How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Example

How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Example

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Here in this article we will take you on the full detail of how to write a recommendation letter with example on how you can start, everyone needs a recommendation letter at some time in their lives.

It might be to apply for a job, take advantage of a chance, or even further your career by enrolling in graduate school. So let me show you how to draft a recommendation letter quickly.

We’ll go over some tips for writing a recommendation in the following lines of this post. Don’t assume you’ll never need to know this. As you advance in your profession, you may become a top-ranking official in your field, and you may be required to write and sign a letter endorsing someone’s career choice.


What is the definition of a recommendation letter?

Hold on a bit her lets look at the pure definition of recommendation letter, the we will continue to the full list of how to write a recommendation letter with example.

A recommendation letter is a formal document that verifies a person’s employment, abilities, or academic performance. You may be asked to write a reference letter for someone seeking a job, an internship, admission to a college or university, a leadership position, or a volunteer opportunity.

The goal of a recommendation letter is to validate what you’ve learned about a candidate and to provide additional positive information about their performance or habits.

A real recommendation provides the receiver with a personalized account of your app interactions. You should have a good idea of how the candidate behaves and performs at work. Consider the following before accepting a referral request:

  1. Have you already worked with or seen the candidate?
  2. Are you able to elaborate on any relevant abilities and skills?
  3. Do you have any examples of the individual’s work?
  4. Are you able to provide this person positive feedback?

Consider whether you can write a high-quality recommendation letter before accepting a request. If you don’t have enough experience or nice anecdotes to provide about the candidate, inform them as soon as possible and politely that you won’t be able to meet their request. This provides them plenty of time to devise a viable alternative.

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How to Request a Recommendation Letter

At some point, you may need to have someone write a recommendation letter for you. If you’re starting a new job, you might want to ask prior supervisors, coworkers, teachers, mentors, clients, or vendors for a letter of recommendation.

They should also be someone with whom you have a solid working relationship and can openly share your skills and abilities.

Whoever you decide to ask, have a conversation with them first to make sure they understand what you’re looking for, and then send a formal email with more details.

You can offer them a copy of this or any other good recommendation letter. It can lighten their load and increase their willingness to comply with your request.

To give them ample time to finish your recommendation letter, make this request at least two weeks before the letter is required. Professors are especially susceptible to this.


What format should I use for my recommendation letter?

Ok, Here is the an advised format to use while writing you recommendation letter, it is very important and part of the topic (how to write a recommendation letter with example) today.

1. Salutation:

Insert a salutation like “Dear Mr./Ms./Dr. [name]:” if you’re writing to a specific person. If you’re sending a generic letter, just state, “To Whom It May Concern:” instead of a salutation.

2. Introduction:

In the first paragraph, state the purpose of the letter and how you came to know the person you’re recommending. You might also want to mention how long you’ve known them.

3. Body/Details:

Explain why you believe the person you’re proposing is qualified for the position or program in the second paragraph. Include specific examples of their knowledge and abilities. Use more than one paragraph to describe their qualifications if necessary.

4. Summary:

In this section, explain why you are recommending this person. You might say something like “highly urge” or “strongly encourage [name] for [program/role].”

5. Conclusion:

Offer to speak with them again in the final paragraph to provide additional information about the candidate’s skills and talents. If you don’t know who the letter is going to, conclude it with “Yours truly,” or “Yours faithfully” if you don’t know who it’s going to.

6. Sign the letter in the following manner:

The bottom of the letter should include your name and title. If you’re printing and mailing the letter, sign it beneath the typed name.

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Example

How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Example


1. Be careful to personalize the template

This is the first in our list of how to write a recommendation letter with example. While a simple template is useful, it is not sufficient. Make sure to provide specific facts to each letter that showcase the candidate’s qualifications. Before you begin, make a broad outline to ensure that you don’t forget any of the important details regarding the candidate’s qualifications.


2. Look over the resume.

Looking over your resume is the second to do while on, how to write a recommendation letter with example.

Examine the candidate’s or student’s résumé to get a thorough idea of the types of experiences they’ve had in previous roles before you begin writing. You’ll be able to write a more complete letter that addresses their traits as well as the specific goals they’re pursuing if you have a good understanding of their background.

You could also look for areas where the candidate or student could improve and provide comments to them.

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3. Request a list of bullet points.

At the top three of how to write a recommendation letter with example, you have to Request a list of bullet points.

Get a list of bullet points or a few lines that you may refer to to save time and ensure you cover the areas that the candidate believes are most important for the post. They may provide you with a draft of the letter that you can edit and personalize.


4. Make a list of attributes.

As you review the résumé and job description, make a list of qualities and accomplishments that you believe highlight the candidate’s qualifications. You might also ask the candidate to list their most marketable assets for the type of work they want to do, especially ones you saw in their previous role when working with them.


5. How would you describe yourself?

In the initial few lines of a letter, it’s traditional to introduce yourself. Give a brief overview of your position and relationship with the applicant. While it is not needed to mention your past, doing so will help to contextualize the letter and explain why you are qualified to recommend this individual.


6. Use job-related terminology

Request a copy of the job description so you can learn more about the company’s requirements. Examine the job description thoroughly so that you can address the specific requirements of the role. If you’re writing a generic recommendation, you can ask for an example of two jobs they’re looking for so you can write a recommendation that applies to both.


7. Concentrate on just one or two traits.

Choose one or two attributes that you believe contribute to the candidate’s suitability for the job. Provide particular examples of how the candidate exhibited such traits to back up your statements.

Discuss how they overcome challenges or issues to reach their objectives, for example. For the main body of the letter, you could want to include two paragraphs, one focused on an accomplishment and the other on the person’s character, such as fortitude, honesty, work ethic, or personal standards.

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8. Count the benefits.

Try to quantify or grade the candidate’s strengths in comparison to other applicants or coworkers if at all possible. “He was one of the most astute pupils in my classes since I began teaching 17 years ago,” for example.

If possible, include measurable achievements that the applicant achieved while working with you. “For example, he was essential in our ability to boost our internet traffic by 25% in six months, resulting in a 10% increase in sales,” says one executive.


9. Discuss their potential.

Include your opinions on why you believe the candidate will succeed in the role if given the chance in the letter. You might wish to add the following to your list:

  1. Capacity to work as part of a group
  2. Ability to work independently
  3. You believe their strengths, abilities, and talents will help them succeed in the future.


10. Show that you care.

Your goal is to make the person stand out among the other candidates for the job or degree program to which they are applying. Express your delight at how capable they are for the job. One simple way to do this is to inform the letter’s recipient that you would be happy to re-hire them inside your own department.


11. Use the active voice.

The advice of making use of an active positive voice is another best way on how to write a recommendation letter with example.

Use active voice instead of passive voice in your letter of recommendation to make it more compelling. Because active voice uses fewer words to convey action, it clarifies your message for the person reading your letter and makes your sentences shorter.

Put the subject first in the sentence to make passive sentences dynamic. This way, it’s clear who is doing the activity. For example, “the car was hit by the truck” is stated in the passive voice. Because it highlights who is conducting the action first, “The truck hit the car” is written in the active voice.


12. Include your phone number and email address.

Provide a way for a potential employer or admissions office to contact you if they require additional information or have questions about the candidate. Mention how excited you are to learn more about the candidate’s qualifications. Your email address or phone number can be included at the bottom of the letter or after your signature.


13. Make sure there are no mistakes.

To eliminate typos and grammatical errors, it is necessary to proofread the letter thoroughly. You might even wish to read the message aloud to avoid skipping words and missing potential issues.


14. Make use of the proper format and length.

Here is the second to last in our list of the top ways on how to write a recommendation letter with example.

Use a standard typeface and print size for your message, such as Times New Roman 12-point for printed letters or Arial 11-point for internet submissions. If you’re printing, make sure there’s at least a one-inch margin on all sides. Between two-thirds and one full-spaced page should be used.


15. Follow the submission criteria to the letter.

Following the submission criteria to the letter is the lat we have to talk about on the topic of how to write a recommendation letter with example.

Inquire with the candidate about the preferred method of submitting the letter. Make sure to follow any specific instructions, such as the required format and the address to which the letter should be delivered. Make sure you’re aware of the approaching deadline.

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Example

Writing a recommendation letter: (a template and a sample)

On how to write a recommendation letter with example, this is the top global template and samples for your professional resumes.

Please accept my heartfelt greetings, [First and Last Name].

It is with great pleasure that I propose [Name] for the role of [Company]. [Name] and I have had a [amount of time] [relationship] at [Company].

I had a great experience working with [Name] and came to regard [him/her/them] as an extremely valuable member of our team. [He/She/They are] trustworthy, dependable, and extremely hardworking. Aside from that, [he/she/they are] an exceptional [soft talent] who can [deliver].
Our entire office benefited greatly from [his/her/their] knowledge of [specific subject] and skill in [specific subject]. This skill set was put to use by [he/she/they] in order to [particular achievement].

[Name] has always been an absolute pleasure to work with, in addition to [his/her/their] great brilliance. [He/she/they are] true team players who consistently encourage pleasant conversations and bring out the best in others.

Without a doubt, I strongly encourage [Name] to join your [Company] team. I am confident that [he/she/they] will be a valuable asset to your organization as a devoted and knowledgeable employee and all-around excellent person.

If you’d like to learn more about [Namequalifications ]’s and expertise, please call me at xxxx-123-4567. I’d be pleased to elaborate on my suggestion.

Best regards,
[Your Full Name]
[Company Name] is a company that is based in the United States.


You can still check out different types of recommendation letter formats around through websites/platforms like eForm,

Link To eForm Website





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