How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone

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Are you a steadfast Facebook user who’s account gets hanging, learn how to clear Facebook cache today for both Android And iPhone users, the Facebook app on you phone will only hang if you do regularly shares links and sites with friends and family in order to generate positive interactions. To make everything quicker and better, those films, pictures, links, and pages are stored on the backend for your kind information.

But regrettably, as those data accumulate over time, the Facebook app becomes slower. On iPhone, there is a trick known as clearing the cache on Facebook that can be used to get rid of it (get MBs of free space on your device instantly). Forever and ever, Facebook speed can be enhanced by emptying an overloaded cache.


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Facebook stores cache files on the phone to limit excessive data usage and speed up the loading of the home feed. The next time you open Facebook, the app can load content from the cache rather than connecting to the company servers to get the most recent information.

Facebook stores your search history in a cache as well. There is no need to clear the app cache if you don’t have any storage restrictions or encounter any problems with the Facebook mobile app. The Facebook app loads all content from scratch when you clear the cache, which could make using Facebook sluggish for the first few days. After Facebook clears its cache, the app will run more quickly.

Use the instructions below to clear the Facebook cache on iOS and Android now that you are aware of what it does.


Still On: How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone



1. Navigate to the app drawer menu or the home screen to find the Facebook app icon.

2. Long-press the I button on Facebook.

3. Select Storage from the app’s information menu.

4. Click the button to clear the cache.


The settings menu of the device has access to the same.

1. Launch the Settings app on your Android phone.

2. Go to the Applications menu.

3. Choose Facebook from the list or look for the app using the search box at the top.

4. The app info menu will be displayed.

5. Choose “Clear Cache” from the option under Storage.


Still On: How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone


How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone



On your iPhone, you can inspect the Facebook cache data, but you can’t clear it individually. You must reinstall the Facebook app and start over. Check the accumulated Facebook cache before we show you how to reinstall Facebook on your iPhone. This will give you a general estimate of how much space you can save by emptying the Facebook cache.

1. Launch the iPhone’s settings.

2. Choose the General menu.

3.  Choose iPhone Storage.

4. Navigate to Facebook and select Documents & data (cache) storage from the following menu. You have two choices.


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Still On: How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone


Offload App: It will simply remove the app without altering any acquired files or data (cache) on your iPhone. When you reload Facebook, you are starting again.

Remove App: This will remove the app and any associated data from the iPhone.

5. Click Delete App and confirm your choice.

6. Return to the home screen and launch the App Store.

7. Look up Facebook and reinstall the application.

Open Facebook, sign in with your account information, and you’re set to go. To release internal storage on an iPhone, apply the same technique for any iOS program.


How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone


Still On: How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone



Your login credentials and other temporary data are deleted when you clear the Facebook cache. Your messages, pictures, tales, or private information are unaffected. On Facebook servers, your information is secure. Simply log into your Facebook account when you restart to restore everything. You can observe long load times and heavy data usage.



Yes, the Facebook desktop browser gathers cache in a manner akin to that of the mobile apps. The Facebook cache on the desktop cannot be deleted individually, unlike mobile apps. The entire browser cache must be cleared. To prevent Facebook from storing cache, you can always surf incognito.


Still On: How To Clear Facebook Cache On Android And iPhone





The Facebook cache can cause storage problems and performance problems, even though it is a boon for power users. Clear the Facebook cache on Android and iPhone by following the instructions above.


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