shall continue to the list of how to write the perfect job application email.

  • Without an email account, you cannot send a job application by email.
  • If you don’t already have one, try making one at,, or
  • For simple attachment, your resume should ideally be in either DOCX, DOC, or PDF format.
  • Try looking for it on the business website. Use either Dear Human Resource Manager, Dear Hiring Manager, or Dear Recruiting Manager if you didn’t find it there.
  • It is a good idea to identify the employment that best fits your skills and apply for it. You can be rejected if you apply to more than one post.
  • Most of the time, the business will email you to let you know that they have received your email application.
  • You can email them to ask about where they are in the hiring process right now.


Things to Include in Your Job Application Email

Yea, it is necessary to note ths things to have in our job application email, before we dive into listing the top ways on how to write the perfect job application email

You should include the following in your job application email to make it stand out from the competition:

Your motivation for writing: This refers to the reason you are composing the email.

The position you’re applying for, including its title, is also included here.

Your motivation for expressing interest in the position is: Here, you explain to the recruiter why you are interested in the particular job for which you are applying.

What qualifies you for the role: Discuss your qualifications for the position you’re applying for here, including your knowledge, experience, and skills.

What benefits would you bring to the company if you were hired: Recruiters do not merely seek to hire people who are worthless to the company. You must therefore make a strong case for the value you will contribute to the business.

On your resume: This will include information about you that is pertinent to the position you are looking for, such as your name, address, phone number, and employment history.

Then any additional files that were requested by the job advertising.


How to Write The Perfect Job Application Email

From Here Down Is The Full Guide On How To Write The Perfect Job Application Email

1. Clear email subject line

Make sure to clearly express your name and the position you’re looking for in the subject line to keep a clear topic line, as is the first thing to do if you really want to know how to write the perfect job application email.

If the subject line instructions on the job application were unclear, that is. Keep in mind that hiring managers receive numerous emails every day. If your subject line is worded effectively, it will make their job easier and enhance the likelihood that they will open your email application, so this is the more reason we have the option here as the #1 in our list of how to write the perfect job application email.

Here’s an example of a subject line for a job application email:

Application for Yvonne John, Business Development Manager.

This format will make it easier for hiring managers to sort through emails and understand the email’s content.


2. Formal salutation

This is the second in our list of how to write the perfect job application email. Your email must be addressed to the recipient(s). If you’re unsure of who to send your email to, consider reading the job description or visiting the organization’s website. You could use one of the following options if you can’t get it there:

“Dear Hiring Manager, Dear HR Manager, Dear Recruiting Manager.”


3. Tell them why you are writing

At the third top step on how to write the perfect job application email, we have the advice to tell the hiring manager why you are writing, this is very important. Make sure to mention the job title and the reason(s) you are applying for the employment. You might also mention where you discovered the job opening.

\Try to keep things simple and straightforward overall, so having this option here as the #3 in our list of how to write the perfect job application email is indeed for a reason


4. Explain why you are qualified

Here is another top step on how to write the perfect job application email, Your employer should understand in this paragraph why you are qualified for the position you are seeking for. Be sure to emphasise your qualifications for the position you are looking for by listing your experiences and talents. This is your chance to interest potential employers in you and sell yourself to them.


5. Appreciate the recruiting manager

This is the fifth in our list of how to write the perfect job application email. In this paragraph, which should be the last one, thank the hiring manager for reading your email with the job application. Additionally, mention in this sentence that your resume and any other pertinent documents are included in the email. You could include the following:

 “I look forward to hearing from you“.


Other Tips for Writing a Job Application Email

If two weeks have passed since you’ve closed the position and you still haven’t heard anything, you can contact them to find out where they are in the hiring process.

Don’t use the same words more than once in your resume.

Don’t forget to include the fact that you were referred in your email if you were.

Send your attachments as PDF files so they can be opened quickly.

Example of a Job Application Email

This is an example email for a job application. If you don’t know how to write a job application email, you can use it as a guide to drafting your own.

Read the guidelines (if any). In order to be taken into consideration, make sure you strictly adhere to any instructions provided by the organisation.

Just include information pertaining to the job posting. Your bosses will become bored and will disregard you if you overstuff your email with pointless information.


Below Are Demo For How To Write The Perfect Job Application Email

Seems we are done with top ways on how to write the perfect job application email, lets look at these job application templates here.


How To Write The Perfect Job Application Email Example 1

Application for Content Writer – Simone Smith, subject line

Hello, Mr. John

Your job posting for a content writer at Silicon Africa Technologies caught my attention. I’m hoping you’ll see why I’m qualified for this job after reading my email application.

I’ve had a strong affinity for writing, especially creative writing, ever since I was a young child. In addition to running a blog, I have seven years of content writing expertise and have collaborated with over ten brands.

I have completed a number of training courses in content creation, content marketing, and search engine optimization during the previous five years.

I have gained a lot of knowledge about keyword research, SEO, and content authoring. I can generate high-quality contents that will help your website rank highly on Google thanks to my impressive expertise in content writing and SEO.

Please find my resume attached for your review. I appreciate you looking at my email application. Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about the data I provided. It would be great to hear from you.

Smith, Simone


How To Write The Perfect Job Application Email Example 2

Application for a Chef – Joyce Johnson, subject line

To the hiring manager:

I was interested in your latest Chef job posting in New Times Magazine. I have the qualifications necessary to carry out the duties you indicated in the job description. I’m happy to have you review my email application for a job for consideration.

As a Chef for delightful foods, I created a variety of delectable regional and international dishes in a highly sanitary setting. I used my understanding of culinary art to make sure that consumers could always get food. I created delicious, healthful dishes that increased the restaurant’s clientele from fifty to one hundred people each day.

With my extensive understanding of food art, magnificent meals, and wealth of experience, I can double the amount of customers you now have at your business.

I’ve attached my resume to this email. Please let me know if you need any additional information, so I can give it to you. I’m interested in hearing from you.

Judith Johnson



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