how to get oh polly student discount

How to Get Oh Polly Student Discount in 2024

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You should read this post if you want details on how to get oh polly student discount and you also want to know if they are a good fit for you. You will discover what Oh Polly is all about in this article, including the different benefits of doing business with them, the Oh Polly student discount, and other brands that are suitable substitutes for this well-known one.

Women’s clothing is sold all over the world by Oh Polly, a rapidly growing fashion brand.

On social media, it was classified as the fifth most active UK clothes shop in 2019; by July 2021, its total following had increased to over 4.5 million. This puts it among the brands in UK fashion with the quickest growth rates.

Oh Polly has you covered whether you’re planning a big night out or just need something cozy and affordable to relax in around the house.

Learn all there is to know about Oh Polly by continuing to read.

how to get oh polly student discount

About Oh Polly

Oh Polly is an online retailer of women’s clothing for chic, independent ladies. With offices in Glasgow, Liverpool, Los Angeles, Dhaka, and Guangzhou, they have over 200 employees in the UK. They have 300 direct employees internationally. The most well-known Instagram and Facebook profiles in the industry are the foundation of its social-first marketing strategy.

Wearing Oh Polly will make you stand out because it is well-known all over the world. It takes pride in being known as the destination shop for anything “just a little bit extra.” This is so that they can provide you with high-quality, trend-driven products from moral supplier chains that will make people take notice of you.

Oh Polly also distinguishes itself from other fashion labels by being one of the few UK firms that design and manufacture its garments. The student discount, shipping discount, and birthday discount offered by Oh Polly are a few of its tempting characteristics.

And finally, one of the only reasons the business exists is to fund The Brannerson Foundation, their charity that is situated in Cambodia.

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Why purchase Oh Polly?

People consider shopping at Oh Polly for a variety of reasons, including the high quality of the products, the simplicity of shipping, and the student discount. Let’s first look at why you might want to consider shopping at Oh Polly before talking about the student discount.

1. Practicality

Oh Polly is equally useful as the majority of internet clothes retailers. However, UK customers of the business are in a unique position because Oh Polly offers both economical next-day delivery and free standard shipping throughout the UK.


2. Price

The price will be what sets apart brands like Oh Polly. The well-known company offers its consumers the option of buying in numerous different currencies with items priced from $10 and up to $150. This wide pricing range works for a variety of spending plans.

3. Style

Oh Polly, like most UK fashion brands, follows the high glam sensual look. The models wear makeup that spans from soft glam to editorial-level looks, and the clothing boasts plunging necklines, body-hugging materials, and cut-outs in all the right places.

You should go there if you want a gorgeous outfit for a date night, a cute getaway outfit, or even just everyday-slaying designs off the runway. Oh Polly attempts to have a look that is appropriate for any situation.

4. Superior

Oh Polly separates apart from other stores mainly because of its high standard of excellence. Oh Polly aspires to provide its clients with products that are fashionable, of the highest quality, and produced responsibly, according to the brand’s mission statement.

Remember that the brand was developed to aid the founders’ charitable endeavors in Cambodia. This strengthens their brand by demonstrating their dedication to supporting worker rights, human rights, and fair working conditions.

Oh Polly is moreover one of the select UK retailers that creates and produces all of its clothing on-site. You may be sure that any item you buy from Oh Polly was produced in a facility that the business controls and governs.

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5. Decision

Although Oh Polly is renowned for its big selection of gowns, the website also offers a vast array of other apparel. Since going global, they’ve added tops, bottoms, matching sets, and accessories to their selection.

Is There a Student Discount at Oh Polly? – how to get oh polly student discount

Oh Polly gives students a 15% discount. You must register on Unidays or Student Beans to receive the Oh Polly Student Discount.

Who Is Eligible for the Student Discount at Oh Polly?

Students over 16 who are enrolled full-time in an educational setting, such as a university, college, sixth form, or high school, are eligible for the Oh Polly student discount.

All you have to do to get started is register and confirm your student status.

How to get oh Polly student discount?

You must first add the items to your cart in order to use your Oh Polly student discount coupon. Then, go to the online checkout page and input your discount code.

Although it varies per retailer, there should be a box marked Promo Code, Discount Code, Student Discount, or Voucher Code on the checkout page, immediately before you input and confirm your payment details.

When you enter your code, the offer’s value will be subtracted from the final cost, letting you know how much you can save.

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What are Some Oh Polly Alternatives?

Oh Polly’s substitutes include the following:

1 Monsoon

Another altruistic UK company is Monsoon. Like Oh Polly, Peter Simon, the creator of Monsoon, recognized a chance to aid others through business. The chic online retailer offers items for the home, accessories, and clothing for girls and boys.

Additionally, the Monsoon Accessorize Trust, a charity that aids underprivileged women and children throughout Asia, receives a portion of the company’s sales.

Despite the fact that each of these brands supports philanthropic causes, their designs are very dissimilar. Monsoon is another option to consider if you’re seeking the eye-catching, overtly sensual clothes that Oh Polly is known for.

2. White Fox

The well-known retailer White Fox is comparable to Oh Polly. Although they are more acceptable for daily use, they have the same cut and motifs as Oh Polly.

They tend to switch between more vivacious, seductive styles and simpler, yet deceptively attractive tops and dresses.

One thing to take note of is that one of their favorites is their activewear line. White Fox is among the best if you desire comfortable and fashionable activewear or a luxurious activewear outfit.

The line consists of swimwear, activewear, and fashionable accessories like tiny purses and chic eyewear.

3. PrettyLittleThing

When it comes to their cuts, Oh Polly and PrettyLittleThing are similar in many respects, however PrettyLittleThing concentrates on being a variety seller and offers a greater selection of designs. They employ great organic textures and patterns while also having the guts to employ more stunning ones.

Additionally, there are lines specifically for pregnant ladies and areas for persons with small and tall frames. With dresses starting at $12, PLT is by far the most affordable of all the retailers like oh Polly on this list.

how to get oh polly student discount

4. Superdown

A corporation called Superdown embraces the vivacious, eye-catching world of pop and glam. If you prefer effervescent party wear with a dash of LA glitz, Superdown is the best brand to check out. Superdown, a Revolve sub-brand, features relatively affordable costs because Generation Z is predominantly its target demographic.

If you’re a student on a limited budget, their best-selling shirts and dresses often sell for between $50 and $100.

They offer a number of lovely floor-length dresses in their inventory, similar to Oh Polly, but many of their designs have avant-garde silhouettes that don’t hesitate to show skin.

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5. Meshki

Meshki stands out from the competition by being a brave brand. They emphasize darker hues, dull pastels, and a dash of brighter whites to produce an elegant contrast. Although they don’t have a preppy or too elegant look, their cuts and shapes are bold and attractive.

Meshki enjoys focusing on lineup sets as well. With many giant sweaters and flowing fabrics that have a sweater-knit texture, their Co-Ord sets are cozier. They also have a line that is unisex for you and your companion.


Oh Polly has progressively developed into a reputable business that sells timeless and contemporary apparel and accessories for affordable pricing.

By creating an account on StudentBeans or Unidays, you may take advantage of the Oh Polly student discount.

FAQs – About how to get oh polly student discount

Why is Oh Polly successful?

Oh Polly uses influencer marketing and social media platforms to increase product FOMO, brand recognition, and buy intent. Oh Polly is a glam and girly store that carries just the newest accessories and clothing that is supported by fashionable social influencers from across the world.

Is Oh Polly open on Thanksgiving?

Yes! Black Friday is offered by Oh Polly.

Can you wash gowns from Oh Polly in a washing machine?

Oh Polly advises lukewarm water hand washing for all vinyl products. If you do decide to machine wash something, just make sure to wash it inside-out and at a cold temperature.

When will I receive my refund? Dear Polly?

Within 10 to 15 working days after Oh Polly receives the returned item(s) at their warehouse, refunds are applied to your original payment method.
To receive notifications about developments on

Oh Polly does it deliver worldwide?

Yes! To many foreign countries, Oh Polly offers Express Shipping. The checkout page will display all of the delivery options that are available for your destination once you have selected your country.

Can Oh Polly be returned without the box?

Yes! Items in any secure mailing bag are accepted by them.

Why isn’t my Oh Polly student coupon valid?

You are only utilizing one promotional code or offer, so it is invalid. Discount codes do not, unless specifically indicated, apply to items that are on sale. Verify whether the collection or item qualifies for a discount.

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